Sprain Remedies

Grape Cure

Posted by Hobbled (Uk) on 09/04/2016
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Ankle sprain - torn ligament

So I slipped down a hole unexpectedly. After the initial shock (tapped EFT-style - even though I am in shock, I deeply accept myself and the situation) I realised that I could still move my ankle and wouldn't necessarily have to call the coast guard. I remembered films about people dragging their broken legs down mountains/cutting off their own arms and remembered that I was only half a mile from the nearest house, hardly in a remote or extreme situation. I could even see people in the distance so I sat and let myself recover for a bit. I also had a phone and got some basic information about sprains. There was clearly damage - I elevated the foot for a few minutes, gingerly testing what I could or could not move. Then I remembered all the bombing in Syria and the recent earthquake victims in Italy, and how people have far worse injuries that this and not because they are stupid enough to walk on coarse paths in sandals, and I garnered sufficient courage to limp back to the car. It was quite painful, and it wasn't the best thing to do unassisted, but I drove to A&E where I had to park what seemed to be miles from the entrance, and they couldn't lend me a crutch!

Anyway, after 4 hours I was given an X-ray and an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon who said DO NOT DO ANY EXERCISE, WEAR THIS BIG BOOT OR I WILL WRAP IT IN PLASTER. He reckoned after 4 weeks I might either be healed or need surgery. So I Earth-cliniced and read a lot about sprains and tried essential oils (no good), tiger balm (no good) and arnica (no good). I also checked out Louise Hay's healing affirmations (I am confident in my inner healer/my body is perfect whole and complete etc). Eventually I tried the grape cure (spread split-open grapes all over swollen/painful area, bind up and sleep) which brought the swelling right down - maybe it was the grapes, or maybe just the time - it was 6 days after the initial injury. Some areas are still hot, however, so after 2 nights of grape-foot, now arnica gel mixed with peppermint essential oil is soothing, cooling and absolutely lovely for the foot.

I am on the road to recovery and feel confident that in a few weeks I will be taking off the boot and going for physio and not surgery. Fingers crossed. So, now I am feeling quite buoyant, but for a few days did find there was a whole lot of emotion coming up - all sorts of things, old injuries, memories of my parents' ankle injuries, a sense of shame that I haven't cared for myself when I could have, that I have taken for granted my own good health and not paid much respect to my inner healer/the amazing natural, inherent drive to repair disease in spite of the mental palava that so often gets in the way. I was having a dispute with someone which was upsetting me, far more than it should have, and this has helped me to get a sense of priority - what has been so important to me is the kindness offered all the time by strangers and colleagues, and the love and concern from others who are good enough to give me time and support. So I am still wearing the big boot and using crutches but the swelling is greatly reduced after 8 days. Who knows what miracles will happen in the next 20?

Replied by Jackie
N Yorks

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for posting such a detailed account of your incident...especially the emotional stuff that came up as exactly the same happened to me, stuff from a car crash, many things that I'd obviously suppressed and boom...up they all came, does something in the brain get triggered when there's a time of shock and vulnerability do you think? Thanks again for such a helpful post. Jackie

Posted by Lenore (Chicago, IL) on 04/01/2009
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Have you checked our biomagnetic therapy for trigeminal neuralgia? I read in Biomagnetic and Herbal Therapy that to apply north accuband magnets or bipolar magnets is helpful. Also mentioned is a liniment of myrrh, golden seal,and cayenne pepper in guess what- acv applied to the area works. Not having this disorder myself I am unable to vouch for it but i used the liniment that I made and the north magnets on my husbands swollen and painful calves ( he is a bus driver) and he found relief almost immediately after one day and was able to return to work with no problem.While on the subject of cures I want to tell you about the grape cure as my mother calls it. If you suffer from a twisted or spained ankle or wrist you crush grapes and wrap in towels covered with plastic overnight. I have used this one countless times and the results are miraculous. Friends of mine have come off crutches the next day! You must be cautious however because it does not heal broken bones but may confuse you because of the immediate pain relief. almost .

Homemade Bruise Strain and Tear Repair Mixture

Posted by Steve (Niwot, Co, Usa) on 06/23/2011
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Here's what I use for repairing damaged soft tissue: Mix a tea of Arnica & White Willow (to remove microclots and provide pain relief), Comfrey & Plantain (contains allantoin to increase the fibroblast activity and lay down reparative collagen), Witch Hazel (to maintain suppleness of muscle fibers so area is not over worked), Thyme (to increase circulation), Vitamin C (to support collagen formation), Peppermint (soothing). Then coat the knee or ankle or elbow or what ever with the tea three times per day for two to three weeks. This way, the healing continues long after the initial inflamation and pain are gone and you get a more complete recovery. This Bruise Strain and Tear Repair can also be gotten from an online place called Nature's Rite, but I just make it myself.

Replied by Ma Esther
Playa Del Rey

Can you provide places where can I find all these tea and other items for the remedies you provided. Husband with a very swollen knee with lots of pain. Thank you

Replied by Ma Esther Reyna
Playa Del Rey
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I tried this and it worked very well. I wold like to connect with Ma Esther, it is a coincidence, we have the same name and live in the same city. God bless.

