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Posted by Inpain (Chicago, IL) on 07/30/2009

So my story: I first found something wrong this spring. I found genital warts on me and I went to the specialist ASAP! She gave me alderal and said after a few weeks they would go away. Eventually they did. At the time- the warts were external and in a place that didnt cause me pain or discomfort- they just freaked me out. Well here I am- 5 months later. And after sex last week it was PAINFUL. I went and looked after 2 days of pain and found warts on the INNER part of my V. This was EXTREMELY painful to walk or move at all. I started applying the cream again but it just seems to irritate and burn more. So I found this site- read up- and went out to the store for the ingredients ASAP (within an hour of reading this site). I used the 40 aspirin, 2 teaspoons of castor oil and about one teaspoon of ACV. I cleared the area first with the hydrogen peroxide... and then applied a small amount using a cotton ball of the mixture. To say it was stinging is like saying the Titanic was a toy ship. Let me emphasize that it is JUST external of the V and VERY sensitive.

So I have now left a cotton ball on, adhesive on it to make the cotton stay, and am sucking the discomfort up and hopeful!

Crossing my fingers BIG TIME! Will check back. I will say- the stinging got better after a minute and now I am back to just being uncomfortable.

Replied by Holly
(Knoxville, Tn)

How are you dealing with this now? I found out early summer of 2010 when I found them on my boyfriend.

Email me, anyone, with advice and their story on how they emotionally coped with this disease. I need help, I have a therapist because I just dont feel the need to live with this disease. I am terrified to wake up one day covered. Some days I feel like I can live with it. When I cant obviously these are extreme lows.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Rodrigo (Mexico) on 07/28/2009

Hello people!! Well I'll start by saying I've tried the ACV alone 2 months ago... but it did nothing to what I think is a wart... It just burnt the skin around but the little thingy just stayed there... now I'm trying with the ACV / Aspirin / Castor Oil, it's been 2 days I applied it but haven't seen a change... But my question is... Is it possible that what I got is just a skin tag? I've read that warts turn white when u put vinegar to them... but mine doesn't turn any color... it's on the shaft of my penis and I've got it like for a year... it's relatively small... but it bothers me a lot and has practically finnished my sex life ever since I noticed it...
I hope some kind soul would answer back!! !! !! and well thanks all for all the feedback and for letting others know we are not alone... I'm quite confused at this point cause I don't know if it's an ugly skin tag or a wart...

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by sarah555 (Laurelton, NY) on 07/05/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I read all the posts on curing Genital Warts. Have had these for almost two month.obsessing me to read and try ANYTHING. I used(the method of crushing 40 aspirin (bought them in the dollar store), two teaspoons castor oil and about two teaspoons vitamin A. I threw some Apple cider vinegar in, but just a little because . it burns so badly. Two days later, they feel is working! I am also take vitamin C and A orally - be careful with vitamin A when taken orally - it is fat soluble and can hurt you if you take too much I soaked the above in a cotton ball and taped it to myself and since it is a weekend, change it every three hours. Tomorrow at work, I'll try to do it a few times. The ACV didn't work by itself for me, and very painful.. maybe I didn't do it long enough.. but the mixture above.. seems to be working VERY FAST! Thanks everyone

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Positive Thinking (Midwest Town, USA) on 06/23/2009

i have been on here trying to rid myself of warts for awhile i tried the acv alone and too painful so i tried tea tree oil and that helped a bit also vitimin E oil and that got rid of some ones on the inside of me. i wanted to try the ACV crushed asprin castor oil method so i had to buy castor oil off the internet. i made the paste yesterday and when i mixed it up i thought WTF! this dosen't look right but i put it on anyway and left it on for a few hours reapplying it as needed. i did my nightly workout and put more on after my shower. leaving it on from 9pm to 7am when looking at it in the morning some of the skin was peeling. didn't hurt but was pink underneath so i applied Tea Tree oil to it itched a bit but it was cleaning it (guessing) then i waited a bit and applied vitamin E oil to the whole area that was covered to soothe it. now tonight i will reapply the mixture and go at it again to get more areas where the skin didn't peel away.

if you are feeling like the ACV dosen't work try this. the ACV didn't work for me but burn me and hurt me so i thought this would work and so far so good. i am keeping positive about this i think it is working well may take a week or two but i am thinking its better than haveing any bumps for years.

i will psot back with more tomorrow.
good luck everyone.

