Natural Remedies for Trigger Finger, Including the Borax Protocol

Essential Oils, Bromelain
Posted by Steve (Raymond, Nebraska) on 03/15/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have trigger finger of the index finger. I am 90 percent better. I used essential oils. Oregano, frankincence twice daily rubbing it on the finger. I used splint to imobilize it the first few weeks. Ice in a plastic cup gets it going in the morning or hot coffee cup. I also take bromelain tablets. Two per day.

Sesame Oil
Posted by Suguna (Penang, Malaysia) on 02/05/2015

I'm having trigger finger since last Sept 2014. Isn't can be cure if I'm taking the sesame oil as you said. I don't do any injection or surgery. If I consume sesame oil.. How many time per day need to take and how much need to take per day. Need your advice. Thank you in advance. Waiting for your reply. Rgds, Suguna
Penang, Malaysia

Posted by Medsec (Cincinnati) on 01/21/2015
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I've had quite good success with magnesium oil for both the carpal tunnel and trigger finger, not immediate, but after several weeks. Still have numbness in the trigger finger (thumb).

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Holly (Nova Scotia) on 01/11/2015
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Four of my fingers are locking now from trigger finger and my hands are aching all the time. I have been taking 1 tbsp. of ACV in a glass of water 3-4 times a day, but no results so far. It was suggested that I soak my hands in ACV for 15 minutes a day using 1 part ACV and 3 of water. If this is an alternative, then for soaking can I use the regular grocery store brand as the organic is expensive for that purpose.

Warm Water Soak, Ultrasound
Posted by Jon (Florida, US) on 11/24/2014

See this interesting article about using Vitamin B6 for Trigger Finger...

Warm Water Soak, Ultrasound
Posted by Claudia (California, US) on 10/25/2014

Hi. Have any of you tried cayenne on a band-aid?

Posted by Corinne (Nj) on 10/05/2014

Where do I get dmso?

Sesame Oil
Posted by Joyce (Easley, Sc) on 07/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started getting the pain and 'clicking' in my thumb 2 years ago. Doctor recommended surgery.

My thumb was to the point that I could no longer move it without excruciating pain.

I started taking a couple of teaspoons of sesame oil each day orally for another issue I was battling and started noticing the pain going away on my thumb and getting mobility back. It felt 100% cured. A few weeks ago, it started to stiffen again, I took the sesame oil again, and it stopped again. Never read about this, it just happened.


I was taking some oral oregano also at the time, but not for as long as the sesame, but wanted to mention in case it had helped a little also.

Posted by Fran (North Carolina, US) on 06/29/2014

DMSO mixed with Milk of Magnesia put on tendons of fingers works fast. Mix about 15 drops of dmso and 5 drops MOM in a glass cup. The use cotton ball to apply to area (s), include wrist and back of hand. In less than 5 minutes, the pain was gone. I also drank 2 tbsp of MOM to get magnesium internally. I hope it helps someone else.

Aloe Vera
Posted by Tom In Va (Virginia) on 05/09/2014
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Well here is the update.

I purchased the Aloe Vera supplements, 500 mg capsules. I have been taking 1000 mg a day and haven't noticed a significant change in the trigger finger. So I am going to move on from this point and order the Bromelain and give you an update on the results.


Aloe Vera
Posted by Tom In Va (Gloucester, Va) on 04/20/2014


I have had trigger finger in my right hand for a few weeks now. Not my thumb, but the index, middle and ring fingers. The index and middle finger have it really bad. It's worse in the morning when I wake up. I've read the natural remedies and decided to take the aloe vera supplement and see how that works.

My decision was the aloe vera supplement provides more minerals than just the bromelain. I should receive my aloe in the next couple of days and will take it for a month. I will post my results at that time. If there is no difference in my trigger finger, then I will try the bromelain.

I feel that I should also report that I am no longer drinking soda as I have been focusing on eating healthier (no more fast food) and am drinking more water. I am trying to drink half my weight in ounces - I weigh 260 so I am trying to drink 130 ounces of water. If I get close I am happy, but I suspect as summer rolls in then it should not be a problem.


Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 03/25/2014
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Re the finger pain from trigger finger.

I've had two episodes with cyst formation in joint area at base of hand and finger and I diluted DMSO fifty-fifty with purified water (May have used colloidal silver)...and wrapped with white paper towel. Left as a poultice for thirty minutes. Cyst (or whatever it was disappeared). Also have used DMSO (capful) many times over twenty years if hands begin to get "tight" and a bit hard to grip. Works every time.

