Natural Remedies for Staph Infections

| Modified on Dec 06, 2023

Addressing staph infections requires a precise approach to prevent its spread and deter further complications. Natural treatments offer a comprehensive strategy, deploying both internal and external methods to purge the body of the infection. Among the foremost natural remedies are manuka honey, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and turmeric.

Understanding Staph Infections

Staph infections stem from the staphylococcus bacteria, a microbe commonly found residing on our skin. The infection emerges when these bacteria penetrate the skin's defenses, usually through a cut or other skin lesions. The manifestations of staph infections can vary widely in severity, spanning from minor skin irritations to life-threatening conditions. Typical presentations of this infection include boils, impetigo, cellulitis, and the more severe staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome.

Natural Solutions for a Bacterial Skin Infection

Addressing staph infections necessitates a targeted approach to curtail the spread and prevent further complications. Natural remedies offer a holistic treatment strategy, employing internal and external methods to remove the body from the infection. Among the most potent natural options are manuka honey, tea tree oil, and apple cider vinegar.

Manuka Honey

A unique honey variant originating from New Zealand, manuka honey boasts remarkable antibacterial and healing capabilities. When applied directly to open wounds daily, it acts as a sterilizer, neutralizing harmful spores and purging the infection.

Tea Tree Oil

Sourced from a plant indigenous to Australia, tea tree oil is revered for its antiseptic and antifungal properties. When applied topically, it cleanses and fights infections as effectively as conventional treatments like benzoyl peroxide. Additionally, tea tree oil is gentle on the skin and provides a soothing effect on inflamed areas.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Beyond its culinary applications, apple cider vinegar is a potent oral remedy for staph infections. Functioning as a natural antibiotic, it detoxifies the body and combats disorders by promoting an alkaline environment. This vinegar also nourishes the body with essential vitamins and minerals, bolstering immune health.


Turmeric is a vibrant spice and potent health ally and offers robust anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Consumed orally or applied as a paste, turmeric can alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and help combat staph infections from the root.

Staph infections, if unchecked, can evolve into severe conditions. However, when treated naturally and proactively, these infections can be effectively managed, minimizing the risk of escalation.

Continue reading below for Earth Clinic readers' remedies that help heal staph infections quickly.

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Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Pauline (Vancouver, B.c. Canada) on 05/27/2011

mid March, inflamed red pimple on right wrist, misdiagnosed. one week later, infected ulcer, purple ridges, painful red swelling surrounding tissue. two months later seven ulcers on hand and forearm, two more on chest, one inflamed pimple left cheek.

May 24, Emergency room Dr. diagnoses Staph infection, prescribes new meds, Doxycycline and Bactroban. Next morning after having applied liberal amounts of Bactroban I notice three new inflamed pimples right forearm. Deep breath, stay calm, do not panic, do not scream. I'm scared.

I had previously tried tea tree oil on infection, broke out in hives and my arm became more inflamed. If I were not so worried the light bulb would have gone off sooner. I use holista tea tree conditioner once a week on my scalp, no inflamation and wonderfully soothing. I mix up five drops tea tree oil in one teaspoon water and add this to one tablespoon tea tree conditioner. I wash sores gently with Apple Cider Vinegar and then apply liberal amounts of conditioner. The inflamation is almost gone and no new sores. Cross my fingers and big prayer. thank you for the info on diluting tea tree oil. May 27, staph infection almost gone. Doctor says purple scars will take several month to fade. I am so thankful they are not on my face.

Thank you for this wonderful site, kept me from going off deep end.

Replied by Sandeep
(Andhrapradesh, Hyderabad)

I am suffering from staphylococcus disease from 7years and I take many antibiotics and it is of no use and what to do...And white pus cells on my scalp are coming regulary.. Can I use tree tea oil and ACV?? Plz tell me...

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Sandeep,

Yes, you could try tea tree essential oil or Apple Cider Vinegar. But if you have dealt with this for years, you are likely going to treat this internally.

I would try 1 cup of milk kefir with 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder mixed in to drink, twice a day.

Avoid or processed carbohydrates. Drink plenty of water.

If you want to use the apple cider vinegar, mix it 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water and apply a couple of times a day. After it dries, you could add the tea tree essential oil, but I would mix it into some coconut oil, first.

That is what I would try for my family. I hope it will be helpful to you.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Lese
(Richmond Hill, Ga)

Did you have to still take the doxycycline along with the Tea tree, and Vinegar?

Replied by Dori
(Halifax, Nova Scotia)

What is tea tree conditioner and where do you get it? My husband has been suffering for 8 months with staph infection on knee. He went septic and almost died. Was on antibiotics for several months. Seemed to clear up and has now resurfaced again.

