Natural Solutions for Vaginal Atrophy: Safe & Effective Remedies

| Modified on May 30, 2024
Vitamin E

Vaginal atrophy, a common condition experienced by women, particularly after menopause, involves the thinning and inflammation of vaginal walls. It can lead to discomfort, dryness, and pain during intercourse. While hormonal treatments are common, many seek natural remedies for a more holistic approach to managing the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Understanding Vaginal Atrophy and Its Natural Solutions

Vaginal atrophy typically occurs due to a decrease in estrogen levels. This change can lead to a range of symptoms, including vaginal dryness, itching, and discomfort. Natural remedies focus on alleviating these symptoms and improving overall vaginal health.

Natural Lubricants: Alleviating Dryness

One of the most immediate concerns with vaginal atrophy is dryness. Natural lubricants such as coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and aloe vera gel can provide relief. These natural products are gentle on the skin and can help in maintaining the moisture balance in the vaginal area.

Phytoestrogens: A Plant-Based Approach

Phytoestrogens, plant-based estrogens found in certain foods and supplements, can help in balancing hormone levels. Foods rich in phytoestrogens include soy products, flaxseeds, and legumes. Incorporating these into your diet may help in managing the symptoms associated with vaginal atrophy.

Regular Exercise and Vaginal Health

Physical activity, particularly pelvic floor exercises, can improve vaginal health. Regular exercise increases blood flow to the pelvic region, which can help in maintaining healthy vaginal tissues.

Herbal Remedies: A Traditional Touch

Several herbs are known for their potential in treating menopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy. Herbs like black cohosh, red clover, and dong quai have been used traditionally to alleviate menopausal symptoms, although it's important to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any herbal regimen.

Hydration and Nutrition: Essentials in Managing Vaginal Atrophy

Staying hydrated is key in managing vaginal dryness. Additionally, a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins can support overall health and alleviate the symptoms of vaginal atrophy.

Safety and Precautions with Natural Remedies

While natural remedies are generally considered safe, it's important to approach them cautiously. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider before trying new treatments, especially if you have existing health conditions or are on medication.


Natural remedies offer a holistic and gentle approach to managing vaginal atrophy. These methods can relieve and improve quality of life, from natural lubricants to dietary changes and herbal supplements.

Continue reading below to learn which natural remedies helped Earth Clinic readers, and please let us know which ones helped you.


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Posted by Gavin (Manganui, Northland, New Zealand) on 03/02/2013

One of the old time remedies was to soak the area in alum, it tightened everything up.

Replied by Glenda
(Chicago, Il)

Please be very careful with the alum. It can really tighten a bit too much.

Replied by Annie
(Davis, Oklahoma)

I have heard my grandmother talk about using alum after having her children. As the one lady said, you might be cautious as to how much you use, until you see what will work for you as an individual.

Coconut Oil Suppositories

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Posted by Kristine (OH) on 02/06/2024

I have been dealing with vaginal atrophy for a few years. It started with menopause and has continued into my postmenopausal phase. I have now helped the problem with nightly coconut oil suppositories. I make my own using nothing but cold pressed, organic coconut oil. At first I wasn't getting complete relief so I decided to make the suppositories larger and this is all that was needed. I don't add anything else to the suppositories. After I make them I keep them stored in the refrigerator in a sealed container. I place one in the vagina, as far as it will go, right before getting into bed for the night. It will melt after a few minutes and will slowly leak out (I put a small, folded washcloth in my underwear, like a pad to absorb the melted oil) but it nonetheless gets rid of the burning sensation from the atrophy. I have been doing this for two weeks and it is inexpensive and effective. Immediate results after the first night.

Replied by M
(New York)

Hi Kristine, I just ordered the suppositories and lots of different coconut oil. I bought NOW Solutions, Liquid Coconut Oil on Amazon. It was highly recommended by someone who used it for the same purpose. I also got (just in case) 365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Refined Coconut Oil on Amazon. I'm not sure myself what the difference is between cold-pressed or expeller-pressed, refined or unrefined but the above is what I was recommended. I also do have cold-pressed unrefined at home... They are all very inexpensive.

I guess, I was just wondering if you were recommended to get the cold-pressed unrefined or refined? Did you try any other type of coconut oil as I described? Are you still happy with the results?


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Posted by Bethbs (London) on 07/02/2019


DHEA for vaginal atrophy: Several ladies have posted that when applied vaginally DHEA does not get into the bloodstream and acts only on local tissue.. 2.5 mg mixed with coconut oil triggered migraine consistently after 2 days' use. I infer from this that it does indeed get into the bloodstream. So beware, ladies, as whatever the benefits, the possible side effects listed on sites such as the respected Mayo Clinic can be serious and include hormone sensitive cancers.

Replied by ORH

BETHBS, I resume you are familiar with Bio Identical Hormone Modulation. My Tractor Driver has been into it since the onset of menopause some 20 + years ago. At that time novice doctors were in the mix and they controlled you by how you felt. There were no tests done. So it was the blind leading the blind. Soon I found an Anti- Aging Doctor who knew which way was up. She ran tests. If you don't know, DHEA is the Granddaddy of all your hormones. Your body makes it, so your post is lacking. Mayo was where I got my annual physicals and I was not overly impressed. My wife and I both take DHEA daily according to our semi-annual blood work. Both sexes have Testosterone and Esteridol, just in different amounts. Suggest you find the right doctor and start over. Your migraines were telling you something about your hormone situation. That should be your concern. Reading this may help you.


Replied by J. J.
(Washington, DC)

Did you find a migraine-free alternative? I'm having terrible migraines from an estradiol product and hoping you found something I could look into other than DHEA.

Posted by Kathleen (Ca) on 05/13/2018

Thank you everyone for this great thread. I am having great (and quick! ) success with the 2.5mg DHEA pill and suppository combo. I'm looking forward to sharing my results with my doctor.

Posted by La (Brisbane, Australia) on 02/22/2018

Hi to all on the thread.

Thank you to all for your input, it has been wonderful to read about everyones experience with DHEA. like everyone else I did not want to use an oestrogen supplement for a prolapse and dry vagina.

This lead me to do a great deal of research on DHEA, which I then presented to my doctor with all the findings. Fortunately for me she knows me well and knows how thoroughly I research. We jointly had conversations with a local compounding pharmacy in Brisbane Australia that found a formula for DHEA suppositories 3.25mg (which was what I requested) they formulated a vaginal cream to insert with an applicator and also a refrigerated product to be inserted like a tampon. I have experimented with both of these and they both work extremely well. I am coming up to my third month with nightly doses. I found relief within one week when I started, no more burning and itching, and dryness is no more. The plus is that libido has increased. I am reporting back to my doctor next week and the great thing is that he is totally open to recommending to other women. Hope this helps any other Australians feeling the frustration.

Posted by Mack (California) on 02/04/2018

DHEA: Huge success. Here are the details - I ordered 2 items, from Vitacost online. DHEA tablets: Manufacturer is Douglas Laboratories DHEA Micronized 5mg. I split them in l/2, using a single edge blade or a pill cutter (from online drug store). Also ordered the Carlson Key-E suppositories. Separately, I googled 'vaginal suppository plastic applicator', and figured out where to get them. Even if you have to purchase a product 'off the shelf', to get the applicator - go for it. Let the flat end of the suppository, get a bit 'softish'. You can do this, by just holding your fingertip on the end, for art 15 seconds. Insert the suppository 'pointed end FIRST', so that when it is in the applicator, you are looking at the 'flat' end of the suppository. Take the l/2 of the DHEA tablet, and gently push it into the softened end of the suppository. It is MUCH easier, to have it all in the plastic applicator. If you need a little 'help' getting the applicator inside - use a bit of lubricant on the outside of the applicator. After act 5 days, I did not need any lubricant. This is MUCH easier, than melting the suppositories, and trying to mix up the l/2 of the DHEA pill, etc. The newly FDA approved DHEA suppositories called, 'IntraRosa', are too expensive for me. Murry Avenue Apothecary online, also has them; again, too expensive for me - but may be an option for a lot of you. Best regards.

