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Dog Allergy Remedies

| Modified on Apr 03, 2024
Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Marcus (Hongkong ) on 06/19/2023


Can I use a nebulizer with 3% hydrogen peroxide ( food grade) to treat my dog's cold/ allergy?

Feverfew Tea
Posted by Beth (Seattle) on 04/07/2023

I have a cat that has been itchy and licking obsessively so much so that her stomach was bare and she had bare spots on her back legs. I went to the vet who prescribed prednisone. If you look up the side effects of such, you might pass out, as they are way worse than the itching and it probably would kill her. I first gave her a bath with lime sulfur and used a doughnut collar afterwards for a few days that did seem to help and then I heard on YT “Veterinary Secrets” that you could use feverfew tea. You make it just like regular tea using the herb feverfew, which luckily I grow. I took my cat and held her in the bathroom, so it didn't matter getting the floor wet. I used a clean sponge and gave her a sponge bath with the feverfew tea. I got her pretty wet with it. She didn't like the bath. However, since I held her, she wasn't as afraid as if I had put her in the tub. It seems to have worked. The places on each of her back legs have hair now that didn't before. I think it was mites that we're making her lick herself. I like this guy and will try this next time they have fleas!

Avoid Pea Protein in Food
Posted by Rhonda (NC) on 01/19/2022

I adopted a dog who may or may not be a long haired pit mix. Allergies to everything. Still a work in progress, but I was looking for help online and stumbled across the fact that many dogs are allergic to pea protein in dog foods. Look for a food that does not have pea protein. I have mine on a name brand for sensitive skin and stomach with salmon and no pea protein. Still itchy but her hair stopped falling out and grew back... Will try yogurt and apple cider vinegar spray as well......

Posted by MissM (New York) on 08/25/2021

You can give dogs Benadryl. My dog takes it to prevent allergies. Rashes you can try distilled water and apple cider vinegar spray. If the rash is fungal the spray will clear it up.

Check what you feed your dog. A change in diet can clear allergies.

Try this


  • 1 cup brown rice
  • 4-5 frozen whiting filets or tilapia
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil or salmon oil
  • 1 cup green beans, carrot and peas

cook Hi pressure 15 minutes, natural release.

Stir to combine, and freeze portions in baggies.

You can feed plain or with kibble.

Posted by S try an (Denver) on 08/24/2021

How much turmeric do you add to your dog's food to stop rash and runny eyes?

Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt
Posted by MissM (New York) on 02/02/2021

Try PetMD benzoyl peroxide shampoo, they also have an anti fungal one. And it's way cheaper than vet stuff.

My Westin has terrible yeast and skin allergies.

Do what the humans here do, I did with my dog. Get a spray bottle, distilled water mix one part apple cider vinegar vinegar the 3 part distilled water. Spray on affected skin. Yes it smells like vinegar and first then goes away.

It does work!

Keep up a a dash of apple cider vinegar in food or water, and yogurt. It's a process.

These dogs are sensitive regarding food and skin issues. What other foods has he been on that you think might be suspect to cause the itchies?

Have you washes the bedding and dried on high heat? Maybe mites! Try the shampoos and spray above. Be consistent.

Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt
Posted by Deirdre (Earth Clinic) on 02/02/2021

Hi Debbie,

One of my dogs had the most severe skin issues for 5 years. He's now 15. At one point in 2019 and 2020, he lost most of his fur in the front after having an allergy shot (Apoquel) and the fur did not grow back for months!

What finally fixed his skin allergy issue 100% was putting him on a freeze dried raw food diet. He is now the fluffiest boy in town and no longer itches AT ALL.

He was miserable for a long time before I figured out it was all caused by food, even grain-free expensive formulas. I tried many different brands, trust me.

Because he gets IBS from the freeze dried raw, I have been adding a bit of kibble each meal to prevent that. Works well.

If you have a big dog, this diet is extremely expensive unless you make raw food yourself. I did that for years (went to Costco and got ground beef, made up their meals with additional ingredients and supplements and then froze them) until both dogs started getting stomach issues as they got older from the defrosted raw food. Shortly thereafter, one of them started having these horrendous skin issues when I went back to kibble.

They both absolutely thrive on the freeze dried raw formulas. Make sure to rehydrate with lots of hot water. You then have to let the food sit for a while to cool down.

Please let us know if you try this diet!

Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt
Posted by Debbie J (NC) on 02/02/2021

I have a male Scotty, 8 yrs old - who for the last three years has had skin, yeast, eye infections - he has been to the Vet numerous time - alot of freaking money - with NO real fix - just pills & expensive shampoos!!!!

I've changed his dry food to a salmon w/ ancient grains - he was doing fine until these past holidays when my husband decided to give him a Prime Rib bone - I know, I know!!! Now my little guy is paying for it, chewing & biting himself - so my question is - how long do I keep giving the ACV & yogurt - before trying something else?

He started on Saturday!!! Please if anyone knows something - please tell me - I'm at my wits end, I want my little protector back with his beautiful black fur & his feisty demeanor!!!!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Suvi (Helsinki, Finland) on 09/28/2020

Skin is a direct indicator of gut health too. But you are surely in the right path with the foods, since the gut symptoms have improved. Keep going!! It might take looong time before skin starts healing. Or at least it has took in my case. there is a product named Restore. It's humic acid and distilled water. it tightens the cell walls in the gut & intestine so particles that don't belong to the bloodstream don't leak there and cause allergy symptoms/intolerances. The Bottle is a bit expensive, but you only take it a little. I take 1tsp before meals, for dogs, cats and babies it's smaller dosage. It has helped me getting better and my friend and her baby it has helped a lot.

Ps. It's the same stuff that's they have for pets / humans. The only difference is price and dosage.

