Thrush Remedies

Oil Pulling

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Posted by Sorrokine (Vs, Ny, Usa) on 11/23/2010
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This is wonderful! I just tried the sesame oil OP and I already feel my sinuses opening. I Suffer from severe mold poisoning, and have gone the route of natural herbs to treat it with success. I am also suffering from a body candida infection from mold poisoning as well. This helped the thrush portion of the sickness I couldn't quite tame. I am being cured of the mold poisoning with great herbs and supplements. Learned the hard way that Doctors can't treat me for since they'll loose their license. Thank you Earth Clinic for your amazing group of people and their knowledge. I will post when I see more results.

Oil Pulling
Posted by Paul (Miami, Florida) on 12/18/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I tried oil pulling for the first time this morning and it had an incredible effect on my thrush. Not only that but my gums have already almost completely stopped bleeding. I've been on medicine after medicine for thrush but each one makes it worse and the doctors were stupmed. 1 session of oil pulling (I only did it for 5 mins to start off) has gotten rid of most of my thrush except the thick parts in the back of my tongue. This is truely amazing.

Replied by Phyllis
(Kansas City, MO)

Can you tell me what is "oil pulling"? Have never heard the term but my friend is desperate to try anything for thrush. Thanks.

EC: More information about Oil Pulling:

Replied by Lara
(Philadelphia, Pa)

What is the best oil to use for treating thrush??

Replied by Huepuchica
(Houston, Tx)

I read on e-how that oil pulling with coconut oil is recommended for 20 minutes and then spitting it out, but no rinse. Forgot how long, maybe week. FYI, oil pulling is swishing oil in your mouth for 5 or more minutes and then spitting it out.

Replied by Ava
(Boston, Ma)

Oil Pulling CAUSED me to get thrush - totally dried out my mouth! Be very careful! Maybe start pulling only like 5 mins at a time to see of it works for you.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

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Posted by Finally Found Relief (Missouri) on 05/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I developed oral thrush after taking Flonase for 6 weeks, and while using a night guard for teeth grinding. I think the combination of those two really did me in. I stopped using the Flonase, and my dentist prescribed 10 days of nystatin oral tablets, 3 times a day. Then, he prescribed 10 days of clotrimazole lozenges, which didn't work either. I finally decided to completely eliminate sugar--even trace amounts in mayonnaise! I was so fed up with it, I wasn't taking another chance that sugar would derail my efforts. But it was excruciatingly difficult because I have a major sweet tooth.

I visited my primary care doctor and she prescribed 3 days of diflucan 100mg tablets, one tablet per day, and combined with the no sugar diet--I still thought my gums weren't back to normal. I was so frustrated and depressed about it. I felt like I would have thrush forever! I had tried coconut oil pulling with 3 drops of clove oil mixed in, before the visit to my primary care doc, after the clotrimazole didn't work. That combination is recommended by Dr. Axe's website--a tablespoon of coconut oil with 2-3 drops of clove oil. I thought it made my gums angrier. Then, when I read another forum related to thrush resulting from asthma inhalers, someone said they had repeated bouts of thrush, and swore by coconut oil pulling. So, I tried the coconut oil by itself for 20 minutes twice a day. Immediately, I noticed relief, and a marked decrease in redness and irritation. I was so happy! I think the clove oil was irritating my gums.

I continued to "pull" with coconut oil twice a day for 20 minutes, morning and night for a little more than a week. I visited my dentist more than 6 weeks after I had initially suspected I had thrush--and he said I'm normal. I don't think he gave much credence to my belief in the coconut oil pulling, but I'm convinced it cured it! My primary care doc was positive my gums were just irritated from doing salt water rinses and rinsing with a mouthwash I found at the health food store, and the coconut oil pulling. I only started those after the clotrimazole troches didn't work! I didn't do anything for a week after that visit with her--while I was taking the diflucan--and they were red and angry the whole time. So, a few days after the diflucan was up, I went back to straight coconut oil pulling, and it worked!!!!!!!!!!