Replied by Cmor Uk

Hi, I stumbled across this thread while trying to sort out my adrenal issues but also suffer from VA so I am well pleased!

Just wondering if anyone knows whether the DHEA would have an effect on the rest of the body if it's applied vaginally?

Replied by Kl

Thank you for this! I too have been using the Murray Apothecary DHEA supposities for a couple of months now and have noticed a big difference in the VA and the dryness. Previous to that I'd been prescribed Estrace cream (by my doctor), but I couldn't use it due to the Estridiol causing unwanted side effects such as anxiety, bloating and menstral-type cramping. I agree that ordering the compounded DHEA suppositories does become expensive over time, so I'm going to try making my own with the Carlson-E suppositories.

The only *issue* that I've experienced since using the DHEA suppositories is a bit of water weight gain. Not sure if this is a common side-effect with DHEA or not?

Replied by Dee

Dr Cabeca, maker of vaginal Juvla cream with DHEA has studies to show that DHEA applied that way is limited to local effects, and does not enter your bloodstream. Feel free to google it. I read the reviews and only one person claims to have 'felt' the effect of the cream. I haven't tried the cream, but I am super sensitive to DHEA. A pinch of it, brings up a period, and I'm post-menopausal, so I'd probably feel the effects in my body as well.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I think it is worth noting the details for the Intrarosa product with DHEA for vaginal atrophy, esp. for those with Lichen Sclerosus. I believe it is now available in Canada, not sure about Australia.

Replied by Frances
(Cabarlah, Qld.)

I just found this info. which might be useful, Quote from web site: Bezwecken, Inc. has created a new and exciting product, ReNewedTM DHEA Vaginal Suppositories. ReNewedTM contains an unique formula of DHEA in a soothing base of Cocoa Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E and organic oils of: Calendula, Frankincense and Lavender.

Replied by Marlene

Thank you for your suggestions. I am thinking of trying it.

Replied by Susie

Mack, I am trying this now, waiting for my DHEA (micronized, 5mg ) to arrive and I have the Carlson's E suppositories, just going to poke a hole in the middle and put 2.5 mg in and see what happens. I am scared, though, as I am ULTRA sensitive to everything, that it will have somewhat of a systemic effect (I'm bipolar, have anxiety, etc.) but I have to do something about this atrophy.

My question to anyone is, I also have vulvar atrophy and had my first UTI, anyone take a little DHEA and rub it onto the vulva and clitoris and have results? I have a vulva cream that is awesome (a mixture of healing oils that has great reviews on Amazon) but does nothing for atrophy of course and I'm thinking of putting a very small amount of the powder into that and rubbing it in, maybe it will help that area also. I don't know if vaginal suppositories will help with vulvar atrophy.

(Asheville, NC)

Susie, this may be a late reply to your post. I am also bipolar II. I have not had any negative mood swings in response to topical vaginal use of DHAE, beginning at 6.5 mg two times per week. I am just beginning to drop my dose, though, as have started having mini hot flashes in the evening, so I feel my tissues are now saturated. I'm going to cut my inserts in half. It's important to work with your mental health provider on this issue I would think.

Replied by Lee

Susie, You may also have high oxalates, which can cause vulvodynia. (vulvar pain foundation). I had excruciating vulvar and vaginal atrophy from 1994. In 2014 I found out about my high oxalates: see I am, as a result of this earthclinic conversation, now completely free of vaginal atrophy. Here's how:

I am having great success with making my own vag suppositories with enzymatic therapy Youthful you DHEA 5mg capsules - each of which, I split in 4 parts into a silicon ice cube tray, and then pour hot melted coconut oil over the powder - give it a quick stir to distribute evenly in the oil - and pop into the fridge for a couple hours. I then keep the tray of suppositories by my bed and pop one in at bedtime when I'm already lying down. I started slow - 1 a week - 2 and etc. I find that there is a systemic improvement in DHEA levels - and I now occasionally pop one of the supps into my mouth for over all improvement. So - no vulvar pain - no vaginal pain (combo of low oxa diet and DHEA).

Thanks everyone!

Replied by Sharon
(New Hampshire)

I am excited to try this..In fact, I got so excited that I may have actually booboo myself further. I had intimate relations on sunday and it was painful and left me with a VERY sore vagina in and out. I had used coconut oil before bed with some estrodial cream that I purchased from compounding phar, morn time was no better and actually felt worse:( So I thought maybe it would just get better if I tried to add some DHEA to my estrodial cream. Well I am in so much pain now feels and itching to boot. So, I noticed some of you suggested micronized type and have ordered this but from Pure Encapsulations, because it is free from additives. Now, I just want to be clear that the cubes which I ordered as well are just the basic ones with no estrodial? Also, my vagina is in such sad shape, any ideas to relieve the itching, aching, etc or just suck it up till my goods get here..This is an awesome conversation BTW:)

Replied by Niamh

I do that! I just made my own cream using cocoa butter and coconut oil with DHEA. It helps with vulval atrophy. Also I haven't got thrush since I started using the cream. I have a super sensitive spot that tends to get infected and the cream is great. I also use 5mg suppositories about 10 times a month now. For the initial phase I used 3.5mg nightly for 3 weeks. I'm on a maintenance dose now.

Posted by Mar (Mexico) on 05/09/2017

I'm so thankful for earth clinic and for all the women that have commented on this cure, you saved my life! I was depressed to the point of being suicidal after my oophorectomy at 43 (my last ovary removed due to endometriosis). I expected some hot flashes, but my doctor never mentioned "your sex life will be over" as a menopause symptom (or I would've waited out the endo) So after my first attempt after the operation, I had painful sex for the first time ever... I had an emotional breakdown! I researched furiously for days and once again, earthclinic was the source for the best remedy! (I've come here before for many other remedies in the past)

Reading all your comments, I started looking for what I could find in my country. I found DHEA tablets, got some cocoa butter, melted the cocoa butter and added the pulverised tablet, poured the concoction as drops on wax paper, let them harden and voila! Home made DHEA suppositories. The go in smoothly, and I used them daily for a week or two, and now only twice a week. The cost is minimal, and no side effects. Back to having amazing sex again. The days I use them I know ill have some goo in my undies, (chocolate smelling goo LOL), but no biggie. Now that dryness is a thing of the past, I can try just the fraction of tablet without the cocoa butter, I guess! Right now the ONLY menopausal symptom that I haven't been able to research myself out of is insomnia...but I'm determined to figure that one out next!! Thank you to all commenters, thank you earth clinic!

Replied by Lynn

@Mar - To help with sleep, I've found that 400 mg of magnesium an hour before bed has been a big help. I use a mixed magnesium with Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Aspartate - 400 mg. It doesn't cause diarrhea but will keep things "easy".

You can also try magnesium spray. I'm not a fan of the odd kind of sticky, kind of oily feeling on the skin though so I haven't gotten into using it like so many others. They say the lotion doesn't cause that problem.

