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Trigeminal Neuralgia

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Posted by Ls (Houston, Texas) on 08/16/2011

I was diagnosed with TN [TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA] about 2 weeks ago. I first notice the pain while putting on my make-up. Later I had pain in my teeth. Went to the dentist and he said nothing was wrong with my teeth. I went to a doctor in Mexico and I told him I had sinus infection. Well he checked me and said there was nothing wrong with my teeth or my sinus and but that he thought it had to do with my face muscle. A week later went the emergency room with the pain and I was diagnosed with TN. I know that TN does not cause paralyses but I feel my lips don't have that puffiness and a lot drier so I use a peppermint chap stick. It funny Peppermint was mention because when I put it on I don't know if it's the smell or what but it calms my pain too. Maybe I will try a peppermint tea.

Replied by Dee
(Durham, Nc)

I don't understand why the mouthwash sometimes works, but I can concur with the effects of peppermint mouthwash. At one point, this became a very simple remedy for me, but over the years seems to have become less and less effective. I was diagnosed with TN in my mid-twenties and have been under a doctor's care on and off for more than twenty years.

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Posted by Michele (Oak Hills, FL) on 12/07/2006

For the Trigeminal Neuralgia heading, I wanted to mention that I've had ATN (constant pain in T2 and T3) for nearly three years due to an incompetent dentist. Prior to diagnosis, I was trying all kinds of things to stop the pain. I discovered just about any kind of peppermint gum (preferably the kind with a hard shell initially) will stop or greatly reduce the pain within a minute or two. As long as I can taste the peppermint flavor as I'm chewing, the pain is reduced. As the flavor goes away, the pain comes back. Now that I've been diagnosed and am on medications, I still chew gum in the afternoons when the pills decide they're not going to work anymore! This is very helpful when I'm driving somewhere and would prefer not to cry. Oh, peppermint flavored mouthwash does the trick, too. Do some major swishing for at least two minutes, and afterwards, your mouth will feel a lot better.

Replied by Teresa
(Ipswich, Ma)

You know I've actually noticed this but I assumed it was because of the jaw movements rather than the pepperment. I originally chewed the gum for fresh breath. I was also spoken to for chewing gum at school.

Replied by Melissa
(Chattanooga, Tennessee)


Just a word of caution for those of us with TN and not ATN. Chewing is a trigger of pain for most of us. So gum chewing is usually not advised.

Replied by Mag
(Edinburgh, Scotland)


Hi, as like what Melissa said, chewing gum triggers my TN off, so be careful, good luck though x

Weight Loss

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Posted by Jose (South Boston, MA) on 07/28/2008

Mint and green tea: one cup at night and in the morning after breakfast, complete balance for healthy overall feeling, i try and it help me to be able to loose any weight i want. You need to be relax to be able to commit yourself to any endeavor. Add to it yoga or extreching and if you are happy you will do it again and againg. the most important part is to have fun doing it. Since you want to be healthy and because you love yourself. In general once you balance your hormones then you can feel good to do anything and that is what mint tea and green tea do.

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