Ulcer Remedies

Apple Cider Vinegar, Yogurt

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Posted by Lucy (Ontario) on 08/26/2022


the study above used ACV with food 2xs per day for 7-10 day to completely eradicate h-pylori/stomach pain 100%. So I tried it. I had anemia of chronic disease, stomach pain 24/7 for a few years now. after my first dose of 1 Tbsp of ACV mixed with a couple Tbsps of Kifer because that's what I had on hand taken just before breakfast and supper and I had no more pain AT ALL not even at night. the combination of acetic acid and lactic acid create this bomb against H-pylori that apparently worked100% of the time.

Baking Soda

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Posted by Marc (Montreal, CA) on 02/20/2015

The Very Best for ulcers often preceded by chronic heartburns is baking soda. Each time you have a heartburn, put a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in your mouth and let it melt. It will stop it instantly, faster than anything you've ever tried. Repeat as often it hurts. Think of carrying a tiny container filled with baking soda in your pocket or purse. The Heartburns will get less and less frequent. Soon they will vanish completely. It's the very best and it's almost free. You can find it anywhere. Enjoy life again.

Bitter Melon

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Posted by Ben (Odessa, Missouri) on 06/21/2013

Thank G-d, I believe I have found the cure for stomach ulcers. Though it tastes horrible, literally the worst meal I've ever had, it COMPLETELY worked for me. I ate one whole raw bitter melon including the seeds (with salt and tomato to try to mask the taste)I had suffered on and off with ulcers since Jan 2012 and though it had waned considerably, it still hung around after taking about everything you could imagine, except that matoula (sp?) tea from SA. But that was on my list, even when nearly broke. Cayenne helped a lot, but they still were there or it, whatever. But about a day after trying the bitter melon, the pain totally disappeared. I ate the seeds too because the are supposed to kill bacteria. I did feel slightly erm, inebriated I guess, it has some insulin like effect on the body, but it wasn't a drunk or toxic feeling, just a very calming effect, wonderful actually. I tested myself slowly with all the foods that would bring pain before, coffee, a little wine (I'm not a drinker at all) and bread, pasta, potatoes, etc. zero problems. This is the answer folks, I'm thoroughly convinced that everything else may help, but this plant was made for this purpose in my opinion. Don't listen to people who want to tell you to take pills.

Replied by Khan
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Sir did you eat bitter melon raw or cooked?

Replied by Jane
(Tellico Plains, Tennessee)

What is bitter melon and where do you find it? I have ulcers bad, medicine not helping.

Replied by Lady Mars
(Lithia, Florida)

Hi, bitter melon can be found in any Asian market. Just ask the clerk. It can be cooked or prepared as a tea. My husband makes a tea, freezes it in an ice cube tray and adds it to water or iced tea. I have heard it is more effective eaten raw, but is really VERY bitter.

Aloe juice might also be helpful and may be in the same Asian market. Pure, unflavored juice would probably be better.

Replied by Anny

Where can I get bitter Mellon in Nigeria I am also a suffered from it sir..

Replied by Chiomy0
(Lagos, Nigeria)

You can get it Ikorodu road. From Anthony bus stop (under bridge), take a bike or ask anyone of India market it's at the back of Mutual Benefits building. Its a very popular place and it's very easy to locate.


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Posted by Sue (Auckland, New Zealand) on 06/09/2016

I have had stomach ulcer pain on and off for several days. Today the pain was quite intense. I put some raw cabbage in a blender and even before I had finished it, my stomach started to feel better. I will continue with this for several days. I have also had some relief from manuka honey and coconut oil, but not as dramatic as from the cabbage.

Posted by Schwabbie (So Cal., US) on 03/23/2015

Cabbage Juice for Ulcer:

The cabbage juice worked for me in 2 days. Problem is keeping up with it. Its easy to do on the weekends when I am home, but when I am at work it's not so easy. And yes the pain will go away, but you still need to keep taking it otherwise the pain comes back. I am going to try juicing before or after work and using the glutamine powder during the day when I am at work.

Posted by Bunmi (Nigeria) on 06/18/2014

I am Anjo Herbal, From Nigeria,

My wife have ulcer for ten years she drunk a litter of cabbage juice a day after some week the ulcer disappear for two years, and again to my surprise ulcer just come up today please I need help what next advice me. she drink the cabbage juice the pain come higher than before.

