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Posted by Gwen (Boulder/denver, Colorado, Usa) on 12/05/2010

Arnica Gel really works! I fell down my stairs & badly sprained my ankle. Swelling, bruising, etc... Had some creme handy, & started working immediately! Read up on regular treatment on web, & said expect 2-3 weeks recovery. My swelling is going, still a little black & blue, pain gone.... It hasn't even been 24 hrs. This creme has Leopard/Wolf bane, Belladonna, & other goodies... Try it, it works;)

Posted by TAN KOON PENG (SINGAPORE) on 06/22/2008

Arnica gel for sprains. You can get it from any health food/vitamin store. It is odorless, and is like a tea put into gel form. Jane has used it for years. Once when she was moving she sprained an ankle, and used Arnica on it, and was able to complete carrying heavy boxes and unpacking them with no trouble. It works for any closed injury. (i.e., don't put it on an open/bleeding wound.) It has no side-effects.

Arnica Comfrey Tincture

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Posted by Mama To Many (Tn) on 09/19/2018

My 12 year old son sprained his second toe playing frisbee. The first night I did an apple cider vinegar wrap since that usually brings significant relief overnight. However, the next day the toe seemed no better.

Then I remembered I had some Arnica/Comfrey Tincture. I had him apply it liberally to his toe before bed the next night.

He woke up with significant improvement.

Last night he asked for a comfrey tincture poultice, so I doused a piece of old t shirt with the tincture and wrapped his toe.

This morning he is doing well. Not 100%, but able to wear his boots as the swelling has subsided.

I made that particular tincture in the first place because I want to use it as a base for magnesium oil.

I have been using magnesium oil that has been made with magnesium flakes and vodka instead of magnesium flakes and water since it is less sticky with the vodka. (Thanks for that tip, Art! )

I thought, "Why not make magnesium oil with a vodka that is actually a tincture of herbs that is useful for muscle and joint pain?" I haven't gotten around to making my comfrey/arnica magnesium oil yet, but meanwhile, the comfrey arnica tincture is quite useful!

Here is how I did it:
I filled a mason jar about 1/3 full of dried arnica flowers. Then I added about 1/3 of the jar worth of loosely packed dried comfrey leaves. I poured vodka over the dry herbs to cover plus about an inch and let it sit for 6 weeks. (It may have been much longer, actually. 2 weeks would have been enough, though I think 6 is better.)

I strained out the plant material through a coffee filter and labeled my jar, "arnica/comfrey tincture."

By the way, while many herbal tinctures in vodka are meant for internal use, arnica is not to be taken internally. So this tincture is not for internal use.

~Mama to Many~

Calcium Bentonite Clay

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Posted by Audrey (Tx) on 01/12/2018

Calcium Bentonite Clay for Sprains

Calcium bentonite clay mud thickly applied and wrapped with plastic wrap is awesome! It quickly reduces pain and speeds healing. The mud needs to be at least 1/2 inch thick and covered with plastic wrap to stay moist. You don't want it to dry out. Putting a brace or wrap loosely over it also helps because stabilizing the joint helps support it and helps it heal faster.

Castor Oil

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Posted by Wendy (London) on 03/02/2023

I walked home ricked my ankle maybe on uneven paving. Carried on no pain then walked home. That evening foot started to hurt then got worse and worse until I could hardly walk. Restless night in pain. Next day massaged my foot and ankle with castor oil 3 times and the following day, like magic the pain was all gone. I couldn't believe how wonderfully it worked.

Castor Oil
Posted by Christina (New Zealand) on 02/02/2015

Hello! I just discovered the amazing healing qualities of castor oil and thought I share my story...

My husband and I went to concert Friday night, where I danced my butt off and severely strained both my calf muscles (although I didn't know it at the time). For the next two days I was in a lot of pain and could hardly walk. I have to say, I found this rather comical--albeit a bit embarrassing--to discover that I can no longer shake it like I used it!

Anyway, last night I had the intuitive guidance to massage castor oil into my calves and lo-and-behold the difference straight away was utterly amazing! I did it again before bed, and then this morning before getting up, and although my calves are still a bit sore, they feel so much more comfortable, and I can pretty much walk normal again! I am completely blown away by how effective castor oil is at relieving muscle strain! Crazy-awesome-cool!

