Splinter Remedies

White Bread in Milk
Posted by Sharon (Vancouver, BC Canada) on 03/05/2009

I had a huge painful wood splinter under my thumbnail that was impossible to reach with tweezers and about a week later it either became infected or I had an allergic reaction to the wood itself which was cedar. A good friend insisted that white bread boiled in milk would remove it, and (ignoring my protests about the evils of white bread and milk) proceeded to boil 1/2 a slice of white bread in about 1 cup of milk for about two minutes, then while it was still very hot but not boiling, put a blob of this mixture on my fingernail and covered it with a bandaid. I was given strict instructions not to remove the bandaid until it was completely dry, so I left it on overnight and the next mornng removed it to find that the splinter had been almost completly drawn out from under my nail and was very easy to remove. I was very grateful and also amazed...that simple home remedy saved me a trip to the doctors who would likely have used a scalpel!