Replied by Harry
(Los Angeles, Ca)

Congratulations on your success! However, you also mention that you're determined to figure your way out of your insomnia, too. So I just wanted to make a suggestion of what I think may be at the root of it and probably a host of other issues:

I think it's an iodine deficiency. Here's why I say that. While I understand that insomnia can have many different causes, I believe that endometriosis is generally caused by an iodine deficiency -- and insomnia is one of the many other issues that may arise because of it.

The odds that you are iodine deficient are quite high. As I recall, Dr. Flechas says that 94% of his patients tested deficient. (I can't recall if it was his female patients (who are actually more likely to be iodine deficient) or if it was 94% of his patients and those of Dr. Brownstein (who, along with Dr. Flechas, was recruited by the late, great Dr. Guy Abraham to do clinical research on iodine supplementation.

In any case, I highly recommend watching Dr. Flechas' YouTube videos (his longer ones -- 40+ minutes and 1-1/2 hours long) and educating yourself about iodine before beginning supplementation because it's a very complex topic and it's very important to take seven or eight nutrients along with the iodine -- including selenium, zinc, magnesium, Vitamin C, B-Complex, Riboflavin, and Niacin. (And I think there's at least one more that I'm forgetting.) And failing to do so can not only result in you not getting the benefit of the iodine, but it can also harm you by aggravating an autoimmune hypothyroid condition called Hashimoto's.

So it's a complex topic that requires an expenditure of time and effort. However, I think you'll find it well worth it in the end. And, by the way, by doing so, you'll be dramatically lowering your risk of cancer along with a myriad of other benefits too numerous to mention.

Replied by Normajean

You might look into bio identical progesterone cream to possible help with insomnia. Thanks for the info though will give your suggestions a go.

Replied by Bo
(California Usa)

I've read that we should try to do DHEA in a.m. as it can cause sleep/insomnia issues.

Replied by Carol

Mar from Mexico - I have been using a natural sleep aid called Melatonin, ... in tablets or sublingual drops for insomnia. I only use 3-4 drops under my tongue at bedtime. if you use the tablets, I found the dosage harder to control & had to experiment more to figure out what I needed 5 or 10 mg. Available Over the counter. not a prescription. It's been around for years. easily available in health food store, natural products, sleep aids, also available online from amazon & ebay.

Posted by Sandra (U.k) on 02/16/2016

Hydration cubes or anything like that are not available in the U.K. After a lot of searching I decided to use the Carlsons, but the main problem was getting hold of the low dose DHEA capsules. It took a lot of research but I finally found them at a company called Swanson. I ordered one bottle of 120 10mg for less than £9 with postage. It is quite simple, I break a Carlson in half (a whole one is too much) and roll it in the contents of a DHEA capsule, which has been opened up and put into a small plastic container. One capsule lasts about 3 days so 120 will last approx a year. I intend to do this daily for a month and then cut down to 3 times a week. My severe atrophy symptoms disappeared within a few days and now I feel completely cured and it's only been 2 weeks!

I hope this is of benefit to those of you residing in the U.K as we do not appear to have the resources available to us that there are in the U.S.

Posted by Mary (The Netherlands) on 07/23/2015

Hi all, I really would like to order these DHAE cubes but shipping it to Europe is quite expensive. Does anyone know if I can get this anywhere in Europe? I cannot find it on the Internet. I really would be very thankful.


Thank you for sharing and I am trying to find a solution to atrophy also.

I am just trying to understand your response.

You will insert vaginally a low dose DHEA capsule? I am unsure what a Carlson is. Any information would be most helpful.



Thank you so much for writing out the solution in detail. I was able to get hold of DHEA (post via a reputable supplier) with the Carlson suppositories. Took about 2 weeks of daily use before I felt improvement, and I'm very happy to report, it works! I still have to use it as I haven't yet reached ‘saturation', as some here have, in order to cut back to 3 or 4 times a week. I tested it out, stopped for a day, and the dryness returned in 24 hours. I will probably have to continue daily use for a full month and test again. God bless.

Replied by Sandra

Louise. Carlsons are vaginal suppositories containing vitamin E which I obtained from Amazon. When you remove them from the foil they are each individually enclosed in I can only describe them as a white, waxy bullet. When I have pulled down the foil about half way down I then insert my thumb nail to separate the suppository in two and just take the top piece and place it in my tiny lidded container, and rewrap the piece left in the foil to use up next time. As stated previously I then tip out half of the DHEA capsule (keeping the half remaining capsule to use next time with the suppository) put the lid on the plastic container and shake them both up together. I did discover a better way though and have bought a lubricant called Sylk (I'm sure any water based lube would be OK) and add just one drop to the plastic container before I shake it. This improved the take up of the DHEA onto the Carlsons. So there you have it, my D.I.Y recipe (following weeks of Google research) to finally beat this very painful condition of severe atrophy. The Carlsons gave me immediate relief from the soreness and dryness, and there is hope that the DHEA will provide a long term return to normality. I did use this every day for a month and now reduced to alternate days 3 times a week with a break at the weekends. The cost is minimal and I don't suffer any of the symptoms I was experiencing before. I would have used the Dehydration Cubes if they were available in the U.K. but they just aren't but as this method is undeniably working for me I am quite happy to continue with it. I was prescribed Vagifem by my local hospital but was too sore to even be able to insert the applicator without a great deal more pain and within 5 days I was so unwell I knew I couldn't continue with it. The severe headache in itself was unbearable but I had severe cramps in my lower regions and, it's hard to describe, but I felt as if my body was trying to eject that one small, hard tablet. I am a person who has experienced similar headaches which went on day after day whenever I was described anything hormonal but I have had no problem whatsoever in tolerating the DHEA and it doesn't remind me of its presence in any way. I insert it and forget it. Simples!


It is so comforting to read these posts. I have been suffering from vaginal atrophy for a few years (I'm 62) and given up on Vagifem to replace my oestrogen because it gave me severe abdominal pains and left the skin burning and sore once I reduced the doseage. If DHEA can do the job, I will be delighted.

Sandra, can I just ask you to confirm. You buy DHEA from Swanson as 10g capsules which are meant to be swallowed. Instead, you use half a capsule and mix it with half a Vitamin E suppository, using Sylk lubricant as a mixer.

What is the little plastic tub you mix it in?

How do you then get the mixture inserted into your vagina??

Replied by Sara
3 posts

Hi I was so interested in your progress so guess who also got Carlsons, and swansons dhea. I also purchased a dilator kit. Day one of using all 3. Dialator for ten mind gently probing sore spots as per instructions. It's such an upsetting and embarrassing condition that I felt compelled to join the thread and will keep you updated. Thank you for sharing x

Replied by Sandra

Caroline. Yes, the DHEA capsules are originally for oral use but research in the U.S. shows that using them internally minimises/negates any potential side effects.

Any small plastic container suffices, in fact I no longer use the lid on mine, just shake the Carlsons suppository, Sylk and DHEA from side to side to coat the Carlsons. Any small plastic container will be ok - mine originally contained disposable gloves for hair dye but how about those little containers used to measure medicine or those see through ones that you get on top of toiletries. Easy to rinse out after use and small is good only because you then don't waste so much of the DHEA that tends to stick to the sides. As long as half the suppository just fits into the container it will be perfect. As for inserting vaginally there is only one way and that is to just pretend it's a tampon! The Carlsons are really quite comfortable to use due to their waxy composition. I usually place half a dozen or so into my bathroom cabinet for immediate use and store the remainder of the Carlsons in the fridge.