I plan to make an infused oil with healing herbs to have on hand to treat muscle and joint problems, which should help with recovery even more. Will probably make a warming balm as well.

Anyway, that's my experience with castor oil. Amazing stuff! Cheers

Replied by Carlyn
(Portland Oregon)

I fell off two railroad ties and all 175 lbs of landed on my left ankle and top of my foot I couldn't wait to get home to soak my foot in epsom salt, rosemary and black seed oil. Then for bed laid Castor oil on my entire foot up to a couple inches above my ankle wrapped it in saran wrap and then wrapped flannel around it and an ace bandage to keep it all in place slept with foot elevated.

Morning I hurt but every night I have kept this routine and not missed a beat at work. Our family has used this method my whole life for any pulls strains, sprains and it has been a life saver. On the mend :)


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Posted by Bethbs (England) on 05/13/2024

Having badly sprained an ankle and had to walk on it for a mile or so, at the first opportunity, of course I raised it and applied ice without any noticeable diminution of pain. I couldn't move my toes and the pain was excruciating right up to and beyond the knee. Application of a paste made from several large comfrey leaves, liquidised with water and flour to make a fairly stiff, spreadable compress, held in place with Cling Film and an elastic bandage, seemed to provide very effective relief within a couple of hours.

It was removed overnight for convenience but replaced next morning when the pain had returned and again seemed to reduce that pain very quickly and effectively.

I wouldn't normally post a remedy after only one trial, since coincidence and placebo effects may play a part but I'm not planning to have another sprain. I am convinced the comfrey took down the pain extraordinarily quickly.

Traditionally known as Knitbone, the roots of Comfrey are said to be even more efficaceous than the leaves. I've also read that the ankle can be soaked in an infusion of comfrey leaf or root. I haven't tried these methods.

Comfrey is, however, a potent liver toxin so shouldn't be taken internally or applied to open wounds.

I should also add, as a caveat, that after 2 days of use, I've noticed a bit of a tic on the fingers on that side, which may or may not be coincidence, may or may not be related to absorption of the comfrey; or may be related to insult to the nerves, due to the accident.

Posted by Julie (Crystal River, Florida) on 09/16/2019

I had a broken ankle in the 70's that wouldn't show up on Xray, my ligaments were torn from continuous spraining that finally, in the 80's had an operation to fix cause newer Xrays showed a fracture, but ligaments would not heal, kept getting casts.

I heard of Comfrey Root applying it as a poultice. Comfrey Root is called a bone knitter, wound healer, etc. I have never had another sprain now for forty years. My father in law used it for his gums, rinsing with comfrey tea after his teeth were removed for dentures. His doctor said he has never seen gums heal so fast in his life.

Replied by Beth

Comfrey is a liver toxin though, so I wouldn't recommend taking internally, on open wounds, nor using on the gums, no matter how efficaceous.

Egg Whites and Salt

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Posted by Cheryl (Idaho) on 05/29/2021

While living in Peru, I sprained my ankle. Sweet little ladies took me to their home, whipped up some egg whites and slathered the “merengue” all over my ankle and wrapped it in a paper towel. (They actually made the “paper towel” by rubbing paper between their hands until it was soft, and then pricking it with a fork). As the white prickled and popped like rice crispies, the swelling went down. Finally, when the paper was touching my skin, the swelling had gone down completely. I'm not sure about the salt, it most likely was in the whipped whites, but I can attest that this egg white remedy works wonders.

Replied by Ragbir
(New York)

How much egg whites to how much salt should be used on a sprained ankle?


To use this home remedy, you need to add an egg yolk to a tablespoonful of salt and stir properly till it gets well combined. Apply to the affected area and wrap up with a cotton fabric.

