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Posted by Joanne (Florida) on 03/20/2019

When dogs chew their paws and paws are stained the Biggest Allergies are Chicken, Chicken fat, Chicken meal!! No corn Soy of wheat! So go with Grain Free dog food with none of these ingredients Salmon,Turkey, Duck and Lamb are fine! Watch your Treats too!! No Wheat!!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Robin (Virginia Beach) on 05/13/2016

I am caretaking my brother's Shih-Tzu, who is the sister of my own Shih-Tzu. I know that skin problems are genetic because I struggle with periodic scabs on my dog. However, My brother's dog has an absolutely horrible skin problem where she is bald in 30 percent of her body and the skin is sticky and smells horrendous. I too have assisted him and tried everything-yesterday I bought vetricin which was recommended by my groomer. Its safe to spray areas where the dog will lick. I just gave her her second bath in Miconazolle-type shampoo and let it sit on her for 15 minutes-then dried her and sprayed again with Vetricin. I shall keep you posted.

I wanted to mention-I see a lot of posts about changing the diet. I have a lab mix that was my husband's when we met. For the first 3 years that I've had her-she's had a chronic ear problem where gobs of gunk would come out of her left ear-everyday.

Finally her ear is better! After several vet appointments and ointments-washes-etc....a new vet suggested that she may have a food allergy and said that most of the time the allergy is CHICKEN!!

She hasn't had chicken in 2 years and her ear is clean as a whistle.

Replied by Boc
(Upstate, Ny)

My dog had that smell combined with itching and it was a yeast infection. I gave her baths with tar shampoo for humans and rinsed her before she was finished with white vinegar. Also, added plain yogurt to her non-grain diet. Research earth clinic animal yeast infection for more details.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Livelyladyv (British Columbia, Canada) on 10/09/2015

I have a puppy who was suffering terribly five years. she was seen by different vets and we couldn't seem to clear things up for her no matter what we did. She would chew on her front paws so her feet were swollen twice their normal size. The skin was bright red, then she started scratching her face and would scratch it until it bled. She also licked her genitals until they were ulcerated And would hide in my closet all day. I was at the end of my rope and one night I googled "canine yeast infections". then I was led to the Great Dane Lady's site. I started my puppy on her recommended products on July 8th and I can tell you EVERYONE notices Molly's improvements. Her feet are normal size and no longer red, she her genitals are back to normal size and no longer ulcerated and she is with us constantly and no longer hiding in the closet. It cost $125. + shipping and duty from the USA but was the best money I ever spent. I am just now going to order more of some of the products as I'm starting to run low on some things but I can't tell you what an amazing difference these (all natural) products have made for my little Molly. People used to think she was an old dog when she was only 1 yr old. Now she's five and the lively, loving puppy she once was.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Rhoda (Newfoundland, Canada) on 02/24/2015

Hi, I have a Retriever/Shepherd mix that I adopted at approx. age 1. After a few months, he developed allergies. His scratching would keep us up at night and was very intense. His face would be ripped open, bleeding and raw. His vet practised both both traditional and holistic medicine.

It has taken about 6 months to get under control, but he has gone from 3 reactine tablets (which only eased, didn't eliminate the scratching) to being drug free and scratch free. What changed? I took him of his dog food, and changed to a high grade food called canisource, the Herring Flavor. Most food allergies in dogs result from chicken, beef, grains and dairy. This is why I choose a fish source protein. This food is expensive, but so are trips to the vet. I also mix in boiled vegtables that I mash together. I use sweet potato, carrots, turnip and green beens. I make big boilers and freeze containers.

