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ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Arghhpvsucks (Los Angeles) on 08/20/2013
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This is a righteous thread. I've been using the Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for a few days. I originally just had a few. I tried using the freeze method and it seemed to work; still I remained abstinent with the knowledge that it can take up to 2 years for your body to learn to deal with the virus and that the warts are spread through skin to skin contact.

I shaved recently and suddenly was overwhelmed at all the new tiny little dots that had appeared. Worse the one's I froze were back and bigger. I went back to the internet looking for alternate cures and started seeing posts about ACV.

I've done the ACV treatment 3 times now by soaking gauze/cotton balls in the ACV and then using bandaids to hold them in place. I'm a dude, so I can attest that the ACV does not hurt on your outer skin at all - it does however hurt VERY much if you get it on your tip (the meatus); in truth it still doesn't hurt nearly as bad as the freezing method. I left the ACV on all night each time (8 hours).

Some of the warts reacted right away, getting little black/dark brown dots or turning grey. These warts all started to partially or fully fall off. The dark areas came off immediately with the grey ones hanging on longer. The warts that were previously frozen are tougher, they turn white and the skin turns kind of soft. If you exfoliate them afterwards they definitely shave down in size and go more pink.

Warts you didn't know were there will suddenly appear, which will stress you out, but they are also the first to fall off and are the tiniest.

In addition to freezing I had also tried the 'Wart Stick' and SOMXL. I used both products until they were completely gone - the warts were barely affected at all. The SOMXL burns similarly to freezing though not nearly as intense.

ACV is the first thing I've used that has had a significant impact on them. It doesn't damage the non wart skin and has an immediate visceral reaction to the warts. I'm still not totally out of the woods. The ACV does smell very strong, so I've avoided applying it during the day when I'm at work, etc. I also waited several days between my second application and my third to give my skin some time to recover. I'd also heard from another post that after 2 over night applications warts fell off within 8 days. Many of them have definitely fallen off, though the older previously treated ones are hanging in a bit tougher.

Thank you all for sharing, I am more relieved after reading this thread.

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Brwneyegypsy (North Carolina) on 03/31/2011
4 out of 5 stars

Well just wanted to say I have HPV and the warts were gettting out of hand, and was just awful!! I stated noticing they were all around my Vagina..... I tried the ACV alone and it burned, and stung and I sucked it up til I couldnt stand the pain anymore. After letting myself heal for a couple weeks I went to walmart and got the castor oil and asprin....... Castor oil is cheap and easy to find there....... I mixed up 40 crushed asprin, 1 and half tsp of castor oil, and 1 teaspoon of ACV....... It was not painful and was easy to sleep....... I left it on all night, and then when I got up the next morning, I washed it off and just put castor oil over the spots for comfort and it also stops oxygen from getting to the spots as they need that to grow. I am in my second week using this method of on my days off using the mixture at night, and the spots are half gone!! They are coming out when I wipe and shower one at a time but I will take that verses having them sit there and make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin........... THANK YOU so much for posting how to mix this stuff up it is ALOT less painful, and is working wonders!!

ACV, Crushed Aspirin, Castor Oil
Posted by Knowledgeispower (Troy, Mi Usa) on 01/12/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Ladies...I just got back from the gyno. today and he was really surprised that most of my warts vanished! I told him how I mixed ACV,1 tsp, 20 crushed aspirin, and 1 tsp cod liver oil, into a paste and applied for 3-4 days, twice a day, and he said "YOU DID GREAT!" But, even though I got rid of all those nasty buggers on the outside, inside my vajayjay I wasn't able to get rid of them using this paste, so went back to doc for acid treatment for three small ones. So my experience with this remedy is for external warts, this remedy worked fantastic, and within 3-4 days gone, then vit E, aloe, and antibiotic cream for a few days as it is raw after they fall off. problem was inside (if the things were only outside like a guy this would be easy), there was one off to the side, not all the way up there. I hit it with the paste for a couple days, boy, that really burned..thought it fell off, and unfortunately within a couple days, there were two more, for a total of 3. So now I am trying acid at the Dr. for these small ones, I am sure they will fall off with the Dr's acid like the external ones did when I used this remedy. In any event, do this remedy. My problem went from many warts, to a few small ones inside. They too will be gone soon. But I wasn't successful at getting rid of them all, but almost, without the help of a doctor. Two months after discovering I have HPV, still itchy with discharge, but warts are going away. I think things are going to get better now, just need to wait this one out, think patience and of course, take care of your immune system. OH...also use tea tree oil when the itchies are driving u nuts, it soothes right away especially helpful at night, so you can sleep.