Natural Remedies for Trigger Finger, Including the Borax Protocol

Posted by Peg (Ny) on 03/27/2016
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I just got some bromelain supplements in the mail. I have severe trigger finger in my right thumb and the ring and pinky fingers of both hands. I took two tablets an hour ago and already feel a difference! I drove a lot today and my hands were sore. I can bend my right thumb without pain, and it has been a long time since I could do that...looking forward to seeing how much more improvement I can get from these supplements. Also planning to get acupuncture if needed...

Posted by Mark (Texas) on 03/26/2016

I will try this. My trigger finger is not painful and usually lets up as the day goes on but I play guitar (not for a living, just to live a little) and do not want it to progress to a point that I can't play anymore.). Thanks for the hint.

Respectfully, Mark

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Kathy (Pa) on 03/16/2016

More then likely it felt better from the cortisone shot which will work for about 9 months. After getting the shot it can hurt for up to 2 weeks from my experience. I had it in my right thumb and got the operation. I house clean so I cannot not use my hands. Now it is in left hand and already had 2 shots but I now do not have insurance so I am stuck and will try some of these remedies.

Posted by Gladys (Florida) on 03/10/2016
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My doctor gave me a steroid injection 6 months ago for trigger finger. When the 6 months were up the pain was excruciating. I swear I was going to have to call the doctor and have him to an emergency surgery. I got online and I read about Bromelian. I went to the store immediately since it was saturday and the surgeon was not available and started taking them. I also purchased topical analgesic ointment anad (for joint and muscles pain) rub that on my hand and fingers, put a glove on and went to bed and the following day it was like a miracle. Thank God!! I'm hoping that Bromelian will work forever and I won't have to go for surgery.

Posted by Jeanette T. (San Antonio, Texas) on 02/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Bromelain....worked miracles for me.I had been suffering for a month with both thumbs trigger finger. First time I took 2 tables 500 mg of bromelain an hours or 2 I felt the result. Today is my second day and I woke up a little stiff but I am taking 2 500 ms 3 times a day and I feel 99% better. Thank God I read about bromelain. I really was considering acupunture in the next few days but after taking this I have cancelled my acupuncture appointment!

Oregano Oil, Sesame Oil
Posted by Joyce (South Carolina) on 02/07/2016

I wanted to respond to this because I was the one that used the oregano oil and sesame oil. Since the recovery of the trigger finger, I try to keep an alkalinizing diet too and it is not uncommon for me to take MSM. rheumatoid arthritis runs in the family and I start feeling my joints start to hurt. When I direct my diet towards alkalinizing and take good oils and MSM...the joint pain goes away.

Oregano Oil, Sesame Oil
Posted by Peg (Upstate Ny) on 02/07/2016

Just joining this conversation. I started having bad pain in my thumb last summer; I work as a gardener so I figured I sprained it and just "overdid" it. Also I do a lot of freelance work online on my laptop. Went to an orthopedist and he says it is trigger finger (also have this in my ring finger of right and left hands) and is suggesting cortisone or surgery for the thumb. The surgery idea scares me a bit and I am no way getting a steroid injection. One friend suggested acupuncture and I have read about good results from this. Also the taping! Sounds like that would help; I got a thumb brace but it seems to make the pain worse.

The dietary suggestions to ease inflammation intrigue me too, as I have done a lot of research in this area already. So much conflicting info out there! One "anti-inflammation diet" I read about suggested basing the entire diet on corn and wheat; huh? I try to avoid grains and processed foods but this winter have been sliding a bit on that. I take calcium-magnesium-zinc supplements 2-3x a week.

The sesame oil story I also found intriguing; and also wondered if the oregano oil was useful at first. Oregano (essential) oil is a very strong anti-microbial, but I have not used it (I prefer to use tea tree or lavender internally, for upper respiratory infections, a drop in a small spoonful of honey 2-3x a day works great when a sore through is coming on). I already knew fresh pineapple was very healing for inflammation; I eat fresh fruit first thing every morning, which is alkalizing (the confusion over "acidity" in the diet is not surprising since many acidic-tasting foods like citrus actually increase alkalinity). I want to try cutting out all wheat and dairy for a couple of weeks and see if that helps; the wheat is not too hard for me but cutting out dairy will be!

So, diet and acupuncture and taping are going to be my first line of treatment; after that I will consider surgery. The pain has gotten very bad and my right thumb looks bent. :-( I appreciate everyone's anecdotes and advice.

Oregano Oil, Sesame Oil
Posted by Joyce (South Carolina) on 01/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

My trigger finger increased in intensity and immobility until I could not bend it anymore. The doctor said that surgery was my only option. It got so painful that I kept it splinted day and night for months. It was NOT improving in ANY fashion.

Then, I got a massive tooth infection.

To back off the tooth infection, I started taking 5 drops of 100% oregano oil in 2 teaspoons of sesame oil and 1/4 cup warm water 3x/day.

I took this concoction for weeks and during that time, I noticed changes in my trigger thumb problem. Soon, I could bend my thumb without the excruciating 'pop' and following pain thumb was getting it's mobility back!

