Eggplant and Vinegar for Seborrheic Keratosis

| Modified on Jul 23, 2021

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Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 09/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I raise my own egg plant and use them to clean up my ole worn out arms of Keratosis. I missed one spot on the bottom of my arm and added the egg plant mixture to that one spot. I covered it with a sealed bandage and left it for a day and a half. I just took the bandage off and the raised spot was still there. I rubbed it and it came off with no resistance. Right down to the basic skin

It is unbelievable. I suggest folks forget ACV to address their skin cancers by going directly to the Eggplant and vinegar mixture.

None of this is original with me. I bought the book several years ago and Dr Cham's ointment cured two of my skin cancers. I decided to Redneck my arms before they turn to cancer and it has worked for me.

Here is the protocol:

  • Peel an eggplant and churn it up with a blender of some sort.
  • Add white vinegar, refrigerate and stir 2X a day.
  • On the 3rd day add this to your eruptions and cover with shrink wrap and an ole sock before bed.
  • Do this several days until the stuff is nothing but mush, and can be rubbed off with your fingers.

Do not tell your dermatologist what you have done, least he take you before the State Medical Board for practicing medicine without a license.

I have been at this site for many years and love ACV , but, it is not in the running with eggplant as far as skin cancer is concerned. Sorry, that's just the way I am. Old and Ornery as most know.


Replied by Marjorie

Does the vinegar need to be white distilled to mix with the eggplant or can it be apple cider vinegar?

Replied by Norma
(New Mexico)

hi Robert Henry, I did the eggplant and vinegar procedure also, I treated a large spot for about a month and it disappeared! Then I used it on my precancerous sun damaged skin (face, chest) and after a few weeks my entire face and chest were bumpy, itchy, red. it was bad, and I had to use a steroid cream to get relief.

I wonder if by leaving the mushed eggplant in the vinegar (refrigerated) the solution became too strong.

I have made more, but this time I strained the eggplant out of the ACV and now have the eggplant infused vinegar. I want to use it to treat a number of seborrheic keratosis. My question to you is, did you apply the mushed eggplant, or the strained liquid?

I know it's been a while, but if you have any input I would be most appreciative!

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

NORMA,,,,,,,, I did not use this mixture on my face. I address those with Curaderm. I used the slush on my fore arms at night and wrapped then with the new type plastic wrap. I have not done that in years and they look like the fore arms of an old man that spent too much time in the sun in short sleeves. Don't chase wimmins, so who cares.

Got a buddy that was in Viet Nam who now has COPD.. I am urging him to read the remedies found on EC. Agent Orange now plagues the world in our food and water. Don't worry, we came from a tadpole and can do so again. Are we stupid or what?