It has only been a matter of a few months now and, to tell the truth, the Atrophy rarely, if ever, crosses my mind. Mine was so severe as I had been wrongly informed that when I had my hysterectomy some 25 years ago that it was partial, had never been offered any treatment, and was in total ignorance of the long term effects it was having on my vaginal health. It was only when I got to my mid 60's and questioned why I didn't have any menopausal symptoms that the error came to light. I had also given up attempting any form of intimacy, due to the excruciating pain that involved nearly 15 years ago, so wasn't aware of how my condition had really worsened since that time.

So, here I am today and I only use the DHEA about every 3 days or so, and without having to go into details, I can so tell the difference when inserting the Carlsons that maybe if the right man came along ...... well, who knows! The thought certainly doesn't appear to terrify me any more.

Replied by Shirleyw
(West Yorkshire)

Please forgive my ignorance but what is a Carlson? And could you use dhea cream. I have been in absolute agony for 5 years now. Please advise, many thanks Shirley

Replied by Sandra

Shirley. Carlson Key E, to give them their full name, are natural vitamin E suppositories. From the description on the rear of the box: they are natural soothing inserts prepared with a base derived from coconut and palm oils. They also contain natural-scource vitamin E. It is these Carlsons that supply the hydration and soothing that us ladies with atrophy are so lacking. They do give immediate relief from that awful dryness. Then the Sylk, necessary to get the DHEA to adhere to the Carlson suppository, also provides further hydration in itself. The DHEA is necessary to solve the long term problem, and the nearest we have to a cure that I know of without going down the route of using Premarin or Vagifem which my body couldn't tolerate. I purposefully tracked down the lowest dose of DHEA with the intention of increasing it if I thought it necessary, but it appears to be enough to ease my symptoms. However, I could only find it in capsule form at Swanson so I can only hope they will continue selling it for as long as it is needed. Maybe one day we in the UK will be able to purchase the dehydration cubes that those fellow sufferers in the U.S. are lucky to be able to buy.

Regarding your question concerning the DHEA cream. I will have to do a bit of research into that as I don't really have any knowledge of it beyond being used solely for anti-ageing. Maybe somebody else on this site has used it and has any comments to add concerning the cream and whether it could be beneficial for atrophy?

Shirley, if you have any further questions just ask and I will try to remember to look in on this site more often. My homemade 'recipe' appears to be working for others too and it's worth a trial as, let's face it, we don't have too many options open to us.

Replied by Shirleyw

Thank you Sandra, I started them last night with the dhea I will update next week. And thank you for posting as this alone will help people in The UK👍⭐️⭐️⭐️

Replied by Shirleyw

thank you Sandra, I started them last night with the dhea I will update next week. And thank you for posting as this alone will help people in The UK👍⭐️⭐️⭐️

Replied by Walker
(Tn / Usa)

I just found these "conversations" tonight on vaginal atrophy and I am amazed that more physicians aren't aware of this remedy. So many of you have nothing but praise for this solution. After reading all the comments, I have to try your method, Sandra ... just ordered the Carlsons Key E and some 25 mg DHEA capsules online from Amazon.

I can't wait to get my order and start making up my own remedy. Thank you so much sharing your discovery ... I'll keep you posted on my results; and hopefully that will be soon.

Replied by Christine

This question is to Sandra from the UK. Could you please give me an update on how things are going. I have VA and the skin outside my vagina cuts after intercourse and is very painful. I am taking vagifem and an oral estrogen/progesterone and am suffering with sore breasts and headaches and it's not working very well. I mentioned DHEA to my doctor who said she had never heard of it and dismissed it. Also is it possible to just put the powder in the vagina without using the carlson capsules. How high up should it be put.

Replied by Laurie
(Southport, Uk)

Sandra, your information is so helpful, thank you. I have just found this, and so went straight on to Amazon to order both the Carlsons and the Swanson DHEA, but neither of them are on there! I'm guessing they've been stopped for some reason. I will look to see if I can find them anywhere else in the UK (SO frustrating that the simple solution of a DHEA suppository isn't available to us here). In the meantime, if you read this, please would you advise where you are now sourcing them? Many thanks!

Replied by Christine

Hi Laurie. I bought mine from Swanson 120 capsules 10mg for £4.68. I am just about to give them a go tomorrow. As we do not have the Carlsons I will try the cotton bud method with coconut oil suggested by Tommi.

Replied by Margaret

Thank you so much for all these helpful suggestions! So encouraging! If you can't find Carlson's, try melting a bit of coconut oil and adding a mg or so of the dhea powder (mix even amounts of the dhea to coconut oil)- (i.e. 1/2 tsp oil to 1 mg dhea powder) pour into ice cube tray freeze for an hour then pop em out for storage in baggie and use a couple times a week.

Replied by Isabelle
(United Kingdom)

Hi Sandra

Thanks a lot for your testimony. I also live in the UK and I have the same problem, vaginal atrophy. I am very interested in the mix of Carlsons cube and the dhea 10mg.
Can you tell me if it's still working after a year please? Do you have any side effects? Where can I buy the carlson cubes? Does it also work for the libido? Many thanks for your help.

Replied by Barbara

Walker! You don't have to go thru the hassle of using the vitamin e, you can order the DHEA suppositories and just use 1/2 a cube nightly for 12 nights and then just twice a week after. The people from UK can't get the suppositories. This is what I do.

Just an idea.

Replied by Allyd
(Nyc Area)

I used to use suppositories for this purpose, but after talking with my compounder, he said you don't really need the suppository, if your situation is such that you can just insert a tablet (if you are too dry or your atrophy makes it difficult). If you are a point where you can still insert something small, you may not need the suppository, just a tablet.

I have purchased Douglas brand micronized DHEA tablets, 5 mg and 10 mg.

They are very tiny.

You can split the tablets if you want a dose other than 5 or 10.

I insert one, it dissolves BINGO. No mess. Sometimes a tiny little bit of discharge but invisible. No taste or odor to it.

If you need some help to insert it, you can use a bit of another vaginal suppository or natural oil like coconut or whatever agrees with your body, and perhaps a inserter like for an ovule or suppository.

If you read the research they based the doses on 3.25,6.5 and 13. 25 (or something similar), every day for one month and then tapering or intermittently. The best results were with the higher doses but the tiny increases in serum hormone levels were the highest there too, but all still within normal post-menopausal levels.

Earlier in perimenopause the 5 mg did fine for me, After a month, I reduced to a few times a week and ultimately then cut in half.

As I progressed tho, I needed a bit more and I redid the one month course of 10 mg, which I supplemented with a tiny bit of a DHEA cream for the vulva area, called Julva, to "add up" to 13.

The I started dropping to a few days a week. If I neglect it, I have to do the every day thing again for a while

But honestly with the tablet it is so unobtrusive that it is no big deal.

I tested my levels and they did in fact stay within normal limits. The Vaginal DHEA does NOT affect you like the topical or ingested one. It does its work near where you put it... just like you want it too!

Ladies this WORKS. I have adrenal fatigue so even tho my estrogen was not too low, none of the estrogenic effects got anywhere near where the "trouble" was. Adrenal deficiency or low DHEA can help explain why some women with the same estrogen levels could have dryness while others don't.

And if I am stressed out and my DHEA drops... sure enough my dryness increases and I up back to 10 for a while.

Julva is a cream by a doctor, search it online. I use some of that around the urethra for some Urinary tract issues and to supplement my tablets a little.

Good luck ladies. Once the FDA approves this I hope they don't take it all away from us and make us get costly prescriptions for it.

Because so far this is a miracle solution.

