Oil Pulling with Olive Oil - A Healthy Choice!

Olive Oil
Posted by scrambled (Hillsborough NJ) on 05/30/2022

I recently tried oil pulling - for about a week and it really cut down on my tooth sensitivity a great deal to the point where I didn't think about my toothaches. I did it with olive oil. So glad to see all of the positive comments.

I was wondering where oil pulling ends and going back to the dentist begins again, though. I have a cracked tooth that I was advised needs a route canal. It is edgy and feels rough on my tongue. I know I'll have to revisit for this at some point.

What else can be done? I have read people dealing with these types of issues themselves especially if there is anxiety involved.

Also, how do people ultimately deal with the pressures that the dentists usually put us through in that chair when we get a checkup/cleaning?

It is sometimes hard to get around...especially if you really need their care for a dental emergency down the line.

Thanks ahead for commenting and advising!

Olive Oil
Posted by Lis (New Orleans, LA) on 02/09/2008

I decided to try oil pulling to help alleviate my chronic sinusitis and overall tiredness. I use evoo [extra virgin olive oil] because it's what I have on hand. I've only tried this three times so far and I followed the directions on earthclinic exactly. Here's my situation: the oil never turns white. Even after twenty minutes of slowly pulling, sucking, chomping, swishing, etc., the oil is still yellow. I've read and reread the directions and follow them explicitly. Maybe I should try a different oil. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!