Licking and Chewing Paws
Posted by Jeff (Atco, Nj) on 09/17/2020

Our dog has red skin underneath on his paws and he is biting and licking them a lot. I think it could be Pododermatitis from what I read. But I want to find a natural remedy if possible. We have him on Merrick chicken with brown rice. He is a male 16 month old bullmastiff. He also has been shedding a lot. He does get steak and chicken mixed in with his food because he is very picky. He does not want to eat his kibble without something in it. But he also gets cheese from time to time. Anything that might help him?

Posted by Lorna (Ottawa, Ontario Canada) on 07/19/2020

MY dog is sneezing a lot lately and seems to have a plugged up nose.

Avoid Oils
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 05/24/2020

I think coconut oil is not processed the same as other oils, and you can uptake it through skin if you have nausea, or add some ginger. Dogs love it

Avoid Oils
Posted by ME (United States) on 05/23/2020

If your dog has any issues with IBS or pancreatitis, DO NOT give them any oils of any kind.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Joanne (Florida) on 03/20/2019

When dogs chew their paws and paws are stained the Biggest Allergies are Chicken, Chicken fat, Chicken meal!! No corn Soy of wheat! So go with Grain Free dog food with none of these ingredients Salmon,Turkey, Duck and Lamb are fine! Watch your Treats too!! No Wheat!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Candace P. (Oregon, United States) on 07/23/2018

Please try Rescue Remedy for any stressed or grieving pet. Such a small addition with noticeable improvements.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Boc (Upstate, Ny) on 01/22/2018

My dog had that smell combined with itching and it was a yeast infection. I gave her baths with tar shampoo for humans and rinsed her before she was finished with white vinegar. Also, added plain yogurt to her non-grain diet. Research earth clinic animal yeast infection for more details.

Posted by Heather (Wisconsin ) on 01/16/2018

Where do you get your evening primrose oil? Have you been giving orally? Just got test results back on our GSD, and he's allergic to pollen, grasses, trees, dust mites...Trying to find a more natural (and affordable) aid than the injections.

Posted by Southern Belle (California) on 01/14/2018

I now have a chorky a chihuahua + yorkie, she has horrible allergies airborne she will bit, nip, scratch till she looks like she has mainge! She came into my life to make me as happy to have a lil` girly girl again she was right around 8 weeks, I noticed she had this tiny little bump no bigger than the tip of ball point pen. months later I noticed it had grown and split into 2 bumps still small I got nerveous and had her checked out while I was in Georgia and she said it was a cysts and could be removed but was small that it may go away or grow but was nothing dangerous, we'd watch it and if it got worse or painful she'd remove it. well what seemed like overnight [and was a couple months later] it not only grew but ruptured! Omg I didn't see it go from an eraser size to a bump split wide open oMg, I cried, cleaned it up and poor baby she looked at mommy with sad eyes, they said that was good to release and put her on antibiotics I kept it clean and researched!!

I found Turmeric I purchased my from Health xxx site vitamins etc, ... it was purest form and I sprinkled it in her food and WoW never had one again 4 years later she had a small one and after a few couple and a half years i didn't think she should be on it for life so I quit giving it to her and a couple months ago she had a small one. So I'm going back to Tumeric, guess my point was that it's healing properties are for cysts, tumors, cancer, and more! I just noticed that her ear seemed darker and bumpier than her other one and she's never been one to allow her ears to be manipulated to see inside, she's all black lol and disapears in a shadow, lol. there seems to be a tint of what I can't be sure of but either from her scratching or there is something irritated I pray thats the only reason is irratation! But Tumeric is extremely dooable price I paid ...4 years ago was around $8 and some change, was on sale but a larger pouch size of a bag of salad croutons. research the amount you'd need for your pet and sprinkle it in their food, she never seemed to not like it.

Good Luck. I hope my story tho long but hopefully helpful! Tc & gb!

Raw Green Tripe
Posted by Charlie (London, Uk) on 01/07/2018

Hi There,

i just wanted to share this remedy for allergies. My cat is allergic to pretty much every food known to man, he was tested, even rice, corn, and I heard on the radio in London, BBC Radio London, The Barking Hour, that raw green tripe helps bring dogs out of allergies. So, I tried it on my cat. It has helped so much, he has never been better, not totally allergy free but much better even than when he was on steroids. He has been my "project" for the last eleven years and I cannot say how relieved we both are for the tripe. Here in London, it gets delivered from Mobile Pet Food, minced and frozen. So you just thaw it out, I mix it with quarter tsp coconut oil, courgettes, pinch kelp and sometimes some lamb heart ( he can tolerate a bit more 'normal' food now)

Posted by Bobby Lynn (Newfoundland ) on 10/22/2017

Are u using the powder or root

EC: Hi Bobby,

Most readers use powder unless otherwise specified in the post.

Posted by Tamara (Ga) on 09/24/2017

Hi! I have had these same allergy problems with my two Wheatens. What I found to work: Give a grain free food with an uncommon protein. Taste of the Wild Venison and Lentil is a good one. Another is Earthborn Coastal Catch. Dipping paws in a little bowl of water, apple cider vinegar and enough betadine (get it in grocery stove or pharmacy) to make the water the color of ice tea. Hold each paw in the bowl for a 30 second count. Rinse paws off with a hose after walks. And give organic coconut oil a couple times a week. I just put some on a Tbsp and they lick it off for a treat. Buy some ZYMOX drops for ears and put a few drops in if ears smell like fritos. Dont feed table food. Just carrots, apples, blueberries and earthborn grain free treats. Also Zymox makes a great shampoo/conditioner. Amazing product. Good Luck!!