I had to write this here to help someone, because this was the most frustrating health experience I have ever had! Also, I changed my toothbrush out constantly while trying to get over this. At the end, while I was doing the coconut oil pulling--I changed it out every day. I hope this helps someone out there who is as frustrated as I was! The irony is that I found out from a food allergy test (my primary doc ordered blood work to rule out an underlying condition), that I'm allergic to tree nuts. But the pulling did wonders for my mouth! I also took probiotics, and ate unsweetened, plain yogurt with loads of ground cinnamon in it. I kind of abided by the diet outlined in "The Yeast Connection" by Dr. William Crook, too.

I've tried warning people I know not to take Flonase, or other steroid nasal inhalers, but no one seems to care. I even went to a Naturopath doc to find help for oral thrush, and he was as bad as a regular doctor. He didn't care. He didn't help me. I was scouring the Internet trying to come up with a solution for this horrid condition--desperate. I'm so grateful I'm finally back to normal. Thank God! Good luck out there!

Replied by Tracie

Thank you for your post. I've been going thru same thing for 5 months I'm like help, my gums red or raw, thanks so much docs think it's my brushing or something else I had surgery I had it in my esophagus was in diflucan 21 days it helped the burning in my esophagus but my mouth never stopped, hope this helps.

Replied by Mint

Wow, to the user named "Finally Found Relief", you are my hero. You answered all my big questions that no one else was specific about online, like how often it is helpful to oil pull in a day, and exactly how often to change your toothbrush.

Your experience with your doctor and naturopath sound exactly like my experiences throughout my thrush. Most of them won't even believe I have thrush. I live in Canada, and doctors here are always unwilling to help. Worst of all is that after merely *asking* them about something I've read, they tell me never to read about health online, and then right away they dismiss my problem without trying to understand or help solve it.

You're honestly my hero right now. I have hope. Thank you for sharing.

Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil
Posted by Crosel (Toronto, On) on 11/16/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Oil pulling (meaning swishing around in your mouth) Coconut oil before or after brushing your teeth is EXTREMELY effective against Thrush. I've never seen my tongue this normal in a long time. I was so happy I had to create an account on earthclinic and post my awesome results! GO COCONUT OIL!

Important details are as follows:

- use 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
- swish it around for 10 to 20 minutes
- spit it in your garbage or outside because it can clog your sink

Replied by Ava
(Los Angeles, California)

Taking coconut oil by spoon greatly helped my oral thrush, but oil pulling in general, especially oil pulling with coconut oil, made it infinitely worse! Be careful!


Posted by Erin (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) on 04/29/2012

After taking antibiotics I had a stubborn white coating on my tongue. I followed the advise of someone else who had posted on earthclinic and cut open a probiotic. I put less than half of the contents in a spoon of water and swished and spit the mixture out. By the next morning, the white coating was just about gone! However, as soon as I stopped, the coating came back.

In about five days I will be taking a prescribed oral yeast medication (for after the antibiotics) and am taking a probiotic twice daily and eating a cup of plain, organic greek yogurt (with the bacteria listed in the ingredients) a day. Hopefully, this will permanently eliminate the problem. Since I have been taking probiotics, I have noticed that my gums rarely bleed after brushing/flossing anymore.

I may try oil pulling with sunflower oil here after the antibiotics and yeast medication, but I do not buy the whole "detox" or "herx effect" claims after doing much research. I would use it simply for teeth whitening and to eliminate bacteria in the mouth. If you are suspicious of "big pharma" medication, then you should also be suspicious of detoxes and cleanses (they are all profit industries). Personally, if anything makes me feel like crap, then I am going to stop doing it. Listen to your body above all. (with antibiotic symptoms, I eat very well, take probiotics, and drink lots of water, and I barely have symptoms, therefore feeling like crap is more a result of an unhealthy lifestyle when my body has less of an ability to deal with unhealthy food/habits than it would off of the antibiotics).

Replied by Juliemartha
(Orlando, Fl)

Just wanted to mention that certain fungal and yeast organisms are KNOWN to grow hyphae/bloom under extreme stress in an all out effort to survive adverse pH or other sudden change. May depend how deeply seated the condition has become. Any initial worsenening of symptoms should be evaluated with that in mind. Coconut oil will KILL the organism AND promote speedy recovery of healthy mucous membranes.

