Liver Detoxing Herbs for Lipoma

| Modified on Jan 14, 2024

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Posted by Giggit (Beaumont, Tx) on 08/30/2012

I tried just about EVERYTHING you can think of to rid my self of an UNSIGHTLY lipoma that is located slightly under my right rib. I had been growing this nasty protuberance for 13 years. Because I am a relatively thin female, and the lipoma is pretty large it was like having a third breast. I hated it.

I recently became extremely interested in herbal remedies, and I decided that I would try a liver detox. This detox consists of Burdock, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle and other liver cleansing/blood cleansing herbs/roots. I feel indebted to God for the fact that my lipoma has gone from about 4 inches (give or take depending on the direction you looked at me) to something akin to 1 inch and still growing smaller. Mind you, it took me about two months to see such a difference, but it was the only thing that actually has worked for me in any way shape or form. I hope this information helps others out there struggling with this problem.

Replied by Grace

I read that lipoma is a sign that liver that needs to be cleansed. A malfunctioning liver that is toxic is storing the toxins in the fat of a lipoma and slowly releases the toxins. So my line of attack after research was the Gerson juice fast, including taking black walnut hull extract for parasites, serrapeptase which dissolves scar tissue and then shifted after 12 days into Airola broth fast because my understanding is that all diseases, inferior tissues start getting burned up by process of autolysis on the third day of juice fasting the body turns on its furnace and focus and goes afte stuff get burned up and cleared out of course you need to be on this fast for a while. Plus I took coffee enemas recommended. I realize this is not for everyone, and time and energy commitment well worth it. Consult with naturopathic or medical doctor before doing this

Replied by Beth
(Oxford, Ohio)

Please list the other herbs and your schedule for detoxing. Thanks! Beth

Replied by Stephanie
(New York)

Hi, I know this is a super old post, but I would love more details on Giggit's liver detox. I have about the same size lipoma on my shoulder, I think it happened from doing a cleanse improperly and also injury to the area. It's behind me so I don't see it, but I really don't want the lipoma to get any bigger! And if it could shrink, I would be over the moon! I've had this lipoma for about 10 years?! Thank you both for your helpful information!