Posted by Melissa (California) on 08/24/2017

Grate fresh turmeric root on your pet's food to treat allergies. Protects the liver and reduces inflammation. I heard fresh pepper makes it more assumable but I am not giving it to my dog without a few vets weighing in on it. I'm a 10 yr veterinary technician with a blue pit bull myself who has terrible allergies. It comes down to a toxin in their environment working its way out of them and a faulty immune response. Find the culprit and remove it or antigen therapy may be needed. Building up tolerance and immunity to the allergen. Do not use essential oils with them. Doesn't work the same. I grate half a root for my 110lb dog.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Cecile (Oxnard, Ca) on 08/13/2017

We've been using Pet Protector Disc. No pesticides. the size of a license. If your dog isn't infested with fleas to begin with, this will work. We have used it for almost 6 years. No fleas. 4 year protection...used to be 2 yrs. Through their website it is up to $75 for one tag, but if you think about much do you spend on the pesticides in one years time. If you check on ebay you might get one for closer to $50. I got one for my new 7yr old rescue blue nose girl. Haven't seen a flea yet. follow instructions. The only time I saw a tick was when I removed our other dog's collar during a bath for 1/2 a day, then took her to a tick prone area. Sure enough she got 1tick. The tag needs to stay in contact with dog or close..even during bathtime. I'm sold on it, even though some reviews are negative. good luck

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Cecile (Oxnard, Ca) on 08/13/2017

Jeffrey, Please, please..I'm desperate here...Since I don't know if all tumeric is created equal, could you please give some more specifics? My 7 yr old blue nose that I just adopted has the same problems your pup had. Just ended the 2nd dose of prednisone with antihistime and 3 days later she is a mess. how much pepper??

Colloidal Silver
Posted by Deirdre (Los Angeles) on 06/03/2017

One of my dogs has severe skin allergies and his skin tends to get infected at times, especially in the spring and summer. I can usually keep it in check with turmeric capsules, fish oil and a tea tree oil containing hotspot spray, but his skin continues to flare along his spine, ribs and tail. I recently had to do a round of antibiotics from the vet to stop the infection from spreading and it really threw his system off. His skin smelled terrible after that, even with probiotics. Then a friend recently suggested I try spraying 20 ppm (parts per million) Colloidal Silver several times a day.

I put 20 ppm CS (undiluted) in a spray bottle with a fine mist and I spray the colloidal silver on all the areas he is having skin issues (quite a large area). I do not towel the CS off.

Colloidal Silver is the first remedy I have tried that is working wonders on a recurring skin condition. I spray him with CS 3 times a day, parting his fur to make sure the CS gets directly to the problem skin. I started to see improvement in 48 hours. His skin is no longer red, the flaking has stopped completely and his smell is back to normal!

P.S. When you buy the colloidal silver in a store, make sure the color of the liquid is yellow. They tend to sell Colloidal silver in blue or brown bottles so it is impossible to tell the color of the liquid inside until you get home and open it. But 20 ppm TRUE colloidal silver is yellow... 320-500 ppm is copper colored. You will have to dilute the stronger concentrations of CS but instructions are usually given on the label. If the liquid is clear, you have bought ionic silver and not colloidal silver.

Hope this information helps some of the dogs suffering from skin infections and issues.

Posted by Jan (Melbourne, Australia ) on 04/08/2017

I found your journey and ongoing love and persistence with your beloved dog very moving and was so sad to hear that she had died. But it was her time to leave and even though it is so very sad for you it must be a blessed relief for her. And what a truly wonderful job you did caring for her so lovingly. Your grief will fade a little but you will never forget her or stop loving her. What a wonderful human being you are.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Sheila (Dallas) on 03/27/2017

Good Morning Jeffrey,

Could you please share the ratio of the turmeric and pepper you used? And can u share the brand of capsules? Thanks a bunch

Ted's Mange Remedies
Posted by Dolores (New Jersey) on 03/24/2017

I have 7 lhasa apso's they came down with scaibes mange

i have put revolution on them but they are scratching my one little guy has lost all her coat. he had more hair when he was born and basically no hair now, my dogs age range fron 15 1/2 to 5 yrs

can you use a hair dryer after you put the solution on them since they are long hair dogs and since I put revolution on them is this ok to do

Posted by Sam (Sa Australia) on 03/10/2017 18 posts

So sorry for your loss.

It truly does hurt as they take a piece of you with them. I am in tears reading your last post.

Love to you and your furbaby angel x

Posted by Albert (South Africa) on 03/06/2017

rub 70% DMSO on your dog's hip.

Posted by Melanie (Wichita, Ks) on 02/24/2017

I would definitely find an alternative to steroids. Using too much steroids can lead to Cushings Disease later in life. No cure for it.

Posted by Stellaluna (Oregon) on 02/19/2017


I have been making dogfood from ground turkey and cruciferous veggies only and coconut oil (this is to fight yeast) - after a TON of natural remedies, coconut oil probiotics, primrose, silver etc.---In this last week I have seen a HUGE change - my husband has been adding a raw egg to Stellas food once a day. I have a new dog - scratching less, ears are not inflamed, she doesn't stink (yeast) anymore AND her little permanent red "goggle eyes" are almost GONE!!!!

Neem Oil, Olive or Coconut Oil, Goldenseal, ACV
Posted by Grace (Pdx) on 02/19/2017

Tea tree oil is toxic for cats.

Raw Egg in Food
Posted by Krista (Oregon) on 02/19/2017

My dog has had skin ALLERGIES soooo bad FOREVER-- (since 8wks old she is now 2----itchy eyes like goggles, hot spots on her front paws and YEASTY ears/skin - also inflammed itchy lips)- I went though TONS of natural remedies for red mange/YEAST/allergies (because the symptoms can mimic each other) including but not limited to---- coconut oil, ACV, elimination diets, supplements, essential oils--- you name it - I tried it--- did TEDS Mange treatment, and have been making her food ( ground turkey with cruciferous veggies only ...even with all of the evening primrose, immune support anti yeast probiotic protocols, even making 24 hr fermented homemade yogurt!!!

