Dietary Changes for Lipomas

Dietary Changes
Posted by Lee (Western Cape) on 05/07/2023
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I have a lipoma behind my left ear. It grew to about 5 x 5.5cm over many years. It would occasionally itch. About 4 weeks ago I started a sugar and gluten detox and noticed that my lipoma is softer and has shrunk. It is now 4x4.5cm, in only 4 weeks of cutting out gluten and sugar and hasn't itched since. I suspect it is due to excluding sugar from my diet.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Partha (India) on 03/04/2016
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For Lipomas, avoid in-taking of meat or fish with milk products (milk, curd, butter and ghee). This is the major cause for lipoma.

I realized this after I got few lipomas. My grandma used to say this "don't mix meat and curd." During digestion, these create a complex fat deposits and settle as lumps under skin.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Patelpatel (Chicago) on 03/04/2016
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Whatever Nyla said in her post on 05/09/2015 is 100% correct, that the fat bumps are nothing but bags locking toxic waste that our body could not flush out. There is a very simple very effective but difficult to do remedy for fat bumps. If you consume only plain yogurt mix with rice for 15 continuous days then the immunity system with get reset naturally and the bumps will start getting dissolve (it increases white blood cells in appropriate amount). Keep in mind while doing this experiment the only thing that goes in your body through your mouth is the mixture of yogurt + rice (no salt or anything) and off course water.

Note: Your body will first react to this diet because your body is not used to of consuming only yogurt and rice and no salt and other stuff. You might get headache, nausea, weakness, cold or fever even anxiety......keep in mind you don't have to take medicine to treat them, this is the proof that you body is actually getting clean.

For sure your body will get read of all these symptoms in 3 days as it takes 3-4 days for our body to get set with new diet pattern.

Throughout the day whenever you are hungry the only thing that you can consume is yogurt and rice, you can have it as many time as you want.

This is the most effective method of resetting immunity (resetting Lasika Granthi/gland).

Hope it helps you all!

Dietary Changes
Posted by Seth (Arizona) on 01/27/2016
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I started getting a single lipoma in my side under-arm and had never had one before. The only thing I was doing differently was eating ice cream more and more big glasses of milk. I was scared and gave up milk and ice cream for almond milk. It has shrunk to almost nothing and I am convinced that it is the milk.

Dietary Changes
Posted by Nyla (Oakville) on 05/09/2015
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Lipoma is fat deposits that are hiding toxins and chemical waste in them and happens from eating (non natural foods -i.e. Chemicals or other Toxins) when the body is not able to remove junk through elimination. The job of the fat it to protect our organs from being attacked by these toxins by forming itself around toxins. Apple Cider Vinegar helps clean up the toxins and therefore the fat will dissolve as the toxins are taken out the body from the use of this vinegar. However, we must also clean our diet so the toxins or lipoma or fat don't come back.

THREE major source of toxins:

1. eating processed foods,

2. eating vegetables and grains that have been sprayed by chemicals like pesticides and that were grown by chemical fertilizers.

3. eating meat that has been given antibiotics and non natural feed. 4. and most unknown by people is COOKING IN OIL. vegetable cooking oil is a "freak of nature". at hot temperature when cooked in metal pots, oil looses an electron and becomes TOXIC!!!!!


If you are vegan or vegetarian then if able please ask the older generation, (great grand mother) how they cooked before 1911. May be using a clay pot and not heating the oil too much may be an option??

Best, Nyla