I do this capful on fingers and joints once every three or four months now just as precaution.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Lisa (New York Ny) on 03/24/2014

Well here we go again. I found my 2012 post about trigger of the thumb I did finally go for the cortisone shot and it worked like a dream no new problems except now it is in the third finger from too much mouse and tool gripping (floral design) lots of pain more afraid of a shot there..trying the tape method.. dehydration probably causes all of these problems.. I am trying B-6, taping with blue tape splint at night, more water. I am grateful for all the posts here because each one is helpful thank you Earth Clinic anything to avoid surgery and shots but the cortisone shot at the base of the thumb really did the trick.. this is so common and painful my diet is even better than ever but something caused this..wonder if it's too much calcium? By the way the very best magnesium imo is Derma-Mag a topical liquid form that is absorbed thru the skin Highly recommended..These fish oils have vitamin E (soybean oil) as a preservative and very very allergic and dont want hormone disrupters which soy is

Soursop Tea
Posted by Linda Davies (Nigeria) on 10/31/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I had a problem with my thumb called trigger thumb. A health situation where the finger locks and to unlock is very painful. Tried the hot heat treatment in addition to eating a lot of pineapples which is supposed to contain bromelain, a substance that is supposed to aid the cure. To no avail. By chance I discovered a painlesslump in my anal region. In a bid to get rid of the lump which I feared might be cancerous I started myself on a soursop tea treatment daily. To my greatest surprise not only did the lump disappear, the thumb trigger condition disappeared. I have a friend who suffers from rheumatoid athritis. I will tell her about this and see if it will alleviate her condition.

EC: For those interested in learning more about soursop, see:

Posted by Mike (Denver, Colorado) on 10/04/2013

Dave: Dead sea salt has 100mg of magnesium per gram and costs 1 cent.

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 10/04/2013

Hello Toourlady89;

Thank you so much for your break down of various magnesiums. You define four of them; the one I take orally is Mag citrate. I have another that is Mag carbonate. Epsom Salts is Mag sulfate. You discuss the last one as a laxative but I use that for Mag/Salts baths too. Is that your understanding? That one is the best to use for baths... Sulfate (Epsom salts) and the Mag Oil (so called) best for topical application is Mag chloride, and you mention chelated Mag Glycinate for oral and say to avoid the one in stores which you say is Mag Oxide.

OK. Now is Mag Oxide Epsom salts? Isn't that Mag Sulfate which is Epsom salts? That's what's in the stores or do you equate Oxide with Sulfate.

And is the kind you orally take .... Glycinate... Is that close to Mag Citrate?

Your break out helped. I do need to get clarified some more... Not your fault... Mine. I need a list; something like:

Mag a .... does x

Mag b .....does y

Mag c .... Does z

Mag d .... What ever you do don't take Mag d, cause it's been known to cause third generation mice to lose their tails!!!!

I've thought that Mag in its various forms are basically the same thing; formulated or compounded differently but with the same chemical effect. And the point is if you take or ingest in any way (baths with Sulfate or swallow in citrate) you're still getting the magnesium.

If someone would disabuse me of the above idea; is that previous paragraph a misconception?

It's just that we see in the discussions of Magnesium particular Mags are mentioned and I'm always wondering if they are actually specialty or are they in essence fungible? (I mean interchangable and really the same for all practical purposes.)

Thanks for helping,


(You know I really should be more careful; inserting bits of humor ... Next thing you know... All over social media and suddenly on the national news: Flash: Magnesium causes tail loss... Take with caution... FDA begins investigation.)

Posted by Toourlady89 (Ca, Usa) on 10/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

To go back to the Magnesium suggestion: There are many forms of Magnesium.

Magnesium Oil or Mg Chloride Spray would be the better form of Magnesium for trigger finger. Apply it on to both hands as often as you can. Mg oil will have faster results thru the skin and then to the capillaries and relax the finger.

On the other hand, trigger finger could be a symptom of lack of Mg. Most of the population is unaware that most of us - 80% to 90% have Mg deficiency due to the quality of food that is available at the stores. Lack of it causes hundreds of symptoms, trigger finger being one of them.

Chelated Mg Glycinate, is a form that is best absorbed orally and will not have the undesired laxative effect .

Note that the Mg most available at the stores is Mg Oxide avoid this kind as this is a laxative. Mg Glycinate should be at health food stores and or online.

