Meniere's Disease
Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies for Vertigo and Meniere's Disease Dizziness

Put Ear Crystals Back in Place
Posted by Elaine (Florida) on 04/23/2016

Vertigo or dizziness is often caused by loose crystals in your inner ear canals. This is more common as you age so Boomers take note. YouTube has videos showing how you lie on your bed or table face up with your head overhanging the edge. Slowly roll to your right and make a complete circle with your head. You may feel dizzy but go slowly. This method puts the crystals back in your cochlea so they no longer float around and cause dizziness.

Put Ear Crystals Back in Place
Posted by John (Trang Thailand) on 04/23/2016

I had vertigo and cured it with Semont Maneuvers.

Semont/Symonds worked for me, it re-positions the crystals in the ear tubes.

No more drugs