Replied by HealURSoul in Jax
(Jacksonville, FL)

You might be having a reaction to the Aldera.. I would think that you might want to stop and take a little break from everything and just heal have to know that stressing about it is making everything worse!!..So, just heal up first, and then I think you should go at it with the mixture, and there won't be any pain, or just a light tinge... Please know that it will work!!!..and also know that 80% of the population has had this at sometime in their just breath and BE WELL!!..:)

Replied by Positive
(Midwest Town, USA)

replying to HealURSoul in Jax from Jacksonville, FL : im not doing the aldera jsut the ACV asprin castor oil had it on there for half a day and it helped but now my skin is itchy really bad. i tried the vitamin E oil and tea tree oil to sooth it but it still itches i did find some yeast cream to stop the itch so i think i will use this till the itch stops then continue with the ACV asprin and castor oil. i don't really know if i have warts they are just an area where it is a littke rough on the periunim (don't know how to spell it) so who kows what it is or if im jsut making it worse for myself. i kinda wish i wouldn't have done this now. i in pain and jsut want all the redness and open sores to go away.

i fanyone has any advice please help me i am getting so sick of this.

Replied by HealURSoul in Jax
(Jacksonville, FL)

I'm sorry, I posted under the wrong post..:(..was suppose to go into the one right under you.. for the "need help in Glouster"..but for you, you should let everything heal.. and if the roughness evoles into little warts, then go at it again the the mixture... you should figure out what you are working with... and the only way to tell is to let it heal...vit e should do the trick, the tree tree oil might be to much right now for that is my advice to you..:)

Replied by Positive Thinking
(Midwest Town, USA)

so i have been putting this cram on my sore crothch hahah and it did the trick did it for 24 hrs and its about 90% better so i will think i am going to leave everything alone for today and let it get some air and maybe try the ACV asprin and castor oil agin the next day. just on the 2 spots that i think are warts but am not really sure. they don't turn white with the ACV so who the hell knows.

Replied by Keeping the Faith
(Milwaukee, WI)
5 out of 5 stars

Well, here's my story. It's kinda long, but I need to thanks for listening. About a year ago I fell in love...little did I know he had genital warts and by the time I noticed his tiny "skin tags" (as he called them) coming and going, it was too late. I was very ill with a flu and that lowered my immune system and led to a full blown outbreak on my butt. Like 50 of the little buggers in a 3 inch diameter. I was horrified and ashamed. I have only had a few partners in my life anyway and I never had anal sex but I think my hemorroids left an open invitation in that area. I went to the doctor in April 09, sure enough...yep it's genital warts. I was a basket case but she shrugged it off and said, "Just let your body handle it."

Yeah So I started reading and stumbled on this web site. So, now I take a plethora of vitamins as well as drinking ACV once a day. When I was first diagnosed I tried the AVC/Cotton ball method and it did work a little bit..but the burning was so unbearable... I could only stand it for a few minutes after the initial soaking. I swear I was on my knees in front of a fan trying not to pee myself from the pain. What a site?!!

Some of them came off, but they were still tiny and new, so I decided to follow the doctors advice and let my body handle it. Fast forward to today....they are only growing and seem to be spreading. Frankly, they are very painful and sore all the time so I decided to give the ACV another go.

Day 1...Ding...Round 1: Soaked the cotton balls with ACV (Organic, not filtered, the mother) I put them on my butt and sat as still as possible for 3 hours. Since it was my first application I was able to hit hard with the liquid ACV.

Same day...Round 2: Immediatly I then cleansed the area and covered it Vitamin E oil and then with ACV paste for about 5 hours. Yes, it burned like hell but it did subside after awhile. I think the aspirin eventually takes away some of the pain. Lets face it...this is not an easy procedure and you have to be dedicated to getting them off of you. The key here is to sit still and it helped to stuff some clean cotton balls around things to prevent rubbing and keep things softer. To make the paste I took 40 plain old aspirin (I used a very small electric grinder used for coffee beans to make a fine powder of the aspirin) I then popped 5 Vitamin E gel caps and added 1 tsp of ACV. It was a little dry so I added a few drops of ACV at a time till it was a smooth toothpaste like consistancy.

Now mind you, I had to reapply a few times between potty breaks...and it was just less painful to jump in the shower rather then trying to wipe all that dried paste off. The warts really hate the ACV and they swell up from the skin because they are aggrevated by the ACV, they will get very sore and turn very white. I almost passed out when I seen how much they had really grown in only a couple months. The first thing I noticed is that the warts turn yellowish and they already started getting dark gray. They truly look like an infection at this point..but dont get scared. This is a good sign. I coated with Vitamin E oil and then some A&D ointment and went to sleep. I am alergic to Neosporin and bactine.