The vet doctor also suggested that I give him Omega 3 (seal oil) capsules for the inflammation that his allergies cause. His ears and anal glands become inflammed. He gets 3 in his breakfast and 3 in his supper. MOST fruits and vegtables are okay. Stay away from tomatoes, grapes, onions and a couple more..These are simple foods with only one ingredient and allergy friendly. My dog has pineapple for a snack at lunch time and an apple before bed. He is strong, healthly and his coat gleams. I am so glad to have found a way to cure him of his allergies. It didn't happen overnight, it won't and his cells have to regenerate. It took 3-4 months. Now that his allergies are under control, I can introduce one food at a time in small, consistent amounts for a couple of weeks to see if the allergies reappear. I have done so with both chicken which caused pretty much immediate scratching and with beef, that started his scratching after building up in his system after about a week. These were removed from his diet again and he is allergy free again. Next I will try cheese or peanut butter. Hope this helps someone else out there that is struggling to help their furry friend.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lauren (Queens, US) on 09/17/2014

Hey EC....Guys....This site has always been there for me and so because of this, I am so happy to share my two cents which hopefully will help someone who has to watch their dog suffer through allergies. I own a cockapoo who is 7 years old. He has been suffering from allergies since he turned 3, however, as he is getting older, it's starting to get worse....his paws are almost black even though he is white so go figure...the worse was when recently I noticed that he had developed a hematoma in his left ear...he was in so much pain...the vet said that was because of the constant shaking of his head when he eats something that he is allergic what bothered me is that I buy the best food for name it I tried it...Blue, Orijen, Wellness etc....nothing worked...until finally, I found a food called Acana limited ingredients dog food. It's a food that is made in Canada with only the freshest ingredients and what amazed me is the ingredient list....I waited for at least six weeks to write this post just to be dog still scratches but....rarely and I am beyond happy...his paws are almost white again with only traces of black so go figure....The type of food I buy is pork with butternut squash. Try it guys and let me know if it works....Thanks for hearing me out....

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sharon (Panama City, Fl) on 12/28/2011

I have a rescue westie who is 8 and came to me with black skin, itching and ear infections. The vet said allergies. I know she has had a poor diet and poor care so I have put her on the California westie diet that is vitamin E, barley, missing link, dream coat xtra c. Mix with lamb and rice food. Has anyone tried this diet with your westie ? It's been a week noticed a little difference but still rubbing her face and scratching some. Any advice ? I have another westie who has never had any skin issues. Thanks.

Replied by Ecam
(Paris, Tennessee)

I "inherited" a giant schnauzer 6 years ago. He was 3 at the time. He came to me with ears swollen and black inside, bleeding, scratching, etc. He's been a mess for years. We've done the allergy thing, the shampoos, the diet change, etc. After much research I determined his problem was a SEVERE yeast infection. My vet reluctantly prescribed him an oral anti-fungal.

I also started him on a RAW diet of venison, hardboiled egges, organic brown rice, and organic yogurt. He's like a different dog. I can't believe what has happened to him. He doesn't smell anymore, he doesn't itch, his ears aren't bothering him. When I bathe him - which is down from 2 x per week to once every 2 weeks - he doesn't have that nasty crusty black stuff on him. I'd recommend a raw diet to anyone. Just be careful of what you put in it. Stay away from anything starchy. I use organic brown rice so as to not put any gluten in his system. It's amazing.

Replied by Carolyn
(Panama City, Fl)

I am interested in contacting Sharon from Panama City, FL as I live in the area and have a rescue Westie also who is 5 with skin problems we're working on. If you could give her my email address and see if she will contact me. Thanks.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jacalyn (New Hyde Park, Ny) on 05/17/2010

I adopted a 22 lb. peekapoo in September 09. He had terrible skin allergies. Constantly scratching and licking his paws. The shelter where we adopted him from fed him store bought kibble. The main ingredient in this kibble was corn. I totally changed his diet to raw and also premium kibble (without, wheat, corn, soy or dairy). His allergies are about 85% better on this diet. I buy him raw frozen food (chicken or lamb medallions)at a pet supply store. I give him 3 medallions in the morning (with a little of the high quality kibble) and the same amount in the evening. It basically adds up to 1/2 cup morning and evening. I also add 1/4 tsp of organic aloe vera juice and 1/2 capsule of food enzymes for dogs to each meal because he also has a sensitive stomach. He is doing very well. The diet change has been going on for about 6 months. It takes patience and it is well worth seeing him so happy and healthy.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Vanessa (Acton, Ca, Usa) on 02/22/2010

