Natural Remedies for Staph Infections

Oregano Oil and Turmeric
Posted by Marlous (Amsterdam) on 07/11/2016

Curing Staphylococcus Aureus Naturally

Traveling through South America for some months I got caught by Staphylococcus. Most of my journey I spent in the Jungle where you are easily infected by the bacteria since you due with little wounds or infections like insect bites, cuts, chafings ect. I have to admit I underestimated the risk of getting serious trouble over these little harmless wounds, but the Jungle teached me, by all times, take serious care of the most little scratch & bite.

My infection started on a boat journey from Leticia to Iquitos, which meant there was no remedy straight away. I had to wait for 3 days to start my treatment. In that time the infection grew tremendiously. In the first stage, before entering the boat, it seemed a huge pimple was accumulating on my left elbow. During the trip, I was in inmense pain and the infection grew and grew.

By the time I arrived in Iquitos my arm was twice as big. Friends from Iquitos told me it must be Staph. However to be 100% I tested myself in a hospital, which outcome said indeed I was infected by Staphylococcus Aureus. They took out the infection in the hospital, but despite the strength of the infection - I already found a new spot on my leg, which meant it was spreaded through my whole body - I refused to take the regular antibiotics and was convinced (and scared as well! ) to cure it naturally.

Now, a couple of months later, the infection did not return and I decided to do a measurement at a naturopathic doctor back in Amsterdam. The results did not lie... no traces of Staph are left in my body!!! Which made me decide to share my story/treatment, in the hope it might help others in the future!

I was lucky, because I friend of mine was familiar with the disease, he onces got infected himself and cured it naturally as well. But it was a 7 month struggle of trying all sorts of things. His investigation made my healing process go much faster and gave me strenght to do so. Plus it made me aware if I would document it I could help others in the future, the main reason why I did a test in the hospital, after my return and I made a photo diary of the first two weeks.


Staph is very infectious, so one of the most important things is to be extremely sterile. Change your bedsheets daily, do not wear your clothes more than one day and keep the clothes away from other laundry (in a seperate bag), spray your whole body with either alcohol (highest percentage you can get) or Apple cider vinegar every day. Do not touch people if it is not necessary. Keep doing all of this as long as you have an open wound. This seems to be a lot of work, and yes, it is. But to cure it naturally and to keep your envionment safe, you should be dedicated and mindfull. You will get used to it.

Second, keep your body in a alkaloid PH. Eat healthy. Avoid Sugar!!! Many Veggies, like carrots, broccoli and fruits which do not contain too much sugar like apples. Eat a lot of fresh ginger and Garlic. Drink a spoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water daily. Perfect time to loose some extra weight and mind your diet.

To cure

* I used Wild Oregano Oil externally and internally. 1 to 3 drops into a spoon of coconut oil, adding it on the wound with a bandage and internally flushing the mouth with it for about 20 seconds and swallow it after. Make sure you mix it with Oil, not with water, cause that will burn your skin, literally! I did this 1 or 2 times a day. I was impressed to see the result of the Oregano Oil, when I dripped a drup of it on the starting infections (blisters) they just disappeared within a couple of hours. Magical really! They never had the chance to grow and become serious infections. Which made the whole healing process go much much faster.

* on top of the Wild Oregano Oil I made a turmeric paste. Which contained fresh turmeric root (1 teaspoon, grated), a spoon of cold pressed coconut oil, finely grained black pepper (to activate the turmeric) and additionally you could use fresh Aloe vera. Grain the mixture, make a bandage with half of the mixture (leave it on till you refresh it), and drink the other half poored in a glass of water. I took it internally twice a day, and externally I added it before sleeping and kept the bandage on the whole night. Make it fresh every time you use it.

I believe you can cure the staph completely by this method, however you should keep on taking turmeric and/or Oregano Oil internally up to some weeks/months after the infection started to get it completely 100% out of your system. Especially when you have it running through your whole body like I did. That will be the most difficult part, cause you THINK you are cured, but if there is only 1% left, you have the chance it will return, maybe months later, and you have to go through the whole thing again. So stay dedicated!!!

I took Kambo/Sapo (an Amazonian healing method, which is basically frog poision) on top of that. Since I was in the Amazon already I did 3 sessions. It is a big allround physical cleaner, and very effective to heal infections. 1,5 week after I started using Oregano Oil and Turmeric I did the treatments with Kambo. I was impressed by the healing over Turmeric and Oregano Oil, but wanted to give it an extra push.

I do not know which of the three elements (kambo, Wild Oregano Oil, Turmeric) is most effective for healing Staph, but the combination of three does it 100% for sure!

I hope this post give you the tools and strength to cure this crazy infection naturally! You need to be dedicated, but it is possible for sure.