Splinter Remedies


Posted by Toni (Henderson ) on 03/27/2015
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I was a little skeptical about the whole vinegar treatment for splinters but I got one under my fingernail that could not be removed and it hurt so bad that after reading this I had nothing to lose. I went home from work and soaked in for 15 minutes in white vinegar. I bandaged it and left it alone for the night. The next day, I massaged the splinter on my fingernail in a forward position. On the third try, the splinter came out in one complete piece. I was so excited and my husband couldn't even believe it worked, but it did.

Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 09/22/2013
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Another YEA for vinegar soak for splinters. After about 10-15 minutes of soaking (I only had wine vinegar), the edges of 2 hair-thin spliners came out of the sking far enough for me to painlessly pull them out with tweezers.

Posted by Austin (Texarkana, Texas) on 11/11/2011
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Thank u so much. It just made my day because I was just about to go to a wedding in Arkansas with a huge splinter in my thumb. My mom just told me to tweeze it out but it didn't work. Then I looked up this website and it saved me from my worst dipleasure in the world. Thanks a bunch.

Wei Ling Xian

Posted by Tan Koon Peng (Singapore) on 01/12/2009

Home Remedy For Bone Struck In Throat

This remedy is suitable for fish bone,chicken bone or any other bone struck in the throat during eating.

Ingredients:Wei Ling Xian 50g,water 800g and vinegar 800g.

Boil 800g of water and add in herb and vinegar when the water comes to a boil.Cook under low flame for 90 minutes and it is ready for comsumption.

If your condition is serious you can drink the medicine twice a day and if needed continue taking the medicine over the next few days.

Wei Ling Xian

EC: Thanks, Tan Koon. Unfortunately the Chinese characters that you send us don't work on the EC database, so we replaced it with the English translation for this herb, Wei Ling Xian.


White Bread in Milk

Posted by Sharon (Vancouver, BC Canada) on 03/05/2009
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I had a huge painful wood splinter under my thumbnail that was impossible to reach with tweezers and about a week later it either became infected or I had an allergic reaction to the wood itself which was cedar. A good friend insisted that white bread boiled in milk would remove it, and (ignoring my protests about the evils of white bread and milk) proceeded to boil 1/2 a slice of white bread in about 1 cup of milk for about two minutes, then while it was still very hot but not boiling, put a blob of this mixture on my fingernail and covered it with a bandaid. I was given strict instructions not to remove the bandaid until it was completely dry, so I left it on overnight and the next mornng removed it to find that the splinter had been almost completly drawn out from under my nail and was very easy to remove. I was very grateful and also amazed...that simple home remedy saved me a trip to the doctors who would likely have used a scalpel!

White Vinegar

Posted by Laura (Fort Wayne, In) on 01/30/2016
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It worked! 9 year old daughter had a splinter under her fingernail. We had her soak it in vinegar for 20 minutes. The splinter came out lickety split. Thanks for saving us a trip to the doctor.

Posted by Kate (Germany) on 10/20/2015
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My 14 month old and I handled a prickly pear not knowing what it was :(. No advice given in store.

My wee one screemed in pain half an hour later and I had stings all over my hands.

I read on another side to use pumice stone to reduce the pain levels. I have one with a very fine side to it, so I very gently rubbed it over my daughters hands and then over mine and she stopped screaming immediately. It worked for most of the stingers, I think.

I then used white wine vinegar and bathed our hands in it for 10 minutes. I felt better immediately but as I touched my daughters left hand I could feel, she had a pretty big splinter in the soft palm. I sucked at it for a few minutes, drawing it out and then used a tweezer to get it out completely. She is absolutely fine now and the redness on her hand is disapearing as I write this.

I won't be buying this fruit for quite a while to come as it is not child proof!

Thank you for this great piece of advice.

All the best...

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

The people I've seen opening and eating it, handle it with workman's gloves. But be forewarned: it has multiple small pits, NOT for little children. But, I'm told it's sweet!!!

Posted by Tiffany (Northern California) on 02/24/2014
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My young son had a minuscule splinter in his foot that was causing him a lot of discomfort. We soaked his foot in soapy water for about an hour but this did not move the splinter to a removable position. After reading Earth Clinic, we soaked his foot in white balsamic vinegar for 30 minutes. The splinter almost slid out of his foot! We were able to use tweezers with no problem at all to remove the splinter easily. Thank you Earth Clinic for all your information. You have saved our family many times!!