For all I was doing I was seeing small improvements where it would DEFINITELY improve but not go away completely--- no REAL RESULTS that I could say WOW - that worked--my husband who makes fun of my 13 hour research sessions for our pup has been giving Stella a raw egg once a day for the last week with her breakfast. - PROBLEM SOLVED ---no joke--- I can't even believe it! AMAZING!!!!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Jeffrey (Mo.) on 02/15/2017

Everyone with any animal with skin allergies....Please please feed your animals with tumeric. Add a half teaspoon to their food twice daily. My chow mix weighs 110 lbs This summer notice Max itching slot and both eyes were watering. Like everyone else we went straight to the vet. His entire stomach was red with sores and the sores were on his chin and also throughout his thick hair. The vet gave him medicine that was over a hundred dollars per script. We went through several scripts and had only partial results. I read about turmeric that also contained pepper. Within 3 days eyes were back to normal within 10 days almost all the rashes were cleared up I've since started making my own 500 ml. Capsules also adding 10% clove. It works unbelievable...I also have started taking them myself and have notice a HUGE improvement in my arthritis pain........It works trust me everyone should at least try it on their pets....If u make your own capsules it only cost pennies to make. Amazon has the empty capsules cheap they r OO caps and the filling tool runs around $20 it takes me about 20 minutes to fill 50 caps....

Posted by Jeff (Missouri) on 02/14/2017

Natural dog skin allergy cures

Why r u not recommending turmeric in the dog's food and in pill form for eye and skin rashes. I found it to work in just a few days.

My dog had a very bad rash all over his body plus runny ichy eyes..I started putting turmeric in his food and within three days eyes started clearing up and his skin returned 98% clear..I'm still trying other herbs to clear up the rest....THIS was after spending almost $2000.00 at a vet.

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/06/2017

Hey Valerie,

I use the Mange Remedy from time to time when my pack gets the skin itchies. Some will develop hives and itchy spots due to seasonal changes/pollens/molds and sometimes from eating bad people food. My 'go to' plan of action is to alkalize their drinking water with baking soda, and to give everyone a dip. The dip does cure mange, but it also is just a good skin cleanser and helps prevent the hives from getting infected and seems to calm itchy skin immediately. The effects tend to last about 24 hours or so - so it will help give your dog a break and allow you to sleep through the night. If used long term on a every other day basis will cause the skin to dry out - so be aware of that, though the primrose oil should help.

Posted by Valerie (Toronto) on 02/02/2017

Hi Theresa, I really appreciate your help with this. No, I'm not really seeing any improvement from the evening primrose oil. I will switch to giving it to him orally. He seems to like the taste, so it shouldn't be an issue for him. In terms of the mange remedy, I'm not sure he has mange, would it still help? Our vet seemed confident it was allergies, but we didn't have much of a conversation whether it could be something else. If it would be okay to give him the mange remedy, I will definitely try it. I feel so bad for him.

I really appreciate your advice.


Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 02/01/2017

Hey Valerie,

I just use the human dose for my dogs and dose 2x day, am and pm meals. The evening primrose should be taken internally - are you seeing any improvement with the external application? If not I would discontinue the external application. You might also add colostrum to the list of oral supplements - they do make one specially for dogs although the human one can be used too. I dose pills in cream cheese - it is soft enough to thoroughly coat the pills and can be spread thinly. If I have a dog that is pill shy, I feed three cream cheese balls - the first with no pill, followed quickly by the loaded ball, and then followed quickly by another plain ball of cheese. The rapid succession of feeding the balls of cheese one right after the other gets the greedy instinct to kick in and they usually do not figure out the second ball has the pill in it. I find one dip in the mange remedy is a good start and many itchy dogs feel relief right away.

Posted by Valerie (Toronto) on 01/31/2017

Hi Theresa,

I was referring to the acidophilus, evening primrose oil and Omega-3 fats listed above. I did see a dosage for the Omega-3 fats when I bought it. I'm not sure about the other two. The acidophilus is a powder which my dog isn't loving on his food. I've been putting the evening primrose oil on his sore spots twice a day. For the allergies, my vet said a lot of times the allergies are environmental that you can't do much about. We will re-visit allergy testing if your suggestions don't work. I will definitely check his food as well. We're not sure if these allergies started at the same time as we switched his food. Next, I will have a look at Ted's Mange remedy, Ted's Borax protocol and the suggestions you made for water. Thank you so much for the suggestions. Our poor puppy is so itchy we have to find something to help him.

Thanks so much Theresa!

Posted by Konamisan (New York, Ny) on 01/29/2017 7 posts

Thank You, Thank You, Thank YOU so much Theresa,

Thank you for the reminder of lighting a candle. I burned some sage as well. Yes, I can give her permission to journey to a new life where she will continue to be a best friend, and to bring love and LIGHT wherever she is destined to be and live a Faaaaaaboooooo life! She has the gift to being joy to the world.

God Bless YOU and Our Earth Clinic Family... XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/29/2017


Thank you for sharing your Xena story. I have a feeling she waited for you to leave to make tea before she herself left - she knew the depth of your love for her and did not want you to see her leaving; your connection was that powerful, to keep her here on this earth. When our hearts are touched so deeply, love does not die. I am sure you are hearing her barking to let you know she is safe. Please light a candle and let her know she truly does have your permission to leave. She is an old soul, with much work yet to do. What an honor and a blessing to have had her in your world.

Posted by Konamisan (New York, Ny ) on 01/29/2017 7 posts

Hi Theresa,

I wanted to let you know that my Xena expired at 10:00 am this morning Sunday January 29th.😢 She is definitely my 😇 . As I'm writing this to you, I tell you that I can hear her. She was crying all throughout the evening into this morning. I did a Reike cleansing prayer over her entire body. After that, I picked her up and held her in my arms. She moved her bowls for the last time as she laid in my arms. I told her that I love her very much. I really didn't think that this was the last time I would hold her. I had playing an isochronic tune for unconditional love for her. I laid her down on my bed and at that moment, she laid down and her legs started to move as though she was running. I told her Xena, are you chasing the Angels 😇

I told her I was going to make her some parsley tea and I will be right back. I swear I wasn't gone that long. I came back to the room

The first thing I always look at is her stomach to see if she was breathing. She wasn't 😣 My BABY IS HONE TO HEAVEN I LOVE YOU XENA ALWAYS AND FOREVER YOU'RE AT PEACE NOW XOXO.



