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Where to Buy Remedies

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Posted by Charles (Oceanside, CA) on 03/31/2007

You can purchase the following items:

Hydrogen Peroxide (3%) from Walmart if it is bottled and comes from Aaron Industries, Inc (www.aaronindustriesinc.com), corporate Headquarters in Clinton, SC 29325. Phone: 800-525-2558. Only purified water is added to the hydrogen peroxide. One quart sells in Walmart for $0.94.

Potassium Bicarbonate, pure and kosher, one pound for $9.90 plus postage. Packaged by Green Sense, located in Garland, TX 75041. Phone: 800-864-4445. www.GreenSense.net.

pH test strips (80 count) can be purchased ($8.99 post paid) at www.snyderhealth.com. Click on The Alkaline Shop (right side), then click on pH Test Strips (on the left). These are better than paper, give readings in .25 increments.