Egg Whites and Salt
Posted by Sylvia (Pretoria, South Africa) on 06/24/2012


Yesterday afternoon I sprained my right foot and it was paining like mad! I looked for cures on EC (I am EC biggest fan! ) and found a few cures. Not knowing which one to apply, I decided to use all 3 together! I drank 2 TBLsp of ACV then soaked a cotton-wool strip in ACV and covered the area with it for about 20 min. I then applied a mixture of 1 beaten eggwhite with a tsp of salt to the foot. Reapplying every 10-15 min until all used up. My hubby then covered my foot with a strip of ACV-soaked-cotton-wool and covered it with an old sock at bedtime. I woke up this morning nearly pain-free. I would say 70% better! Last night I couldn't touch or stand on the foot and now I could move and walk on it! Thanks to all you guys and the granny from 1888!

Replied by annie z
(francis utah)

I read about this remedy on EC years ago after suffering a really bad sprain. iI totally worked and I've been telling the story every chance I get 😃.

Thank you EC!


OMG my mom did the egg white thing for me years ago! I thought she was nuts!

Egg Whites and Salt
Posted by Sueanne (Manitowoc, Wi) on 11/30/2011

My Grandmother, borne in 1888, used beaten egg whites and salt on my sprained ankle. She slathered it all over my badly swollen ankle and in two days, I was walking on it, like normal. It was an ugly sprain and I can only attribute it to Grandma. I recently took a big digger, and the only thing that took down the swelling - salt and egg whites. As the egg whites dry, rub off the salt and 'hit 'er', again'. It's also very cooling.

Replied by Stav


Thank you for sharing. How do you prepare the egg whites and salt mixture ?

How many egg whites and how many teaspoons or tablespoon of salt ?

Thank you

Replied by Tina
(Shorewood, Il)

My Grandma had the same remedy, born in 1902. Always helped a sprain.

Replied by Marcus

Can anyone clarify the recipe, how many egg whites and how much salt?


How many eggs & salt required will be determined by size of the area its treating.

I would start with 1 egg & 1/2 tsp of sea salt and whip. If ya need more, make more.

Sometimes directions are not given as there are too many possible scenarios, so just take your best guess. If you used 2 egg whites & only 1/4 tsp of salt, you're not going to be too far off the mark and it will still be beneficial. Frequently, EC users have to make their best judgment. It's only egg white & salt, so nothing too dangerous there.

This remedy has great reviews, so don't let a lack of specific measurements of non-dangerous items stop you. Let your gut instinct guide you; it already led you here, after all!!

Replied by Katzie

I am curious as to 'how' this treatment works. I haven't used it on a sprain yet, but I figured if egg whites&salt are good for pain and swelling of a sprained ankle, wouldn't it be good for swollen bumps and scrapes. I took a really great fall (I scored 10 out of 10 on it), and came away with 5 different areas to ice. I could only do 2 at a time, so the ones I couldn't do right away swelled up a bit. The morning after I iced the areas again and used assorted essential oils to heal them. They are still raw and a little swollen, so I whipped a couple of egg whites and added a pinch of himalayan pink sea salt (my scrapes are open wounds, of course, so I lessened the salt). Now the areas are much soothed. I thought if its good for sprains, and egg whited on their own are miraculous on burns, it would also work on my raw scrapes - and they feel pretty good right now. I am glad.

Feet Up 45 Degrees

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Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 01/02/2013

The very best remedy for a sprained ankle (and other foot pains) in my family, is from Pete Egoscue's book: lying down on the floor (on a rug or blanket) next to the couch, putting your feet up on the couch so that your body forms right angles at your hips and knees. Usually, about 45 minutes does wonders. Take a book to read or watch a video so as not to get bored!!

Grape Cure

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Posted by Hobbled (Uk) on 09/04/2016

Ankle sprain - torn ligament

So I slipped down a hole unexpectedly. After the initial shock (tapped EFT-style - even though I am in shock, I deeply accept myself and the situation) I realised that I could still move my ankle and wouldn't necessarily have to call the coast guard. I remembered films about people dragging their broken legs down mountains/cutting off their own arms and remembered that I was only half a mile from the nearest house, hardly in a remote or extreme situation. I could even see people in the distance so I sat and let myself recover for a bit. I also had a phone and got some basic information about sprains. There was clearly damage - I elevated the foot for a few minutes, gingerly testing what I could or could not move. Then I remembered all the bombing in Syria and the recent earthquake victims in Italy, and how people have far worse injuries that this and not because they are stupid enough to walk on coarse paths in sandals, and I garnered sufficient courage to limp back to the car. It was quite painful, and it wasn't the best thing to do unassisted, but I drove to A&E where I had to park what seemed to be miles from the entrance, and they couldn't lend me a crutch!