Replied by Lee

Where do I get the suppositories?

Replied by Debbie

I JUST STUMBLED ON YOUR COMMENTS FROM 2015 on using dhea cubes for vaginal dryness. I am 62 and have severe dryness and atrophy. I have tried all the Rxs my gynecologist prescribed but sex is painfull to the point that I get cuts or splits after sex. Could you please give me full detail on where you buy and exact name anddosage. How r u doing now. Any side effects. In desperate need. Thanks

Replied by Pam

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had early menopause, am not sexually active, and am on an estrogen blocker post breast cancer. I had a Pap done yesterday and had to bite my tongue to keep from shouting from the pain. The doctor (new to me) could only suggest estrogen creme, which I can't use because of the breast cancer--and don't want to use anyway. I am in grateful tears learning that there is another solution.

Replied by Tt
(Norristown, Pa)

Thanks to the ladies on this board regarding DHEA and using the 5 mg micronized tabs from Douglas Labs. I take one 5mg tab and cut it up into 4 tabs. I take the 1.25 tab with a little Replens, vaginally. Using DHEA vaginal 1.25 mg has improved my quality of life. I no longer have constant feeling of a UTI and no longer have constant vaginal burning. I had a hysterectomy (no ovaries left). The doctors had me on estrogen till I turned 45, and then would no longer px estrogen. They would not even px vagifem. However, I finally found one doctor that would px vagifem. Even with vagifem, I had horrible vaginal dryness, and a feeling of a constant UTI (even though I did not have a UTI) and vaginal atrophy. I just started DHEA vaginal in September and DHEA has improved my quality of life. I still have vaginal atrophy, but the feeling of UTI is gone and constant feeling of vaginal burning is gone. I have not had any side effects on this dose.

Please remember, everyone is different and what works for one person, may not work for another. Of course, one should first check with their doctor, if they are considering using this.

Replied by Potty
(Melborne, Australia)

I feel deeply grateful for everyone who has contributed to this thread. In Australia we can't buy DHEA or import it. The only thing that I could find is a homeopathic 6X DHEA so after Xmas will buy some and insert it vaginally and see if it helps. I have thinning and bleed lightly because of this. I have started daily swabbing with coconut oil.

I have also had a ring inserted to correct a vaginal prolapse and it is amazing. Like I'm back to normal after years of having this thing hang out!!! The gyno put me on Vagifem but after 5 months I started to notice a lot of low level side effects -

I'm not sleeping properly and I'm getting night sweats. Also there seems to be a lowering of my immune system and an increase in my pain level – pain is no longer settling overnight ( I have significant degeneration in my lumbar spine). Possible itchy ears and at night face itches plus skin on face seems more blemished. Liver tenderness. I also seem to have low level depression and anxiety and am not as peaceful as I usually am and get thrown by things that usually wouldn't upset me to such a degree. It feels as though I have lost my vitality.

Replied by Sharon

Hi Sandra

Thanks so much for your detailed information. I've order what I need and hope to start this in the next week. This conversation was start in 2016 and wonder how you've been going with it since then? Cheers, Sharon

Replied by Darlene
(El Paso Tx)

Hi Allyd! I know my comment is coming to you almost a year after you posted but I've just found this thread and am so happy I did. I'm just curious to ask why you decided to start taking DHEA in perimenopause. I just ordered some DHEA micronized caps and after looking at all these comments, they appear to be from women post-menopause. My main symptom at this point is a constant burning sensation that I'm hoping will go away once I start the DHEA capsules. I also feel "thinner" down there already and I'm just 44! I'm hoping being proactive and starting now will help things before they get really bad. How long were you taking them in perimenopause before moving to the larger dose?

Posted by Gracd (Falls Church Va) on 07/22/2015

Hi, over time did you continue using DHEA? Did it affect your fibroids? I've just been told by a compounding pharmacist that DHEA breaks down into estradiol which concerns me. Any insight would be greatly recommended as I'm deciding upon which treatment to embark upon.

Replied by Allyson

Search the internet and you can find and download the actual studies themselves.

The studies clearly show that when used only intravaginally, the DHEA affects blood serum levels of the other hormones either not at all or minimally and within the normal range for post menopausal women. The effect on the other hormones is no where near as strong as if you ingested DHEA or used a cream.

An internet search can find the studies which you can download for free. Here is one of the links, which includes references to some of the other studies:

Replied by Sue

I know it has been a while but for other readers too, DHEA is a precursor for several hormones.

Posted by Karen (Florida) on 05/02/2015

I have been using the DHEA supositories and I can't believe the difference. I am a 60 year old woman and I was about to give up sex it hurt and I had lost the desire. Well I feel like this is the magic bullet. I actually feel like a woman again. I know that sounds corny but the DHEA I got from a compounding pharmacy they are little cubes and I cut them in half , they were prescribed, a full one was to much, I started to spot a trace and he told me to cut it in half. Perfect for me. I have moisture and plumpness and a sex drive. I can't believe it has taken me this long to find something natural that works. I don't find it messy and it didn't keep me up at night. Good Luck Ladies

Replied by Karen
(Hillsboro Tn.)

Please tell me where I can purchase DHEA suppositories.

Replied by Anna
(Vancouver, Canada)

Karen, how long did it take for you to start noticing a difference after using the cubes? Secondly, do you take a break from it or use a half cube everyday?

I've noticed that many of the websites listed don't carry Bezwecken DHEA cubes anymore. I spoke with Linda at Healthy Supplements and they seem to be the only people who have the new formulation. Older branding means the product might be past it's prime. They seem to be the only people carrying the new one. I've got five packages on order and two sent to a friend as a birthday gift! Here's the website link.

Replied by Marilyn
(Nashville, Tn)


I would be very careful with DHEA! Did you know it contains testosterone? A friend of mine just told me she had been using it and started to grow a moustache and other side effects. Please read up on all the side effects before using it.

Replied by Kathryn4

Suggestion: First go to a very good muscles testing person to see what level of DHEA your body needs.

Replied by Tommi

I have been off and on hormones as I had menopause at age 41 and first 2 yrs I was on premarin and depo. The next 2 years on compounding bioidentical. Next 1 year of Vivelle patch only, Then 2 years of root/natural concoction by a local (overseas) which really worked wonders as I lost all abdominal fat, breasts perky, and vaginal secretion. Realized that won't be safe in the long run so went off. Vaginal atrophy and serious drenching hot flashes every 20 mins. Got on amazon smoky mtns estriol and progesterone cream. after 3 months off again and now everything is back. I am 52 now and I have atrophy so no sex or even desire. Decide no more estrogen natural or otherwise as I have extensive family history of cancer on both sides.

To make a long story short, I have decided on DHEA after researching on the net. I tried estriol cubes meant for the skin by Bezwecken but ended up with vaginal thrush. So I ordered micronized dhea online (douglas labs brand), bought unrefined extra virgin coconut oil from whole foods (USA) and broke 15 capsules into a large tablespoon (heaped) of coconut oil, blended well wth a spoon and use a q tip to take a small amount (in my mind that tablespoon will be 30 doses using it with the q tips, as much as it would carry on the tip without dropping) and insert in my vagina every morning after breakfast as DHEA, testosterone peaks then. Today is the 5th day and I will continue for a month and if atrophy feels better, will come down to 2 times a week for 2 months then 1 time per week and then once every other week for maintenance. I will write after I see results.