Raw Sauerkraut

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Posted by Danny (Seattle, Wa) on 08/19/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started taking raw sauerkraut about a week ago and the thrush I've been battling for years is gone now. I read some research about how raw, fermented foods like Sauerkraut and Kimchi cure yeast, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I took only about a teaspoon for the first 2 days, then I moved up to 1 tablespoon, and now I'm taking 2 tablespoons. Also, I've been having chronic sinus problems and the sauerkraut seems to be clearing that up as well. I guess it really was a yeast issue all along. Make sure you buy RAW sauerkraut. The raw kind helps fight yeast and the kind that's not raw can actually add to it. Good luck out there! There are cures if you really investigate!

Replied by Rebel

That is great Danny. I made some a week ago and it should be ready tomorrow. I hope it turns out right. I took some raw green cabbage, sea salt, and a probiotic pill and sealed them into a air tight BPH free container. Ground cabbage up, put a layer and then covered with sea salt and repeated. Took about 2 maybe 3 cups of cabbage with probiotic and some water made it into liquid with the ( nutria bullet )poured over the top, smashed down with spoon ( wooded ) and fill the rest up with rolled up cabbage leaves and sealed.

There are lots of recipes on the net, but it is time consuming. I have also been making some kefir coconut water. Only I am able to get it to ferment and turn bubbly, but my kefir grains are not turning into the cauliflower looking grains when it is finished. It looks and has the texture of yogurt. I could only find milk kefir at the store. But at least the water does ferment and is like wine almost.

I just started doing all of this, I am trying to get rid of possible candida or morgellons on my arms, I think the two could be related, because every time I have a breakout on my arms I also get athletes feet between my toes. These two things always come together and leave together.

Replied by Danny
(Seattle, WA)

That's amazing. I didn't make my own sauerkraut - just bought it at a health food store. Hope it works for you. Best of luck!!

Salted Butter

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Posted by Dave (California) on 11/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I am reporting a help aid for people that use Asthma inhalers!

I have asthma and must use Simbicort to control my problem. With Symbicort it controls my asthma but I was getting a bad cases of THRUSH in my mouth and my gums were receding and my teeth were starting to decay and turn black even though I used an extension and rinsed my mouth after every use the Thrush would continue off and on in my mouth! One day quite by accident, I got a little slice of salted butter and put it in my mouth because I like butter and I noticed that the thrush on my tongue started to form so I went and rinsed my mouth and my mouth was clear! And the thrush was almost instantly gone! So I googled "butter" and found that a lot of people have been cured of tooth decay with butter! So before I use my inhaler I coat my mouth with butter including my teeth (with my finger) and I no longer suffer from thrush! My black teeth almost turned white in a couple days and my gums stopped receding and my tooth decay is going away!

And the sore throat that you get with the inhalers is gone and my voice returned back to normal. I use salted butter but I don't know if the unsalted butter works?

I hope this helps others.

I told a nurse about this and he laughed and so I thought maybe it's not the butter that is helping me so I stopped using the butter for 4 days and all my ills returned! So now I continued using the butter. I hope this works for others as well!

Note: I do not overuse butter.

Shea Butter

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Posted by Joanna (London, UK) on 05/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I just want to share with you a remedy for relief of vaginal thrush soreness/itching. I have been in terrible pain for just over a week now having tried lots of remedies, natural and conventional for thrush. Unfortunately, I got a bad bout of it after taking an emergency contraceptive pill a couple of weeks ago and nothing would sooth it. I was in my local organic grocery shop at the weekend and they were selling lumps of pure shea butter. I bought some and melted it in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water and mixed in a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil and allowed it to cool. I actually made this for my severely dry legs and hands but I applied it over my entire body including all over my vaginal area before bed. The next morning not only is my entire body dry skin free it has healed all the soreness and itching from the thrush! I feel the first relief in ages. I also use garlic and yogurt internally which does help but it doesn't sooth the soreness enough on the outside. I tried VCO oil on it's own, ACV, yoghurt, lemon juice externally none of which helped me. Shea butter is easily available online or from independent Caribbean or health food shops. Also, I have found VCO is a great lubricator for sex as I find even the mildest ones can set off my thrush. Hope this helps someone and thanks for all the great advice on this site.

Replied by Martina9eld
(Burnaby, Bc/canada)
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! Shea Butter instantly took the burning away from my tongue and gums.

Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Louise (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) on 12/15/2012

Tea tree oil was a godsend for me in treating a bad case of oral thrush I had after taking antibiotics for strep throat. My thrush was so bad that I had a sore throat for weeks, large bumps at the back of my tongue (as well as a thick white coating) and I had even begun to have chest pain and difficulty swallowing (I can only think that the thrush must have traveled down my esophagus, as I read this can happen).

The doctor prescribed liquid Nystatin and after 10 days it had helped with the chest pain and difficulty swallowing (the instructions were to swish and then swallow the Nystatin liquid) but I still had a sore throat that was not going away. My mum came across the idea of gargling with tea tree oil so I tried 5 drops tea tree in about a 1/4 cup of water, gargled a few minutes and swished around my mouth, then spit and did not rinse my mouth. Within hours my sore throat was so much better and within a couple days of doing the gargle and swishing in my mouth twice a day, all traces of the thrush were gone! I also had to cut out all sugar while doing this as each time I ate sugar it seemed to make the symptoms start to return. I hope this will help anyone suffering as I was.

Tea Tree Oil
Posted by Sarah (Chicago, IL) on 10/09/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I have been on many inhaled steroid regimes for many years and if you do not rinse the back of your throat properly after each use you will get Thrush. This is obnoxious and itchy in the back of your throat and if you have it, you know you want it gone ... NOW. Tea tree oil gargle or mouthwash can be found in any vitamin/nutrition store or you can just add a little T.T.O. to your regular daily mouthrinse or gargle. Just make sure that it gets to the farest depths of the throat without gagging and then sip some water. You will feel immediate relief and continue with it twice a day for a week or so. What doctors will prescribe for it to go away takes much longer and the antibiotics (especially for women) have many other unpleasant side effects. So try the tea tree oil. It is great.

Replied by Laurel
(Lake Forest, California)
5 out of 5 stars

My lactation consultant recommended using Tea Tree Oil in the dishwasher to kill the thrush bacteria from all the bottles and other items the bacteria may have been growing. It is fully pesticide free and though the smell is quite strong I think it really helped. I even like the smell now. I always think "clean" when I smell it. We used this in conjunction with GENTIAN VIOLET and my son's thrush went away within a week.

Ted's Remedy Feedback

Posted by Jeni (Oakland, Ca) on 02/06/2010

How safe is Ted's remedy for infants (my son is 21months)? He has thrush.

thank you

EC: Jeni is referring to Ted's thrush remedies here:

Thrush in Infants

Posted by Charlotte (Woodbridge, Va) on 09/05/2013

My mother who lived between 1916 and 1999 was a young country girl from WV. Her father had died two weeks before she was born - thus she had never seen her father. This was to have given her the blessing of being able to cure thrush in babies by blowing in their mouth three times. Sounds hokey in this day and age. However, when I was a child I witnessed the many people who came with their babies who had swollen purple mouths from the gentian violet. And one woman who had 12 children had been there for every child. This was in the days before antibiotics and now you never hear of this. Just thought I would share.


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Posted by Lena (Queens, USA) on 10/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Two of my kids had thrush before turning 4 months old. My grandmother told me to use a cotton ball or clean white cloth, wet with bit of babies urine from first morning diaper change and wipe on the white patches on tongue and mouth. Cleared in 1-2 weeks.

Replied by Donna
(Janesville, WI)
1 out of 5 stars

With all the other suggestions on here, I have no idea why you still allow this comment to be on here. Urine in the baby's mouth??? That is sick...

(Reading Pa)

This site is for ailments and cures not your personal opinions. If you don't have anything constructive to say keep your thoughts to yourself. It may be depriving someone or something that might be helpful.

(Easley, S.C.)

I agree with Robert. Your own urine can heal.

Replied by Lily
(Albany, NY)
5 out of 5 stars

Urine therapy is older than any other therapy listed on this page of remedies (look it up and see it's history). I second using this therapy as a safe and VERY viable alternative to OTC and prescription medications. Once you're over the stigma, you'll see it works. Narrow mind = sick.

Replied by Laraine
(Glenside, PA)

Since urine is acidic (urea), vinegar would probably work just as well. I heard that vinegar works.