My blue pit bull started to get really bad skin allergies when he turned 3 y/o. It would drive him nuts, he would itch so badly and try to lick/bite everywhere whining and in pain. It would keep him (and us) up at night. He would get "hot spots" and hives that would get as big as marbles under his skin and they would ooze. We took him to the vets who in turn gave him a steroid shot, perscribed antibiotics and charged us a ton of money to do so. It would last a few weeks, then it would come back. I decided to look into pet food. Before I would get Costco's Kirkland brand food. I went to a family owned pet store and spoke to one of the guys that worked there. He told me that vets only get 6 months of training in regards to pet nutrition and mostly get comission to sell brands like pedigree/etc. He introduced me to hypo-allergenic dog food which was hollistic. Also he told me I could give him a tbsp of extra virgin olive oil to mix in the food every time I fed him. In addition we tried to keep him out of the sun and in our air conditioned house (in the summer). He was completely cured. I also made sure not to feed him any "treats" that were commercially made. His "treats" consisted of baby carrots, ice, pieces of fresh fruit and veggies. He was as healthy and happy as could be, and so was our lhasa apso who also had to go on a diet. I recommend this to anyone whose dogs have skin allergies!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Dottie (Harrisburg, Pa) on 12/11/2009


I am in rescue & with 8-9 dogs most of the time I run into all kinds of problems. I have had serious side effects from meds so- I have mostly gone natural.

My Benji got ringworm 4 years ago & then mange & bacteria infection. Got rid of the RW but for 4 years the mange & bacteria has come & gone every few month. Yes I tried the borax 7etc & it works but he kept getting it back. Finally I insisted on an allergy test.The vet said no way is that the problem but i INSISTED!!!!!!
Sure enough he had lots of allergies & mostly foods. I had him on a really good holistic dog food. BUT His allergies were beef-fish-barley oats- potatoes - sweet potatoes- lamb - grass- dust mites to name a few.

I immediately changed foods. He now gets chicken & rice only - no perservatives & no treats unless they are chicken. Guess what he has been great for 6 months - back to his old self. Yes he has scars & always will as he had it so bad he bleed all the time from the sores. But this was the culprit. So if you have skin problems check for allergies - ivemectin & antibotics for 4 years without stop. That's not good.

I also sprayed him with collidal silver & it also works.

Replied by Patti
(Busan, S. Korea)

Thanks for your post. I am having a horrible time with food allergies and environment with my Maltese. Can you please let me know the name of the allergy test that you had done. I want to request it for my dog when I travel to Canada next month. I am suspecting most of the same allergies, also. Knowing what to serve her would be a great help in solving her problems.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Sherri (New York City, New York ) on 06/03/2009

My 14 month old Tibetan Terrier is finally doing great after months & months of digestive problems, diahrea, vomiting, etc. All the vets would give us were antibiotics which made him sicker. After trying EVERYTHING, we now feed him organic kibbles (no corn/no wheat) and mix it with an organic home cooked mixture I prepare mysefl of meat, mixed organic veggies & sweet potatoes & a tsp. of olive oil. Dessert is stalks of lettuce leaves and carrots to clean his teeth. He LOVES it and no more tummy problems! He is even bathed with natural shampoos and skin lotions. So after all this, it pains me to give him Heartguard and Frontline!! I started sprinkling dietomaceous earth around the house and on him for flea prevention, but my husband turned out to be allergic to it. I dont know of any other natural remedy. They are so, so toxic. I am about to try a tiny dose of garlic to prevents fleas, but I am very nervous about hurting him. Just dont know what to do. He's doing so well, but this awful Frontline.

Replied by Julie
(Coventry, England)

Hi, I refuse to use flea treatments such as frontline and advocate. Full of poisons. Same goes for wormers. Ivermectin is killing Collie and Collie cross breeds. The best natural treatment is sprinkling Cayenne pepper and Tumeric into my dogs food, no ticks or fleas. Another of God's little miracles.

Replied by Pat
(Auburn, Iowa)

How much cayenne or turmeric do you add to food?