Replied by Charlotte

Hi there, I had ulcers last year and tried cabbage juice and it gave me wind and burping but no real help. Some people cannot tolerate it. What helped me at the time was taking proton pump inhibitors. I live in the UK and cannot afford to keep trying this and that, works out too hit and miss and far too expensive. Now it may have returned. I think it is important to have good appetite, eat soft food, make sure you have nutrition and have other things that help like fibre and omega 3 etc the usual and be patient as it takes time.

Maybe those who get ulcers are prone to them returning later if not careful.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern California)
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I have been plagued with duodenal ulcers since 2009. I have been tested for H pylori by several different methods and always test negative. I was on H2 inhibitor s until my last hospitalization where I needed 5 pints of blood and was still a little anemic from ulcer blood loss. 3.3 cm X 2.2 cm. Had 3 clamps installed. They put me on PPI for two weeks. It's been two years and I can't get off of them. Everytime I try I get nausea/vomiting. The rub is that not only do I need that stomach acid to digest but PPI s also destroy mitochondria, causing chronic fatigue. I can't get back to work like this. I have very little endurance and get out of breath when I have to do my farmwork or housework. Mitochondria are our energy powerhouse. I can't function normally like this. I can't walk any distance. I have severe arthritis. PPI s are doing this. I'm on all nutrients I can think of to help. Green tea has epicatechins as does Chocolate which helps build mitochondria. I'm taking a teaspoon of green tea a day. But I don't know if it can build mitochondria fast enough to counter it's breakdown from PPI s . I saw a study on rats given cysteine and vitamin B6 and it helped prevent alcohol induced ulcers. Since that's it my ulcer source, I don't know if it's helping. I have cut down to half a PPI a day for a few weeks and tried to cut down to 1/4 a pill yesterday and was incapacitated with pain and nausea and exhaustion. I will switch to NAC and see if it works any better. This is one stubborn ulcer, and not being caused by NSAIDs or alcohol or h pylori. Stress is the only thing left. But I can't help being upset over not being able to function.

Replied by Timh
2063 posts

Try Zantac plus green smoothie containing lots of Chlorella and/or DGL Allantoin for the ulcers.

For Mitochondria and energy restoration try PQQ and Quercetin.

Replied by Thalassa

Hello, You can try a baking soda with fresh lemon juice in a glass water.

Posted by Carole (Canada) on 05/08/2014

While I was studying at university 30 years ago, a doctor put me on some very harsh anti-inflammatories for a back condition I had and I developed very bad stomach ulcers. The anti-inflammatory was so harsh in fact that it was taken off the market in the end. Anyhow, I had those ulcers for 30 years and tried EVERY treatment possible through conventional medicine, but the antibiotics killed my good bacteria and gave me more problems, and the acid blockers have a huge rebound effect (the minute you go off them, the stomach acid you produce is far higher than normal and this brings back the ulcer). I'm telling you, if someone had told me to put a cow paddy on my head because it would cure my ulcers, I would have tried it. I have suffered greatly from them, and there have been many foods I have not been able to eat.

Anyhow, I started hearing about how cabbage juice had cured many people of their ulcers (Was it the natural chemicals in the cabbage killing bacteria, or was it some natural chemical that increased the health/patency of the stomach lining? Who knows?).

So, one day when my ulcer pain was radiating up to my neck and ear and I really had nothing to lose, I bought a red cabbage, took off the outside leaves, washed the innerleaves, and started chomping on the leaves right away. I spit out any cabbage that did not chew up completely in my mouth because I didn't want any undigested fiber to go to my large bowel to be digested by bacteria that make gas. I chewed on the cabbage VERY thoroughly, as if it were chewing gum. Interestingly, there was very little fiber to spit out. All I wanted was the juice (which apparently holds the good plant chemicals). I did not want the fiber. The result bordered on the miraculous. Within 10 minutes my stomach/neck/ear pain was incredibly better. It was too incredible to believe. For the whole day, as I worked from my home on my computer, I grazed on the cabbage and also ate my regular meals through the day. I cannot tell you what good that cabbage did for me. In all, I ate the equivalent of 3/4 of a small cabbage that day. I had absolutely no gas from the cabbage; as a matter of fact, it REDUCED my gas (although I must say that cooked cabbage GIVES me gas). So, to my way of thinking, cabbage juice does not cause gas, but the difficult-to-chew fiber does.