Day 2: Ding: Round 3: I cleaned the area and then dabbed with hyrogen peroxide...let dry...then I put on some Vitamin E oil and finally some more ACV paste. Yep it burned...but I was a trooper and sucked it up for the cause! Stuffed with cottonballs and left it on all day. The longer the better. It may cause a little swelling but it doesn't seem to effect the healthy skin very much at all. The burning is from the wart/sores. I wore loose cloths and eventually just went about my house keeping chores and such and tried to forget about it. I had the occasional twinge of pain but it was nothing like the liquid ACV treatments. About 4 hours later, I took a shower..I didn't even look because I wanted to see how dramatic an effect the paste had..if at all... on my infection.

I was overcome with joy when I started to rub the area in the shower and I literally felt and seen them coming off in my hand. They were whitish and had a very gray/black look to them as well. They seem to need a little rubbing to peel the dead layer of skin off. I could not believe what I was seeing. All the pain and discomfort was well worth the result. When I examined things after my shower I was delighted to see that almost all of them...even in the tiny cracks...had come off. Yes, there are sore red spots where each of them resided...but they are gone to the surface of my skin, no more bump, my skin is smooth for the first time in months and the pain from the sore left behind is not that bad. My healthy skin around the wart sites seems to be in perfect condition as well, just a little pink. It is a welcome site. I covered the area in Vitamin E oil and A&D ointment. I will rest tonight..let things heal a bit..and then go in for the kill.

I am floored that this worked so quickly, I have been suffering both physically and mentally from these little aliens on my tush and I hope this works for anyone who cares to try it. I am a real girl, with a real life and this REALLY is working. Even if they are not all gone...I am considerably relieved from the dicomfort of the large ones.

I could kiss the guy who thought of the paste method. You are my hero dude! Good luck and God Bless ACV!

Replied by healURsoul in Jax
(Jacksonville, Fl)

Ur welcome!!.. I'm so happy it is and has worked for you!!..I was the first one to post about the paste.. and beleive me I'm a chick too.. and those buggers are still gone on me today!!.. it has been months now since I have had any...THANK GOODNESS!!...Be Well Friends!!!..

Replied by Keeping the Faith
(Milwaukee, WI/USA)

Thank you so much, dear lady, for sharing your thoughts and experiences because it did make a big difference in my life. I am still amazed at what a difference a day made with this method! I have not treated for a couple days now because I want to let things heal up. I had quite a few of them clustered together and raised up from the skin. They were painful and ugly and now they are all gone with the exception of a couple stubborn small ones. I have been putting J&J first-aid cream on myself now. This works great and it is for abraisions and burns, also water repellant. I considered Desitine as well but didn't have it handy. I am healing very well. Before, I would cringe when I looked in the mirror, but now I keep checking because I cannot believe what a miricle this is for me. I was so sad all the time and this is already allowing me to cope with things better. Worse then the discomfort of the gw's is the mental anguish I feel all the time since being diagnosed.

I know I'm not out of the woods completely and I will be applying more paste within the next day or so. I need to build up my courage. I will keep you posted. Any thoughts on how long you applied after you cleared them?? DO you treat yourself in anyway with ACV to prevent future breakouts?? Thanks in advance for all your input.

Replied by John
(Hillsboro, Mo)
5 out of 5 stars

I had to respond, because the paste worked for me. I made a paste with 25 aspirin(dollar store)splash of ACV, and ten drops of Vitamin E oil. I applied the paste to my one large wart at the base of my shaft, and continually replaced it as needed for three days/nights. In between re-pasting i used a q-tip with ACV and used the vitamin E oilaround the area. Since I had already bought a vial of liquid wart remover,I used this over the paste and directly on the wart as well. Three days later, the wart [email protected]#%ing fell off today. I am super stoked and grateful for this advice. I am going to apply to the crime-scene just out of paranoia, but I am temporarily free from the ugly grey wart that crimped my style for two-years.

Replied by Letsgethealthynj
(Nj, Usa)

So I'm thinking of trying this since it seems to be less painful than just the ACV alone. I'm a little concerned about when I should start. It took 3 gynos and only through a biopsy to cofirm the warts...Planned Parenthood told me they were POSITIVE they were not, and to be sure I had the biopsy done and while he was doing that as it was already going to be painful I told him he could remove whatever he could. Man was this painful! It's been almost a month now and it's still sore but definitely a lot better, still have the stitches in there. It's not an open wound by any means, should I wait a bit longer or just go gentle?