Posted by Konamisan (New York, Ny) on 01/28/2017 7 posts

Hi Theresa,

It's nice hearing from you, and thank you for responding.

Still, Xena isn't walking, her eyes have mucus in them and am still researching to find a remedy to keep her eyes clean, the yeast infection has subsided and not as irritated as before. I can't find buffered 250 mg of vitamin C! I did purchase DGP, and she has been on it now 1 week. Giving her now as recommended by Harmony 1/2 tablet 3 times a day because she has been able to tolerate it. I've looked at the you tube video for the turmeric paste for the inflammation, but its so hard to find a good quality of turmeric; I've found the it is recommended to give 2500 mg of turmeric in tablet form, but is this the right dosage???

She is eating and drinking water, but again, I have to do it by hand, baby syringe. more water on the pads than in her mouth, but I am making sure she stays hydrated.

I get maybe, 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Everyone tells me that I should just put her down. I'm not being selfish, I know she is in pain, but she is such a fighter! I believe she wants to LIVE!!!!!!!

I don't know what else I could do. A vet will charge me $2,750. to give her antibiotics and is recommending Hills Science diet food. To stop the raw and home cooked meals for her!

If there is any place that I can find the buffered vitamin C 250 mg, an all around excellent brand eye solution, or home remedy eye wash, ALL EXPERIENCED TENDER LOVING CARE WOULD DEEPLY BE APPRECIATED! :)



Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/26/2017

Hey Valerie,

What products are you asking about for doses?

'Allergies' is a catch all phrase that packs a mean punch. What is your dog allergic to? If your vet could not give you a clear answer, and to be fair a clear answer would require extensive testing that is very costly, you might first look at the ingredients in the diet you feed. Very often skin issues are caused by a grain based diet. So read the label and if you see corn and grains in the first 10 ingredients a grocery upgrade is in order, and may go a long ways in improving your dog's hot spots and skin issues. The next thing I would consider is a dip in Ted's Mange remedy to help calm the skin. I would also look at alkalizing his drinking water with baking soda, and even use a water rotation schedule of baking soda water, Ted's Borax protocol for dogs, and plain water. Treating the water can be very effective in stopping a break out in its tracks.

Posted by Valerie (Toronto) on 01/26/2017

Hi there, I have a 1.5 year old labradoodle. He's constantly scratching and has some red rashes, sores and bald spots. I've been told he has allergies. He was on steroids and it completely stopped everything, but we don't want him on steroids again. I would really like to try these products, but how do I find out how much to give him? Do I put him on all four? He's about 85 pounds. We really need to find something to offer him relief. Thanks!

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/25/2017

Hey Konamisan,

I am late to reply - sorry! If you are still reading, consider one of the many joint supplements for dogs - Flexpet has a product, and there are many glocosamine/chondroitin products out there. They work once they build up in the system and stop working if not taken regularly.

Posted by Valerie (Toronto) on 01/24/2017

Hi there, I have a 1.5 year old labradoodle. He's constantly scratching and has some red rashes, sores and bald spots. I've been told he has allergies. He was on steroids and it completely stopped everything, but we don't want him on steroids again. I would really like to try these products, but how do I find out how much to give him? Do I put him on all four? He's about 85 pounds. We really need to find something to offer him relief. Thanks!

Posted by Konamisan (Nyc, Ny) on 01/09/2017 7 posts

Good Afternoon Theresa,

Again, thank you for the quick response. I actually look forward hearing from You and others concerned about my experiences I'm having with Xena.

I thought of the colloidal silver due also to the yeast infection that she gets in her ears as well, and wanting to detox her body and researching, this would be helpful. She still has the stuffy nose, I can't buy a humidifier at the this time. Her eyes aren't looking to good in the last two days. That hip has caused her a lot of pain and suffering. I want to help her heal! I don't want to think the worst.

Thank you for your suggestions and support for Xena, WE BOTH Appreciate it for all you and this forum have been able to help us with.

If you have any other information that can help especially for the pain on the hip and for her to walk, I'm listening.

Namaste Love & Light

Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/09/2017

Hey Konamisan, I was advised by breeder friends for dosing Vitamin C - you can start out with 1/4 teaspoon of ground / crushed Vitamin C and increase UNTIL 1/4 tsp per meal Xena gets the runs; when she gets the runs it means it is too much, so then step it back to the last dose. I cannot advise on the colloidal silver, but since you are getting great results with the Mange remedy you might just omit that at this time. I would advise Rescue Remedy for all your family - you and the fur kids alike.

Posted by Konamisan (New York City) on 01/08/2017 7 posts

Hi Theresa :)

God Bless YOU and thank YOU for your posts.

This is an update; After a much long day at work, I thanked God for helping me get through a very emotional day. I thought about Xena and miss how She and Zeus would greet me when I get home. To a very needed surprise, I walked into my apartment . Zeus was waiting at the door as always. He was much more excited than usual and was barking. Which is not like him to do when I get home. I walked over to the living room, and there was XENA!!!!!!!!!!! LYING RIGHT THERE WHERE I LEAVE HER WATER DISH!!!!!!! I was astonished to see her, and very much excited. I asked her how did you get out here? since she couldn't stand up on her own!!! She must have crawled out to the living room. Zeus barked again. He was trying to tell me Xena was out of the bedroom!!! Thank YOU Zeus! So that was a blessing for us all. She was whining and crawling around and she crawled all the way to the wee wee pad. She had to go relieve herself, and it was difficult for her to stand up. She let me hold her so she could go, since I can't take her out to walk her. That was a relief for her and me as well.

