Oil Pulling with Olive Oil - A Healthy Choice!

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Posted by Allen (Austin, MN) on 07/20/2009

I've tried several kinds of oil for oil pulling and I find ____ olive oil to be the best by far. My dentist is impressed with the results too... as my gums have reattached to my teeth. I use 1 tsp twice a day for 15 mins. When I first wake up and right before bed. It doesn't taste very good at first but after 15 mins. by mouth feels very clean. It's very soothing for a tooth ache or cut inside your mouth too.

Olive Oil
Posted by Sydy (Staten Island, New York) on 07/14/2009


I have been doing the OP for a week today now with cold pressed olive oil --I noticed from day one so much flem coming from my throat as the days went on I now have lots of flem -a migraine which I always get and want to get rid of due to hormonal changes and a nausous stomach-- my tongue is coated with thick white stuff and my v----- smells exactly the same as my underarms like a metal weird smell--I know I am detoxing right now through my pores and all areas of my body= also my glands in my throat are swollen and my neck seems stiff--I have detoxed other ways before and have delt with the same symptoms--wow I say this is so cool --with me symptoms I have seem to get worse as the healing process takes action---people who do it for a couple of weeks and give up should just change oil and keep going--natural health take a longer time for healing to happen but when it does happen it is permanant unless you go back to the lifestyle that cause you feel crappy to begin with..good luck to all who cherish their bodies enough to heal----sydy

Replied by Brad
(Marietta, GA)

I have had severe sinus problems for years. Have had 2 sinus surgeries and a little over a year ago, started going to a chiropractor. Since going to the Chiropractor, I have not had any bad sinus infections however I am still suffering with complete blockage in my left nostril. I read about and tried a couple of things on this web site. ACV had no effect other than giving me the willies; tastes awful! I tried oil pulling with Sesame oil for 3 days and then with olive oil for 3 days. None of these had ANY effect whatsoever. I am at my wits end am considering a 3rd sinus surgery though I cringe at the thought. If anybody has some words of wisdom, I am more than willing to listen.

Replied by Moi
(V Ville, CA)

I had a chronically stuffed nose for ages that got worse in the spring /summer. Sleeping was awful as the pressure got worse when I lay down. After trying a lot of different natural remedies I hit on one that has kept both nostrils unclogged since.

This is roughly what I did.

Get a good nose spray container from the pharmacy, if you cannot find one -just buy a commercial nose spray (mist type) and empty out contents and wash. I then filled it with spring water, I am sure others would recommend distilled water but I did not have any. I then put a decent pinch of natural sea salt and about 50 drops of grape fruit seed extract. Shake well before spraying in nose and holding it for a bit and then sneeezing/blowing nose. I did it many times a day and it slowly rectified the problem. I did this for 2 or so weeks and have not had a stuffed nose since.

ps keep up the oil pulling it does have a lot of good effects.

Good luck & let us know if this works for you.

Replied by Jack
(Sacramento, Ca)

NeilMed Sinus rinse is a great product. It comes with pre-measured saline packets of medical grade salt. This will clear/help your sinuses. Natural salt is great, but getting the right amount is crucial to avoid burning/drying, et cetera. This can be difficult to start (mentally), but once you use it, its easy and comforting. I think of it as a shower for inside my nose. I don't use it everyday, but after dusty or yard work, or riding on the airplane. (I travel alot).

Hope this helps.

Replied by Mary
(Pinckney, Mi)

hi Brad, I have had severe sinus problems for years, too. I've never had a surgery but thought it was coming to that. When I moved into this house ten years ago it got worst. Found out it's the mold triggering it. I was in the ER every other month with pain and sickness I can't even describe. This went on for years. I was on every kind of antibiotic there is. All this time I tried different natural things. I kept reading about fresh garlic and tried it a couple of times. Like I would eat a clove during an attack, but I was so sick I couldn't continue with it, so I'd just wait the 4 days for the antibiotic to start working,( it would take at least 4 days for them to kick in ). One day I decided to do the garlic the right way. So when I was feeling ok I stated eating 3 cloves of raw organic garlic, chopped up, in some mashed potatoes. I did that for a month. I smelled real bad and had a little diareaha, not bad though. After that I'd eat 2 or three a day. Sometimes I'd miss a day. Now I eat 1 clove a day most of the time, sometimes more. There have been a couple of times when I would feel an attack coming on and realize that it had been 3 or 4 days since I'd had my garlic so I would eat 3 or 4 and the next day eat 3 or 4 and by that night or the next morning it would be gone, totally. In the last year since I've been doing this I've only had a few short attacks(and less severe) For me that's a miracle. I am still living in the same moldy house and the garlic is keeping my sinuses from getting infected. Great site. God bless everyone!