I've been applying a mix of aloe, vit e and just started with a drop of tea tree oil in there.

Been taking vitamins and trying to get healthier overall.
Any thoughts?

Replied by Arghhpvsucks
(Los Angeles)
4 out of 5 stars

This is a righteous thread. I've been using the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for a few days. I originally just had a few. I tried using the freeze method and it seemed to work; still I remained abstinent with the knowledge that it can take up to 2 years for your body to learn to deal with the virus and that the warts are spread through skin to skin contact.

I shaved recently and suddenly was overwhelmed at all the new tiny little dots that had appeared. Worse the one's I froze were back and bigger. I went back to the internet looking for alternate cures and started seeing posts about ACV.

I've done the ACV treatment 3 times now by soaking gauze/cotton balls in the ACV and then using bandaids to hold them in place. I'm a dude, so I can attest that the ACV does not hurt on your outer skin at all - it does however hurt VERY much if you get it on your tip (the meatus); in truth it still doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the freezing method. I left the ACV on all night each time (8 hours).

Some of the warts reacted right away, getting little black/dark brown dots or turning grey. These warts all started to partially or fully fall off. The dark areas came off immediately with the grey ones hanging on longer. The warts that were previously frozen are tougher, they turn white and the skin turns kind of soft. If you exfoliate them afterwards they definitely shave down in size and go more pink.

Warts you didn't know were there will suddenly appear, which will stress you out, but they are also the first to fall off and are the tiniest.

In addition to freezing I had also tried the 'Wart Stick' and SOMXL. I used both products until they were completely gone - the warts were barely affected at all. The SOMXL burns similarly to freezing though not nearly as intense.

ACV is the first thing I've used that has had a significant impact on them. It doesn't damage the non wart skin and has an immediate visceral reaction to the warts. I'm still not totally out of the woods. The ACV does smell very strong, so I've avoided applying it during the day when I'm at work, etc. I also waited several days between my second application and my third to give my skin some time to recover. I'd also heard from another post that after 2 over night applications warts fell off within 8 days. Many of them have definitely fallen off, though the older previously treated ones are hanging in a bit tougher.

Thank you all for sharing, I am more relieved after reading this thread.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by needhelp (Glouster, NJ, USA) on 06/18/2009

I truly hope someone can help me. I have been reading the posts about treating the genital warts with acv and aspirin. Here is what has happened so far.

Last week I discovered a few gw's inside my vagina. My husband had been diagnosed with GW two years ago, so I was certain this was what I had too. The doctor prescribed Aldara, which i have been using for the last four nights. Since i first noticed the first few warts, the entire are inside my vagina has had a full blown outbreak of warts...mostly tiny ones, a few larger ones.

Here is the problem...I have gotten soooo swollen, raw and sore over the last few days that i can barely walk and am in so much pain when i wake that i am in tears. And...I don't think the cream is taking effect (other than to burn my skin). I cannot express how swollen and raw my skin is.

I had applied tea tree oil one day during the day, thinking this would soothe the area. Many of the warts appears to turn white and sort of wipe away, but now those ares are open raw sores. the last two days i have been applying aloe vera to try and soothe the area, as well as neosporin to attempt to heel the burned areas, but i don't know how much longer i can go on like this. if the aldara is going to take weeks/months to clear up the outbreak, i just can't handle the discomfort.

i had read about the aspirin, castor oil and acv treatment...and how quickly it works and how effectively. so ... i have a few questions. should i wait until the skin heels to start this treatment? is there something i should do/use to sooth this area? i am desperate...i want these warts to go away...i know i will still have the virus and am taking great steps to boost my immune system with vitamins and diets, but i am desperate for help. any advise/stories that would be helpful is greatly appreciated

Replied by Jojo
(Plainsvile, TX)

i think that you are taking the right steps just try to heal any wkin that is sore or raw and then go at it again. you don't wnat to be in pain and get an infection so take care of the sore stuff.