1. I've been giving her the Borax water solution for four days on, then stopped as of yesterday.

2. She is eating, but I still have to feed her by hand. I have added a 1/8 teaspoon of ginger & Ceylon cinnamon, 1 tbsp of organic coconut oil, and probiotic plain yogurt to give her. She loves it! I sill have to give her water from a baby syringe, which she doesn't fight me anymore to take.

3. I went to the health food store, which I have to travel a distance to purchase the Colloidal Silver 50 PPM. One bought I didn't open and took it back, because it was amber in color. The gentleman at the store said it didn't make a difference??? I did receive my money back and purchased another brand by "Source Naturals" Is this a fluke as well!!!!! The ingredients in this bottle is as follows; "Potassium Alginate, Distilled Water, and EDTA" THE COLOR STILL HAD A YELLOW TINGE TO IT!!! Arrrrrrrg!

4. I wanted to make the Turmeric, Coconut Oil, Black Pepper, and Organic Ceylon Cinnamon paste for the inflammation for Xena. But the Black Pepper, and Turmeric said Organic, but it was manufactured in the same facility where soy, milk, nuts, peanuts, wheat, are processed!!!!! What the heck :(

5. I did give her the bath recommended by Ted! Guess what EVERYBODY!!! :) THE REDNESS IS GONE on her inner skin fold!!! I used the Borax and Milk of Magnesia! I only did it once this week, I will give her another. I did wash her first with "Chlorhexidine 2%", with a 1/2 cup of Epsom Salt to get that kink out of that right hip. I'm just sooooooooooooo exhausted trying to get some sleep and not be late for work!!! I play my "Stress Relief Isochronic" music on a loop for Zeus & Xena when I'm not home, and I play it as well at my job, on a low volume. Xena is back in the room on her bed. Last night, she slept right through the night!!!!! :) I gave her the "Arnica 30" I know it says 5, but I gave her 6 of them and I let her sleep with me :) I want her to walk again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have HOPE & FAITH, that Xena will BE WELL AGAIN. WHEN YOU SAY GIVE 2000 MG OF VITAMIN C, I have the powder, which is 4500 mg. How much of that in spoons do I give her and Zeus??? 1/8,1/4,1/2 etc???? If I am able to afford and purchase the Colloidal Silver, how much of that do I giver her as well???


Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 01/04/2017

Hey Konamisan, My thought after reading your update is that Xena may benefit from turmeric added to her diet - this to combat inflammation in her joints. There is another product - Yucca Intensive - from the health food store that also helps with inflammation and must be fed with food. The colloidal silver can be taken both internally and applied externally on the skin fold. Also when you do soak her for her itchy skin consider adding borax to the soak water. Sending healing prayers to you both!

Posted by Konamisan (New York City) on 01/01/2017 7 posts

Happy New Year to ALL!

Hi Theresa,

Thank YOU! So much for reaching out with your suggestions for helping Xena :)

I forgot to mention that I have Xena on (TCM) recently order and began giving it to her 12/01/2016 (3/4) tsp. three times a day to help with her hip; along with Hyaluronic Acid + NAG +MSM for Joints two times a day. At first she wouldn't take it, lovingly talking to her and telling her its to help her heal and be back to her better self again, she is eating all her food now! HOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Xena! I know healing takes time, and giving her much of a concoction, I need her to be well again and I'm scared to lose her. I was told, "if I thought of putting her down"????? NO!!! If my girl is ready to go, she'll do it on her own!!! Her Herbalist said I could give her the vitamin C and buffered aspirin for pain, which I'm not able to purchase because I bought the "Arnica 30 by Borion" which was less expensive 15 minutes before I feed her, I give her 5 of the little pellets. So far, I gave it to her 3 times yesterday and twice so far today.

Since 12/29/2016, and my first post, here is what I am still experiencing with Xena;

Her nose is still stuffy with mucus; snorting all night and morning trying to breathe and I, not getting much sleep.

I had to give her a bath last night at 4 am, in the morning, Happy New Year Mama Human. She urinated on herself again :( I allowed the bathroom to be steamy so she could get some relief as I had her soaking. I added one half cup of Epsom Salt for the stiffness with a little Hydrogen Peroxide for the yeast infection, which looks a little better and less redness. She still doesn't like when I try to get in the fold of that area; growling at me and in so much pain. I bought the "COLLOIDAL SLIVER 50 PPM" coming back to this forum, and reading again about the type and color, I bought the one that was AMBER COLOR :( So I have to go back and see if they sell a clear, no additive CS.

She's still not getting up to walk, MY TRUE MAIN CONCERN. I have to carry her from room to room.

Again, my funds are really low right now, but I'm doing my very best to help Xena to HEAL.

I bought the vitamin C crystal form L-absorbic Acid 4500mg. I took this tiny spoon you get when you buy a dog supplement and just put a very tiny amount and put it in her food this morning. No problems, she ate all her food consisting of home cooked chicken, chicken stock, a tad bit of garlic, parsley, cilantro, broth from carrots and celery, chicken hearts and liver, 1 tbsp of organic plain probiotic yogurt, 1 tbsp of virgin organic cold pressed coconut oil no sugar, plus her TCM Herbs and Hyaluronic supplement! SHE ATE IT ALL!!!!! LICKED THE BOWL CLEAN!!! That's my girl :)

So What I want most again, 1. Is for Xena to walk again! No, she didn't break her leg, nor did she fall from any high place. I bought her the 3 stair step, and she learned how to climb it showing her how to get up and down the very first time! JRT's are so smart. Zeus is afraid of the steps. Won't even try to climb it.