Replied by Jesse
(San Luis Obispo, California)

I agree that urine can be safely used as a remedy. It is sterile but not necessarily non-toxic (bleach is sterile). In the diving world, it is often used to remove sea urchin spines.

Replied by Emma
(Melbourne, VIC Australia)

I know there's some stigma over using this-but quite a lot of skin creams contain urea-one of the major components of urine. I can tell you that getting a small amount of fresh urine on a cotton wool ball and applying it to styes, works a treat-your stye will be gone in a few hours-may need a couple of applications though.

Replied by David
(Dallas, Texas)

Get over the stigma of urine being gross and nasty. Terminally ill people can survive and become well by drinking nothing but their own urine. It is not a waste product, it is a filtration of your blood and has very strong anti-biotic anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.... Do the research, many medicines are backwards engineered from urine.

Replied by Aria
(Port Huron, Mi)

I just stumbled upon this thread regarding urine being used in several pharmaceuticals. I went to a dermatologist a few months ago for some bumps on my shoulders and they gave me some samples of urea foam. I started laughing and made a rhetorical comment asking the nurse, "why don't I just go home and rub urine all over my shoulders?". She didn't find it funny and responded with defiance. I think something along the lines of it not being the same thing. Maybe not the same thing but all of the ingredients are there, eh? Just another example of ignorance in the field of medicine. Oh, and the foam did not work. Turns out it's not what they thought it was so I canceled my follow-up visit and treated it with suggestions from you guys. Worked like a charm!

Replied by Kirra

Do your homework before you slag somebody's suggestion.

Urine is sterile and is only made up of water and the excess nutrients your body doesn't need at that time. The amount of health applications it has is extraordinary. And it does genuinely work. And it does so without the side effects of anything conventional medicine will throw at a problem.

I'm a registered nurse and an alternative wellness practitioner and teacher, I use it and I've had patients use it. It's probably one of the only remedies out there that you never hear a bad word about and you never hear that it did nothing. People are always pleasantly surprised... If a little reticent to share the news with their mates lol.

Vitamin B6

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Posted by Carol (OKC, U. S. A)
5 out of 5 stars

Vitamin B6 has cured Thrush in people I have known.

Vitamin E stabilized my low BP.

Comfrey compresses healed not only the deep bruising (in 3 days), resulting from a stubbed, broken toe but also, bone -- after all, the common name for comfrey is "knit bone". Raspberry tea healed my indigestion after I was forced to eat "junk food" for 3 days whilst staying with my husband's cousin.

Cayenne pepper is awesome! My husband used it to reduce his weight. 1 tspn cayenne pepper in a 1/2 cup of hot water, 3 times a day. It speeds up the metabolism.


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Posted by Suzanne (London, United Kingdom) on 06/04/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I've just been reminded of a remedy for vaginal thrush that my doctor recommended many years ago (he was into alternative remedies). It worked then and it works now as I can attest, having had another bout of thrush recently. The remedy is plain LIVE yogurt. Dip a tampon into the yogurt and insert into the vagina. For outside irritation place yogurt on a pad. It is so cooling and the relief is tremendous. It really does work especially when you are feeling raw and bleeding.

Replied by Debbie
(Dublin, Ireland)

hi i was just wondering for vaginal thrush what do you do with the yoghurt?

Replied by Palesadot
(Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa)

The suggested remedy worked for me!!! Almost immediately! I applied it last night and it stung a bit, but when I applied it this morning, I felt nothing! I don't have the uncontrollable need to scratch the outer area of my vagina!!! Peeing has never been so hassle-free!!! Thanks a mil!!

Replied by Maria
5 out of 5 stars

Yes years ago when I was in my forties, a doctor suggested that a daily tampon dipped in plain yoghurt would clear up my problem with yeast in the vagina and it worked. However; I'm now eighty, have been given three different broad spectrum antibiotics by my well-meaning doctor and painful swelling and itching in the vagina and anus is the result. All the good bacteria were wiped out leaving me with thrush. I douched with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in one cup of warm water with a half teaspoon of bi-carbonate of soda dissolved in it. Had trouble inserting the douche, so used lots of aloe vera gel from the chemist and after I'd finished I dried off, washed my hands thoroughly then massaged the whole area with virgin coconut oil then last, I inserted some into the anus. Relief rather than a cure perhaps but I was very comfortable straight away.

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