EC: The poster was referring to this product to use on her scalp, which is no longer available:


Hello Dori,

There is A LOT of research on many different "natural" treatments for MRSA since antibiotic resistance is increasing and some people can not take antibiotics (e.g., resistance, allergies, low immunity, drug-interactions, etc...).

Below is a brief description of some research-based treatments that work well. Many can be combined.


* To prevent reoccurrence, many studies and practitioners stress the importance to continue all treatments well past the disappearance of the infection, 1-2 months.

* Consistency is absolute key.

* Consult with an experienced holistic practitioner.

1. Essential Oils

Geranium, Lavender, Tea Tree, Patchouli (Geranium must be present to synergize the other oils).

Other studies additionally include: red thyme, peppermint and lemongrass essential oils.

There are many high quality brands of essential oils that have a blend of these oils. I use a blend called 'Mercy' (, it is well known for treating staph, ingredients: Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia), Geranium (Pelargonium x asperum), Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin), Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).

Generally, apply to clean/dry area 3-5x/day, cover. Dilute according to your need, 10-25% to start. Apply a small diluted drop on healthy skin first to rule out allergic reactions. Some find that they need a more concentrated solution, 50% .

In addition to topical use, some rub in 1-2 drops on the soles of their feet 1-3x/day; and/or take 1 drop orally in a capsule mixed with oil, x3/day; and/or, diffuse these oils at night while asleep. These treatments constantly keep the active ingredients in your system.

Carrier oils for dilution: Black Cumin Seed (there are studies using this to treat MRSA), fractionated coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba, etc....

2. Ozonated Olive Oil - high potency (e.g.,, PurO3, others). Apply 3-5x/day. First, clean/dry area.

3. EmuaidMax - apply 3-4x/day; rub in very well to activate. Clean/dry area. Includes tea tree oil, Emu Oil, potent probiotic culture, olive oil, colloidal silver is the active ingredient.

4. HOCL - Hypochlorous Acid

There is a high potency HOCL gel that is being used for recurrent infections and are used in many health care settings. I use which is also used in some hospitals/clinics/Vets (use the gel solution and/or higher concentrate). Apply 3-6x/day, cover.

5. Turmeric - use high quality / potency brand (e.g., Solaray Turmeric Root Extract 300mg, 95% Curcumin, orally, 3 capsules, 3x/day; Terry Naturally gel caps; many others). Some mention that after including turmeric the infection finally healed.

Laundry Detergent

Interestingly, there are studies showing a strong link between using toxic detergents and some reoccurring infections and when eliminated, the infection finally resolved.

Immune System

* Important to strengthen the immune system during treatment: healthy diet, "antibiotic-like" herbs, probiotics, turmeric, eliminate toxins (self-care products, foods, drinks, etc...), sleep, COLLOIDAL SILVER, Chlorophyll, (, etc..

* Important to ensure the body's pH is not acidic and eliminate caffeine/sugar for the time being - these strengthen & can spread infection.

* Detox & Clean Ups - see Dr Hulda Clark's book, "The Cure For All Diseases". She covers a very broad range of issues to address regarding recurrent staph infections. And, read her later books.

* Many, like Dr Clark, have used frequency generators and/or zappers in conjunction with these other treatments with good results.

Identify Source(s)

Often there is a chronic staph infection under a tooth (e.g, root canal, cavitation, abscess, prior surgical spot) or in another location in the body causing reoccurence, especially when the immune system is compromised. See a biological dentist.

Until then, brush/floss teeth with baking soda and oregano oil (very potent antimicrobial penetrant). Can also add peppermint, clove, cinnamon essential oils, finely ground sea salt, etc... In addition, can swish with ozonated olive oil and/or brush with it, or swish with HOCL mouthwash.

Eliminate easy sources causing reinfection: never put fingers in mouth, always boil milk/dairy 3 minutes to sterilize, wash hands/finger nails frequently and sterilize with Everclear or iodine/water solution, etc...

Pay careful attention to all hygiene practices.

I hope your husband's infection clears soon and let us know what works.


I used this Thieve's Oil Blend on my mom's staph infection on her knee and it worked great.

Apple Cider Vinegar, Turmeric

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Posted by Joyce (South Carolina) on 01/17/2016

I tried to report this many years ago, but never found it, so here goes again just in case.

I have raised 4 children and have used natural remedies for over 25 years.

One of my boys got a staph infection in a wound, and before long, it was on everyone. Every time someone got a scratch, it would be infected with Staph. I keep a clean home, but couldn't get this under control even under the recommendations of my physician. The doctor had my family soaking in some solution. It was NOT working!

We had been dealing with this for so many months and it had progressed into almost the whole family erupting with boils. We were miserable.

We got to where we could even recognize the smell of staph. We could especially smell it on the children's skin when they had been out playing and sweating hard. (it sort of reminded me of the smell of eggs)Their skin would reek of it. We had to stop all visiting with other families.