For the next two days, I ate the same amount of cabbage (be warned, when the cabbage mixes with your saliva and you spit out the difficult-to-chew fiber, the spit-out-cabbage-fiber smell is very stinky (probably from sulfhydryl groups). It's the typical cabbage stinky smell. Your whole house will smell of it if you don't throw out the spit-out-fiber on an hourly basis. But believe me, that's a SMALL price to pay for your cure. My husband got to loving that smell because he was getting a wife for the first time in his life that wasn't in pain due to her stomach ulcers.

In the literature I read, it said that you should do the cabbage treatment for 10 straight days, but I have to admit, I was soooo well after four days that I neglected to do it for a couple of days. Then I did it for a couple of days. Then I slacked off. You get the picture.

The be-all-to-end-all is that my stomach is the best it's ever been. And the funny thing is, a month after the treatment (I am not currently eating raw cabbage) my stomach keeps getting better and better. There are things that I am eating now that I hadn't been eating for years.

So, my treatment plan was to go slow, do it at my pace, and see what happened. And it worked great.

I am writing this message to you because it was the encouragement from this website that finally made me try the cabbage on one of my worst days, and it miraculously worked and I wanted to pay that miracle forward.

For the rest of my life, I will take the time to eat raw cabbage in my diet every once in a while.

All the best!

Replied by S.b.
(New York)

Hi Carol,

I was diagnosed with an ulcer over twenty-five years ago. It healed and I've had no problem with it for all of these years. However, during the past five years I've had two flare ups. I now realize that it happened each time I took Motrin for a few days. Never again. It was 9:50 pm and I was looking desperately online for some natural relief from the raw, burning pain that was radiating from my stomach, to my right side, to under my right arm pit and to my upper back. I read your post on chewing red cabbage. I had two ingredients handy that are said to be good for ulcer relief. They were cayenne and cabbage. I tried your remedy because, quite frankly, yours was the the least scary. I want to sing. You said your pain was gone in ten minutes. Mine took six minutes. I still find it hard to believe all of that pain went away so fast. I've also been belching like crazy so the bloating is lessening. I don't know what's gonna happen tomorrow but for right now I'm smiling again. I'm writing because I feel so good that I want to share this remedy with others looking for relief.

Replied by Whisperingsage
(Northeastern California)
45 posts

I tried cabbage in 2011 before my first hospitalization from a duodenal ulcer. But maybe I didn't do it right. I'll try it again. I know I found it has glutamine on it so I took high doses of glutamine too. Didn't help. Could be probiotics. I take those. No go. But in the rat studies where they have the rats cysteine and B6, one of the studies also gave hydrogen sulfide, which is a metabolite of cysteine in the metabolic pathway, and that worked too. In the rat study. Interesting because you reminded me of that when you mentioned the sulfide smell in the cabbage you spit out.

Posted by Kris (Vancouver, WA) on 01/25/2009

About a year ago I had a major heart attack (I'm 38). The doctors told me it was because of the stress the heart attack put on my body, I developed an ulcer. I was put on a double Previcid, but nothing helped. I was at the point I couldn't do anything, or eat anything without severe stomach pain.

A friend of mine suggested cabbage juice. I did some research and started drinking about 4 oz twice a day. The first day I felt better. Within about 4 days I felt like my old self. It's been two months, I quite drinking the cabbage juice after about 3 weeks, and have not had any symptoms or flare ups since. I would recommend this for anyone with stomach problems!

Replied by Mike John
(cavite city, Cavite, Philippines)

I am suffering from an ulcer and i don't want to take those antacids anymore because of their side effects. I am looking for a natural relief for ulcer when I stumbled upon your site. I am interested in trying this cabbage juice treatment how ever I don't know the exact measurement and the when to take it. Please tell me your measurements for this cabbage juice and when should I take it! Thank you!

Posted by Marco ( Fort Worth, TX) on 01/08/2009

Cabbage Juice is a great remedy for stomach ulcers. Most people see improvement about 5 days after starting to drink the juice. I used it for an ulcer that had been bothering me for months and I felt significantly better and pain free after only the first day of my supplementation. It's pretty simple.