Replied by Doris Khashoggi
(Reno, Nv)

My one and half yr old westie/border terrier mix, has developed a growth on his front gums over his incision tooth. The doctor wants to do a biopsy. I want to try a holistic remedy first. what do you suggest. Thanks Doris

Replied by Cecile
(Oxnard, Ca)

We've been using Pet Protector Disc. No pesticides. the size of a license. If your dog isn't infested with fleas to begin with, this will work. We have used it for almost 6 years. No fleas. 4 year protection...used to be 2 yrs. Through their website it is up to $75 for one tag, but if you think about much do you spend on the pesticides in one years time. If you check on ebay you might get one for closer to $50. I got one for my new 7yr old rescue blue nose girl. Haven't seen a flea yet. follow instructions. The only time I saw a tick was when I removed our other dog's collar during a bath for 1/2 a day, then took her to a tick prone area. Sure enough she got 1tick. The tag needs to stay in contact with dog or close..even during bathtime. I'm sold on it, even though some reviews are negative. good luck

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cheryl (Fresno, CA) on 05/21/2009

I have a German Shepherd that has auto immune problems. I would highly recommend that any dog with allergies be fed a "Limited Ingredient Food", which means it only has 1 protein and 1 carb in it, ie: duck & sweet potatoe, venison & potato, etc. Give them a protein that they have never had before. I also find that they can become allergic to a food after about a year thus having to change to a new protein combination. Be sure to stay away from anything with wheat, corn and soy in it. Hope this helps with the food issues.

Replied by Sharon
(St. Cloud, Florida, Usa)

Who would have ever thought dogs can be allergic to CHICKEN? Our Jack Russell had skin condition due to allergies and it took years to discover he could not tolerate chicken. He seemed better in the cooler months, can't explain, but true. Problems began in the spring with his feet, they began itching. It continued until his entire body was itching to the point, he chewed hair off huge portions of his body, one entire side was bald. It was suggested to remove chicken from his diet, he began improving. It worked! The poor dog has suffered enough. Finally, he is normal for the first time in his life. I regret it took me so long to find the answer. If you've tried everything, and I mean everything, remove chicken from the diet and hopefully it works for your pet.

Replied by Miss Lori
(Charlotte, Nc)

Thanks Sharon I have a Russel/Beagle that shares a very similiar seasonal allergy experience as yours and has now extended into winter which it had never did before. Thanks for the tips. Think I wil try Halo brand Lamb Recipe food and see how its works & sprinkle some ground flaxseeds on it(natural source of omega-3). I'm also giving him a colloidal oatmeal bath(ground up oats to bath water for a soak after I wash him with a natural shampoo, & a natural oil in the rinse water like glycerin or sweet almond oil.. and no it doesn't build up on his coat if anyone's wonders).

Thanks again for your tips. I truly believe fixing our pets from the inside out will help & lesson the need for harsh meds...

Dietary Changes
Posted by Jessi (Fairfield, IA) on 12/23/2008

For those of you whose cats are scratching and biting themselves, I'm told the source of the problem is usually the cat food. Find a natural pet food store (they're popping up everywhere these days) and put your cat on some natural pet food WITHOUT GRAINS, CORN OR WHEAT in it. Ask the clerk to make sure the natural pet food you buy doesn't have either of those 3 things. The scratching is due to an allergy to the ingredients in store-bought pet food, or to the grains, corns, or wheat your current pet food contains. I was told this by a knowledgeable source, passed it on to a neighbor whose cat was bleeding because it was scratching itself so much, and she reports the change in food cleared the problem up in the one month she's been doing it. She also commented on how little the natural cat food cost - she had been prepared for a big increase in her pet food bill, but it was negligible.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Laura (Katy, united states) on 08/07/2008