Replied by Ellen

Although I appreciate your suggestions to make the tea, however you don't give any measurements and instructions how to make it. Could u provide the recipe? I would be grateful Ellen

Ice Water, Bentonite Clay, Castor Oil

Posted by Todayishine (America, New York) on 12/14/2015
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What helped me get through the first week of what I thought was a stubbed toe was, the ice water, castor oil and bentonite clay. These were products available at home brought temporary relief. I thought because I could walk that toe was not broke. However about the third day I had to stand on it most of the day and the pain seem to worsen. I did a little toe pressure and felt it, click, click, click in and out of place. I continue with castor oil and added iodine. Now it is about the six week and I feel that my toe is almost back to normal. There is not a lot of pain when over worked any more and it no longer clicks. Thanks for your help EC.


Multiple Remedies

Posted by Charmaine (Westminster Co ) on 06/26/2016
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Please never stop this website. It has helped me with everything I look up.

For ankle sprain, arnica gel, helichrysum, apple cider vinegar, dmso, all work! Bless you

Ribwort Plantain

Posted by Susie (Syracuse, NY) on 05/30/2009
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Plantain is also excellent for bee stings, just crush the leaf up by rolling it between your fingers (traditionally it was suggested to crush it by chewing it a little mixing it with saliva to apply as compress) so that it's damp and wet, you'll definitely notice when you've bruised it enough, then rub over the bee sting or mosquito bite. Very effective and works quickly. When I was visiting Lancaster, Penn a man there told me the Amish harvest plantain by the bushels to make compresses and other applications to be used for tendonitis, arthritis; I had a sprained knee at the time and I did rub the plantain leaf on my left knee as many times a day as I thought to, probably 3, 4 or 5 times ....within a couple weeks I was completely out of my knee brace. People will think you're nuts as I have had many people snicker at me as I'm constantly picking plantain and rubbing it on either a bug bite or tennis elbow area.

EC: More about Ribwort Plantain here: http://www.earthclinic.com/herbs/ribwort-plantain.html

Wrist Strain Remedies

Posted by Kay (Jax, Fl) on 07/22/2013

Back in March of 2013, (this year) I was lift my 80lb dog with one hand and twisted my wrist. I went to the orthopedic doc, took xrays and found no fractures but said the pain would go away. 2 weeks later I went back and was told the same thing. Give a bandage to wear. After a few weeks the constant pain went away, but If I tried to lift anything with that right hand, it would start hurting again. Unfortunately I am right handed! I am thinking about going to another ortho or perhaps a neurologist. I never had any swelling. I have been soaking it in epsom salts and warm water two times a day with no relief. Any suggestions?

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Dear Kay, Here are a few things you could try.

Raw Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar - You can take 1 T. In water twice a day which helps some with pain. But even better (or in addition) is to dampen a cloth with it and wrap your wrist with it (cover with saran wrap and an ace bandage, not too tight) and wear this over night for a few nights to see if it helps. My son once had a sprained foot that he could bear no weight on. A few hours of vinegar on a cloth on it and he was up walking!

Castor Oil can be rubbed into the area. It is good for pain and healing. You could do this 2-3 times a day.

Turmeric is helpful for pain and inflammation and healing. 4 capsules 2-3 times a day. Some put it into milk (1/2 to 1 teaspoon twice a day) but I don't care for it that way, personally.

Peppermint essential oil (diluted 1:1 with another oil if it is too strong for you) rubbed into the pained area can help with pain and also healing. It is possible that you have some inflammation even if it isn't visible. This could be done 4 times a day or more if you find it comfortable. I love to put peppermint onto painful muscles and joints.

Perhaps the best thing (though maybe the hardest to find) would be comfrey. Comfrey is good at healing older injuries. One of its names is "knitbone!". You could take comfrey root capsules (you might need to take up to 4 3-4 times a day) internally. You could find a quality ointment with comfrey in it to massage into your wrist. Dr. Christopher has some complete bone and tissue products that can be used internally and externally. However, due to FDA regulations, he can no longer put the comfrey into the capsules, but people seem to still find the other herbs used helpful. You can buy it in bulk and make your own. I do use comfrey internally and externally with my family, even children and have never had a problem. Comfrey makes cells regenerate faster. We have missionary friends in Africa that make a comfrey tea to fertilize their gardens with great results!

With everything, drinking a lot of water is always important. Pain is always worse if you are not well hydrated.

Any of the above could be safely done together, also. (You could use the vinegar on your wrist at night and the castor oil or peppermint during the day, etc.)

Let us know what helps you!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Kay
Jax, Fl

I tried the ACV last night. I basically took a rag, soaked with with ACV and rubbed it all over my wrist. It could be coincidental, but no pain today. I will try the other things you suggested as well. Thanks, Kay

Replied by Denise

I know many of these comments were submitted a few years ago. I just wanted to add my 2 cents about comfrey leaf. I took comfrey leaf for many years with no harm before FDA decided to put on THEIR toxic list.

I've also done lots of research both about the so called study that prompted the FDA to ban manufacturers from using comfrey for internal consumption, as well as many health experts/MDs that have voiced their medical opinion about its safety.

In the study, some ungodly amount was fed to rats and, given their small weight and size, supposedly the PAs (pyrrolizidine alkaloids) in the comfrey caused liver damage.

Comfrey, in my view, hands down is the best thing for a sprain, bone fracture, strain, etc. in accelerated healing and cell regeneration. I still take comfrey leaves (not the root) internally (yes, I can find it in bulk) when I have a sprain/strain.

Of course, do your own research to decide for yourself. I have done mine and use it responsibly and only when needed. Never had any problems nor side effects.

You can still make poultice, even if don't take internally. You can find comfrey cremes as well.

While some of the other recommended items will help take away swelling, they won't regenerate cells (like from tom tendon or ligament). If you start getting too active too prematurely before tears heal, you can re-injure. That's where comfrey is different than other remedies.