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Where to Buy: India  

Posted by Kumar_pp123 (Kerala, India) on 10/26/2013 9 posts

Where I can get BHT, BORAX in Kerala, India? any body knows, pls contact theis no 9847435815. Thx

Posted by Suresh (New Delhi, India) on 06/27/2009



EC: A few posts from India regarding where to buy apple cider vinegar here: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/apple_cider_vinegar_buy.html#INDIA

Where to Buy: Kuwait  

Posted by Rose M (Kuwait City, Kuwait) on 09/28/2010

To Dianne from Kuwait - I am new to Kuwait, coming from the US and want to know if you have to order all your health stuff online or if you have found some here? I am trying to find baking soda, food grade hydrogen peroxide and urine/saliva test strips. I did find regular 6% peroxide at a pharmacy.

Replied by Fajq8

HI there,

Does anyone have information about where to purchase food grade hydrogen peroxide in kuwait? Please contact me via email at Fajq8[at]yahoo[dot]com (make sure to say something in the subject about hydrogen peroxide kuwait otherwise it might be spammed!! )


Posted by Rose M (Kuwait City, Kuwait) on 09/22/2010

Health food stores

Hi, I am new to this site, love it! I am new to Kuwait and need help finding the following products: hydrogen peroxide 3%, Borax, baking soda, EVCO and EV Sesame oil. Thanks.

Where to Buy: Nigeria  

Posted by Ewy (Nigeria) on 12/30/2013

I have been trying to get pregnant . Please I will like to know the right ACV to purchase, although I already purchased Heinz ACV which is written - HEINZ APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PEPPER PERFECT. I have fibroid and my stomach is already protruding like a 4 month pregnant mom and I've read along the post that ACV is good also with blackstrap molasses. I live in Nigeria and can't find blackstrap molasses. Please does anyone in Nigeria who know where I purchase blackstrap molasses?

INGREDIENT: made from juice of apples, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5% ( 50 grains) acidity. Thank you.

Where to Buy: Singapore  

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 02/20/2011

My husband will be going to Singapore soon, does anyone know where he can buy MSM crystals, cream and eye drops? They are very difficult to get here in Europe so he promised me to try there. So far the powder one buys here hasn't helped me but maybe I need to take a bigger quantity and stick with it longer? Also the eye drops might help my eye floaters and the overal health of my very myopic eyes!

As he will only be there for a few days and he will be very busy with work I would very much appreciate if someone had a good address where the could go and buy the stuff. We do know Singapore a bit but we never looked for health food shops so we have no idea if they have any. Of maybe this is sold in pharmacies over there?

Where to Buy: Thailand  

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Posted by Manorama (Bangkok, Thailand ) on 06/05/2013

Hello, I want to buy the following chemicals as powder or capsules to correct pH balance in the body .

1. calcium bicarbonate
2. potassium bicarbonate
3. magnesium bicarbonate

I will buy these supplements 200-500 grams each for my personal use . I don't want them in combination with other vitamins. Can u please suggest me local sources in Thailand, which are sellers of these chemicals as food grade? Thanks.

Posted by Lisa (Hua Hin, Prachubkirikhan Thailand) on 05/22/2013

Hi Ted, I live in Hua Hin Thailand and am trying to start the gerson therapy on my own, do you know where I can get lugol's iodine, and dessicated liver pills as well as niacin? Also contacted pura Organics in Phuket and a company in Bangkok called radiance for home delivery, do you know of a better source or someone in Hua Hin that can deliver a few cases a day of veggies? Thanks, Lisa

Posted by Ronald (Sattahip, Chonburi Thailand) on 01/15/2012

I am resident in thailand can you please tell me where I can buy Angioprim and food grade Hydrogen Peroxide?

Posted by Howard (Bangkok, Thailand) on 05/08/2011

Ted, do you know where I can get Chyawanprash in Bkk? And in general, do you know of any decent ayurvedic pharmacies in Bkk?

Many thanks, Howard

Replied by Peesek
Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, there is a 'little India town' in Pahurat area, within walking distant from central flower market and Memorial Bridge. Parking space is difficult to find and I suggest using public transport or taxi. Try to locate the ATM department store, beside the store is a small lane with Indian ethnic goods to offer from delicacies, saris, Hindu goddess statues to cooking oil. You may ask some shop keepers in this area. If it is not available then they can bring in for you (there is regular hand carry service between India and Thailand).

Replied by Peesek
Bangkok, Thailand

You may also try contacting the following company Geeta International (Dr. Khare) Tel. 02-2911968, 02-6881145. They are Dabur's Chawanprash distributor in Thailand.

Good luck, peesek

Posted by Collin (Bangkok, Thailand) on 08/24/2010

Please help with store name and addresses, for Bangkok, I'm new here. Herbs boswellia, also baking powder also sodium abscorbate, MAGNESIUM CITRATE. RATHER URGENT PLEASE. TELEPHONE NUMBERS ALSO HELP.. THANK YOU.. REGARDS COLLIN.