Replied by Gord
(Markham, Ontario, Canada)

I use the neilmed rinse too, every day and works but... Gave me relief for a short time... I op'd for the first time and could only last 10 minutes... I couldn't breathe through my nose. 20 minutes later, no congestion, three hours later, I can still breathe for the first time in 4 months... And all the tobacco stains are gone from my teeth... I will be doing this religiously from this day on... thank you sooooo much.

Olive Oil
Posted by Linda (Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies) on 07/06/2009

Oil Pulling Cured My Gingivitis. About 1 month ago I began experiencing very horrible breath. So I began to search for remedies that were 'natural' as opposed to prescribed medication. I discovered your site and started oil pulling about a month ago, using cold pressed olive oil (couldn't find any other cold pressed oil). I used 1 tablespoon each morning before eating breakfast and before retiring to bed at night. After a few days I began to see my teeth whiten and my gums become very pink and healthy looking. A gap between 2 teeth closed up totally so that now there is no 'gap' anymore! Last week I visited the dentist where I was told that my gums and teeth were so healthy and clean that I can visit the dentist once per year instead of every six months! My previous visit to the dentist 6 months ago was not so good....I was told I had gingivitis and that my gums were receding from my teeth, my gums were also very dark purple instead of bright pink. So thank you Earth Clinic, with oil pulling my oral health was restored beyond my expectations! Oil pulling did so much for me, I will continue as long as I have life. I told a colleague about it and she too has started oil pulling! However I still wait for my bad breath to clear up. Any suggestions for elimination of this chronic bad breath?

Replied by Al
(Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)

In response to Linda from Port of Spain and chronic bad breath. Please look into Hydrogen Peroxide treatment as described right here on EarthClinic, in the Halitosis section. It should take care of bad breath in one go. I would use a 50/50 solution of 3% H2O2 and distilled water to swish around for half a minute or so. Good luck.

EC: The url Al is referring to is: https://www.earthclinic.com/cures/breath.html

Olive Oil
Posted by Andy (Burnley, Lancashire, England) on 06/24/2009

Yesterday, I was in excrutiating pain from a tooth I broke and had filled about a month ago. Could'nt get an appointment for a week at the dentist. I looked online for anything that could possibly help with the pain (strong painkilers did not even touch it).

I tried raw garlic, garlic mouthwash, cold water with salt (hit the roof with pain) warm water with salt (hit the roof again) nothing worked. I had read about oil pulling but discounted it as I needed an instant fix. At 3.00 am (3 hours before going to work) after 16 hours of constant pain,In desperation I decided to give OP a try with extra virgin olive oil. Five minutes after swilling and cleaning my teeth I was asleep.

I woke up with no pain at all. Another thing I noticed during the day was when I had a drink of water from the cooler, although I did feel a slight throbbing after, there was no sensitivity to the cold water at all. (I have always had sensitive teeth even before the toothache)

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. CONVERTED. I am going to carry on with OP and see what long term benefits I get.

Also I have not had a cigarette today yet and its nearly bedtime ! not even thought about it until now.

Olive Oil
Posted by Deborah (Dayton, OH) on 06/20/2009

I tried oil pulling with olive oil yesterday and then went to work. I was hoping it would clear my head. I had increased confusion, and trouble with word finding. This is not unusual for me, but yesterday it was worse than ever. I also consumed EVCO for breakfast on my eggs. Would this have caused the mental confusion and memory loss? There was also no change in my energy level. Is this a temporary side effect or are these remedies not for me? I would appreciate your input.