Just buy cabbage from any store, most are average size and vary little from one to another. I usually slice off about half an inch off any side of the cabbage and put it into a blender. I add about 1 cup of distilled water and blend for a full minute. I let it set for about 5 minutes and then drink it down, pulp and all.

The taste is very plain. The only thing that will bother most people at first is the smell. But its very easy to drink - not bitter or foul tasting. You'll only taste it if you convince yourself it tastes like it smells, which I did at first. You generally do 3 cups a day, spaced out, until you ulcer is healed, which is usually 4-10 days for most people. If you're not seeing a doctor, its best to continue a couple of weeks as the cabbage juice relieves the pain of an ulcer, which may deceive some people into thinking it has actually healed in full. Changing your diet to avoid foods that irritate your ulcer (fats for most people are the irritants) is also crucial to healing.

Cabbage may also work for other digestive ailments. A cup of blended cabbage juice contains millions of friendly bacteria. There is actually significant scientific evidence out there that supports cabbage juices beneficial properties for ulcers and the digestive system in general. It's a very cost effective treatment and is definitely preferable to harmful antacids.

Replied by Kristina
(Sheridan, Montana)

I think that your post is very helpful. I am going to try the remedy. Have you completely got your ulcer healed?

Replied by Vicki Mercer
(Paris, Illinois)


The info from folks gave me the courage to try to cabbage juice. It helped right away--but feels like I have a lot of aches and pains--is this a side effect?--cannot find it if it is-thank.

Replied by Angelica

My mom helped my grandfather with his h. pylori, using cabbage juice...he would juice it and drink it and it healed him.

Replied by Nkechi

I have had stomach and deudonum ulcers for a while now and the antacids appear not to be helping. Will cabbage juice be helpful to me too? I am blood type A, and have been advised to avoid cabbage. Can someone help?

Replied by Emma
(El Paso, Tx)

Our lovely US government was treating our boys in WWII with cabbage juice for the infamous vitamin U. It was proven then but soon forgotten that it not only helps but CURES ulcers. Why forgotten? Naturally medical science cannot make any bucks from this angle. I know this only as I nearly died two years ago with 40 year old ulcers. The meds did nothing but complicate things, so I stopped after 10 days and did my googling. Cabbage works better and tastes far better than licorice, too. If you get the red cabbage, you also get resveratrol.

Posted by Sarah (Brussels, Belgium) on 05/20/2007

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with GERD and I suffered from acid reflux and heartburn. The medication prescribed by the doctor rather worsened my situation and I suffered a number of side effects from it. I came across a site suggesting that drinking raw cabbage juice cures acid reflux and other problems related to the stomach, such as ulcer.I did further research to confirm this and decided to give it a try.

The general suggested daily dosage is about a quart [800ml] of raw cabbage juice to be taken about 4 times daily. I found that rather too much and I started with 400ml [100ml x 4].I noticed great improvement and after one week I reduced the dosage to 300ml [100ml x 3]. After about 3 weeks of the whole therapy, I decided to take only 200ml a day. Those with stomach ulcers or acute cases of acid reflux might need to take the full dosage.

I have stopped drinking cabbage juice since about 10 months now and I haven't had any serious reflux problems. For those who would like to try it, PLEASE NOTE that it is said to have strong impact on the thyroid glands [the more reason why I never consumed 800ml a day!]. Not to mention the stench - it is better stored in an air-tight water bottle and kept in the fridge. Good luck to all, and thanks for the great site.

Replied by Dorap
(Milton, Fl)


WARNING: Know what you are doing before you drink cabbage juice. I have been having a lot of ulcer pain so I thought I would give cabbage juice a go. I pulled out my juicer, juiced an entire (small) head and drank it down fast. BIG. MISTAKE. Big. I guess you are only supposed to drink like half a cup at a time and take your time? I must have had at least 16 fl oz. I was miserable.... Rocking with nausea and a migraine after about 10 minutes. I finally was able to vomit, but the migraine lasted for over an hour. Anyway, just be careful with these raw juices. They are powerful stuff! I think I will be waiting a while before I try any more cabbage juice.... As bad as this ulcer hurts.