Replied by Lisa
5 out of 5 stars

There's a great new site for buying all sorts of organic products (food, beauty etc) in Phuket, Thailand http://www.goodkarmathailand.com
_____ for example is priced at 275 Baht

Posted by Tom (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/21/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Ted: I live in Thailand like you. I see you mention using a wide variety of supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc.I cannot find much available in Thailand. Chiang Mai has a few health food stores but never see any in Bangkok. Where in Thailand do you buy all of the items you mention on this website? You can respond to my email if this is not of general interest. Really appreciate your information on this site.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

The wide variety of supplements I obtain either from a chemical supply store, a supplement wholesaler or purchased over the internet. Bangkok is the only city that has some, but not all. However, I go to a sports supplement wholesaler store (Thai Sports on Asoke) for some amino acid supplements such as L-Glutamine and a popular chemical suppliers for foreigners (easy to find) with exception of H2O2 is Vittayasom on Rajdamnern Road. I send you more details later or if you want more detail, you can write to this email.

Replied by Geoffrey
Bangkok, Thailand

To Khun Ted, Bangkok,

Hi Ted, where does one buy food grade H2O2 in Bangkok please ?? Thai Sports Asoke ??

Many thanks

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

Dear Geoffrey: H2O2 food grade may not be available in Bangkok. However, there is a medical grade H2O2, laboratory grade, and technical grade that are acceptable. There are many chemical suppliers along the Rajadamnoern Road, near the front of Kao Sarn Road, where the Japanese journalist got shot during the Army crackdown here.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

I am in Thailand on holiday now and today I managed to buy the following chemicals in Bangkok:

Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate 99.5% pure
Zinc Chloride 99.8% pure
Potassium Carbonate 96.5% pure
Sodium Carbonate 99.8% pure
Aqueous Iodine 1%
Borax 99.5% pure
Citric Acid
Peppermint oil

They also had Potassium iodide crystals which I did not buy. It was amazingly easy to find all the chemicals in one shop.

Unfortunately the address of the Chemical Shop from the card I got was all in Thai, but the rough directions are here:

* Get a taxi to Radjdamnoern Rd.(pronounced Radja-dam-noern)
* When in this road head towards the Palace.
* Go over the large roundabout, straight across.
* Go just beyond the large winged monument.
* Stop and get out of the taxi.
* The shop is called VIDHYASOM CO. LTD(pronounced Vittayasom) and the shop is located on the right hand side of the road going towards the palace.

Radjdamnoern Rd is 6 kms in length, and that's a long way to walk to just to find the proper chemical shops...LOL.

Hope this helps.


Posted by Gail (Seattle, Washington. Usa) on 08/09/2012

I looked on Google site, plus, I looked on a Bonanza. com site, and I could not find Yakeow. Where can I buy this herb?

Zinc Acetate  

Posted by Wydo (Ventura, Ca, United States) on 06/12/2010

I am looking for a place to buy zinc acetate that Ted mentions. Does anyone know of a place to buy it that is reasonably priced? I also would like to know what form is best, like Zinc Acetate Dihydrate ACS, is that the best form? Any help please, thank you.

Replied by Pat
Athens, Al, Usa

Try Swanson's they have a website. I got some from them really cheap.

Replied by Wydo
Ventura, Ca, United States

Hi Pat from Athens, Al, Usa, I hope you don't mean Swanson Vitamins as they do not have anything I would need. I am look for pure powder of zinc acetate. Does anyone else have any clues.

EC: Hi Wydo,

Looks like chemical and science supply shops carry zinc acetate: http://www.google.com/products?q=zinc+acetate&hl=en&aq=f

If you Google either "pharmaceutical zinc acetate" or "food grade zinc acetate", you'll see some other companies.

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
384 posts

If you have trouble getting zinc acetate or zinc chloride, then just take some zinc sold in drug stores, such as Amino chelated zinc. The newer herpes remedies require to take about 1000 mg of lysine hourly for at least 4 hours a day, some yakeow (a thai herb) will flush them out. To make it work better, a 1000 mg of threonine is added, plus 250-500 mg of L Citrulline. All these are easier to find and more effective. The critical element for the herpes is lysine, threonine and citrulline. As for zinc acetate or zinc chloride, if not easy to find, just get the zinc sold in most supplement stores, and just take it for only one week, thereafter maybe just weekly dose, taken at 25-50 mg only. Thereafter I would continue taking the lysine, threonine and citrulline for at least 2 months. This should get rid of most of herpes or prevent them from any further outbreak. Since the lithium iodide is difficult one, the I would just use lugols, or other iodine and apply them topically 5 times a day.The reason why this new one works better and less stringent is the lysine and yakeow, puts less pressure to get more complicated chemicals that are harder to find.