This is what stopped it.

I walked into the bathroom, where one of my children was soaking in the doctor's stuff. The whole bathroom smelled of staph. I realized then that the staph was reproducing right in the bathwater with the doctor's 'special solution'.

I asked God what to do and believe he gave me the answer right then.

I had that child Bathe with 2 cups of ACV Added.

I wiped the whole bathroom and house down with vinegar, then every time the children came in from playing outside, they had to do a soak in the bathtub that had ACV in it. At least 20 minutes.

Every time the kids came in I would check their arms for the smell. If it smelled then they soaked.

That stopped the epidemic in my home.

I used just the cheap ACV for the baths.

The boils were cured by consistency in taking turmeric..especially if any of those little tiny 'pinpricks' were felt on the fanny. This was a telltale that a boil was starting and I started them on ( I think it was a tsp of turmeric 3x a day.) We found we could mix it with yogurt and it went down easier. I am convinced that the boils were from the Staph and being spread from the toilet seat, so I also began wiping the seats often with ACV.

It stopped. Praise God.

I have sent hundreds of people to your site Earth Clinic...THANK YOU.

Replied by Monique
(New Jersey)

That's a wonderful testimony. I also use ACV to sanitize things and turmeric.

Colloidal Silver

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Posted by Csfan (Orange County, California, Usa) on 04/01/2013

A year ago, I had a staph infection that manifested itself as hard-as-marble bumps on my head and a painful sore on my cheek. My dermatologist thought the sore on my cheek was acne and so he prescribed minocycline to handle both issues. I took 100mg of minocycline twice a day for thirty days with two refills. After the fifth day, the bumps and cheek sore were gone. I continued with the minocycline for the entire thirty days but about three weeks after I finished the prescription, hard bumps started appearing on my head.

I got another refill of minocycline and again, by the fifth day the bumps were gone. During the second week of this second round of minocycline, I did research on the internet and decided to supplement the minocycline with a concoction of 1tbsp of virgin coconut oil, 1 tbsp of turmeric and a pinch of pepper all mixed in water. I drank this three times a day. I continued with the turmeric drink even after I finished the minocycline but about three weeks after I finished the minocycline, hard bumps started appearing on my head again.

Another solution that I thought had promise was colloidal silver. I bought a bottle of 500ppm colloidal silver. I read the label and took the recommended adult dosage of 1/2 teaspoon. I did this three times a day. The bumps still grew but at a slower rate.

I decided to go for it. I upped the dosage to 2 tablespoons mixed with bottled water. About two hours afterwards, I noticed that the tops of the bumps had softened. About three hours later, the bumps hardened but were noticeably smaller. On the third day, I ran out of the colloidal silver so I went to the health food store nearest me and bought 30 ppm colloidal silver since they didn't sell the 500 ppm.

I took 2 tablespoons of 30 ppm colloidal silver but didn't notice any change in the bumps two hours later. I drank the rest of the 30 ppm bottle and noticed a very slight softening of the bumps as a result. At that point, I drove back to the original store and bought four bottles of 500 ppm colloidal silver. Two and a half days later, I was cured. It's been six months and I haven't experienced any staph bumps since.

About six days ago, I was coming down with a sore throat and a cough. I didn't even bother measuring out the colloidal silver and mixing with bottled water. I just drank it straight from the bottle. I finished a four ounce bottle in two days. When I woke up the third day, I was feeling great.

500 ppm colloidal silver is a yea for me and no, I didn't turn blue.

Replied by Bethany
(Dublin Oh)

OK, I'm going to try this. Feel the second eye lid staph infection coming on. The last one I had was just 10 months ago and I reluctantly used antibiotics for it after topical heat pads with essential oils weren't helping. Already have colloidal silver on hand and will let you know what happens. Also am taking tea tree and frankincense internally.

Garlic Oil, Tea Tree Oil

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Posted by Lea (Ca) on 09/15/2016

I developed a nasal staph sore (diagnosed) a few months ago, was prescribed an antibiotic cream which healed it but 2 months later the sore returned. I tried the same antibiotic cream and it no longer worked.

Realizing that I had become resistant to the antibiotic, I decided to try using a strong homemade solution of garlic oil, and a few drops of Tea Tree Oil. I applied the oil with a Q-Tip, in both nostrils, several times a day. It took longer to heal than when I first used the antibiotic cream, but it did heal! I will continue using it for a few more days, just to make sure that the sore is gone.

