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| Modified on Apr 16, 2024
Iodine, Potassium Iodide
Posted by fm (singapore) on 11/29/2022

hi, I'm from Singapore and need to order iodine and potassium iodide crystals but where can I order them?...........i used to buy from Ebay but now seems sellers are selling from China and US sellers aren't sending to Singapore........

if I can't get both, will potassium iodide be okay?

many thanks

Terminator Zapper, Don Croft
Posted by Rhonda (NSW) on 07/24/2022

Terminator Zapper, Don Croft

Plz where can I buy the above?

Posted by Betty (CA) on 03/17/2022

Just WOW!

I am on my 3rd compounding pharm due to feds shutting down the last 2 for a time for not having all t's crossed, I's dotted. Well, the new pharm is having fed trouble. Now got to go overseas for a lil bit to get certain personalized meds for anti-cancer. Ivermectin is being held at the airport by customs right now.

Advice: Make sure you are good with meds and supplements for several months. SHHTF apparently.

Cesium Chloride
Posted by schweiki (Charlotte, NC) on 03/16/2022

Where do I find cesium chloride, pharmacies don't carry it.

Also, which is the proper apple cider vinegar for squamous cell carcinoma in/on my gum?

Bladder Cleansing Herbs
Posted by BevilNC (NC) on 12/25/2021


It can be purchased at the link above.

Bladder Cleansing Herbs
Posted by John (Bangkok, Thailand) on 12/25/2021


I would to know where I can purchase gosha-jinki-gsn. Gjg 7.5 a day or

Please respond to me by email. I'm a 80 year old Canadian. Thank you in advance for responding to my needs..

EC: The best we could come up with in our internet searches are research articles, but can't find where to buy the herbs. Anyone else able to locate these herbs for John?




Fulvic Acid
Posted by SOCS (Bend, Oregon) on 09/05/2021 6 posts


Can you provide the name of the product Ted okayed at Now foods? I'm quite confused as to where to find what he or Bill Thompson would find acceptable. TIA!

Online Suppliers
Posted by ORH (TEN MILE , TN) on 08/15/2021

HI U OLE PATOOTS, ORH here and I want to lay an egg. If you buy from Walmart, Amazon or the other biggies, then you may not be buying quality. Research before you buy.====ORH====

Where to Buy: Thailand
Posted by LorDavis (California) on 02/07/2021

My brother moved to Thailand and is looking for a good basic multi mineral. He's been using Concentrace. But doesn't want to keep shipping from USA. Can anyone assist us? thanks

Sodium Molybdate
Posted by Janet (In) on 05/02/2018


It is what I use. Have for years.


Sodium Molybdate
Posted by Stefan (Germany) on 05/02/2018

Can sodium molybdate dihydrate be used as sodium molybdate that Ted recommends?

Posted by Salim (Mombasa, Kenya) on 03/22/2018

Hallo, where can I buy ginseng?

Chanca Piedra
Posted by Art (California ) on 04/14/2017 2182 posts

In reply to Lorna (East Sussex),

Here is one potential source for Chanca Piedra in the UK:



Chanca Piedra
Posted by Lorna (East Sussex) on 04/06/2017

Looking to purchase Chanca piedra in the Brighton areas in Sussex, England. Any ideas?

Calcium Peroxide, Magnesium Peroxide
Posted by Fitz (Timbuktu ) on 11/29/2015

magnesium peroxide by a vetted holistic health practitioner (acquaintance) Elaine Love's online store

gaia.com - just noticed they sell magnesium peroxide without the capsules. Powdered form

ecodent tooth powder company uses magnesium peroxide in their tooth whitening powder

Posted by Noddles Romanoff (Coos Bay, Oregon) on 08/14/2015

Try licorice extract, be sure to rub it in for a least 60 seconds [longer is better] It is the best thing to cure singles, genital warts, any skin disorder ...you won't believe how fast it works!!!!!! It has many other healing properties!!!! This is incredible!!!!

Tetrasodium EDTA
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/24/2015 2063 posts

Try Amazon.com or Ebay.com

Tetrasodium EDTA
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 06/23/2015

Thanks, but the international postage too high for this pensioner.

Tetrasodium EDTA
Posted by Timh (Ky) on 06/22/2015 2063 posts

Soapgoods.com has EDTA among many other natural home products and supplies; Although I don't know about international shipping policies.

Tetrasodium EDTA
Posted by Frances (Cabarlah, Qld.) on 06/19/2015

Where can I buy tetrasodium EDTA in Australia? I really need this to go with the ammonium chloride Ted recommends for Morgellons. Tku.

Multiple Products
Posted by Rs (Uk) on 06/03/2015


I am a regular reader of your website and making changes to my life by adhering to some of the general remedies posted by Mr Ted. I have found a chemical supplier online 'Intralabs' to order few of supplements in natural form but am doubtful about grades of few so wanted to make sure if it is safe to use them by mouth (with water) or not.