Replied by Holly
(Knoxville, Tn)

Aladra is only for the outside of the skin, not the inside of your vagina. Many people say it burns them. Nov. 2010 Advice from my doctor and UT (Tennessee)

Replied by Jazzyj123
(Calumet City, Il)

Aldara is not supposed to be used everyday. You should only use it 3days a week. Like mon-wed-sat. You have to give your skin breaks. The doc should have told you that. Good luck.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Amber (Minneapolis, MN) on 06/08/2009

I noticed a couple of very small bumps two weeks ago and went in to a local planned parenthood, initial I was told it was nothing but I was not satisfied so I went back a week later and because the tiny bumps had went from one to three the doctor said she was fairly certain it was GW. I immediately had them do an acid treatment, and I had been following up with ACV but I was not having an kind of color changing of white to black it has only burnt my skin very badly to the point where I now have open sores. I have stopped the ACV. I used the acv, crushed, castor oil, and the very same day my skin started to heal it was no longer red, inflamed or irritated. I then went in to see another doctor who was not complete satisfied that they were gw but stated she could not be certain because the skin was so irritated. I have since been continuing the mixture but still not change in color or anything falling off. I should be getting the HPV test results back this week. Is their any chance this is not genital warts? could this still be gw but just not working? will the HPV test confirm I have the HPV strain that is GW? Or can it come back negative but I still have GW? Please help as I am very confused and a little upset that no one can give me a definitive answer.

Replied by Joyce
(Joelton, Tn)
509 posts

Hello Amber,

Are these bumps painful, or rather were they painful before you used the vinegar on them? Did they look more like pimples than warts? Where are the bumps located, mostly inside the vagina or more on the external labia?

Reading your e-mail recalled a patient I saw in Family Planning Clinic in l979. She came in with complaint of a few pimples on her labia x l-2 days. Denied pain except for stinging a little bit when she urinated. Pain level & denying ever having it before decreased the likelihood of it being genital herpes. Nor did it fit the picture for any other STD that I was familiar with. After consulting a good text book on STD's the one thing it did fit was lymphogranuloma venerum (LGV). One week later she already had pea sized lymph nodes in her groin that pegged it. So keep a check on your groin area (crease where thighs join buttocks/perineal area. If one or more lymph nodes become obvious get yourself back to the health dept. clinic and have them draw (2) 7ml red top tubes of blood and send them to the state lab for CF for LGV, because you definitely don't want to let this go for long untreated. If those lymph nodes in the groin start enlarging DO NOT LET ANYONE STICK A NEEDLE OR A SCALPEL IN THEM! Doctors and nurses working inland aren't too familiar with this STD, but this little lady was about as inland as you can get and I learned that a nearby health department was treating 3 couples with it at that time.

When consulting the head of the OB/GYN dept. of a hospital in that county re treatment of LGV, his reply was that he had never seen a case of it because it was mainly something you looked for in seaport areas.

Replied by Amber
(Minneapolis, Minnesota)

The bumps weren't painful before I used the ACV treatment. The looked more like a pimple than a wart, they are not warty at all, just tiny little bumps. But what you stated above is actually kind of scaring me because exactly one week after I first went in for the first bump I found a pea sized lump thing on the opposite side of the labia. Oh these bumps are between the opening of the vagina and the anus. But this wasn't addressed and they stated it was not a wart, it was something "female" that goes on down there. Do you have any other advice as to what kind of treatment I should be using?

Replied by Letsgethealthynj
(Nj, Usa)

I had a similar experience with Planned Parenthood and they told me it wasn't. Another gyno did a biopsy. It's painful but if you really don't know, it's the only way to be sure...I'd go to another gyno...but hopefully you've resolved this by now!

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Becky (York , UK) on 05/27/2009

ACV, Caster oil, Crushed asprin. So, I'm back... most things apart from a hard to reach couple and a stubborn one went from im back trying the paste...I've totally mixed it wrong, the consistency is not good lol. I missed the post belows measurements but I'm off to buy more asprin tomorrow! Have out waht i mnaged to make tonight on, and will dutifully report back tomorrow with any changes etc although am not holding out hope as the mixture is definately not good lol.

x x x

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by HomeRemedyConvert (Chicago, US) on 05/20/2009

ACV was burning my Penis skin. So I am trying the ACV, Crushed Aspirin and Castor oil paste. I am also taking Echinacea capsules for Immune system Boost. I also made a drink out of Honey, ACV in equal amounts (1 cup of each)and mixing it with (a Pitcher) of warm water then chilling it after honey, water and ACV have dissolved. You can add a couple drops of MINT Extract for taste. Makes a good drink and supposedly boosts immune system again also. I also take a few cups of green tea daily as well.