Herbs, Diet, ACV and Baking Soda

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Posted by Phylene Gaffney (Barrow, Alaska) on 06/05/2008

Staph Remedies: Living in the Northern most region has caused my body to go through various changes. I have found the lack of sunlight, long dark cold winters and heavy polluted winds over the ocean from China are definitely part of the problem. Originally I only had a small bump on the side of my nose. Other problems, such as blood pressure increase caused my to go to the hospital and get checked. Unfortunately, doctors here are not familiar with many strains of staph and did not get a diagnosis, but wanted me on blood pressure pills. This went on until I finally went to Colorado and saw a Chinese Herbalist who tested me and found the staph. Since that time I have had herbal tonic, clean diet, vinegar/baking soda/honey and water mix and LIMU cleanse. Natural cures seem to take along time but it is slowly healing. It is been about a year. I believe if I was in a different area with green plants and sunshine it would probably heal faster.

Hydrogen Peroxide

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Posted by Brian ( West Palm Beach, Fl) on 11/19/2018

I had a horrific staff infection on my chin which spread to my neck and parts of my face. Topical 3% hydrogen peroxide (food grade) followed by topical Neosporin worked miraculously for me.
I tried just about every natural suggestion that I could find both topically and internally including colloidal silver, tumeric, megadosing vitamin C and B3, eating super clean, tea tree oil, coconut oil, magnesium chloride, topical neosporin, and maybe a couple of other things I can't remember. Topical coconut oil soothed the pain and itching but nothing worked and it just kept getting worse.
I had read about hydrogen peroxide but people were saying that it caused scarring so I was reluctant. I was desperate so I mixed 11 parts distilled water to one part 35% hydrogen peroxide and put it on topically. It was excruciatingly painful for about one minute but then after that, there was significant relief. I could almost feel the reversal of the condition immediately. I made the mistake of letting it dry and it became like a hard crust so I soaked it again in peroxide about one hour later and followed it with topical Neosporin to keep it from crusting. I did this four or five times a day, sometimes soaking a cloth in hydrogen peroxide and leaving it on my face for as long as I could handle the pain. In two days, it was completely cleared up with no scarring (possibly from food grade instead of the stuff that has other things added). I hope this helps others.
PS- I tried Neosporin first by itself but it didn't work. Coconut oil seemed to dry out too fast so I chose neosporin for the moisturizer following hydrogen peroxide.

Manuka Honey

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Posted by Nancy (CA) on 08/08/2021

I had a staph infection in my finger that I could not get rid of. Dr only would prescribe Antibiotics. Then a health store owner told me to use Manuka honey #16. It worked immediately.

It literally ate it up. Could tell in hours. Each day got way better. Amazing!

Replied by Holly

Hi Nancy,

Did you use the honey topically or internally? Thnx!

Replied by Katzie

What I found most fascinating about this most healing honey is that your wound will literally "drink" what it needs! Put it on fresh wound every few hours, and if a few hours later you go to re-apply the honey and there's still a bunch of honey left from the last application, close up the bandage for a few more hours. Your body will let you know how much you need.

Happy healing, everybody.

Multiple Remedies

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Posted by Tre (Southern USA) on 03/25/2020

I think I have staph on my lips. It started with a rough feeling, but nothing obvious. Like my lips were super dry. Then they started peeling excessively. I used petroleum jelly and it seemed to calm some but then some scans appeared on my top lip right at the border. They were roundish. They didn't feel weird or anything but were visible. I put vitamin e on them and they tingled. I put tea tree oil and olive oil mix and they tingled. They then started to itch. No pain and the itching was intermittently. Only if touched. Lips were peeling like crazy . The scabs would come off the lesions and then just reform. Petroleum jelly seemed to help start the healing and then it didn't. I used calendula tincture mixed with a CS ointment and the peeling abruptly stopped. But I was left with the two roundish lesions at the top of my lips it seems now that the peeling has stopped my lips are inflamed a bit. They are pink and red in spots where the peeling happened. I tried Manuka honey overnight and boy was that a mistake! Woke up very inflamed. I'm drinking turmeric tea, taking usnea x 3 a day, just started monolaurin. Tried a activated charcoal poultice with tea tree and it seemed to anger it, but about an hour later it was a bit better. I have had staph in my urine cultures and it's difficult to take vitamin C which I think actually rids it because I also have proteus miribalis in my urine and proteus feeds on vitamin C. So now I am unsure of the route I should take. I really don't want antibiotics because of the fact of building resistance but I don't want this staph to spread. I'm really praying for divine guidance. In need God to speak to me.

Replied by Charity
(faithville, Us)

You might try (anti viral, anti microbial, anti fungal, anti bacterial) coconut oil on it in some form. I use it on cracks on my heals and it is amazing stuff. Love the book coconut cures by Bruce Fife.

Replied by Kristi

If the honey made it inflamed, I guarantee you have a severe food sensitivities to honey that you're not aware of.

Replied by Anon
(Plano Texas, USA)

Lactoferrin+xylitol+silver as a paste used on your skin. As proof of the ability to break down BIOFILMS, here is a link to a medical abstract.