1. Borax (Technical grade) 99.9%

2. Sodium carbonate (Technical grade) 99.3%

3. Sodium thiosulphate (Photographic grade) 99%

4. Dead Sea Salt

I would appreciate if Mr Ted or any senior member having knowledge of same clarify the same. You could check the grade and specification of above in www.intralabs.co.uk so as to advise correctly. Thank You.

Posted by Timh (KY) on 07/06/2014 2063 posts

"Pure Bulk" located in Oregon USA is a top seller. Any number of merchants who sell and ship worldwide have Ebay domains. Amazon is also a major distributor that has worldwide shipping policies w/ thousands of merchants.

Glutathione is somewhat expensive but effective if taken particularly by Liposomal Encapsulation. The best oral way to boost natural GTH levels is taking the amino acids Glutamine, Glycine, and NAC, and the hormone Melatonin (before retiring). Some shipping restrictions may apply to certain countries. Whey Protein Powder is also a great source of GTH precursors.

Posted by Shradha (Hoddesdon, UK) on 07/05/2014

Hi, can anyone tell me where to buy Glutathione, from UK or even sellers, who post across the world. Thanks

Soda Ash
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/26/2014

Hello again David from Central SC,

Well, the best and cheapest cleaner is Borax...as in 20 Mule Team.

Just this week, I cleaned beet stain from a white shirt and a dirt stain from a tan fishing hat.

I take a half teaspoon of Borax and dissolve in warm water. Dab and then rub the stain with a rough cloth and poof...the stain is gone. Of course, my mother and grandmother used Borax all the time in the washing machine.

You can wash your hair with Borax. If you suspect scalp issues (fungus) the Borax will kill the infestation. "Itchy" ears/ eyebrows are signs of fungus. Just make sure as you wash hair with Borax, you wash out ears and eyebrows also. Best used in dissolving a quarter cup in cup water and take into shower. Do not wet hair before dousing scalp with the dissolved Borax. So you are not wetting down hair first (like you'd do with shampoo).

I used to have very itchy scalp after eating tomato/chili products. Little outbreaks in back of scalp under hairline. But washing with Borax has ended that problem. I now think that instead of the issue being an alkaline/acid problem, rather it was fungal. And the Borax killed the fungus. So now I can eat chili and tomato products with freedom from outbreaks.

Soda Ash
Posted by David (Central, Sc, Usa) on 05/26/2014

Actually, Dave, I haven't used for any medical reason per say. A couple of years ago I was looking for a less expensive washing soda (i.e. soda ash) for cleaning of clothes, and I came across this do it yourself formula, as opposed to Arm 'n Hammer Super Washing Soda. Always trying to save a penny when possible. I (personally) abhor paying retail for anything.

Soda Ash
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 05/26/2014

To Dave from Central, SC;

Re your description on how to make Soda Ash.

Now...thanks to you... I know how to make it...and am fascinated by the uses of Baking Soda.

What do YOU typically use the soda ash for?

Dave (from Fountain Inn)

Soda Ash
Posted by Da (Central, Sc, Usa) on 05/24/2014

Did you know you can make your own Soda Ash? It's really simple..Take baking soda (sodium bi-carbonate) and spread it on a cookie sheet or in an oven pan. Place in the oven @ 450 degrees F. for one (1) hour. That's it. Let it cool then place in an air tight container. Nice, huh?

Soda Ash
Posted by Janet (Uk) on 05/24/2014

I've previously bought Soda Ash here (http://www.inoxia.co.uk/catalogue/chemicals/inorganic-compounds/sodium-carbonate.aspx) they're based in the UK, but I'm pretty sure they can ship to Chicago.

Posted by Brian (South Africa) on 05/02/2014

DMSO is available online from www.dmsosouthafrica.com

They are very reliable and ship in a timely manner with a tracking service for delivery

ORP and Conductivity Meter
Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 02/04/2014 391 posts

There is generally no general agreement for ORP or conductivity. I have my own values I used. But cancer exists in low negative ORP of -10 to -40 millivolts. It is also true that healthy cells exist at least -80 to -120 millivolts. For the body to recover from sickness you need to get higher negative millivolts, negative 180 to 220 millivolts. Cellular regeneration generally occurs at -246 millivolts. As for conductivity meter it will generally go off scale because of heavy metal exposure usually lead and others. So getting a readings in the 4200 to 4900 microsiemen is quite good. But if less usually sea salt in drinking water will help. Pain also dissapears at least -200 millivolts. This is why baking soda and vitamin c and apple cider vinegar and baking soda works all of the have low voltages. There are lot of formulas but a good indicator of likelihood of cancer and prevention of cancer is the millivolts. This is why hydrazine and reducing agents work. Its been known for hundreds of years. Case in point, how do you stop wine from fermenting is the same as stopping cancer from fermenting? You use reducing agents sodium or potassium metabisulfite a known reducing agents!?


ORP and Conductivity Meter
Posted by Bill (San Fetnando) on 02/02/2014

Hi Enrique....Generally you should always take the conductivity reading of your urine. If you're reading is too low and you have low conductivity then this can mean one of two things:

1. You lack minerals in your diet and in your body -- your major electrolytes - calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium - are out of balance or too low.