Posted by Ashley (Austin, Tx, Usa) on 01/13/2012
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I tried the white vinegar last night and let my finger stay dipped in it for about 20 minutes. I didn't notice anything come out.

The next day I noticed it looked like my finger was getting an infection and there was dead skin (where I was trying to get the splinter out).

I used my fingernail clippers to clip the skin away and noticed that it wasn't dead skin it was actually a white tiny bubble of pus. I popped it and the splinter came out on its own!

So, don't get discouraged if this doesn't work right away. I'm not sure if this bubble of pus would have formed on it's own or if the vinegar caused it. Either way, I would try the vinegar again!

Replied by Bonnie
Riverside, California

A year ago I was working on my mother yard. I foolishly picked up a wooden rake under some bushes and began raking my mothers yard. I felt stinging horrible pain in my hands! What I didn't realize is that the wood on the rake had splintered! I had gotten about 300 splinters in my hands!

I could hardly wash dishes after that and had to use gloves to wash dishes with all the splinters in my hands. This was extremely painful!

I read that you can buy drawing salves such as Prid at pharmacies. There are other brands as well. A Salve I used for drawing boils out worked just as well.

In the dark while watching TV I rubbed the drawing salve in my hands and within minutes I felt something weird in my hands! When I opened the light my hands were full of splinters that the drawing salve had worked out of my skin!

Try the drawing salves for splinters---this really works. My doctor didn't know about this.

In early spring be sure to sand any wooden yard tools and oil the wood or wrap tape around the wood so that you don't have to go through what I went through!

Replied by Timh
Louisville, Usa
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... and not only wood, I got the same thing happen climbing a fiberglass ladder with a heavy bucket of paint in one and the other hand.

Posted by Ada (Geneva, IL) on 09/07/2009
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Splinter deep under index fingernail

Just want to say Thank you. I followed the instructions above soaking my finger in white vinegar then applying pressing to the end of the splinter. It moved just enough to pull out with tweezers!! Thank you so much. Thought I was going to have to go to urgent care.

Replied by Lil Bread
South Bend, In
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About three weeks ago I got a long wood splinter in my finger. I pulled out about 1/2 inch of wood and thought that was all of it but sadly it wasn't. I tried soaking in Hydrogen peroxide, alcohol and salt water to no avail. I came across this article about soaking in vinegar. I submerged the finger in vinegar for about 30 minutes. Squeezed the Affected area and out popped the 1/2 inch long splinter. I was amazed.

Replied by Disapointedboy
Phoenix, Az
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well this didnt work for me I am very disapointed I tried everything I even tried the tape method any other ideas?

Posted by Beth (Madison, Wisconsin) on 07/10/2008
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I had a tiny wood splinter in my finger. I first tried to take it out with my tweezers; I had to rip of the top layer of the skin to get to the splinter. I only got 90% of it out that way. Then, I read a post on this wonderful website about using white vinegar. I soaked my finger in the vinegar for several minutes and then pulled out the rest of the splinter with my tweezers painlessly. Wow, I was happy. That was last night, and now this morning, as I look at that same finger, I don't see any marks or cuts where the splinter was!! Thank you all for creating a fantastic website and for contributing more safe remedies to it!!

Posted by Jamie (Gilbert, Arizona) on 05/13/2008
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SPLINTER REMEDY: White vinegar removed a splinter quickly and pain free! My 2 year old son grabbed a catus and had, what seemed like, hundreds of splinters all over his hand. We soaked it in a bowl of plain, white vinegar and the splinters all popped out on their own!

Replied by Krazierkay
Newcastle, Nsw, Australia.
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Had a nasty splinter in my finger that wouldn't budge. Tried Magnoplasm and Bi carb soda paste and wouldn't budge and my skin was swollen around the splinter. To painful to get to it with the needle. Tried the vinegar. Soaked it for 30 mins. Swelling reduced to a shriveled finger look. I was able to slide it out with a needle with very little pain. Thank you Earth Clinic.

Replied by Goldy
South Elgin, Il
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OMG!!! This vinegar things really works! Had a small pc. of a thorn in my thumb for a couple days. Soaked it in vinegar for 30 min. After reading this and it worked! Had to pull a tiny bit of the skin away from the top with a needle, but I started sqeezing it after that and it came right out!!! Thanks everybody! Many Blessings!