Replied by Libby

In Australia we have natural botanicals known to kill P.mirabilis (anti-proteus activity) where antibiotics have failed. the products are Gumpiigumpii and Lancet. They are available from and you can email them with questions, they are very helpful. Great for any health and arthritis issues.

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Bel (Melbourne, Australia) on 10/17/2017

My staph infection began with angular cheilitis on both sides of my mouth, which I got from eating rice cakes that cut into my skin. The angular cheilitis wouldn't heal, as it was aggravated each time I ate. Soon a red rash appeared around the side of my mouth and my lips dried out and cracked.

The rash changed from red and bumpy to orange and crusty. My dry lips also developed an orange scab all over and my lips would tingle if I pressed them together.

I was drinking 3mg vitamin c daily, taking B-Complex + B2, Vitamin E and Zinc, getting daily sun for Vitamin D and eating liver pate for Vitamin A and B12.

The angular cheilitis healed after 1.5 weeks, but the rash persisted and looked angry now, with its constant peeling. Cracks had also formed in the skin area now as well as on the lips. And I also had developed many small cysts on my face, particularly around the mouth area.

Off to the doctor I went who wanted to prescribe oral antibiotics, despite telling her I've had over 30 rounds in my lifetime and was in this state because of my weakened immune system. She prescribed a topical antibiotic cream instead and swab testing for staph and herpes.

I started adding a little gel to the rash and things improved within hours. I also started colloidal silver and grapeseed extract internally. Things improved a little, but after a few days, I was experiencing other problems. My lips became inflamed and red, there was a burning sensation every time I urinated and I had developed a sore inside my nose. I had killed too much.

My lab results confirmed no herpes but Staphylococcus Aureus which was already resistant to some antibiotics. Doctor prescribed oral antibiotics. I threw the script out, stopped all home treatments and started again.

Lip balm: Mix of coconut oil, liquid grapeseed extract and a little petroleum jelly. Applied frequently to lips during the day (cracks = reinfection). Lips dried out too quickly without the petroleum Jelly.

Rash treatment: Colloidal Silver applied to rash and any cysts on face. After application, the solution would dry and I would feel dry tightness in the rash. At this time, I applied kefir mixed with 2 probiotic capsules (64billion) as a face mask to repopulate good bacteria on the skin and outnumber the staph. Reapplied lip balm mentioned above after washing off.

All over body treatment: Water fast to rebalance everything internally.

Night treatment: Applied colloidal silver to rash and lips. Let it dry, then applied a zinc and castor oil cream to affected areas. My cream contained zinc oxide 75mg/g and castor oil 500mg/g. Slept on my back with a pillow under my knees which prevents rolling over to the side and smearing cream onto the pillow.

House treatment: Cleaned surfaces with Apple Cider Vinger, cleaned sheets with bleach. Sun dried sheets and clothing.

Top photo: Improvement after 2 days of starting antibiotic cream and silver plus grapeseed internally. Things deteriorate after that with more orange scabs on the lips and more peeling of the rash.

Bottom photo: Improvement after just 24 hours of water fast and new skin regime. Internal nose sore healed.

Currently, I have no more areas affected by staph, however I am left with a lot of marks from the small cysts that appeared, hopefully they will fade soon.

Replied by Kenepeters

Dear EC, HELP A BROTHER AGAINST STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS AND YEAST BLOOD INFECTIONS IN BLOOD... I'm in tears. I contacted staph aures in secondary SCHOOL toilet and since then I have tried so many antibiotics but to no avail.. (Don't even mention any) At times after taking the injections it disappears and reappear. Its more than 14 years I'm battling to get it out if my system. I have been asking GOD why me. Now I'm approaching 33 with no wife and children. I tried some African herbs but non have given me 100 percent healing but for sure herbs helped me a bit.

Please this staph has been moving from one place to the other in my body. I now experience severe pain at my waist, There was a time I took 1000 mg of vitamin C x3-4 a with bioflanoids. At times I do take cucumber and water. Now I'm also experiencing shortness of urine and pain beside my stomach. PLEASE SAVE A LIFE.... I'M 32 YEARS OLD.. I thankGod for the person that established this and may God continue to bless us all.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
233 posts