Replied by Linda
(New Haven, Ct, United States)

Hi. My husband has the same ulcer issues and, as we don't own a juicer, he simply chews the raw cabbage leaves. He'll take half a leaf at a time to chew very slowly before swallowing. He nibbles several leaves on and off throughout the day as he remembers to do so. He finds it very quickly takes care of the ulcer pain & usually only needs to do it for that one day to find relief. I'm sure there is very little juice in those few leaves so you're right... Very little goes a long way. No need for massive dosing here with those unfortunate side affects for overdosing.

Replied by Carmel
(Clacton On Sea, England)

I am very interested in the cabbage remedy having found out I have an ulcer which I think has been building up for a long time. Mine is as a result of taking ibuprofen, pain killers and other medication over a long period of time.

My doctor gave me antacid tablets but when I took one I had a blinding migraine that went on for twelve hours and was worse than the original stomach pain. I have researched a lot about this and it seems that even if you do take these antacids it does not cure or remove the ulcer it just temporarily masks the pain in the hope it does not return. Hardly worth having an awful migraine over.

I have decided to do the following regime for at least a month, it will vary a little from day to day but something along these lines. I began yesterday:
* 3 or 4 servings raw cabbage juice
* sometimes juice of a raw potato
* approximately 2 or 3 bananas a day (some say it helps the lining of the stomach others say it is to help kill the bacteria, but mine is due to pain killers so this does not match)
* once a day cayenne pepper in warm water
* several times a day long glass of plain water
* several times a day plain non sugar yoghurt
* 3 times a day glutamine capsules (750 mg x 2)
* 3000 mg vitamin c a day
* very good multi vitamin every day to replace the nutritions that leak through the gut

My problems stem from having had a lot of prior problems with sinus - headaches - ears, and all the doctor ever did was give me lots of antibiotics, painkillers and steroids which led to the ulcer and left me still with the original problem. What did help with the sinus and headaches was lots of allicin from garlic and vitamin c. I also believe that my ears will be unblocked when the gut and ulcer is sorted.

BEWARE some suggest you take raw garlic cloves. I tried this and was violently ill for a week. My stomach was in a right mess from it too. Would love to swap thoughts with others please. rychhmo(at )aol [dot} com.

Replied by Charlotte
(Clacton, England)

This is an update five months later by Carmel.

Gave up on the cabbage juice as did not seem to be helping, time consuming and expensive.

Took Nexium for ten weeks. Had to take painkillers for headaches and occasional stomach ache which were side effects. When you stop taking the ppis you get a bad stomach and many doctors say this means you must continue to take them. But then you would take them forever! Stick with it and the pain goes after a few days.

Whatever I eat makes no difference.

Twenty one days later have a bit of pain there that is manageable and comes and goes. Presumably I still have an ulcer but maybe a half healed one.

Live in England and waiting to see consultant for proper diagnosis in January.

Replied by Dave
(Fountain Inn, Sc)

Hello Charlotte, On the ulcer issue, sounds like you've gone down a frustrating road. I've had great success in dealing with ulcers with a three part program plus diet. First on diet; no coffee including de caff. No cokes or fruit juices that are high in acid such as orange juice. Tomatoes are off also. The no acid diet must be adhered to for at least two months. Then the supplement part: Kill the infection (most ulcers have an underlying infection) with Colloidal Silver ...I take two tablespoons on empty stomach twice daily, especially good at night before bedtime. Fifteen min later take DGL tablets (licorice extract) and then fifteen minutes later a quarter cup of high quality aloe vera drink. That for two months. I have an MD friend who used to make fun of all my remedies but after her frustrating attempt to rid herself of a tenacious stomach ulcer, she tried above formula and was successful in healing. Pretty funny as she went from making fun of me to now wanting me to go to an herbal school and become an herbal doc.

Replied by William

Fresh juice without pulp should never be gulped down the pallet or drink it, rather should be chewed. Mixed with the saliva, thus the nutrients, and enzymes can enter the blood via the glands in the mouth. Think homeopathic!

Cabbage Juice

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Posted by Anonymous (Helsinki, Finland) on 01/01/2013

I was having a problem with stomach ulcers after I had to take antibiotics for an ear infection. I was searching for natural remedies, since the last time I had the same problem about 4 years ago I was prescribed acid reflux medication that just made it worse. I came across information about cabbage juice and decided to give it a try.

