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Posted by Patricia (Elmont, New York) on 01/27/2009 8 posts
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Dear Ted, I am so thrilled on the response for lecithin. I have been taking two T of lecithin each morning and evining mixed in eight ounces of water. The results for trigger finger have been impressive. I had this affliction for over a year now and no matter what I tried it was anathema. Since I began the lecithin the snapping on my ring finger is 95 percent healed. I am positive that it must have been the tap water and eating food cooked in aluminum ware. I had to eat at restaurants for a couple of months since my house was in the proccess of renovations. I have now cleaned up my act and I do all the cooking at home. I also bring my brown bag of salads and casseroles to work. I also began adding ground up chia seeds to all my foods on Jan 24 2009 and I have seen a tremendous change in my overall health.

I am grateful to earthclinic and you for all the wonderful remedies we are sharing. This is sharing agape (love).


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Posted by Justin (Seattle, WA) on 06/27/2007
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I just found you by googling "trigger finger natural remedies" and haven't left the computer for 2 hours! What a great find. Thank you. I will try the manganese and zinc, but aspirin hurts my stomach. Thus far turmeric has done the most good. I'll keep you posted.

Replied by Teresa
(Killen, Al)

How much turmeric?

Vitamin B Complex

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Posted by Mike (Franklin Square, New York) on 10/25/2009
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I had suffered with carpal tunnel for 3 years in both hands and got progressively worst to the point that I was only getting 45mins to 2hrs sleep per night. I had tried every cream, every natural vitamin and supplements. Nothing worked, so I decide to have surgery on my left hand first (since I am righty)and presto problem solved,

2 months later I had my right hand operated on and was cured for carpal tunnel. My joy lasted for 3 days after my second surgery, because I developed severe Fibromyalgia throughout my entire body that lasted 7 months. I was actually crippled, if not for my desire to overcome this ailment, I probably would have been hospitalized and I thought I was going to DIE. I got up every morning and took Vicadin and Cymbalta plus a steroid to get through my day. (I promise I will get to the Trigger Finger Cure). I beat my Fibromyalgia by my persistance and crawling to the gym to strenghten my muscles. After I was cured for the Fibro, I developed Trigger Fingers on the left index and thumb and right hand thumb and pinky, I could not pick up anything because the pain and locking effect was so painful.

However, I cured my trigger fingers by not eating fried foods and taking B complex vitamins. Also a chinese acupunturist told me that warm or hot beverages must be drank with all meals. After 1 week of 4 eight ounces of warm water, B complex vitamins, No fried foods, Cod liver oil and hot tea with food---Presto no more Trigger Finger and better health and complexion.

I hope it works for you..

Vitamin B6

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Posted by Artsiecl (Waynesboro, Ga, Burke) on 07/23/2011
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I am having trouble with a trigger thumb and have been studying lots of things. I over-use my thumb (right one) sewing thru real thick fabric and many layers..... Also paint kid's faces, (sometimes 70 a day)..... I also had been slack in taking my vitamins and minerals..... I also have thyroid problems. Considering all of this, I am trying to do the nutritional thing to cure this. I just read Dr. Jonathan Wright's newsletter where he said that another Dr. recommended 50 milligrams of B6 3 times a day and give it long enough and it will go away..... Probably. I am going to do this with all of the other B vitamins and iodine and lots of minerals.......

I know nutrition helps everything. Also compression helps and resting the sheaths and ligaments in the thumb......

Hope this helps.

Warm Water Soak, Ultrasound

Posted by Wyn2351 (Bangkok, Thailand) on 11/24/2009

Physical Therapy cured by trigger finger. Right now, I have trigger finger (TF) too. Doctor prescribed muscle pain reliever but didn't seem to help so I requested injection which lessened the pain but the clicking is still there. Although my first TF which was in my right middle finger was successfully operated on, I am afraid to do it again I have a new and new graduate doctor (former doctor has become a hospital director) and I'm not sure of his expertise. So, I am doing home remedy (plus doctor prescribed muscle pain reliever. I did this before and I was successful then I got this new TF. Twice a day, put affected hand in warm water for 15 minutes. I use warm water bag. 10 minutes ultrasound (US) (home model used for facial massage) on the palm and sore finger. Just move the US around the palm and back hand. Then follow that with gentle finger exercise with a soft ball or just keep moving fingers--bend every joint or whole finger backward and forward. It hurts at first but pain will lessen as you get used to it and that I think will eliminate the trigger finger. Hope this helps.

Replied by Zoltan
(Manitou Springs, Colorado)

Try a vibrator on palm of hand, just below the trigger finger. This is the area where surgeons operate to release tendon. I find it shakes it loose within a minute or two.

Replied by Claudia
(California, US)

Hi. Have any of you tried cayenne on a band-aid?

Replied by Jon
(Florida, US)

See this interesting article about using Vitamin B6 for Trigger Finger...

Replied by Hal M.
(Jupiter, Florida)

Using a massage vibrator on the nodule along the tendon of my left hand middle finger almost got rid of the nodule in a day.

(Palo Alto, CA)

Can you please let me know which hand held vibrator you used? Is it small enough for children? Thanks

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