I adopted my english pointer, Rio, last christmas from a shelter who had him in very bad condition! Rio was 7 months old and nearly died from kennel cough! It took tons of vet bills and almost 2 months to get him healthy again! Ever since then I have constantly had to take Rio in to the vet for various reasons! Taking him in was not a problem since I work at a vet clinic anyways what is frusterating me is neither I nor my docter (who is very highly educated) can figure out the source of Rio's problem! Just recently Rio has developed rashes and very red (hot pink really) irritated skin on his feet, up his legs, in between his back legs all over his genitals and is now spreading to his chest! He was even starting to develope tiny little scabs that looked like little ant bites! But he never ever licks or chews on his irritated skin! I took Rio in right away! We found out that my poor Rio is allergic to grass so every time he comes in from being outside I have to wipe his paws, legs and tummy down with a hypoallergenic baby wipe and spray his skin with a gynosyn allergy spray! The spray has helped some and Rio no longer has little scabs but the red skin will just not go away!! I started to think that maybe it had something to do with his diet since I noticed that Rio has a very sensitive stomach and would have diarhea at least every other bowl movement! So to avoid that high cost of allergy test I cut out the 3 major ingredients in his food that most dogs have allergies to. Rio no longer eats corn, soy or wheat! He is on a food with no perservatives (as well as his treats) and is strictly made from natural ingredients! I've even gone as far as to only give him filtered water to drink! Tough this has done wonders for his stomach it still doesnt seem to have helped with his skin at all. I have not tried any of the ACV remedies simply because I have read not to try that on dogs with food allergies! (which I am about 110% sure he has) If anyone has any ideas Rio & I would really appreciate it!! I really have no idea what could be going on now...

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
495 posts

Hi Laura. Apple cider vinegar will not harm your dog, either internally or externally. Just use it wisely and avoid getting any in his eyes.

Replied by Christina
(Brevard, N.Carolina)

This is in response to your dog having a rash & irritated skin. Someone just told me today that they use Aloe Vera Gel on their dog for this.
This is the only thing they have found that works well. It's worth a try anyway..I wish you the best.

Replied by Laura
(Katy, TX)

Dear Christina from Brevard, N. Carolia..

08/10/2008: Christina from Brevard, N.Carolina replies: "This is in response to your dog having a rash & irritated skin. Someone just told me today that they use Aloe Vera Gel on their dog for this. This is the only thing they have found that works well. It's worth a try anyway..I wish you the best."

I am very interested in this aloe vera treatment you suggested! So how would I apply the aloe? Just a thin layer over irritated skin? I want to make sure I do this right! Also, if Rio were to lick his skin and lick the aloe off would that be harmful? If you can let me know more about out it that would be awesome!! Thank you for your help!

EC: If you use fresh aloe vera, it's doubtful your dog would lick it off because it tastes so bitter! Aloe Gel will contain other ingredients, which may or may not be safe.

Replied by Celleste
(Penang, Malaysia)

re: Dog won't lick aloe off

EC, I thought it's interesting you mentioned that fresh aloe tastes so bitter that dogs won't lick it. My 3-yr-old toy poodle actually goes crazy for freshly cut aloe! I slice off the green outer layer, then rinse the inner 'jelly' thoroughly with filtered water, and he eats it like that. He just loves it. LOL. I also use it for wounds he has around his lips (it really works), and he keeps licking the aloe on my hand. Speaking of which, I gave my husband some fresh aloe to eat last night (he was curious what the aloe tasted like since our dog loves it so much :>). I asked him if it was bitter, and he said not at all. I'm now wondering if the aloe here tastes different.???

EC: That's interesting -- the fresh aloe sold and grown in the USA is extremely bitter!!

Replied by Julie
(Coventry, England)

Hi, Laura, although your vet may have great credentials he maybe of the opinion that only drugs etc are the answer. In my opinion, your English Pointer needs his immune system boosting. Avoid booster jabs, wormers and flea treatments, these are just poisons your dog cannot cope with. Your food sounds good but try adding tumeric, cayenne pepper, ground flax seed (organic)@1tsp per cup of food, organic coconut oil, ester C@100mg per 10lbs body weight(non acidic vit. C)and natural vit e @100 per 10lbs body weight also add a good probiotic all these will reduce the inflamation in autoimmune disease. No carciogenic airfreshers and sprays and try washing his bedding in natural soap ie. Soapnuts. Bathing your dog use an oatmeal shampoo and if hot spots occur brew a strong cup of tea and dissolve an aspirin dab on skin 3-5 times a day. This old fashioned remedy dries and disinfects. Then try Aloe or calendula cream. Hope this helps.

