D-Mannose for Cystitis

| Modified on Aug 15, 2023

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Posted by Julie (Crystal River, Fl) on 09/07/2010

Urinary Tract Infections - Cats

I don't know if this can be used for dogs as some sweeteners are poisonous to them. A health food store employee told me to use D- mannose for UT infections for cats at 1/8 teaspoon divided into twice a day. This has worked wonders with 10 cats. It flushes the bacteria out of their urinary tract. Big money saver.

Replied by Tina
(Tx/united States)

Did you mix in food or with water?

Replied by Msartnut

I am wondering if cats can take D-mannose, a urinary infection supplement??? I have taken D-Mannose and it is wonderful and fast...My cat has been restless and now I know why, he just peed blood in my sink..he has never done this before, he is an indoor out door, mostly in but goes out at night...I just gave him a syringe of ACV and water and flushed with distilled water...help...my guy is going to get worse I have had this before with my male cats..

Replied by Crystal

Hi, may I ask the dosage you used for your cat. Is it like an antibiotic?

Replied by Beag
(Vancouver, Wa)

I plan to use the d-mannose for my cat in her raw chicken cat food. 1/8 tsp d-mannose twice a day. Late this afternoon I noticed her urine was pink (she missed the box once) plus she has been visiting the cat box a lot today. I read online that d-mannose works great against cat uti's. I also made a tea from nettles, dandelion leaf, red clover, chamomile, marshmallow root that I plan to put in her chopped raw catfood too -- a little at a time.

If she keeps having trouble, I will administer the tea with a syringe. Part of the problem may be that I started giving her a small amount of food grade diatomaceous earth in her food. I think maybe it irritated her urinary tract. She is getting to be an old cat and might not be able to handle the DE at this point.