I made my juice from fresh organic cabbage with my vitamix and drank 3 glasses of it per day. On the second day I started to notice how it eased my stomach pains and now that I've been drinking it for a week, almost all my pains have gone away. I'm going to stick with this dose for another week at least and probably will drink a few glasses a week after that beacause this seems to be really good stuff.

I'm so very grateful for everyone sharing this information and for me it has done miracles. I can really recommend cabbage juice to anyone suffering from stomach ulcers.

Replied by Timh
(Louisville, Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

The natural antioxidant compounds in Cabbage, Broccoli, and Brussel Sprouts have been clinically proven to kill the h Pylori bacteria that causes ulcers.

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Theceladon (Burlingame, Ca) on 06/02/2011

I developed an ulcer from daily aspirin and Plavix use. I've been on various PPI drugs for months with little success. I decided to try cabbage juice. Blended about 24oz in the morning and split it into 3 or 4 glasses consumed throughout the day. After about 10 days I'm feeling much better. It seems that the cabbage juice did the trick. I'm not 100% there yet but getting there.

Replied by Joyce
(Lansdowne, Pa)

What is the recipe that you used for the cabbage juice? Thanks.

Replied by Theceladon
(Burlingame, Ca)

One whole cabbage chopped and blended with water, then through a strainer (this part is a little time consuming). Fill 2 big glasses and drink 1/2 glass 4 times a day. 1st 1/2 glass before breakfast, last 1/2 glass a couple hours after dinner. Also, I roll around on the living room floor to get the juice to swish around.

Replied by Nancy

I just tried the cabbage juice, what happens if I drink it two hours before dinner... I added 1 cup of water as directed and drank that whole cup for the whole evening... Will something bad happen if I only consume it twice a day?

Cabbage Juice
Posted by Carl (Kuna, Idaho Usa) on 10/21/2010


Replied by Gabby
(Chicago Il)

HI I'm Gabby :), I had a peptic ulcer just like you and I'm only 24 years old. My pain starter this year in January and I was scare to go to see a doctor because of a bad experience that a friend went through. I had read books and did a intense research online to educate my self about my pectic ulcer. When I finished my research I came out with an alkaline vegetarian diet, cabbage juice, aloe vera, and potatoe juice. Also many herbal remedies can cure ulcers. I feel great. I beat this ulcer and I highly recommended to you. I will tell you how to get rid of your ulcer as well. Just follow my instructions very careful. Your diet is the key to your healh.

Alkalizing your body, our north american diet is very acidic. You need to avoid acidic foods for now. (Meat; dairy;sugar;processed food;fried foods... Etc. ) Eat an Alkaline diet instead like organic spring leaf mix salads, fruit, vegetables, avocados, quinoa, sweet potatoes, nuts, legumes and whole grains. Becareful because not all labeled healthy food is neccesarily healthy. If you dont know what some ingredients are your body may not know either.

Early in the morning around 5:00 am drink warm water follow by 4 ounces of pure aloe vera juice( I bought the plant at a mexican store) you can buy the juice at the vitamin shoppe(Aloe Vera Gel)inner fillet) follow by raw potatoe juice drink it at around 5:30 am every morning. Pick one white medium potatoe(organic) and shred the potatoe with the skin in a grater. diluted with water and eat it.

P.S. The raw potatoe juice is only for 10 days. After you are done with the raw potatoe juice replace the raw potatoe juice with raw cabbage juice. 4 0z. Every morning. (thats the amount I could heandle, every body is different and responds different ) but you can't drink more than 1 quart of raw cabbage juice through out the day cause you can get sick(severe head aches, vomiting, nause.... )be cautious.

Around 6:00am I have a quinoa breakfast (add raisins to the quinoa) no sugar at all. Molasses 1 tbsp. and eat a banana.

Snack on carrots, black berries, berries, blueberries, water melon, melon, cantaloupes, apricots. Berries, cherrys or plums... Etc. whenever you are hungry.

quinoa rice(mix it with 1/2 tbsp of coconut oil) a half avocado and spring leaf mix salad(organic) to the salad add virgin olive oil and salt. boil or bake one medium sweet potatoes when its ready add coconut oil and molasses. I eat almost the same for dinner plus quinoa soup. I add some cayenne pepper to my quinoa soup from time to time.