Replied by Pierre From Phuket
(Phuket, Phuket/thailand)

Hi Julie, you are right wormers flea treatments are just poisons for the animals. I just dealing with hot spots and massive hear loss with my two golden retriever! Every thing looks great and in a day or two they get very bad, especially the old boy - 11 years. Bathing ACV with some borax hidrogene peroxyde. With Herbal shampoo give them big bath, with 15/20 min. Living with shampoo.. After the bath even worse! Then I go to the vet and buy Advocate from Bayer - flea and fam. killers! So I make down my dogs for couple of days especually the old one! I fill very bad! I stop to consult vet's ( in Thailand where I live now, no holistic vet or some who accept RAW food ) for least two years. Just week or two two dogs was in excellent shape, skin and overal health was pretty good! Appreciate any help! Thank you and god bless

Replied by Corrina
(Truro, Ns)

I have a 3 yr old golden retriever who is suffering from severe hot spots.. Just when I get one under control another appears. Very frustrated and feel so bad for him. He seems to be worse after coming from grooming so I am wondering if he's allergic to something they are using. I also like the sounds of a RAW diet. What exactly do you feed your golden? I have him on fish oil and a probiotic. He was recently diagnosed with hypo thyroidism and takes a pill for it... today I just decided to give him some aloe vera juice with his food as I heard it can help the skin internally as well as externally.

Replied by Suvi
(Helsinki, Finland)

Skin is a direct indicator of gut health too. But you are surely in the right path with the foods, since the gut symptoms have improved. Keep going!! It might take looong time before skin starts healing. Or at least it has took in my case. there is a product named Restore. It's humic acid and distilled water. it tightens the cell walls in the gut & intestine so particles that don't belong to the bloodstream don't leak there and cause allergy symptoms/intolerances. The Bottle is a bit expensive, but you only take it a little. I take 1tsp before meals, for dogs, cats and babies it's smaller dosage. It has helped me getting better and my friend and her baby it has helped a lot.

Ps. It's the same stuff that's they have for pets / humans. The only difference is price and dosage.

Dietary Changes, ACV

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Posted by Merice (East Riding Of Yorkshire) on 05/04/2016

We have had Dilly, our rescue Lhasa Apso, for 9 months. She had been used for breeding then abandoned. She is about 4 years old and has had a very bad start she came with a very seriously dry red inflamed skin.

So far we have put her on a grain free diet give her mega 3 6 9 shampoo her in organic chemical free products keep her hair short give her cider vinegar ... she is about 75% improved in the 9 months we have had her but she can't stop licking and scratching ... I am unsure if she is getting a recurring mite as her skin will flare up look very red and angry then go very dry - she won't sleep on her own and is keeping us awake night after night. I just want to get her well as she can be.

Please can you help? I have booked to see a homeopathic vet in July earliest I can get photo how she was when she was found ... how she was when we adopted her And how she is now when not flaring up.

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hello Merice,

You might try bathing her and using a vinegar rinse - or dipping her in a vat of vinegar solution; rinse or dip should be 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water- for topical use I use the white vinegar.

Also while you have changed the diet to grain free, you might consider changing protiens as some dogs do not tolerate beef while others do not tolerate poultry. So change it up and try feeding one bag [ie beef] and then when it runs out try a different bag [ie chicken] and keep a daily log to note any changes.

Replied by Suseeq
(Sydney, Australia)

Merice, I would try probotics and here in aussie we can buy curash - its a powder for itchy skin its actually for babies. I have used it for my dogs and it has helped a lot. Maybe you can buy it there or something similar.

