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Gardasil Side Effects
Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 04/17/2009 509 posts
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32 girls have died!

Please watch video on drastic side effects of Gardasil vaccine which is supposed to prevent cervical cancer. We have to admit it works, because I have never heard of a dead person who developed cervical cancer from and reportedly 32 have already died following the vaccine!!!!!! If you have a web site you might save a few lives by adding a link to this site on your web site!

Hopefully most of you have heard about the avian flu vaccine in Europe although our propaganda media apparently plans to keep it hid. Seems some brilliant scientist injected some little 4 leggeds with the vaccine and they died from avian flu. When they called it to the manufacturers attention, they said they had accidently contaminated the vaccine with the avian flu virus. When pressed to explain how they managed to accidently contaminate the vaccine with this particular virus, their story changed to they had accidently shipped out the avial flu virus instead of the the flu vaccine?????????? How did this happen ACCIDENTALLY?????? For more on this go to Natural Solutions Foundation!