I put on the paste earlier today and it stings a bit. I crushed 40 Aspirin pills, added a teaspoonful of Castor oil and 1 teaspoonful of ACV. It made a consistent paste. Things look better and this hopefully would work with some patience and diligence. I know I had let this go for a long time and I need to be patient with this for couple weeks for good results. HPV loves moisture, So, meanwhile, wear a condom; if you have to; if you need to use your tool in any way. I'll post back in few days with results of this. good luck to everyone. This is a nasty thing.

Replied by HomeRemedyConvert
(Chicago, US)
5 out of 5 stars

Update: applied the paste for a couple days, and then let the skin heel by itself next two days,applying vitamin E Skin oil, Aloe Vera moisturizer, and tea tree oil, warts started to look whitish, then brown or black and are scabbing and are falling off now. So glad to have my Beautiful thing back looking Beautiful :-) Echinacea pills could have been helping too, been taking 4 of them daily.

Replied by Jon
(Mahopac, NY)

I've used the ACV, Crushed Aspirin, and Castor Oil the last two days after a failed attempt with just ACV. I only had one wart and it just scabbed over and peeled off today. I applied some peroxide on the rawish looking skin to clean my wound and was distressed to see that several little white spots appeared on my wound after applying the peroxide. Are these all infected areas of the HPV Virus or are these just antibodies working to heal the wound? If anyone can respond quickly to this it would be greatly appreciated because I am not sure if I should continue using the ACV Paste or just letting the wound heal. Thanks!!!

Replied by healURsoul in Jax
(Jax, Fl)

It sounds like to me that you should continue to keep using the paste on those little white spots.. they might have been hiding..ERRRRRR!!!...I know it is so annoying.. but you want to make sure you get them all!!...So, slap on some more paste..I'm so happy it is working for you!!!!.. BE WELL FRIEND!!

Replied by Buckeyegrl
(Columbus, Oh)

Just wanted to add that hydrogen peroxide turns blood a whitish color. . . our mothers and grandmothers have been using it for generations to clean blood out of laundry long before there were all the fancy stain fighters of today. It could be that the white dots you saw on the raw area were just bits of blood reacting to the peroxide. Good Luck!

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by HealURSoul in Jax.... (Jacksonville, Florida) on 05/01/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Well, I have used a combo of...mixing crushed Asprin about 20 of them ,and Castor oil and ACV enough to make a thick paste, and then I applied to my warts and just let it sit on there all day.pretty much 24/7. I would reapply as needed...and withen a week.. the warts had dissappeared and they are still gone today.. try this .. hope it helps, it did for well!!

Replied by Nick
(Durham, NC)
5 out of 5 stars

dude you are a life saver, i was trying the acv cotton ball method and it was eating me alive, in areas around the warts. not to mention it smelled realy bad and i would have to redo it like every for hours, the wrap was getting expensive and it had only killed like two or three out of thirty some warts after a weeks time. then I read your post and crushed more like fifty asprin and added acv and castor oil to it and left it on all day like you said, it only hurts for like thirty seconds it deosnt sting and its ten times easyer to apply, not to mention i can keep it on at work, wich was a huge problem before. I cant thank you enough for writing that post, im shure this wont be the last thankyou letter you receive. Ive tryed a couple of the socalled cures that they sell on the internet with no results. You should patten that mixture and sell it. once again thank you thank you thank you, your a genious.

Replied by HealURsoul
(Jacksonville, FL)

You are SOOOOOOOO Welcome!!!.. I'm a chick and beleive me I had them inside me.. and that paste made it so easy to use a q-tip to apply inside my Va Jay Jay..on those freakin things!!! it stuck right on them and killed them... the Castor oil is important ..cos warts need oxygen to live.. and that stuff just suffocates DON'T give up on it..NOBODY!!!!.. it really really works!!! BE WELL FRIENDS!!!

Replied by Karl
(Las Vegas, NV)

Hello! i was just wondering, does your mixture works the same way as just applying ACV? i mean as an, do they turn white, then black, then fall off? or how exactly does it work?