Replied by Cured
(Niceville, Fl)

To Deborah from Dayton in regard to your increased confusion, and trouble with word finding. Sounds like brain fog to me--I'm guessing you have a candida issue. You did not say if it was the first time but you mention you had eggs with coconut oil. I had it and didn't know it till consuming coconut oil; 2 eggs and a teaspoon of coconut oil was my test, I definitely had candida die-off symptoms shortly after consuming. I did not eat it again for over a month. In the meantime I used it as a lotion/moisturizer all over almost daily. If the die-off symptoms appeared again I just quit using it for a day or two. This was hard as it seemed my body craved it. I am going on some three months using coconut oil and now am enjoying about a tablespoon a day in various foods. Try your best to eliminate as many sugars from your diet as possible. This will help to reduce the severity of die-off symptoms.

Replied by Bill
(San Fernando, Philippines)

Hi Deborah and Cured from Niceville...I had candida three years ago. My symptoms were psoriasis, eczma, BM and toilet only once every 4 days if I was lucky, tired and sluggish all day, severe grogginess and brainfog in the mornings, jock itch(tinea cruris) and overweight. I also regularly caught colds, flu etc many times a year on a regular basis.

This is what I took to cure candida:

* Ted's alkalizing remedies using either whole squeezed lemon/lime or 2 tbspns ACV plus 1/2 tspn baking soda(Arm & Hammer brand) two or three times a day. This is Ted's Alkalizing Remedy and this is THE NUMBER ONE CURE for Candida in my book.

* One tablespoons of virgin coconut oil stirred into my coffee at least 3 times a day.

* Blackstrap molasses in my coffee, no refined sugar or aspartame sweetener allowed in my diet.

When I started this remedy at the beginning, I got fairly severe flu-like symptoms -- it almost seemed as if the remedy was making me worse. But this die off or Herxheimer Effect always happens when you get the fungal toxins in your blood from microbes and fungus, so think of it as a good sign. Your liver and kidneys are overworked initially, until your immune system can get on top of it. After this die-off it was easy. All my skin problems just disappeared slowly (except the jock itch -- but that's another story) and I haven't had a cold or flu in 2 years.

Mind you, it took me a full year to completely get rid of my candida. And even though I'm clear of candida now, and since it is very difficult to eat non-acidic foods these days, I still always alkalize and take coconut oil a couple of times a week as a preventative even now (plus supplementing borax, magnesium, natural sea salt etc as recommended by Ted on this site).

Olive Oil
Posted by Yvette (Northern, California) on 04/29/2009

First time Oil Puller: I just finished slowly swirling two capfuls of Extra Virgin Olive Oil over my tongue, gums, and teeth as described for the oil-pulling procecss. After 21 minutes I spat it out and rinsed with plain water. The oil was foamy, but was still golden in color.

After about 3 minutes of slow swirling, the oil took on an extremely bitter taste, however I kept swirling for 18 more minutes. Have any of you had that experience with the bitterness?

Initial response: The bitter taste left my mouth when I rinsed with water. My teeth and gums look the same, however, I have a large portion of my tongue that is black in color. So far, no changes to the black portion, but the normally whitish coating on the pink part is gone. My tongue definitely looks pink(er) and healthy.

I plan to keep at it and see what other benefits I experience. I am so glad I found this fabulous website!

Olive Oil
Posted by Pola (New York, New York) on 04/26/2009

I tried oil pulling with 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and I felt very good after it. I will continue to do it till my teeth become white. thanks. You have a great webside. This is one of my favourite sites. God bless you.

Olive Oil
Posted by Nancy (Shreveport, LA) on 04/24/2009

NAY. I was oil pulling with 1 tbsp EVOO for 20 minutes for about two weeks. I stopped because I had litterally no results. The oil remained yellow, there was no foam and no mucus was expelled (the primary reason for wanting to try this procedure). I may be doing something wrong, I know it's not the product. A woman in my office is using the same product and has gotten all the classic results. I was very careful to follow all the instructions. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I could use some help.