2. To heal that nasty yeast infection! Darn thing has been around tooooo long!

3. This now stuffy nose and runny eyes! I've looked at her eyes and they don't look the same bright happy eyes she had!




Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 12/30/2016

Hello Konamisan, You are to commended for your dedicated care of Xena! I am glad you found the RAW diets and are researching her diet - so very important - kudos! For my own pack, what often helps when they have skin break outs is to alkalize with baking soda in the water. Per Ted "The addition of 1 teaspoon of baking soda in one half liter of drinking water may also help, will reduce the problem skin in a matter of hours. This is used only when there is a skin problem, a longer term maintenance issue is the 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda per liter of water. " What I do is fill a 3.5 liter pitcher with water and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda to start, as the dogs sometimes look at me funny when they first taste it. After a few days when they are used to it, I up the dose gradually until I get to 1 teaspoon per liter. I do this for 3-7 days. During this time I also take the baking soda water myself. After 7 days - sometimes less if I see results quickly - I gradually back the dose down to 1/2 teaspoon or even 1/4 teaspoon.

Another cost effective and beneficial water treatment is borax in the drinking water.

Ted's Borax Protocol for Dogs

Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/12/2014 "The borax dose is the same regardless of the weight of dogs. In the end small dogs drink less than large dogs. The only difference is the sex of dogs which the female dog requires half the dosages male dogs. So a female dog is always 1/8 teaspoon per liter dose. And male dogs is 1/4 teaspoon per liter water. Weight is irrelevant. Timing: Borax dosage for 1 week. Then 1/2 dosage in week 2. Stop for 1 week. Resume. Or Borax dosage for 4 days, then no borax/water for 3 to 4 days. Continue on/off schedule until ailment clears. Some reduce the dosage depending on weight of dog to prevent side effects but just know that beneficial effects will also take more time to see results when you reduce the dose. This is most common dosages, just use common sense. Yes borax can be use for many unexplained conditions of dogs and human for simple reason that most unexplained conditions that cannot be cured with bacteria in majority of cases is fungus or parasites which borax does well but also is essential nutrient for the bones and hormones in mammals."

Additionally you can use a topical solution to treat the skin - try one cup of milk of magnesia and add to that 2-4 tablespoons of epsom salts. You may need to heat it a bit to get the epsom salts to fully dissolve. Use this as a topical to apply to the skin folds. I would caution you to NOT rub the solution into the skin, rather gently dab or paint it on and make sure it is given time to absorb into the skin. Start with these tips and please report back!

Posted by Konamisan (New York City) on 12/29/2016 7 posts

Season's Greetings everyone here at EarthClinic!!! Much Love to YOU ALL :) I had to join this forum because this is the MOST informative site on pet issues I've ever researched! God Bless you for creating this wealth of information for our furry family members XOXOX

My story begins below,

I wasn't able to find a specific thread to post my pets issues, so I'll start here since she has been ridden with allergies and worst, skin, digestion, and now hip Dysplasia! I have a soon to be 10 year old female Jack Russell Terrier named Xena.

Xena received a series of vaccine injections and within 24 hours, woke me up crying and running around at 4 am. I got up to check her to see what the problem was. To my shocking disbelief, Xena's face was like a pugs face, since her coat is white, I couldn't believe how red her body was! She was rubbing all over the floor and even ran to the bathroom and jumped into the tub! I kid you not! She had all these grape sized bumps all over her body, shaking uncontrollably, wheezing and howling. I had to rush her to the animal hospital where the doctor gave her Cortisone and Benadryl. This occurred 5 years ago and she hasn't been the same since. The Vet denies that those vaccines had anything to do with what has, and still is happening to her.

It continues with the shaking of the head, which nearly developed cauliflower syndrome in her right ear, terrible yeast infections in both ears, as well as under her armpits, stomach and private area, butt scooting, if she drank water or ate her food, she would vomit that all up.

So here we are today, and believe me, I've done so much research to help Xena. I've changed her diet to raw and homemade meals. I've learned about carrageenan, chicken meal, corn, wheat, grains, oatmeal, soy, Ethosyquin, etc. Anything I fed her either made her itch, scratch, scoot, and shed like crazy.

So as of the past two weeks, Xena has a terrible yeast infection in the inner fold of her right thigh. Her nose is stuffy, mucus and very dry, her eyes are runny as well! within three days of this infection, I noticed her wobbling and even lose her balance to collapsing if she had to go to relieve herself. Most times, she can't even get up and urinates on herself... another bath!!! This week alone, I had to bathe her three times this week! I'm not getting any sleep, up at different ours of the night when she starts whining. I haven't even been able to have a real meal for myself!!! I'm exhausted and she's hurting miserably! And I'm very low on funds :( I can't even get my chores done.

I am looking at the treatments for the yeast infection (BATH), I bought the milk of magnesia and the Borax. The terrible pain she is in; what can I give her for this? Vitamin C, Ester brand, Colloidal Silver? God help us please!!!!!!

I also have a male Yorkie, Zeus. He will be eleven years old. He has a cataract in his right eye! I tell you, these pets are human. I don't ever want to take them to another vet ever! The most recent vet I had, I told her about Xena's condition, and that I didn't have the full amount of money to bring her in. The vet told me "What do you think I'm running here a free clinic" I was so hurt and devastated by her remark! It's not like I've never paid for my dogs to be seen.




Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anna (Bc - British Columbia) on 12/04/2016

Have you tried bovine colostrum? it's the miracle cure in our house. My cat has almost doubled his life expectancy of 2 yrs. I haven't used it for allergies but I know it claims to work for them.

Fish Oil
Posted by Rockel (Us) on 09/09/2016

Hi, I was wondering what kind of fish oil Carol used and the dosage! My kitty is soooo itchy! She is on a grain-free diet but I believe has seasonal allergies. I hope this helps!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Lyndie (Canada) on 08/31/2016

Maybe a it's a lot for the system ... I do know that when my Bells gets a hot spot she gets caught in a scratch and turns her brows upwards in a look saying" I don't have fleas... I swear! "

Vinegar works great for us, and wheat free. Stress never fails to set her back though.😇

Apple Cider Vinegar, Melatonin
Posted by Barb R. (Peterborough, On Canada) on 08/30/2016

Have been battling seasonal allergies (hay fever) in our 12 yr. old border collie/lab cross female for 7 years. They last from Aug. till frost hits in Nov. here in Canada. She came as a rescue from another family and we immediately started her on the raw BARF diet, which we have been feeding our dogs and cats for many years. Have tried the ACV in her water, (she doesn't like to drink so we squirt it down her mouth many times a day) an ACV spray externally; both were working until mid Aug. when symptoms came on full blown.