Replied by Flyboy
(Boston, New York)
5 out of 5 stars

OMG this is a miracle cure. i cant believe im actually here typing a reply, i never participate in forums or anything like this but i had to post this. after suffering from GWs for about a year now, and dealing w/ all the stress that comes along, and fear of someone finding out, i tried at least 10 different home remedies and bought these "cures" online, but nothing worked, at most they made the GW a little smaller but didnt relieve me of them. so i decided to try this cure when i read it. i began the treatment this morning, and now later tonight (about 14 hrs later) i have seen an INCREDIBLE decrease in the size of my GWs and some are already gone. i am truly amazed at this remedy, i am. absoutely no pain involved with the process and the smell of the mixture is actually bearable compared to pure ACV. i was on the verge of losing hope, i am so relieved i found this. i recommend this process to all who suffer from GWs. this is def. a 5 star treatment. thank yo sooooooo much

Replied by healURsoul in Jax
(Jax, FL)

WOOOOOW!!..I am so HAPPY that you found some relief in my little mixture of things... beleive me I there in the same boat you all were in.. NOTHING WORKED 100%.. but this really works..makes my soul HAPPY that I could help you all in some way.. BE WELL!!!!

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To: HealURSoul

I have just been diagnosed with GW (I only think I've had them about 4-5 months) I have just a few and they are not too large. The nurse practitioner I spoke with prescribed Aldara cream, but since I've read other people's comments that Aldara didn't work for them, I want to try a natural remedy first.Before I invest a lot of money in a harsh pharmaceutical.

Your remedy sounds very promising, but I have a couple of questions. What ratio of castor oil to ACV do you use? Is it about equal? I crushed up about 20-25 aspirin and tried it last night, but how do you keep it on all day. I have a cluster near the anus, some small bumps on the perineum, and one on the edge/border of the inner labia near the clit. The nurse said I had a couple small bumps in the vagina too. Should the paste stay moist or will it dry out? I applied the paste, then put a ultra-thin pantyliner in my underwear before I went to sleep. How often do you reapply?

I am really hoping this will work for me. I am also planning to drink the ACV with water daily and also take Olive Leaf Extract (an anti-viral) around the clock to see if I can knock it out of my system.

I would welcome any suggestions or help. Thanks

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I was so hoping that this would work for me, but I'm having trouble getting the paste to stay on the wart area and not rub off on other areas. A lot of healthy skin is starting to burn off. I see a tiny black speck at the base of one wart on the edge of my inner labia, so I hope it's starting to die. But I don't know if I can keep this up with all the other healty skin burning off. I can't figure out how to keep the treatment on the area I need without damaging the rest of me. This is really difficult and painful. I will try to take a break today and resume tomorrow.

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hi all, we're (my husband - specifically) trying this remedy: 60 tablets of generic 325mg aspirin, 2 teaspoons castor oil, and 2 teaspoons ACV, crushed to an angry vengeful pulp/paste.

he's applied it to the areas that are affected, and the surrounding area as well, wrapped in a sheet of clear plastic wrap (he'd prefer sandwich bags, so that's on the shopping list now)

we will report back as to how it works for him.

on MY side of the infection, i may or may not have gotten HPV about a year ago, and unknowingly gave it to my new undeserving sweetheart of a husband, and i have gone through my own series of heartache and remedies, including a painful number of ACV soaked tampons. this seemed to work, but only on the ones i could see. i couldn't tell if i had any more further out of reach. in the meantime i am also taking a multi vitamin/mineral, a Co Q10, and folic acid pills once per day. i keep myself clean and occasionally wipe myself with hydrogen peroxide.

i eventually settled on getting a travel douche (reusable), and i had douched with a warm water/ACV mix (about 1 part ACV to 2-3 parts body temp water) about once a month. after infecting him a second time, i notched it up and douched once per week for a month. i used minimally processed yogurt to sooth the discomfort (of which wasn't nearly as bad as the pain from straight up ACV).

i have since had my 6 month-after-initial-diagnosis pap smear, and the test CAME BACK NEGATIVE for HPV.

I'm not sure what would be the most likely cure, so i am offering this up as ideas for ways to enhance whatever your remedies are currently. My doctor told me to take the folic acid, Co Q10, and some other pill of dehydrated maitake mushrooms (which i only took for two months and couldn't say it worked nor didn't, i haven't taken it since 3 months ago.) basically i think those pills are meant to upkeep the immune system and to regenerate healthy cells. i think keeping clean, staying on top of it, always checking yourself, and getting a professional opinion are all very important.

I am going to schedule another pap appointment with another clinic, just to make sure, and i will write back with the results.

stay positive! there are so many people with all types of HPV, and it's so helpful to know that many of them are working towards finding an effective cure and are willing to share!

thank you!

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im a skeptic by nature, but was scared out of my mind Id never get rid of anal/genital warts. I used ACV and tea tree oil mixed with crushed aspirin and applied at night. sometimes soaked cotton balls in the ACV and/pr tea tree and applied it, leaving it on aslong as I could. I did not drink any ACV. I also took ACV tablets 3x a day. Not sure which did the trick, but it worked, and worked within a couple weeks. Also took lysine and a multi vitamin.

noticed an increase in energy and elevation in mood within a couple weeks as well.