Posted by Plantsower (Burson, Ca) on 10/02/2013

Magnesium gives me diarrhea. :( I am now going to try B6 and an exercise that I just learned:

"I grabbed the ball with my fingers only (no thumb) I could roll the ball from finger tips to my wrist, bending my hand more and more as I went. Furthermore, if I braced my wrist with the other hand, I could choose where the hand and wrist actually bent and stretched the most. The tangible rewards were straightforward: a clunk in the wrist and relief in the hand. "


This sounds worth a try. This person went on to say it took effect in about three weeks. Unfortunately, they didn't say how many times a day to do it. I'll have to wing it.

Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 07/09/2013

Try magnesium without calcium for awhile and see if it helps.

Posted by Plantsower (Burson, Ca) on 07/09/2013

Caloy: Have you had good results?

Posted by Plantsower (Burson, Ca) on 07/09/2013
1 out of 5 stars

Bromelain for trigger finger... I was so hoping this would help me. I took two bottles of this with no results. I'm off to try other things.

Posted by Anng (Houston, Texas) on 06/09/2013

I took bromelain weeks before and weeks after rotator cuff surgery and although very painful, I healed quickly and now have full range of motion unlike most rotator cuff surgery patients I know. I have developed trigger thumb and after reading this, I plan to get back to taking the bromelain.

Foods to Avoid
Posted by William (Colorado Springs, Colorado Usa) on 05/28/2013

Margaret, with regard to the ACV I have two sharings: first, in spite of the efficacy of ACV, Blood Type A people do not do well on Vinegar, including ACV [see Eat Right for Your Type by D'Adamo].

However, w/ regard to acidity please remember that its not the acidity of what goes into the body but what happens when the body processes it [burns, oxidizes, or whatever you wish to call it] and the sah it deposits. Many acidic things like Lemons create strong alkalinity, thus negating acidity.

Finally, many parasites [Candida for example] generate acid systems.

Best, Nutricon Wm, Colorado

Posted by Hurt (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 05/24/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Bromelain cured my trigger finger, it bends almost as it used to, and I take one tablet daily, just to make sure it doesnt become a problem again. Do it! I get it from Holland and Barett, they are huge pills, difficult to swallow, but Sogars have them too. I saw three doctors, they all wanted to operate, because I had trigger finger for a year, so they didnt want to try the other only option for them, ie steroids. Well, all is well now.

Foods to Avoid
Posted by Joy (Battleground, Wash) on 05/20/2013

I believe I read that low magnesium causes this but I also think that dehydration would contribute. Since magnesium pushes the calcium in and out of the cells and also aids the salt to hold the water in the cells then it would affect the joints as well.

With no water cushioning the joints, they would get sticky and very painful. Try a multi vitamin and multi mineral supplement and drink water half an hour before eating.

Foods to Avoid
Posted by Margaret (Grants Pass, Or) on 05/18/2013

I have trigger finger in my middle finger. If acidity causes it, does that mean I should avoid ACV? Also, I drink a lot of kefir that I culture at home. Kefir is acidic, and I wonder if that could be "triggering" it. I'd hate to have to give up kefir and/or ACV because of all the health benefits associated with them, but I do want to get rid of the trigger finger.

Posted by Coryd (Las Vegas, Nv) on 03/27/2013

Dear Miriam, I too am from Las Vegas, NV and have recently contracted Trigger Thumb and have been suffering for about 5 weeks. Just wanted to find out if you're making progress and still feeling better as a result of the Bromelain.. I have an appt with a hand specialist next week and I want to go in well equipped with as much information and possible solutions at that time. Where do you get Bromelain? I have only heard if it remotely. It would be great to not have to suffer this out for any longer than I have too. It is annoying AND painful!!

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Ange (Grifton, Nc, Us) on 03/13/2013

I love this method and it makes sense. Thanks for the information. I am going to try it!

Posted by Caloy (Pearl City, Hawaii) on 03/12/2013

Thank you so much for sharing.... I will definitely try that today and I will update you with the results. Mahalo!!!

Posted by Alex (Paphos, Cyprus) on 02/21/2013

Dear Hurt in Space! Can you tell me how yr doing with the trigger finger and the bromelain??? I have trigger finger and de quervains in my left hand. Dr suggests surgery but I'm not into that and prefer to try natural ways to heal. Hope to hear om u soon.

