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Posted by Laura (Katy, united states) on 08/07/2008
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I adopted my english pointer, Rio, last christmas from a shelter who had him in very bad condition! Rio was 7 months old and nearly died from kennel cough! It took tons of vet bills and almost 2 months to get him healthy again! Ever since then I have constantly had to take Rio in to the vet for various reasons! Taking him in was not a problem since I work at a vet clinic anyways what is frusterating me is neither I nor my docter (who is very highly educated) can figure out the source of Rio's problem! Just recently Rio has developed rashes and very red (hot pink really) irritated skin on his feet, up his legs, in between his back legs all over his genitals and is now spreading to his chest! He was even starting to develope tiny little scabs that looked like little ant bites! But he never ever licks or chews on his irritated skin! I took Rio in right away! We found out that my poor Rio is allergic to grass so every time he comes in from being outside I have to wipe his paws, legs and tummy down with a hypoallergenic baby wipe and spray his skin with a gynosyn allergy spray! The spray has helped some and Rio no longer has little scabs but the red skin will just not go away!! I started to think that maybe it had something to do with his diet since I noticed that Rio has a very sensitive stomach and would have diarhea at least every other bowl movement! So to avoid that high cost of allergy test I cut out the 3 major ingredients in his food that most dogs have allergies to. Rio no longer eats corn, soy or wheat! He is on a food with no perservatives (as well as his treats) and is strictly made from natural ingredients! I've even gone as far as to only give him filtered water to drink! Tough this has done wonders for his stomach it still doesnt seem to have helped with his skin at all. I have not tried any of the ACV remedies simply because I have read not to try that on dogs with food allergies! (which I am about 110% sure he has) If anyone has any ideas Rio & I would really appreciate it!! I really have no idea what could be going on now...