Replied by T
(Maryland, USA)

Everyone is different; what works for one won't necessarily work for another. Try another type of oil (sesame, coconut, etc.). Let us know how it goes!

Replied by Renate
(Parrish, FL, USA)

Nancy, Change your oil. Try cold pressed organic (or expeller pressed) sesame oil or Safflower oil. Everyone can react differently to different oils. Our (my husband) gums are much better from OP. My husband's previous dentist (we changed) would not do a cleaning and told him he needed $1,000 in root planing etc. I told him he had to do the oil pulling for 3 months and then go to a new dentist and see what they have to say. The new dentist did the regular cleaning and they could not believe how clean his teeth were. He has to have a little gum work done, but all in all I was very impressed with the results. It was 10 months since the last cleaning. My dental checkup showed a lot of improvement with my gums as well showing pockets that are now 2 and 3 and a few 4. Big improvement. Thank you Earth Clinic and everyone who took the time to write about their experience.

Olive Oil
Posted by Audrey (Larnaca, Cyprus) on 04/20/2009

Olive Oil Pulling Remedy improves my tooth and jaw discomfort within hours.

I discovered this site a few hours ago seeking a remedy for my white coated tongue. As today is a public holiday in Cyprus I could not rush out and get some coconut oil which is what I wanted to do after reading the recommendations. So I opened the cupboard and took a shot of olive oil instead. (No mediterranean kitchen is ever without olive oil!). I managed to swish for about 12 minutes before I felt as if I was going to choke. I spat it out and rinsed thoroughly.

That was about 3 hours ago. I am so excited that I had to come back to the site to share my results. The sensitive tooth and jaw pain I have had for months, has almost completely disappeared. I coughed up a lot of phlegm and now feel so much clearer in my ears and throat.

I am stunned! I thought I was familiar with most of the well-known natural remedies but this is a new (and extremely effective) one on me. Thanks so much Earth Clinic and all it's users. I'm converted!

Olive Oil
Posted by Sally (Toronto, Ontario) on 04/18/2009

I tried oil pulling with olive oil for the first time this morning for 15 minutes. I chose olive oil as it was recommended for type A blood the site. The olive oil I used was cold pressed EV w/ low acidity. After 15 minutes, I spit out but didn't notice any appreciable difference in colour as others have written about. I'll try it for a week and report my observations.

Olive Oil
Posted by Nancy (Shreveport, LA, USA) on 04/16/2009

I have been doing the oil pulling with Olive Oil for about 2 weeks, 1 tbl. for 20 minutes once a day. The oil is still yellow and while it seems lighter than it is in the bottle, I feel it looks the same as if you whipped (emulsified) it. I have had no mucous evacuation or any other positive signs other than my teeth are very smooth like when I have them cleaned. Am I doing something wrong or not doing something right?

Replied by Scooter
(Phoenix, AZ)

I started almost 2 years ago and no immediate effects except my teeth feeling like they were just cleaned by a dentist. Over a month into it (daily routine), teeth tightened up even though I never thought/felt them being loose. Give it time but be routine.

Replied by Anuj
(Sydney, Australia)


Just wanted to give my 2 cents worth.

Started OP about 7 days back. The first 3 days I used sunflower oil for OP. During that time, had excruciating pain for the first 2 days near one of my molars (the one which had root canaling done; I have 2 root canals ). The third day with sunflower oil was smooth and no pain.

Ran out of sunflowerr oil, so started using olive oil. Again, absolute hell with the headache and mucous for 2 days.

On the positive side, my teeth feel cleaner, no more bad breath and my gums seem to have firmed up. Will continue oil pulling to see how my cavities and dental decay fare.

Only concern being I have a lot of metal fillings- my dental health has been pathetic throughout my life-hope OP helps me cure that.