Replied by Tommi

It is working as today is the 8th day. I have made it easier by making tiny heaps of the mixture made in the above insert written, onto wax or aluminium foil and places in a container, and placed in refrigerator. The dosage is 5 mg (u can get 10 mg or 5 mg micronized dhea capsules) for 30 "suppositories". It is easier after taking out form the fridge and just insert them by hand the q tip. The micronized dhea is best absorbed via mucous membrane and the coconut oil is an anti inflammatory and anti fugal. Needless to say with a dry lining inside, anything and everything caused itching but not this! I tried the DHEA cubes and the estrio cubes both gave me thrush after 4 days but this is the best way I could use and the cheapest. Of course one has to be judicious about using them.

DHEA still is a steroid so cannot use permanently on a regular basis as it does convert to estradiol and testosterone, but because it is vaginal the rate of absorption and therefore conversion is much less in the circulation. But now it has to be herbal pills for oral, extrotone, back cohosh etc, and vaginal moisturizers, VIT e and coconut oil most non reactive and natural and the occasional use of DHEA once the cells of the vaginal lining has regenerated. I do not plan to take my preparation daily everyday once the 30 days are up and in the manner I have already described.

Also, one has to at least do a saliva testing of hormone levels at least twice a year. There are risks for us women taking any kind of steroids for the long term.

Replied by Allyson
(Nyc Metro)

Actually, if you read the research, the good thing about these is that they do NOT convert into estrogen or testosterone in the blood significantly. I read the the studies so far and the increases in blood levels were minimal, especially at the lower dose of 3.5 mg.

Replied by Marcia

I found silicon ice cube trays that are perfect for making suppositories. (They are for water bottles, long and narrow.). I warm coconut oil and pour into the trays, then freeze. I cut into thirds and insert. Easy! Will purchase another for the dhea. Thanks ladies!

Replied by Susan

Wondering if anyone else's atrophy was caused by chemotherapy? I was treated with chemo for breast cancer. Now my oncologist reluctantly prescribed Premarin but says it is risky for cancer fuelled by estrogen. I'm 47 & the atrophy is terrible. As if cancer was not bad enough.

Replied by Lucy


You might give the herbal infusion of oat straw a try and see if it helps restore your hormonal balance, as per herbalist Susun Weed. You can buy a pound of oat straw herb on amazon. Measure out one ounce of the herb and place in a quart jar. Boil water and fill the jar. Allow to steep for at least 4 hours or overnight. Strain out the herb and drink from 2 to 4 cups of the infusion daily. Refrigerate remainder for up to 36 hours. Easy enough. It is recommended that you purchase the loose herb and not tea bags or capsules, to obtain the best effect.

There is a liquid probiotic product called Flora PM rich in humic minerals that may also restore your balance. It is made in the USA so it may be costly to ship to Canada.

I have a friend who is a breast cancer survivor who was helped in this department by the Flora PM and I think it works in the same way as the oat straw infusion, by providing nutrients to the body.

Replied by Charlene
(New York)

@Susan from Canada and anyone else suffering,

Hi, I read your comment about vaginal atrophy caused by chemotherapy and I too have had this experience. I am a 2 year cancer (nonhodgkins lymphoma survivor, thriver) and had 6 months of chemotherapy which put me right into menopause; no more period, some occasional hot flashes but the worst is the extreme vaginal dryness. I've tried so many holistic treatments; coconut oil, vitamin e suppositories, replens, organic aloe vera gel, nu-eve suppositories and I've even had 4 Mona Lisa laser rejuvenation procedures but still am suffering. I recently discovered the DHEA cubes after much time researching and just ordered some. I haven't started using them yet because I'm still a bit apprehensive due to the overall safety since having the cancer. This is all so very hard. I am trying to trust God to help me make the right decisions.

Any input, comments and advice from anyone would be much appreciated.

@Susan from Canada, I hope that things have improved for you.

Posted by Deanna (Michigan, US) on 08/07/2014

After much research, incredible stress and absolutely no help from traditional MD gynecologists, I found a compounding pharmacy that makes DHEA 3.25mg suppositories in a solid oil type base. I have used them for 1 year now and they have worked wonders for me! My only complaint is that they can be messy since the oil melts at body temperature and will leak out a little. But that is nothing compared to what I was going through before I used them.

My recent physical and blood tests, with a new doctor, showed great improvement in hormone levels and the pap smear came back showing not as much menopausal cellular changes. Some states require a prescription for the compounded suppositories and some do not. You will have to check in your area with a compounding pharmacy to see what the laws are. There are some compounding pharmacies on line that will ship out of state. There is one in Ohio that I use that is excellent. They ship the suppositories packed in ice packs and I haven't had any problems with that. But I live in the next state over so not an extreme distance away.

I finally found a local Osteophathic woman doctor that has been a true Godsend to me. She also prescribes a compounded progesterone cream based on my blood test. I have gone to MD gynecologists all my adult life will never go to one again. The extent of their knowledge for this condition seem to be to prescribe synthetic estrogen, and if you refuse that, recommend you get counseling and suggest an antidepressant medication. I am in no way a depressed person, I was stressed out from all the anxiety they helped cause me with their attitudes and lack of caring. Good luck and God Bless you all, I know how awful and stressful the symptoms of vaginal atrophy can be.

Replied by Carol
(Huntsville, Al)

Deanna: thank you for your informative guidance...and hope. I am 67 and have suffered from vaginal atrophy for over 5 years. Like you, I find my female Gynocologist absolutely useless. Question: Will the pharmacy in Ohio prescribe the DHEA vaginal suppositories without a doctor's order? I live in Alabama.


Amazon has 5 micronized tabs that just melt in place. I have been using for 2 years and no side effects. I insert in the A.M. no cream necessary. Also have found that by crushing up into a fine powder can put a small amount on vulva for added relief. All that I have read indicates that there is no adsorption into the blood when used topically, so you are not adding to your hormone balance or imbalance.

Replied by Kate
(Michigan, Us)


Could you please list the compounding pharmacy that you found the DHEA suppositories in? I live near Ann Arbor, MI and I don't know how to use these or what mgs but since my hyst the docs have offered NO help. I have lost every bit of my desire & have NO energy at all. And, I am a young woman. Plz can offer info becuz the docs have thrown nothing but meds that do nothing.

I found a compounding pharmacy that makes DHEA 3.25mg suppositories in a solid oil type base.

Thank you, Kate

Replied by Lynne

Kate, I just ordered some bezwecken dhea cubes on line from I guess these cubes are relatively new? anyway, they can easily be inserted, maybe best at night with a pantie liner. I just received mine and am going to first try quartering them, and go from there. I am 67 and have not had sex in almost 15 years b/c of lack of libido and mostly vaginal dryness. It just hurts and takes the fun out of sex. An update from you on what you have tried, if anything, since posting.

Replied by Darlene
(El Paso, Tx)

Hi Susan: I just received my micronized tablets from Amazon as well, and will start on them tomorrow. Just a quick question for you which may have been answered earlier in this thread - did you go on a maintenance dose after a certain point, or just continue with the 5 mg? What benefits did you see by applying externally as well as just inserting vaginally? I'm so happy to have found this thread.

Posted by Gettingoldsucks (Huntsville, Alabama) on 07/22/2014

I understand DHEA vaginal suppositories have yet to be approved by FDA (in third phase trial study). Those who have been using DHEA vaginal suppositories...can you tell me if you have experienced any side effects? Also, where do you purchase them if the product has not been approved?

Replied by Adrienne
(California, US)

I found the DHEA B suppositories.. they changed the name and method of use, but it's the same. Here is the page.. if this doesn't come up its from The Natural online.

They have the Dhea cubes, lub cubes.. etc..