Anyway, after 4 hours I was given an X-ray and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon who said DO NOT DO ANY EXERCISE, WEAR THIS BIG BOOT OR I WILL WRAP IT IN PLASTER. He reckoned after 4 weeks I might either be healed or need surgery. So I Earth-cliniced and read a lot about sprains and tried essential oils (no good), tiger balm (no good) and arnica (no good). I also checked out Louise Hay's healing affirmations (I am confident in my inner healer/my body is perfect whole and complete etc). Eventually I tried the grape cure (spread split-open grapes all over swollen/painful area, bind up and sleep) which brought the swelling right down - maybe it was the grapes, or maybe just the time - it was 6 days after the initial injury. Some areas are still hot, however, so after 2 nights of grape-foot, now arnica gel mixed with peppermint essential oil is soothing, cooling and absolutely lovely for the foot.

I am on the road to recovery and feel confident that in a few weeks I will be taking off the boot and going for physio and not surgery. Fingers crossed. So, now I am feeling quite buoyant, but for a few days did find there was a whole lot of emotion coming up - all sorts of things, old injuries, memories of my parents' ankle injuries, a sense of shame that I haven't cared for myself when I could have, that I have taken for granted my own good health and not paid much respect to my inner healer/the amazing natural, inherent drive to repair disease in spite of the mental palava that so often gets in the way. I was having a dispute with someone which was upsetting me, far more than it should have, and this has helped me to get a sense of priority - what has been so important to me is the kindness offered all the time by strangers and colleagues, and the love and concern from others who are good enough to give me time and support. So I am still wearing the big boot and using crutches but the swelling is greatly reduced after 8 days. Who knows what miracles will happen in the next 20?

Replied by Jackie
(N Yorks)

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for posting such a detailed account of your incident...especially the emotional stuff that came up as exactly the same happened to me, stuff from a car crash, many things that I'd obviously suppressed and boom...up they all came, does something in the brain get triggered when there's a time of shock and vulnerability do you think? Thanks again for such a helpful post. Jackie

Grape Cure
Posted by Lenore (Chicago, IL) on 04/01/2009

While on the subject of cures, I want to tell you about the grape cure as my mother calls it. If you suffer from a twisted or sprained ankle or wrist, you crush grapes and wrap in towels covered with plastic overnight. I have used this one countless times and the results are miraculous.

Friends of mine have come off crutches the next day! You must be cautious however because it does not heal broken bones but may confuse you because of the immediate pain relief. almost.

Homemade Bruise Strain and Tear Repair Mixture

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Posted by Steve (Niwot, Co, Usa) on 06/23/2011

Here's what I use for repairing damaged soft tissue: Mix a tea of Arnica & White Willow (to remove microclots and provide pain relief), Comfrey & Plantain (contains allantoin to increase the fibroblast activity and lay down reparative collagen), Witch Hazel (to maintain suppleness of muscle fibers so area is not over worked), Thyme (to increase circulation), Vitamin C (to support collagen formation), Peppermint (soothing). Then coat the knee or ankle or elbow or what ever with the tea three times per day for two to three weeks. This way, the healing continues long after the initial inflamation and pain are gone and you get a more complete recovery. This Bruise Strain and Tear Repair can also be gotten from an online place called Nature's Rite, but I just make it myself.

Replied by Ma Esther
(Playa Del Rey)

Can you provide places where can I find all these tea and other items for the remedies you provided. Husband with a very swollen knee with lots of pain. Thank you

Replied by Ma Esther Reyna
(Playa Del Rey)

I tried this and it worked very well. I wold like to connect with Ma Esther, it is a coincidence, we have the same name and live in the same city. God bless.

Replied by Ellen

Although I appreciate your suggestions to make the tea, however you don't give any measurements and instructions how to make it. Could u provide the recipe? I would be grateful Ellen

Replied by Donna

Thank you so much for info on sprains. I sprained my foot very badly and it doesn't want to reduce swelling or start healing.

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