2. The other reason can be too much water in your body(mineral dilution).

Both the above will cause low conductivity readings.

The first reason above -- lacking minerals -- is therefore much more likely. So you will have to determine, from your symptoms, which minerals you are lacking. A hair analysis will give you a good idea of the minerals you are lacking in your diet.

If your conductivity reading is to high then this either means that you are ingesting too high a concentration of minerals in your diet or it can also mean that you are lacking adequate amounts of water in your diet. So you must drink more water whenever you eat food.

More from Ted:

"If you were to do urinary conductivity, it will also reveal, if it is too conductive - which is a problem for me - means I do not drink enough water.

If the urinary conductivity on the other hand is below normal, which is quite common for people in the United States, it means mineral depletion or electrolyte depletion, which is common amongst athletes.

Usually the average urine conductivity is between 4200-4900 microsiements. My urinary conductivity recently went over the roof at 9500 microsiements which reveals that my kidney is could fail from unnecessary work since I don't drink that much water, especially during the evening hours.

There is a superstition that I will disprove based on my experiments with urinary conductivity. It is a commonly held belief that you should not drink water when you are eating food since you will dilute the digestive juices.

Based on my test, my urinary conductivity went over the roof (over 9000 microsiemens) if I did, which means that if you do not drink while eating food, you could destroy your kidneys since the urinary concentration electrolyte is far too great than nature intended and the kidney must work far too hard.

The reason is simple: most foods we eat are already too high in sodium as it is. Therefore the problems do not lie with digestive juices, the problems lies with you killing your kidneys! Also, my salivary pH went acid (less than pH of 5) if and when I try not to drink water while I was eating.

Based on these tests, it seems the most important lesson is to use urinary conductivity to measure the ideal amount of water you should drink. While your pH is used to determine whether your body is properly absorbing the required mineral or not from the foods we eat. It seems to me that pH seems to go off before I get sick. So these meters can really be a prevention as well."

ORP and Conductivity Meter
Posted by Enrique (Calgary Alberta ) on 02/02/2014

Hello again, let me rephrase my question here. I do own Extech ORP and conductivity meter I have idea what to use for but I need clarification reading ORP as per Ted should be in normal range salivary 180-220 milivolts(mv) and urinary 30-45 mv ok what to do if is more or less than average what that number may do to your body. Fr conductivity the number should be 4200-4900 microsiemens or 420-490 milisiemens, the same question what to do when those numbers are more or less thanks

ORP and Conductivity Meter
Posted by Enrique (Calgary, Canada) on 01/31/2014

Hi, can you send me some info re ORP and urinary conductivity meter. I misplaced my notes from Ted and I can not locate them here. Thank you

Where to Buy: Nigeria
Posted by Ewy (Nigeria) on 12/30/2013

I have been trying to get pregnant . Please I will like to know the right ACV to purchase, although I already purchased Heinz ACV which is written - HEINZ APPLE CIDER VINEGAR PEPPER PERFECT. I have fibroid and my stomach is already protruding like a 4 month pregnant mom and I've read along the post that ACV is good also with blackstrap molasses. I live in Nigeria and can't find blackstrap molasses. Please does anyone in Nigeria who know where I purchase blackstrap molasses?

INGREDIENT: made from juice of apples, diluted with water to a uniform pickling and table strength of 5% ( 50 grains) acidity. Thank you.

Calcium Disodium EDTA
Posted by Lee (Winchester, Uk) on 11/07/2013

Its not easy finding a reliable supply of EDTA in the UK, there are some tablets available for sale but I don?t hold much stock with them. I have been using a liquid chelate for detoxing from heavy metals I encountered in my work environment. I?m a potter and many of the glazes used contain heavy metals that overtime with a lackadaisical attitude unfortunately built up in my system, resulting in some pretty unplesant side effects. I seriusly started to investigate what products where available for helping to remove these heavy metals and discoverd a website in the UK that specialises in products for detecting and removing heavy metals. Here's the link if anyone else is interested: http://www.novadetox.co.uk/acatalog/chelating-agent-edta.html

Where to Buy: India
Posted by Kumar_pp123 (Kerala, India) on 10/26/2013 9 posts

Where I can get BHT, BORAX in Kerala, India? any body knows, pls contact theis no 9847435815. Thx

Where to Buy: Thailand
Posted by Manorama (Bangkok, Thailand ) on 06/05/2013

Hello, I want to buy the following chemicals as powder or capsules to correct pH balance in the body .

1. calcium bicarbonate
2. potassium bicarbonate
3. magnesium bicarbonate

I will buy these supplements 200-500 grams each for my personal use . I don't want them in combination with other vitamins. Can u please suggest me local sources in Thailand, which are sellers of these chemicals as food grade? Thanks.

Sodium Carbonate Peroxide
Posted by Pat (Andover, Ny) on 06/03/2013

Can you tell me what this is used for when taken internally and is it safe to ingest?