Replied by Deb
(Florida, US)

The first Gyno (a man) I saw for vaginal atrophy prescribed lidocaine gel! Can you imagine? Then I went to a lady gyno and she explained what was going on and prescribed estrace cream, which was some help but did not work at all unless I used it all the time which causes concern of side effects, so I want something natural without side effects.

Replied by Indigo

I was wondering if anyone here who is using DHEA cubes or the Estriol cubes, if you have been able to have a vaginal orgasm? I have no problem with a clitoral orgasm. I figured before I spend the money on the cubes, I would ask to see if anyone who had suffered from vaginal atrophy was able to achieve vaginal orgasm after treatment.

Replied by Barbara
(Collierville, Tn)

I ordered these and just started them, I cut them in Half and inset, will see how it goes and report back.

Posted by Patricia (Denver, Co) on 04/28/2014

I had vaginal atrophy so bad sex became out of the question. I tried everything. Even forced myself to use hormone creams they made me feel terrible. They made me feel extremely grouchy. I even tried using progesterone cream vaginally. My husband was supportive, but it still felt painful. I read about using dhea in the suppository. So I tried it. This is what I do. I use the Carlson suppositories and cut them in half and and hollow a little spot out for 1/3 of a 5 mg tablet. I started with a half and it was too strong- I am pretty sensitive. I insert this every other morning. I wish I could do it at night, but the dhea keeps me awake. On the days I do not do this I use 1/2 suppository at night - just helps keep things moisturized. I have been doing this for six months and I am amazed sometimes I do not even need to use a suppository prior to intercourse. I would have never even tried it before. This is the answer for me. I normally don't write about this, but I hope it helps someone.

Replied by Vanna

Patricia, you said you started with half of a 5 mg and it was too strong. How was it affecting you? Just curious because I started using the 5 mg every other day (started last Thursday) and so far so good. I just insert it as is in the morning. It's just so tiny, can't imagine trying to cut it into 1/3 or even 1/2 of a tablet. I understand everyone is different, so that is why I'm wondering how the strength 2.5 mg was effecting you. Thank you!

Replied by Marcy
(United States)

I need help. I too suffer horribly from Vaginal Atrophy. I'm 55 and through menopause. Approximately 4 years ago I had a large blood clot in my lung, which the doctors said was probably caused by use of the estrogen patch (can't remember which one I used, I think Premarin). So, I cannot use anything hormone related. I've tried using a moisturizer/lubricant injected 3-4 times a week, at night but it did not help and it was very messy. When I saw the commercial for Osphena I thought this might work but my doctor said because of the blood clots, she would not risk giving me the prescription. I don't know where to start. Is DHEA a hormone and could this be something I might be able to use? Please, any suggestions, I'm desperate.

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Marcy,

DHEA is a natural steroid. I do not know much about its use.

There was a post recently on the issue of vaginal dryness/atrophy and Damiana was used. Damiana, according to my book, Nutritional Herbology, is not an estrogenic herb, as say, Black Cohosh and Dong Quai are. It is something I would look into.

Jojoba oil and Magnesium seem like some other possible things to try that are not hormonal in nature.

Hoping others will have more feedback for you about the possibility of DHEA.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Cathy
(Tampa, Florida)

Hi, I am having an issue with vaginal atrophy-mainly on the external areas aggravated by urine.

My gyns prescribed estrace and estriol in a hypoallergenic base, but after spending $105 on the compounded estriol, the pharmacy still will not tell me what is in the inactive ingredients. I think its cetyl and stearyl alcohol, vaseline, and mineral oil. I have not felt comfortable with either option,

My gyns prescribe the estrace and estriol in a compounded hypoallergenic base, but it has cetyl and stearyl alcohol. Its also very expensive. $55 for a months supply that has to be refrigerated. Just never liked these options.

Just wondering what your symptoms are and if the gyn did any testing to determine it was va, like a swab test, or just by an exam?

Is sitting also a problem, or does the shower water irritate the area? Does urine also irritate the area near urethra or does it sting? Not like a uti, but the actual skin a few seconds later? Are most of the symptoms internal or external?

Glad the DHEA is working. Where do you buy the DHEA pills and would a gyn prescribe it?? Is it a suppository meant to be used that way, or is it an oral supplement?? Is it inserted in something? Have any of you tried estriol in olive oil drops from Womens International pharmacy?

Have any of you had any success with estriol in an olive oil base drops from womens International pharmacy? Is the DHEA little pill I am reading about made for vaginal use-where do you buy it and is it by prescription.

Have you all tried coconut oil unrefined, organic, I've heard from several ladies this has helped alot and it's not so expensive.

Is the vaginal atrophy affecting your life, like is sitting uncomfortable or the shower water irritate the skin also? The beach water stung like crazy.

For those of you who use DHEA vaginally-does it come with an applicator or do you put it in a Carlson vitamin e suppository?

Any of you used coconut oil or vitamin e oil? These are some alternatives I've heard from the health food store . Thanks, this va is new to me and trying to learn to cope with it and know what has worked.

Thanks, Cathy

Replied by Mandy

Im self diagnosing myself with vaginal atrophy... im breastfeeding and never had a vaginal birth (which I read increases your chances of it! ) and at a certain point in my cycle I have about a week of insane itching/burning. I find that using a panty liner helps and I do use coconut oil. I tried it once cause I didn't know what else I could use and it worked! Its not long term, but it definitely helps.

Replied by Martinaa
(Florida, US)

Thank you so much for your post. I too was having painful intercourse and uti's. I took your suggestion and bought some dhea at my local pharmacy as well as suppositories. The dhea came only in a 25mg so I quarter it and put it in the suppository. It has worked really well. I can really notice if I miss a few days. It's a bit of a hassle but well worth it. In europe they sell this already made up; I wish we could buy it in the US. The only thing that concerns me is the extra "filler" ingredients in the dhea; I wonder if those could be harmful.

Replied by Jill

Doctors will tell you that sore outer labia is from aging and we need to use steroid creams on those spots...BUT> It is caused by waning estrogen. I just learned using a plunger to inject compounded hormones much too high up in vagina is wasting the hormone. Receptors are lower, and use some outside on labia. I almost gave up and thought I would have to resort to steroid cream for outer sore spot. My doc said it is "pale" so do you wnat steroid? (NO! ) I happened to read Dr. Sara Gottfried Hormone Cure THAT NIGHT and used my estriol outside - not high up in vagina. Why didnt my doctor tell me this! ? I have used vaginal es-tri-ol (safer weakest estrogen) for atrphoy - (painful sex and internal itching) for 6 years. I went to doctor at menopause thinking I had yeast infection. That itch is atrophy! Shrinking drying tissues itch! Sex was like broken glass! That is classic need for estriol. Helps ALL bladder issues too. My doc once said cut way back on progesterone cream - you don't have much estrogen to balance anymore. I did - I got a fibroid at age 58! I will not ignore what I studied anymore. AMA doctors are slow to get educated about natural health. They get 30 mins or less of nutritional training in med school! READ ladies! Start with John R. Lee and then read Dr. Jeffrey Zara. Find Jesus...and your covered.

Replied by Nevergiveup
(Fresno, Ca)

I have suffered from VA off and on for more than 20 years. Reluctantly resorted to vegifem, Premarin, helped some, but, not for long and worried about side effects. Now Osphena is being offered. I know they say it isn't estrogen, but, works like estrogen in the vagina. I am still concerned about the negative effects of too much estrogen. Any thoughts out there on the safety of osphena? I have just started the DHEA hydration cubes. I hoping those do the job instead of main stream drugs. But, is their still a worry about the DHEA converting to estrogen with negative side effects?