When I got the tooth dealt with, I stopped taking the oregano but kept taking a swallow (3 tsp?) of the sesame seed oil every day, and my thumb continued getting better until I was 100% normal.

I type at least 2 hours a day at my work. I play tennis, Frisbee golf, and many other sports. It feels great. :)

I have perfect mobility now with no pain. It has been over two years now. There has been a couple times that I felt a little stiffness in the thumb..., I just took sesame seed oil that day and it stopped.

I am not sure whether it was the oregano, sesame oil or both for the initial healing.

I encourage others to just keep seeking. You never know what may be missing in your diet to encourage healing. The body is an incredible design that seems to know what to do if we just provide it the correct tools to work with.

Noni Juice
Posted by Joyce (South Carolina) on 01/18/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I had a ganglia cyst on my right wrist for over 10 years. Terribly painful. I was young and very active, but would often wear a splint because of the pain. Doctor said only surgery would fix it. I had pounded that bump with books, hammers, anything I could find and it would bust and then grow right back.

At the same time, My best friend knew I was having problems with my thyroid and gave me a bottle of pure (the original) Noni juice. I took 1 tablespoon 2x a day for a month, to see if it would help my thyroid issues. I did not notice a difference in my thyroid, but my ganglia cyst just dissolved and never returned. I have been ganglia cyst free now for many years.

I don't know why it worked. Maybe it was just something I was missing in my diet. I did not expect it, but am sooooo happy.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Lorraine (Wisconsin) on 01/18/2016

How did this Gayle..tape her thumb? In the bent or straight position ? To another finger ? It wasn't specific.

Posted by Vincent (Vancouver, Bc) on 12/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I came down with trigger finger two months ago. It came and went. Massaging the swollen node did not help. I had shock wave treatment which did not work either. Then I read about acupuncture. I went to see my accupunturist. Immediately after he withdrew the needles, I felt I got 90% of my strength of my fingers back but the knuckles were still sore. I bang aided the knuckles that night to restrict movement. I woke to find my fingers were 90% better over all. I shall go for another session in a week.

Posted by Broo (Geelong, Victoria, Australia) on 12/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had a cortisone injection and it worked for about 2 weeks. Then it returned, probably worse than before the injections. I went to see my doctor and asked for a referral to a plastic surgeon but the surgeon who operated on my carpel tunnel moved to another city so I went to see a a plastic surgeon who mainly worked on wrinkled women. I got out of there and got another referral to a very good surgeon in Colac (Vic). 4 weeks later and I was on the operating table in Colac hospital and my hand had 2 small stitches at the base of the finger. I saw a big improvement by the next morning but with my hand bandaged up, I had to wait another week for the stitches to come out. Its been around 2 and half weeks and although my finger is still a bit tender there is no more locking up and I am expecting the finger to keep improving. Apart from the initial cost for the first visit, around $70 and the anaesthetists which was paid by the hospital there have been no other out of pocket expenses.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Pat Mulcahy (Victoria Bc) on 10/31/2015

Squeezing rubber ball or squeezing anything exacerbates the problem. An absolute no-no.

Sea Salt and Rice Wine Poultice
Posted by Wendi Patterson (Oklahoma, City) on 10/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Trigger Finger:

Get sea salt that you buy for aquariums. Not just regular sea salt. Go to an Asian store and buy rice wine. Take a pan and heat the salt and then pour the rice wine into the pan. Make a poultice and wrap the affected area with the poultice in gauze. I place surgical gloves on my hands and wear it over nite for about two nites

Check it out and see the results.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Judy (Western Cape) on 10/01/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Gayle You are so clever. I have trigger thumb as well and all in splints and driving me crazy. Did the band aid method and it feel so much better now. Thank you Gayle.

People with trigger thumbs try it, it works.

Aloe Vera and MSM
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 09/20/2015

HI U HELLEN, , , , , , , , , , , , first get your bod alkaline by eating green and drinking baking soda. Check your urine pH and get it above 7 on the second tinkle in the mornings.

MSM is a joint supplement made by the combination of DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide. Who ever told you to orally take that was right on the money. Increase your MSM until your pain goes away. DMSO is a solvent that will take a liniment in far better than MSM. You are probably low on electrolytes so drink a Gatorade daily.

Address what causes Trigger Finger and not the symptoms. Your MD will do that because he needs the money for his European vacation.

Wish you well. =======ORH=========

Aloe Vera and MSM
Posted by Johnyyyy (Scotland) on 09/20/2015 11 posts

Hi there,

Why not try the dmso with aloe vera gel, which you can buy as a supplement 4oz jar. This should help you through the pain enough to exercise it.

Juice Cleanse
Posted by Charlene (Tx) on 09/17/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had trigger finger for a year. I went on a juice cleanse and it disappeared. Prior to the juice fast, I did a colon cleanse, then a kidney gal-bladder cleanse, I used organic fresh squeezed OJ for the juice cleanse, also taking a detox tincture. So it was about 5 weeks of cleansing....I feel totally great. My other arthritis symptoms have also disappeared. I lost 13 pounds during juice cleanse.