The ACV liquid does burn a but, but is bearable. Also itches alot.

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5 out of 5 stars

3 DAYS! That is all it took. First they became white then they became black. On the third day in the shower they all fell off. I banged my head against the shower head when i started jumping for joy. Thank you so much!!!

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Ladies...I just got back from the gyno. today and he was really surprised that most of my warts vanished! I told him how I mixed ACV,1 tsp, 20 crushed aspirin, and 1 tsp cod liver oil, into a paste and applied for 3-4 days, twice a day, and he said "YOU DID GREAT!" But, even though I got rid of all those nasty buggers on the outside, inside my vajayjay I wasn't able to get rid of them using this paste, so went back to doc for acid treatment for three small ones. So my experience with this remedy is for external warts, this remedy worked fantastic, and within 3-4 days gone, then vit E, aloe, and antibiotic cream for a few days as it is raw after they fall off. problem was inside (if the things were only outside like a guy this would be easy), there was one off to the side, not all the way up there. I hit it with the paste for a couple days, boy, that really burned..thought it fell off, and unfortunately within a couple days, there were two more, for a total of 3. So now I am trying acid at the Dr. for these small ones, I am sure they will fall off with the Dr's acid like the external ones did when I used this remedy. In any event, do this remedy. My problem went from many warts, to a few small ones inside. They too will be gone soon. But I wasn't successful at getting rid of them all, but almost, without the help of a doctor. Two months after discovering I have HPV, still itchy with discharge, but warts are going away. I think things are going to get better now, just need to wait this one out, think patience and of course, take care of your immune system. OH...also use tea tree oil when the itchies are driving u nuts, it soothes right away especially helpful at night, so you can sleep.

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About four months ago, I was checking my body (I am the type that likes to make sure everything is all in good order) and noticed two tiny bumps on my outer labia. I panicked at first, not knowing where they came from. I had only become sexually active a month before I found the bumps. I eventually passed it off in my mind as just being a bit of a wound from having sex. Anyway, in the past months they've grown bigger and spread and they looked sort of like cauliflower, but the same color as my flesh. I haven't got it diagnosed as genital warts yet, but I was certain that's what it is. I came across this forum while searching up home remedies for GW, and seen a lot of posts about the ACV, castor oil and crushed aspirin paste and how magically it works. So the next day (this all happened about three days ago) I went to the grocery store and picked up the ingredients. I crushed up exactly 40 aspirin pills, the extra strength kind (500 mg), I'm not sure if the strength of the pills matters though. I added about two teaspoons of castor oil and a teaspoon and a half of ACV and made a gritty sort of paste. I generously applied it to the warts and it stuck to them. I endured the constant mild stinging for a whole evening, possibly 7 or 8 hours of it, then gently wiped it off with a wet cloth. The tops of the big warts and all of the little warts had turned white! It was a good feeling to know I had started to kill them. I dried off the area. Some of the bigger wart came off, but it bled a little in a couple spots. It was a bit painful, but not anything terrible. I know that the stinging is the virus being killed. I applied the paste again the next day and left it on the entire day, probably around 12 hours or so. I cleaned it off at night, dabbing gently with a cloth and with my fingers, and the warts started flaking off! It was painful to rub them off, but I'm glad I did it. I haven't applied the paste since then, because the warts are all gone. All that's left is little reddish colored raised bumps... So they are not completely gone yet, but my skin looks so much better and I feel very happy to be smooth and clean down there again. It was embarrassing to talk about with my boyfriend, but he has been there for me every step of the way and he's impressed with how fast it went away. I am going to go see a nurse for a pelvic exam in a week, and I'm going to suggest my boyfriend do the same... To go and get checked... Cause i'm sure I gave it to him too, he just hasn't had any symptoms yet. Anyways though, to finish my first post, THIS STUFF WORKS!! I am so grateful and impressed to the person who came up with this do-it-yourself remedy! I felt so ashamed and disgusted because of the warts, but now I feel so much better, like a weight has been lifted in my mind and I don't feel disgusting anymore. I feel brand new down there and I'm glad because after reading lots of posts on here I realize my situation could have been a lot worse and a lot more painful than it was. Thanks again, and good health to you all. I wish the best of luck to those who suffer from GW and hope they come across this site!

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