We have tried the vet route with antihistamines, that only work for about 1-2 hours and the latest one we tried, agitated her to the point she and we, were up all night. The ACV spray is working on her itchiness but needs to be administered often so while on the hunt for a tranquilizer or something that would let her (and us) sleep most of the night, I thought "what do humans use" and thought of melatonin. It is a natural hormone, esp. used for jet lag, etc. and while researching, discovered that in dogs, it is very effective for thunder fear, anxiety, and sleeping as it acts as a mild sedative, with very few side effects. So we bought some (super cheap) and it worked immediately.

So for 3 full days now, we have administered 3 mg. (1 tab) every 8 hours. Since she is elderly but fit, she does need to sleep so we are doing this schedule. For other sizes they recommend 1.5 mg. for small dogs, 3 mg. for medium and up to 6 for large over 100 lbs., every 8 hours. Hope it continues and we are still using the ACV spray on her externally to relieve the itch many times per day.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Theresa (Mpls., Mn) on 08/22/2016

Hello Janice,

Did you keep up with all the RAW and DE and body masks and then the symptoms came back when you stopped?

If you have continued with the program and the itching came back despite the RAW diet et al, you might consider a few additional dietary supplements. Consider yucca and quercetin for the inflammation, and also colostrum to help build the immune system.

Raw Food Diet
Posted by Janice (Ontario, Canada) on 08/20/2016 2 posts

I know this is an old post. 2.5% of the animals body weight. Also pending on the activity level of the animal and their metabolism.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Janice (Ontario, Canada) on 08/20/2016 2 posts


After learning more about K9 allergies from this site. I had my Jack Russell Clothes FREE & Bucket Head Free, for 3 wks. She was ROCKIN!!! I feed Raw, doing the yogurt, apple cider vinegar, Diatomaceous Earth. Omegas, all in her food. Bentonite Mud body masks, apple cider/ water/ tea tree body sprays. She has had a SERIOUS RELAPSE. For the past week she is Chewing & Scratching herself to the point to open wounds over her body. She is back wearing clothes & back to her bucket head. I'll be buying a muzzle today for her as well. I Need HELP!!! Both of Us are Worn Out.

Posted by Susan (Ct) on 08/11/2016

Totally agree! I was giving my dogs meds in beef flavored pill pockets and noticed an increase in scratching towards armpits. When I realized the pill pockets might be causing an allergy, I hid the pills in their food instead and scratching stopped!

Posted by Linda S. (Kansas) on 08/11/2016

If you decide to go with the pill pockets, check the ingredients--we have two Aussie brothers plagued with the itchies their entire lives. I don't give them anything that even hints at chicken of any kind in the ingredients. I had been giving them the peanut butter flavor pill pockets thinking those were a good alternative but read the ingredients list one day and discovered that chicken is #1--in peanut butter??? I changed them to the hypoallergenic pill pockets (duck and pea) immediately.

Evening Primrose Oil, Dietary Changes
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney Australia) on 08/03/2016

Nickyadams6, you are lucky you got on your dog's problem so soon. Some people go for years before finding a solution to skin problems, you have to try something then if that doesn't work, try something else, but a good place to start is always the diet and then the environment. Good luck for the future.

Evening Primrose Oil, Dietary Changes
Posted by Suseeq (Sydney, Australia) on 08/03/2016

Nickyadams6, you are lucky. You got on your dogs problem so soon. Some people go for years before finding a solution to skin problems. You have to try something then if that dosen't work try something else. But a good place to start is always the diet and then the environment. Good luck for the future.

Evening Primrose Oil, Dietary Changes
Posted by Nickyadams6 (Daventry, United Kingdom) on 08/03/2016

This is about evening primrose and my dogs allergies


i came across this site when I was looking for remedies to help my Staffordshire Bull terriers itching.

His allergies first came to our attention when we noticed a bald patch on his hind leg.He was very red on his belly, ears and eyes. Runny nose. We took him to the vet and through his insurance got him tested for everything. His main allergies are Dustmites, Storage mites( found in dry food ) wheat, and some seasonal grasses, and leaves. We started off on the prescribed vets tablets, but I thought there must be something better for my young dog. He was only 5-6 months at the time. I found this site and started him on Evening Primrose 1000mg plus Chlorphenamine ( antihistamine 4mg)with his food in the morning and 500mg Evebing Primrose and an anthistamine in his second meal. I stopped feeding my birds bread as he would happily eat the leftovers( wheat)got him on a raw food diet( natures menu frozen nuggets) wipe him with wipes after every walk to get any allergens off. Even sausage treats whilst training him were stopped as sausages have breadcrumbs in them. So really it's all trial and error, but he is 19months old now, And his symptoms are well and truly at bay and bald patches are no more!

So thankyou for the information on your site, it has changed my beautiful dogs life.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sindee (Santa Cruz, Ca. ) on 07/27/2016

Just an FYI: Tea Tree Oil in pure form is toxic to humans as well. I was foolish enough to experiment with a couple drops on my big toe trying to kill fungus and the surrounding skin was burned which took weeks to heal. It must be diluted if it's going to be used on skin otherwise it's a great product.

Vegetable Oil
Posted by Fiona (Michigan) on 07/24/2016

hello Tom, responding to your input of veggie oil for dog with skin allergies, my little shi tzu has an awful itch problem, started from flea bites, ice ever had a flea issue and now I have to use flea mess and I don't like that stuff, Ben the shi tzu is miserable. Is it veggie oil or would you think coconut oil would do the same? I'm am going to do this for him today, also the itch seems to be every where do I just rub oil all over....kind of messy.