Natural Remedies for Staph Infections

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Tre (Southern USA) on 03/25/2020

I think I have staph on my lips. It started with a rough feeling, but nothing obvious. Like my lips were super dry. Then they started peeling excessively. I used petroleum jelly and it seemed to calm some but then some scans appeared on my top lip right at the border. They were roundish. They didn't feel weird or anything but were visible. I put vitamin e on them and they tingled. I put tea tree oil and olive oil mix and they tingled. They then started to itch. No pain and the itching was intermittently. Only if touched. Lips were peeling like crazy . The scabs would come off the lesions and then just reform. Petroleum jelly seemed to help start the healing and then it didn't. I used calendula tincture mixed with a CS ointment and the peeling abruptly stopped. But I was left with the two roundish lesions at the top of my lips it seems now that the peeling has stopped my lips are inflamed a bit. They are pink and red in spots where the peeling happened. I tried Manuka honey overnight and boy was that a mistake! Woke up very inflamed. I'm drinking turmeric tea, taking usnea x 3 a day, just started monolaurin. Tried a activated charcoal poultice with tea tree and it seemed to anger it, but about an hour later it was a bit better. I have had staph in my urine cultures and it's difficult to take vitamin C which I think actually rids it because I also have proteus miribalis in my urine and proteus feeds on vitamin C. So now I am unsure of the route I should take. I really don't want antibiotics because of the fact of building resistance but I don't want this staph to spread. I'm really praying for divine guidance. In need God to speak to me.