Dear Kenepeter,

Considering repeated administering of antibiotics damages gut and therefore severely compromises immune system, that would be the area I would start. The leaky gut diet, which allows for maximum intake of easily absorbable vitamins and minerals with minimum digestive effort, basically consists of bone broth for its collagen and minerals, and green vegetable juices (or blended), allowing the body's energy to be used solely for healing. I would do this for minimum 3 days, also drinking water if wanted. I would make a turmeric and castor oil paste to apply to sores immediately. And after the three days of repair add one teaspoon turmeric to bone broth twice a day and ginger half inch to juices/blends. Avoid sugars and inflammatory grains as they feed the yeast, this is only temporary change, although sugar should be restricted anyway to avoid other health issues. Mrsa infection caused by Staph aureus should not be squeezed, this allows the bacteria to spread to healthy skin, allow the poultice to draw it out. I will take the vitamin c at a high dose, 1000mg every hour until loose stools, then reduce to every 2 hours, 4 hours etc, this acts as antioxidant and cleans up the toxins killed by the turmeric and ginger. Of course boosts the immune system. Lysine also, Ted recommended four doses an hour apart to kick start the immune system to enable defence. That is (eg) 3,4,5,6pm dosing. Use a journal to see what benefits you, monitoring dosages, frequency, foods, to see what helps you and what aggravates (processed dairy may be one, bread from unsoaked grains another). I would raise the turmeric slowly to 4 times a day, and, if required, every four hours. Every body is different, you may replace the turmeric with garlic cloves, iodine, grapefruit seed extract, olive leaf infused tea, coconut oil, or oregano oil. Or your herbs that worked for you before. Listen to your body and keep researching, if you repair your body and give it what it needs to heal, it will.

Some inspiration for you:

Replied by Marnie
(Nampa, Id)

Great ideas from Teena.

I was also just reading about Manuka Honey. It's been shown that this particular type of honey with a UMF of at least 15 will eliminate MRSA. It can be taken internally (by the spoonful a few times a day) as well as applied topically.

Best to you!

(Montreal, QC Canada)

I read on a medical site- maybe pubmed? - that Staph aureus thrives on castor oil, so beware! For me, it is manuka honey (watch out to get a very good potent one, unfortunately the most expensive are the most effective! ) and goldenseal tincture, on the boil and orally, and I will add apple cider to that now! It is effective, and goldenseal is one of the best natural antibiotics you can find and staph aureus is destroyed by it. All that works for me!

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Patrick (New Haven, CT) on 06/28/2008

So I've been battling with Staph for many years...I think I may have caught it in high school or college as I was a dancer. I've gone every route possible...expensive derm Dr.'s in NY...anything that I could find to kill germs...EVERYTHING! Last November I visited the most amazing naturopath in Santa Fe... Govinda McCrostey. Three things to do.

1. sugar and anything the body turns into sugar feeds the staph.
2. Natural anti-bacterials such as Olive Leaf Extract, Uva Ursi, Usnea, Melissa, Noni, Colloidal Silver will all work on ridding the body.
3. Stop any crazy body and household cleaners and go the natural route. Treat your body and the environment you live in gently and it will calm down. I have been using very gentle soaps and moisturizing (BWC Vitamin C Lotion)

It's summer in NY and usually I'm covered in red dots. Well...this summer one or two. I put a bit of colloidal silver on them, maybe a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar, and all is good. No boils, no crazy infections and no pain. So...feel free to contact me for my thoughts but keep the diet clean (honestly I'm so bad at that) and avoid the sugar.

Replied by Tammy

Hi there - thanks for your post on the Staph infection. My 3.5 year old and I both have it currently. I'm not wanting it to spread. He had about 8 spots on him on legs and arms. I manage to calm them with turmeric and castor oil but then they come up somewhere else etc. I have 2 on my legs one which turned into an abscess! Any additional suggestions to stop the spreading? Thank you 🙏🏻

(somewhere, europe)

Tammy, coconut oil worked on an ugly, diagnosed-as-staph-infection on a newborn.

(Kitchener On)

Hi Tammy

I would buy Activated charcoal and sprinkle on the spot and cover. Activated charcoal will draw all bacteria and trap it. I would also change the dressing every second day. You will be amazed.. If you buy Activated charcoal pills just pull them apart to use.

Very messy, be careful.

God Bless



Apply Manuka honey with the highest manuka factor. see a doctor asap.

(Misty Mountain)


Just from experience: Wash wounds with isopropyl alcohol daily. Apply colloidal silver gel to wounds. (Tends to work very well.) Increase fruits (mango, pineapple) vitamin C, selenium, zinc in the diet. Add ginger, parsley and cilantro to diet. Take castor oil at bedtime to help clean bowels. Use per package instructions. Avoid nightshade foods, sugar. Clean all clothing and linens frequently. Launder all washcloths and towels between uses. Use mild, natural soap such as Dr. Bronners - gel, not bar soap to avoid recontamination. In my case it appeared to be lingering on a bar of soap in the shower. I switched bar soap brands and it cleared up quickly.


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Posted by Andon Science (Limassol) on 06/05/2022 21 posts

For Staphylococcus Aureus, use this curement. It will cure you. Use 3000mg of Niacinimide daily for three months (Niacinimide from Now foods 500mg, already cured one person that I have read about), thus use 6 capsules per day of 500mg = 3000mg. I am not cooperating with any vitamins company. Thus you can use any other brand of Niacinimide 500mg that you may prefer, however the case that I read was cured, have used 500mg from Now foods. Thus it is not sure that other brands will work, since the curement that I read was made by Now foods brand. In case you want more quick results, you can also add L-Lysine 500mg (taken always with empty stomach), once per day.