Olive Oil
Posted by Francesca (Merseyside, UK) on 03/03/2009

hi everyone came about your site by accident. Began op about 5 days ago. I used ordinary extra virgin olive oil pulled for 20mins in the morning yet oil still remained yellow when i spat out yet the next morning when i woke up the first thing i noticed was i felt energised, a totally different person who is normally lethargic upon waking. I had a lot more mental clarity . On the second day my cracked heels which were sore every time i walked were healed and soft. My hair which was dry felt softer and my skin feels softer too. I have stopped coughing as well. I have suffered from bad chest infections since i was a child yet op has stopped the wheeze and the cough dead in its tracks. Every morning - wake now i feel i am being propelled in the right way towards super health thankyou so much for this site i will report back with more news

Olive Oil
Posted by Pina (Holton, IN USA) on 02/14/2009

I tried the oil pulling with extra virgin olive oil, because I am having problems clearing an ongoing sinus infection. I used one tablespoon and kept it in my mouth for about 11 minutes. Exactly how does it help? I do feel somewhat less stuffy. I intend to keep trying and see if it gets better. But I am curious as to how it benefits the sinuses. Mine was very milky looking when I spit it out. Thanks

Replied by Tabby
(San Francisco, California)

Hi! Have you tried adding a couple of drops of Oil of Oregano to your Olive Oil? I'm a chronic sinus sufferer and have found that Oil of Oregano is very powerful for sinus infections. I don't oil pull with it, but use a couple of drops beneath my tongue a few times per day while sick. I have also read where it can be diluted with the olive oil for pulling. Oil of Oregano alone is very caustic and can burn, so it must be diluted with use. Good luck :)

Olive Oil
Posted by Celleste (Penang, Malaysia) on 02/09/2009

I tried Oil Pulling for the very first time 30min. ago. Been reading about the great results it brings, so I was really curious. I tried it with 1 TSP. EV Olive Oil; when it first entered my mouth the taste was horrible. I almost spitted it back out but told myself to hold it. Then 5 min. later I really couldn't stand the taste anymore, so after gagging repeatedly, I spit it out. Was rather disappointed at myself for not keeping it in long enough. BUT...interestingly, the oil already turned white & frothy (I'm down with flu, so I guess I must be really toxic now). Then as I was brushing my teeth, I blew out a significant amount of mucus from the left side of my nose (which had been stuffy all night), & after I finished brushing, as I was checking my teeth (do this every morning by habit), I again blew out a significant amount of mucus from the right side of my nose. So now my nose is clear & I'm breathing so much better. As I was looking in the mirror, I happened to notice that my teeth are whiter already & my tongue has a prettier pinkish shade (it had been coated for the past week coz of my flu). I have to say I'm pleasantly shocked. I didn't expect any of this after just 5 min. of what I thought to be a 'failed' OP. One thing, though, the after-taste of Olive Oil is still there, & I don't find that pleasant at all. So I'll definitely continue OP to find some more surprises, but I'll try other oils. Finally, my heartfelt thanks to Earth Clinic for running a true site like this without any gimmick of promoting certain products & to all of you out there for sharing your experiences.

Replied by Jules
(Hampshire, England)

Hi. I do oil pulling. After spitting out old oil put some bicarbonate of Soda and a little salt in warm water. Rinse a few times then use the rest with your toothbrush. Then rinse with warm water only. Gets rid of the taste of oil and makes your teeth even whiter. I got this tip from earthclinic so its not my own. Just thought I would pass it on as it is hard to read everything that was written before. Jules

Replied by Celleste
(Penang, Malaysia)

(To Jules from Hampshire, England): Hi, thank you for reminding me of the proper thing to do after OP. I thought I could skip the extra gargling & go right to brushing.:) Sorry to those reading; I didn't mean to sound like OP was such a pain to do. IT'S NOT. It's probably just me who's too sensitive about the 'taste' thing. Thanks again to EC for this brilliant site!!

Olive Oil
Posted by Donna (Kansas city, MO) on 02/05/2009

I oil pull 1 tablespoon with olive oil every morning (love the way I feel all day) My concerns are that. I live in the midwest and it gets very cold in the winter. My question is should I wear a hat before going outside in the cold, after pulling. Since it open your head and sinuses up? I know that sounds silly, but I'm pre-menopausal so I get very hot and the cool air feels good. But I don't want to get sick.

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