Posted by Hurt In Space (Nicosia, Cyprus) on 11/21/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Bromelain IS THE CURE for trigger finger. I have had considerable pain in my left thumb for over a year, could not bend it at all, and was postponing an opperation, since none of the numerous steroid pills I was given was of any help. I read about Bromelain, and took 3 pills a day, for about one month, almost completely cured my finger, no pain, I can almost bend fully. I will keep taking it.

Posted by Diane (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/02/2012

What is the amount of bromelain that one needs to take three times a day to possibly cure trigger finger/thumb?

Posted by Violet (Adelaide, Australia) on 10/29/2012

I started with vitamin b6 almost 3 weeks now but no sign of improvement. Getting anxious now and anyone can update after taking bromelain? just want to make sure it works. thanks.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Andrew (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Yes, Gayle's Bandaid Method worked for me! I had severe trigger thumb (left hand) for a month. Went to an orthepedic surgeon who diagnosed it as trigger thumb and gave me a cortisone shot. That worked for about a week. Pain came back. I did not want to have another cortisone shor or surgery so I looked for a homeopathic remedy. I found, and finally decided to try, the "bandaid" method. I bought some first aid tape at my local pharmacy, wrapped my thumb and kept the tape on day and night. After 2-3 days my thumb felt much better and did not hurt, especially at night and/or while sleeping.

After 3-4 weeks of taping my trigger thumb problem is 80%-90% managable! The tape/wrap "bandaid" method worked for me! Now I only need to put the tape on if my thumb is hurting at night and, if it is, the tape gives me immediate relief! It's a miracle!

Hang From a Monkey Bar
Posted by Chellow (Miami, Fl) on 08/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

My trigger finger has been Cured, thank be to God. I was three weeks from my scheduled operation when I started a routine of hanging from a monkey bars, if I recall right I instantly had a result the first day. One week in the rooting I cancelled the operation and two months later more or less I'm cured.

This is what the therapy that I recommend:

Hang from a monkey bar or any alternative structure that you can roll your finger around a bar that lifts you from the floor. Hang from the bar for 10 seconds and release repeat this 10 times, do this exercise daily.

Warm Water Soak, Ultrasound
Posted by Zoltan (Manitou Springs, Colorado) on 08/01/2012

Try a vibrator on palm of hand, just below the trigger finger. This is the area where surgeons operate to release tendon. I find it shakes it loose within a minute or two.

Posted by Ascot (Wyandotte, Michigan) on 07/20/2012

Of all the postings, this sounds not only the simplest, but the most positive, so much so that I have ordered bromelain to give it a try with the understanding that what may work for one, might not work for another.

Posted by Troy (Madisonville, Ky) on 07/19/2012

how r your fingers doing now? need an up date please....

Ted's Remedy Feedback
Posted by Dream2long (Flint, Mi, United States) on 07/15/2012

Bull, I take anti-inflammatories daily for arthritis and am currently dealing with trigger finger on the pointer & middle fingers of both hands. I take Cod/Borage/Flax oil supplement 2x daily for years, take a vitamin B complex every other day and am in horrible pain right now at age 49. I have already had Carpal Tunnel surgeries on both hands years ago, that was a "Godsend" and trigger thumb release years ago on the right hand. Started B6 for left trigger thumb which helped immenensly, but the switched to B complex & it is not helping with the fingers at all. Tried Tumeric and got a nice two weeks of constant constipation and nice hemmorioids for it. BTW, Tumeric is a great anti-diarrhea med. Use it now instead of Immodium in our house. I have had cortisone epidural injections that helped Sciatica in both legs for 100% relief, yet it never helped my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Think I'll try the Cortisone for the trigger fingers. I hardly eat Citrus and recently discovered that drinking unsweetened Ice Tea with real lemon gives me nighttime leg cramps, I've been expermenting occasionally with limited exposure to Iced Tea w/without lemon and am not having leg cramps. I beileve it may be the lemon? Tired of my body being out of whack, need a Chemical Exorcist!!

Posted by Miriam Fitchett (Las Vegas, Nv) on 07/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I had trigger finger in both thumbs for a year. Agony!! I started taking bromelain, an enzyme extracted from pineapples, (to prevent swelling) for an upcoming surgery last November. The dose was 3 times a day between meals for 3 weeks. After taking bromelian for 3 weeks my trigger fingers were cured completely! I take bromelain once a day now (preventative). To date, trigger finger(s) has not reoccured. Hope this helps!

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