After three months once the symptoms disappear, use a maintenance dose of 1000mg of Niacinimide per day.

Replied by Debra
(Sydney, Australia)
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Hi Andon,

Can you tell me how you came across this cure and how Niacinamide works against Staph? Is there a specific Staph infection you're referring to for the remedy? I would be very interested to know how it works as I think I have a Staph infection in the lungs and kidneys.

Andon Science
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Hi Debra,

Simply I saw an article that one person had severe Staph aureus with a large wound. He tried a lot of antibiotics but no cure.

Then he read an article about Niacinamide and was cured in three months. Google search Niacinamide for Staph Aureus and I am sure you will see many articles.

Oregano Oil and Turmeric

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Posted by Marlous (Amsterdam) on 07/11/2016

Curing Staphylococcus Aureus Naturally

Traveling through South America for some months I got caught by Staphylococcus. Most of my journey I spent in the Jungle where you are easily infected by the bacteria since you due with little wounds or infections like insect bites, cuts, chafings ect. I have to admit I underestimated the risk of getting serious trouble over these little harmless wounds, but the Jungle teached me, by all times, take serious care of the most little scratch & bite.

My infection started on a boat journey from Leticia to Iquitos, which meant there was no remedy straight away. I had to wait for 3 days to start my treatment. In that time the infection grew tremendiously. In the first stage, before entering the boat, it seemed a huge pimple was accumulating on my left elbow. During the trip, I was in inmense pain and the infection grew and grew.

By the time I arrived in Iquitos my arm was twice as big. Friends from Iquitos told me it must be Staph. However to be 100% I tested myself in a hospital, which outcome said indeed I was infected by Staphylococcus Aureus. They took out the infection in the hospital, but despite the strength of the infection - I already found a new spot on my leg, which meant it was spreaded through my whole body - I refused to take the regular antibiotics and was convinced (and scared as well! ) to cure it naturally.

Now, a couple of months later, the infection did not return and I decided to do a measurement at a naturopathic doctor back in Amsterdam. The results did not lie... no traces of Staph are left in my body!!! Which made me decide to share my story/treatment, in the hope it might help others in the future!

I was lucky, because I friend of mine was familiar with the disease, he onces got infected himself and cured it naturally as well. But it was a 7 month struggle of trying all sorts of things. His investigation made my healing process go much faster and gave me strenght to do so. Plus it made me aware if I would document it I could help others in the future, the main reason why I did a test in the hospital, after my return and I made a photo diary of the first two weeks.


Staph is very infectious, so one of the most important things is to be extremely sterile. Change your bedsheets daily, do not wear your clothes more than one day and keep the clothes away from other laundry (in a seperate bag), spray your whole body with either alcohol (highest percentage you can get) or Apple cider vinegar every day. Do not touch people if it is not necessary. Keep doing all of this as long as you have an open wound. This seems to be a lot of work, and yes, it is. But to cure it naturally and to keep your envionment safe, you should be dedicated and mindfull. You will get used to it.

Second, keep your body in a alkaloid PH. Eat healthy. Avoid Sugar!!! Many Veggies, like carrots, broccoli and fruits which do not contain too much sugar like apples. Eat a lot of fresh ginger and Garlic. Drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water daily. Perfect time to loose some extra weight and mind your diet.

To cure

* I used Wild Oregano Oil externally and internally. 1 to 3 drops into a spoon of coconut oil, adding it on the wound with a bandage and internally flushing the mouth with it for about 20 seconds and swallow it after. Make sure you mix it with Oil, not with water, cause that will burn your skin, literally! I did this 1 or 2 times a day. I was impressed to see the result of the Oregano Oil, when I dripped a drup of it on the starting infections (blisters) they just disappeared within a couple of hours. Magical really! They never had the chance to grow and become serious infections. Which made the whole healing process go much much faster.

* on top of the Wild Oregano Oil I made a turmeric paste. Which contained fresh turmeric root (1 teaspoon, grated), a spoon of cold pressed coconut oil, finely grained black pepper (to activate the turmeric) and additionally you could use fresh Aloe vera. Grain the mixture, make a bandage with half of the mixture (leave it on till you refresh it), and drink the other half poored in a glass of water. I took it internally twice a day, and externally I added it before sleeping and kept the bandage on the whole night. Make it fresh every time you use it.

I believe you can cure the staph completely by this method, however you should keep on taking turmeric and/or Oregano Oil internally up to some weeks/months after the infection started to get it completely 100% out of your system. Especially when you have it running through your whole body like I did. That will be the most difficult part, cause you THINK you are cured, but if there is only 1% left, you have the chance it will return, maybe months later, and you have to go through the whole thing again. So stay dedicated!!!