Replied by Wydo

Marcy, please look into Nattokinase for your blood clots. This will help greatly for that and many other things as well, such as cleaning up your veins. It is a type of enzyme from a soybean ferment. Any soy in it has been removed although one brand puts it in soy oil so if you are sensitive to soy look at what the other ingredients are.

Replied by Robert Henry
(Ten Mile, Tn)

HI U WYDO,,,,,,,,,, my integrative doctor has his wife on Nattokinase because she has A fib. I also take this along with Taurine and Cartizim. I don't like doing pharmaceuticals, but I also don't like going to the ER in the middle of the night when my pulse hits 180 and I can hear my heart beats in my ears.

I have a better solution......... don't get old.


Replied by Shirley

I have terrible trouble sitting and lying down. I'm only a week into these dhea plus Carlson and have not had much change yet but hoping for some improvement very soon. I just want to sit with comfort. Has anyone else had these problems and did it take the dhea longer to work? Very interested.

Replied by Jeannie

Thank you for your post. It is a great help and I appreciate your being very specific about your routine and how this affects you. I am in the process of investigating this problem since it has become unbearable.

Replied by Erin
(Webster, Sd)

I have vaginal atrophy very badly where sex is out of the question. Plus I'm raw and have a discharge. I'd love a follow up as to if this is still working for you since it's now 12/2016. I am wanting to try this system. Already did Premarin and also Vagifem and they did absolutely nothing at all. Thanks Erin

Posted by James (Denver, Co, Usa) on 07/15/2012

So glad I found this thread. My wife's 63, and is experiencing vaginal atrophy to the point that she tells me she experiences irritation or pain everytime we're intimate. Well, just like I was the one to do the progesterone cream research several years ago, now I find myself the researcher yet again.

So I found this study that said 250 or so women used DHEA suppositories intravaginally for 12 weeks and reported that vaginal atrophy symptoms were relieved. They used varying strengths, to see if that mattered. As it turned out, the 3.25 mg DHEA ovule or suppository seemed to have pretty good results. I found a pharmacist that reported some of their customers had success with 3.25mg DHEA vaginal suppositories (or ovules), inserting 1 suppository nightly for 12 weeks, then 2-3 times per week thereafter. Has anyone tried this?

Another study I came across, the participants utilized a vaginal suppository containing hyaluronic acid sodium salt 5 mg, vitamin E acetate 1 mg, and vitamin A palmitate 1 mg. Dosing was a suppository intravaginally every night for 14 nights, then tapering to every other night for 14 nights. Of 150 women, 126 women completed the study in full. The study assessed efficacy of the study medication in the areas of burning, itching, inflammation and irritation. Results showed that any symptom that was reported as severe initially was resolved to either mild or absent at the end of four weeks. Anyone ever heard of this?

My wife's in a very demanding job, and doesn't have time to research this, so I'll be checking back to hear from you as to what works for you, while I continue to research further and report anything new I find.

Replied by James
(Denver, Co, Usa)

Update - I learned, from doing more research, that 1mg Vaginal E3 Suppositories were more commonly used than the DHEA ones (that is, they have a longer track record; the DHEA suppositories, though, are up-and-coming it seems. ) So I ordered some E3's on-line, after searching for E3 suppositories, or 1mg E3 Vaginal Suppositories. One Naturopathic Doctor who was kind enough to reply, suggested starting out with 1 a week. So, this is our first week. I'll report back later.

Replied by James
(Denver, Co, USA)

Me again, with an update. We've gone from theory to experience. My wife has been using the 1 mg E3 vaginal suppositories by Bezwecken (available over the web - just search for them). She used them nightly for 2 weeks, and then tapered off to 2 times a week (last week). Happy to report that the discomfort she felt is almost totally gone. Several months ago it was actually painful for her sometimes to have sex. But last night, she reported that there's only minor tenderness. That's awesome progress. After buying these suppositories over the web, and starting to use them, she decided to meet with a Naturopath to be safe. It was fun to have her prescribe the same thing she was already using. Ideally (or supposedly) we can taper off to 1 a week. Just had to post an update, because it sure helped things.

Replied by Downs
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I have been following the story on the DHEA but have not hear any more on it. I am a nurse of 23 years with vaginal atrophy after a hysterectomy 20 years. As a nurse I can tell you how afraid of hormones I am. But I had to have something due to prolapsed of vaginal vault and bladder or have surgery. I have tried the E3 and thought my heart was going to stop. My chest hurt for days. My breast hurt so bad I could not touch them. Vaginal vault hurt and burned with positive for blood when void. I would like to know if there is any more news with the DHEA. I have got to try something or have the surgery. I have read all on the internet and research papers.

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Downs: if you haven't found any info on the use of DHEA for your specific condition, then simply give it a personal trial. Also search your condition as it relates to the mother hormone Pregnenalone and sister Progesterone. Since these are bioidenticle hormones in the human body in synthetic or supplement forms, there are virtually no negative side effects. So the question becomes not "should I supplement DHEA" but "how much". There are a growing number of health professionals and clinics using these Bio-identical hormones in the treatment of many common age-related illnesses. Search Bio-identical Hormone Therapy as opposed to Hormone Replacement Therapy (which has negative side effects). I use a Pregnenalone or DHEA supplement daily as I have a degenerative condition. Since these hormones are "parent" they don't create an imbalance or, testosterone or estrogen dominance; you simply get an increase of both (which is the purpose). I take either 25mg Pregnenalone or 50mg DHEA daily w/ noticeable good results (increase stamina). It's advised to begin w/ small doses and gradually increase to desired results. There are also a number of herbs that are helpful in promoting hormone synthesis in the body.

Also, you may also consider an B-12 / Folic Acid deficiency as that can have negative consequences in the Cervical / Vaginal area.

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Timh, you mention herbs that are good for hormone balance. What are they?

Replied by Timh
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Dong Quai / Angelica, and Siberian Ginsing / Eleuthero Root.

Replied by Downs
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Timh, have you had any negitive side effect from the DHEA? What I have read make me concern. Some say great hair loss, palpations and anxiety, on and on of course, the benefits are equal. My prolapsed is do lack of hormone to strength the vaginal vault, and no cervix, due to vaginal histerectomy. I an sixty years and I am tired of having surgeries. Not one surgery seams to help just makes another problem. There is a co. (not china )that makes a 5 mg sublingual. My state doesn't compound the DHEA or will not without script. I think I am going to try this. I will break them in fourth. Any advice.

Replied by Timh
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Downs: Most health food stores or pharmacies carry otc DHEA, so yes, start w/ low mg and work your way up. I would recommend also using the herbs I suggested. Rotate from one to the other on a weekly basis while also taking the DHEA.

Also consider Growth Hormone boosting as it could compliment the other recommends and you would increase your chances of a real and lasting benefits. The Amino Acid GABA boost Growth Hormone production as much as 40% (take one grm before retiring). I take the GABA in conjunction w/ YouTube Growth Hormone Release or Pituitary release harmonics. Athletic trainers have discovered that quick burst exercise (also found on YouTube) has dramatic Growth Hormone release. Speaking of hormones, make sure your Thyroid is good. Supplement Iodine.

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For those who would like to try DHEA there is a lab called Douglas lab that does not use China Vitamin and is a very reliable co. whom make DHEA 5 mg that you can use. It is a sublingual that I divide into fourth. You can't get DHEA compound here without script.

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