Aloe Vera and MSM
Posted by Helen (Sanitago De Compostela) on 09/16/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have had trigger finger in the fourth finger on left hand for well over a year now. I have had one injection for it which worked for about 4 months and now it has come back.

I am now drinking aloe vera and also massaging aloe vera with MSM gel into my hands. This is definitely helping my thumb joint which has recently become very painful, and I think it is having a positive effect on the trigger finger.

I shall continue with these for 3 months as I think it takes that long for things in the body to really change.

Fish Oil
Posted by Renee (Trinidad) on 09/08/2015
4 out of 5 stars

Hope this helps someone. About ten months ago I developed the trigger finger in the middle finger of both hands and stiffness in my fingers especially bad in the mornings. I bought an online highly rated splint to use, there was no improvement. I started using fish oil supplements about three months ago and the locking is completely gone. I still have stiffness in my fingers but it has improved significantly. (I am 35, female and generally very healthy)

Posted by Vicky (Texas) on 09/02/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I took the suggestion to try bromelain for my trigger finger. It has been 2 months. I am very pleased and the healing continues. I ran out about 10 days ago and my finger locked for the first time in weeks....only once. The flexibility and stiffness and inflammation are much improved. It takes a little time...but it works.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Vicky (Texas) on 09/02/2015

You want a neutral position. lay your hand on its side on a table...relaxed...there should be a slight arch to your palm and fingers. That's it! There are neoprene sheaths available at Walmart that can do this as well. from my experience this was helpful in the beginning of my food regime. The vitamins, reducing inflammation/ acidity, bromelain are more helpful!

Posted by Dan (Scottsdale, Arizona) on 08/20/2015
1 out of 5 stars

My advice is DO NOT GET SURGERY. This was the biggest mistake of my life as my left hand is my only usable hand. They don't tell you of the possible serious ramifications afterwards. It's been almost 3 months now and although the trigger finger I believe has subsided, the pain has increased and now I have different pain issue's and swelling that hampers it's use. I was better off with the trigger finger. Now my other finger on the opposite hand is beginning the same symptoms. But I can tell you for sure, no more trigger finger surgeries for me. My advice folks, do your research before committing to surgery.

Finger Stretch
Posted by Lester (Ar) on 08/06/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have a finger that triggers part of the time. To stop it, I place hands with wrist spread apart, finger tip to finger tip and press so that it stretches the tendons of the hands and will go for weeks with out triggering. Hope this helps.

Essential Oils, Bromelain
Posted by Sharon C. (Missouri) on 08/06/2015

What is the dosage of the Bromelain you are taking? I see 2xday, but not the amount. Also, 3 months or so have passed. How are you doing? Have the remedies worked to heal? Partially or completely?

Warm Water Soak, Ultrasound
Posted by Hal M. (Jupiter, Florida) on 07/10/2015

Using a massage vibrator on the nodule along the tendon of my left hand middle finger almost got rid of the nodule in a day.

Gayle's Bandaid Method
Posted by Hal M. (Jupiter, Florida) on 07/09/2015
4 out of 5 stars

I have tried many approaches without success. I started the bandaid method two days ago and I think it is helping on my left middle finger. I am not sure about locating the tape. Seems that three quarter inch wide tape wrapped between base of finger and second joint from tip keeps it straight best. Is that right?

Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn. ) on 07/02/2015

HI U EC, , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

DMSO is a by-product of the paper industry. It does come from trees, but only because sodium sulfite and sodium hydroxide are used to dissolve the lignin holding the cellulose fibers together. That product is called black liquor. It then has to go through another process to obtain the DMSO. Not a big deal, but that is the way the chemistry works.

The first plant to do this was in Bogalusa, La. in the '60's. I knew the DMSO supervisor and he said no employee had ever had the flu while working in that area. DMSO is one of the most powerful solvents known. It was destroyed by Big Pharma because, like Ozone, it is too effective and too cheap.

Most of these bright government folks who put it down have read Dante's Inferno, so they know in what ring in hell they will burn.


Posted by Yani (Uk) on 07/02/2015

Please, what is DMSO?

EC: DMSO = Dimethyl sulphoxide, a by-product of the wood industry and used as a solvent.

Distilled Water
Posted by Lynda (Austin, Texas) on 03/22/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I had trigger thumb for almost a year. I could not bend my thumb joint on its own and when it did get bent it was excruciating. I did not want to see a doctor because I knew from other people I knew who had experienced trigger finger/thumb that all the doctor would do is give an injection of cortisone, which I did not want!

My sister-in-law suggested that I try drinking distilled water, because she had been using this method for 2 years to relieve the pain and immobility that she used to have in her hands; prior to this she could not make a fist. Every time she would stop drinking the water her pain would return. So with an open mind, I tried it and after 3 or 4 days I was able to bend my thumb on its own!! It was still a little stiff and very slight pain.

I used distilled water in coffee, tea and cooking if it was to be consumed, i.e. soup , etc. It is absolutely amazing and really works. It has been a month now and I have full mobility again and no pain!

As a bonus all of my joints feel better. So try it before anything else.

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