I took Kambo/Sapo (an Amazonian healing method, which is basically frog poision) on top of that. Since I was in the Amazon already I did 3 sessions. It is a big allround physical cleaner, and very effective to heal infections. 1,5 week after I started using Oregano Oil and Turmeric I did the treatments with Kambo. I was impressed by the healing over Turmeric and Oregano Oil, but wanted to give it an extra push.

I do not know which of the three elements (kambo, Wild Oregano Oil, Turmeric) is most effective for healing Staph, but the combination of three does it 100% for sure!

I hope this post give you the tools and strength to cure this crazy infection naturally! You need to be dedicated, but it is possible for sure.


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Posted by Ellen Stacey (United States) on 04/27/2020

I've heard from someone who had recurring staph problem until they finally cultured probiotics and used them all over their bodies. Good bacterua keep the bad in check. You need to get your skin flora in balance.

Recurrent Staph Infection Remedies

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Posted by Brenda Carroll K. (US) on 04/29/2020


Research has shown that bacteriophages can be very effective against chronic staph but the FDA hasn't approved them except for clinical trials. They're widely used in Eastern Europe countries like Georgia. Also oregano oil.

Recurrent Staph Infection Remedies
Posted by Alyssa (NY) on 04/27/2020

Recurrent Staph Infections: I suffer from recurrent staph infections and no one can tell me why. It tends to affect my ears, skin, chest and even eyes. Homeopathic remedies help to treat it and prevent it but if I run out of the homeopathic remedy, I get another infection immediately. I often take the remedy for months but its like the bacteria is just lurking in my system waiting for me to forget a dose or run out of the remedy. I don't know why I'm not making the antibodies to beat this. Does anyone know what causes recurrent bacterial infections or what I can do to beat this once and for all?

Replied by Jonathan Rich
(Plano Texas, USA)

Hi Alyssa, Lactoferrin+xylitol+silver is anti- biofilm. Personally used this as a paste & opened a capsule of lactoferrin with xylitol & colloidal silver. Here is a medical abstract as proof,

Replied by Alan

Alyssa, The remedy for staph is ZINC 100 mg with green tea with vit c 3 grams plus 3 grams l-lysine with breakfast for a week then 60mg of zinc plus the other second week and then 30 mg plus the other till it goes away entirely... plus dissolve a tbs of apple cider vinegar and one tbs of water and put it on the affected areas.. Good luck and shalom!

Replied by Susan S-J

Manuka honey took care of my recurrent staph infection. I also used a topical manuka product. The product I used is no longer available, but there are others.

Replied by Dawn French

Google Dakin's solution. You need to boost your immune system. Look into probiotics.

Replied by Christina Green

Check out this link, she used vitamin c (asorbic acid powder as a paste and charcoal poultices) and cured her own staph. I followed her treatments many times for recurring UTI's. Plus she's funny, which everyone needs right now.

Replied by Mimi P.

Sounds like there's a biofilm. You'll need to take a biofilm disruptor before the bacteria is completely killed off. Serrapeptase, berberine, garlic, oil of oregano are some examples of biofilm disruptors.

Replied by Sammie Martin Walker

Externally manuka honey is good but also fight from the inside. Some essentials might not be balanced such as magnesium, zinc, chromium, vitamin d, etc.

Replied by Marcella Jennings

I would use a high PPM coloidal silver both topically and internally. Also take high dose oregano oil for a couple weeks.

Replied by Judy Reeves

I had a staph infection in a toe. They told me they would have to amputate my toe if I didn't do what they said. Do you have an infectious disease specialist? I had to had a small bag of a strong antibiotic for 28 days. I had to have a pic line surgically implanted and had to go to an infusion center where they gave me my first treatment. Then every day for 27 more days I had to have the bag of IV antibiotic. At the end of the 28 days I had an MRI to verify it was totally gone. They told me the toe might get red, swell, etc but the staph is gone. Have you had blood tests when it shoes back up on you? Does your doctor say it is recurrence of the staph or just a reaction like my toe does occasionally? How do you know it is staph? How was it first determined? What was your initial treatment? Do you see a doctor of infectious disease? You need all that. I believe in natural healing but you may need to stop playing around and get what it takes. I believe if you get the right doctor you can get over it. I had a surgery a few years later on another area. The hospital did a staph blood test on me before they would even do my day surgery. The blood test was clean.

Replied by John Kirby

make a salve to suckup the poison. north America sage and chinese medicine alchohol based wrap it ... that's what I did... but I also tried many things boosting immunity ...its a stubborn problem and doctors can give you antibiotics but make sure you do probiotics an eat prebiotics of complex carbs.. I had from my foot that crawled up leg.. Oregano essential oil rubbed seemed to help knock it back...

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