Dietary Changes, ACV
Posted by Vernon321 (El Paso) on 11/12/2014


I have a four year old GSD and we have battled allergies her entire life. She has blown her undercoat and never really gotten it back. Her scratching typically requires antibiotics after she creates cuts and sores. She has been on Temeral-P which keeps her at bay, Prednisone, and other oral medications. We removed her from it all except Benadryl twice a day about two months ago.We have to cone her at night to stop her biting and scratching. From blood and skin testing her allergies are;

Cats, Fish and fish mix, poultry and poultry mix (duck, chicken), Kelp, Corn, Eggs, Brewers yeast, Oat, Soybean, all grasses except fescue, dust mites and others with lower reactivity.

We feed her Earthborn Holistic Meadow feast, her treats are dehydrated beef liver (only liver), celery, carrots, ice, beef bones, and I think that is it.

Currently we are supplementing her food with coconut oil twice a day, pumpkin with both meals.

I tried ACV and water 50:50 This resulted in a super soft coat but she continued scratching. PLEASE help us, we can't stand to see her miserable.

Replied by Lynn

Try bee pollen.

Replied by Diamond

Lynn; Try probiotics.... I have two I take one every other day and the other on the off day. It's cats claw and grape seed extract. Good Luck

Replied by Robert
(Reading Pa)

Lynn, What are you feeding him? Let me know.

Robert Lovemyamber

Replied by Robert
(Reading, Pa)

Hi! Vernon,

It is no wonder this has been going on so long. The food you are feeding your dog is not species appropriate. Blueberry Fiber, Cranberry Fiber, Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, Spinach, Cranberries, are people food and are not dog food. They are indigestible to dogs and can cause allergies. STOP. The medicines you have been using, temeral-p , prednisone and antibiotics are immune system compromising and may seem to help in the short term but are harmful in the long run. STOP If you give your dog shots and flea & tick and heart worm meds. STOP. Supplements ? STOP. Feed your dog nothing but USDA approved human grade diversified RAW MEAT. You can get this at REEL RAW dog food co. delivered to your door. The premium diet costs a little more but it contains green tripe among other ingredients that will be very beneficial to your girl. If it seems expensive, think how much you will save on Vets. bills. You can find it on the internet. It is not usually chicken etc. she is allergic to it is the commercial dog food itself. NO KIBBLE, STOP Keep up with soothing dips you can find on this site, ask Theresa. No ACV where she is raw, it burns. I use peroxide for cuts. Don't give up, be patient and persevering, it will take a long time for her to get well but it will be so worth it. I went through it with my sweet Abby who even had seizures due to the flea & tick and heart worm poisons. Her seizures stopped and slowly things resolved themselves in spite of several Vets opposition who wanted sell me anti seizure and numerous other toxic cures and Prescription [ what a scam ] dog food. Switch your girls diet all at once, no tapering off . She may have diarrhea but don't worry it is the toxins being eliminated. She will go crazy over the food and get her energy and well being back and be more alive again. Like a car with a permanent oil change and tune up. Let me know in six months or so how she is doing. I really hope you see my message. Yours truly, Robert Lovemyamber

Replied by Robert
(Reading Pa)

Hello Vernon, It's Robert again. Did I mention in my previous reply to STOP the treats also. Nothing in her diet but balanced raw meats and non-weight bearing uncooked raw meaty bones in proper proportion with her food and for treats. Do not expect overnight miracles, it will take time , be patient please. Lots of love, no stress and lots of exercise, along with the instructions in my previous reply, It is very important not to give in and give her something to make her happy , she will be happy being healthy again. So many people say , gee Ive been doing this for a couple weeks now and I don't see a change , here sweetie have a rawhide treat to make you happy. Don't do it. Concerned for her, Robert Lovemyamber

Replied by Diamond

I have noticed that most vets insist on me giving my cats either reg. cat food or with no grain cat food.I rescued a cat at the of eleven years old/ some one found her eating out of the dumpster, I have tried many types of cat food & she still likes eating out of the trash.When she eats cat food no matter the type or brand she continues to throw up so I decided to cook nice fresh chicken for her, she has no problem with eating this & does well at keeping it down, If I slip in vit's. she refuses to eat, so it's obvious she was a picky dumpster diver. :-)

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