I also chew up some licorise tablets from time to time. Remember to never over eat. Eat only frequently small portions through out the day. You will never feel hungry with this diet. dont eat meat at all or dairy products cause this turns very acidic in your body. quinoa is a super food and so easy to cook, you can make almost anything out of this food.

when you beat this ulcer you can slowly add acidic foods to your diet 3:1 ratio but for now because you have an open bleeding wound avoid them. Some legume products are acidic like lentils, beans and some nuts. Lentils are very good but eat them when you got rid of your ulcer. whatch out what you eat or how your body responds.

H. pylori bacteria cause masy peptic ulcers. This organism or other irritants can break down the mucosal lining of the stomach, allowing digestive acid to eat away at the underlying tissue. If you over-produce acid, as can happen in times of stress, this worsens the condition. However, many people with gastric ulcers in particular actually make too little acid. By taking herbs, you may able to speed up healing and minimize ulcer related pain.

Herbal Remedies for Ulcers

Long thought to aggravate ulcers, cayenne pepper in moderation actually helps heal them in some cases. Stimulating blood flow to bring healing nutrients to the area, this member of the nightshade family can be good therapy for ulcers. Taking 1/4 teaspoon in 1 cup of hot water per day is all it takes.

Cabbage and its juice are also known for their ulcer-healing abilities. Researchers have found that ulcer patients who drink 1 quart of raw cabbage juice a day often heal their ulcers in five days. Those who eat cabbage also have quicker healing times, although not as dramatic as with the juice.

Garden produce rich in flavonoids may be helpful, too. Studies indicate that some bioflavonoids inhibit the growth of H. Pylori. These compounds are also useful as anti-inflammatories. Eat red- and purple-colored foods, such as plums, berries, and red cabbage. Parsley and onions are also good sources. Garlic and licorice have also been shown to kill H. Pylori in test tubes.

Bilberry is used frequently in Russia to treat ulcers. It reduces inflammation in the stomach and intestines and protects their fragile mucous membranes. Calendula is also good for ulcers due to its wound-healing ability. It is slightly unpleasant to drink as tea; add calendula tincture to a pleasantly flavored beverage.

When it comes to ulcer herbal remedies, we've barely scratched the surface.

Licorice mimics the action of chamomile, but is even more effective. It soothes inflammation and encourages the stomach to protect itself from acid. This herb helps improve and maintain the integrity of stomach and small intestine linings by stimulating the production of a substance called mucin. When the lining of the stomach and duodenum, the upper portion of the small intestine, are well coated with mucin, ulcers are less likely to start. Use deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) to avoid raising blood pressure. Take chewable tablets shortly before meals and several hours before bedtime. Typically 250-500 mg are recommended.

Yarrow has been clinically seen to make blood clot faster and stop bleeding. If you have bleeding ulcers, yarrow tea or tincture may help control the unwanted bleeding. Yarrow is also excellent at reducing inflammation.

No matter which herbal remedy you try, you may find taking herbs at the onset of an ulcer will help ease its pain or even expediate healing. They are worth a try!

God bless you all.


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Posted by owner232 (United States) on 06/19/2023

Writing another post for my friend, Cayenne pepper was the one thing that worked. I got the capsule form from amazon 90k+ shu which I cannot find anymore to put the link on here. so you will have to find in a store somewhere. im sure you can get it in powder form but seriously get the pill form. 100k shu powder is super hard to just mix up and swallow. The cayenne will burn like crazy but its a good burn its dull and feels like its doing something. have something to eat when the burning starts you want the burn because that is healing the area. there is no need to stay in the burn for long because you are going to repeat it a few times and each time it will get better and better. I only had the burn once and I just started eating with it and that worked just as well without the burn. This is the most effective stomach ulcer cure I experienced. nothing even came close. everything that seemed to work just made it come back.

you guys really need to look into Barbara O'Neill she has tons of natural remedies and hearing about cayenne pepper from here is what started my healing.

Posted by Ward (Atlanta) on 08/28/2015

This is funny. I worked for 26 years in the Dry-docks. One day I walked into a Captain's cabin on a Italian container ship and I was slightly bent over as my ulcers were giving me fits that day and he told me to eat chillies(peppers). I thought he was crazy. When I started my diet I added chillies(peppers) to my food, when I realized I had been healed I realized the Capt had been right. I had killed the bacteria that caused my ulcers. So any pepper with a burn will work. I love habaneros but thats a bit extreme for the light hearted. I hope that helps.

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