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Curamin, Exercise
Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Take Curamin (a strong anti-inflamatory) and milk thistle (protects the liver), a B complex, C, A, E, and then do some vigorous exercise, take an hour long walk or run or bike, etc. to get your blood moving and oxygenated. I did that the other day and my face looked like it was glowing like it was made of glass.

Posted by Anon (Anon) on 09/06/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Oatmeal makes my skin smoother and softer. Just eating a bowl of uncooked oatmeal with calcium fortified soy milk. Seems to work overnight. Not cooking the oatmeal seems to make it easier to digest.

Tamanu Oil
Posted by Am (Boston, Massachusetts) on 08/18/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I am 27 yrs old and I have been using Tamanu oil for just 10 days now and I love it. I apply it after each time I wash my face. My skin became clearer and radiant within 7 days. I dont need any makeup anymore and I completely stopped using Retin A. It doesnt break me out at all. I love this oil and I have added it to my essentials. I think it is esp good for dark circles too.

Anti-Aging Remedies
Posted by Cayita (Welland, Ontario) on 08/18/2012

I went exactly through the same experience. I read that after you are done with your turmeric mask (it doesn't really matter what else you put in it) you need to apply gram flour ((also known as besan flour, chickpea flour and garbanzo flour) on your face. It will take all the turmeric residue away. You can also put it within the turmeric mask, it won't stain that way :)

Alpha Lipoic Acid
Posted by Tina (Stokesdale, North Carolina) on 08/08/2012

Beverly, would you please provide the name of the cream that you are using?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Mrsg (Jupiter, Fl, USA) on 07/04/2012
5 out of 5 stars

First of all, I really enjoy this website to find natural cures for everyday ailments. Thank you.

I wanted to share a tip I learned from your website. I wash my face with a mild soap. Once or twice a week, I exfoliate with a paste made from Baking Soda and water, rinse thoroughly. Twice a day, for a toner I use the organic ACV. For moisturizer, I use organic EV coconut oil. I am in my late 40's and my skin looks better than people much younger than me. Initially, I have been using Light EV olive oil for some five years, then switched to the above regiment since finding this website about two months ago.

Another tip I learned from your website is regarding athlete's feet: My husband has a re-occurring case. He's tried prescription meds and over the counter creams, but nothing has really worked. First I have organic ACV in a spray bottle, spray his feet and let it air dry. Then I apply EV coconut oil. Any rough areas I use a pumice stone. A noticeable difference can be seen within a few days. I made a believer out of my husband!

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 07/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Earthclinic. Some of you know me form other posts. Ive tried every remedy for beautiful skin in and out this site. I happen to have sensitive skin with freckles, coupled with rosacea around my nose. Plus I live in a very dry weather so the situation in my face was discoloration around that area redness, dry, rough skin coupled with large pores and dead cells.

I've had sucess using remedies from this site like the oil cleansing method, ACV, hidrogen peroxide or EVCO, borax urine therapy.

Some of those remedies helped cleansing my skin or diminishing wrinkles but none of them and I say NONE has worked like turmeric.

I read that turmeric needs a fat to be absorbed. I use it in 2 ways. First is mix some turmeric with skim milk in a little cup and apply it to my face. I let it dry for 5 or 10 min and rinse with cold water.

The other way is mixing it with coconut oil or sesame oil and massage my face as if it was an exfoliator. Again let it sit for 10 or 15 min and wash it off. This time you will need bathroom tissue to wipe it off. Be careful of using any towel cause turmeric will leave it yellow.


Ok guys IM 30 years old and I had just accepted that my skin was going to be red, dry and rough to touch around my nose forever. Tried every natural and cosmetic product on planet earth including snake creams, aloe soy products, lemon, exfoliators. I just cant list all the products I have used thru the years.

After 1 application I couldnt believe what I saw. The redness was almost gone It didnt light my freckles they were more noticeable cause my skin was clearer. When I touched my face it felt amazing just like new skin, like the skin I had when I was a child. All the damage I had on my skin for years was gone in a few minutes.

Usually after exfoliating, dead cells start to peel of around my nose nostrils, netween my eyebrows etc. I was amazed that no dead cells or dry skin not even 2 days after using turmeric.

I have also noticed the skin on my forhead softer- it used to be dry and a horizontal wrinkle line begins to form. Today when I touch my forhead I see nothing but hydrated skin.

I've found truly a new skin, people you can buy a new skin to your face in the supermarket and its only2 dollars- its called turmeric.

Please if you read this and suffer from sensitive skin, dry skin in your face, dead cells, redness or rosacea run to your supermarket or indian store.

The best thing I have used period. Do it at night and wake up a brand new face.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by D.33 (Chicago, Il) on 02/12/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Yea - Aloe Vera and Vitamin E is a great mixture for anyone looking to firm their skin, speed up any sort of healing process (small cut, use after exfoliation, etc), or rejuvenate dry skin. For acne, it can be effective depending on why you have acne.

Sometimes dry skin types will be confused with oily skin types because dry skin tends to over-produce oils to compensate for dryness. If this is the case, vitamin E 100% aloe might work WONDERS for your skin. If you have acne for another reason, the mixture will probably be less effective at clearing your face up (though it will most likely aide in quick healing of acne scars).

I've found that this mixture plus spot treatments of tea tree oil can be quite effective as an acne treatment for most skin types.

NOTE: it's important to use 100% pure aloe vera. Many times if you cannot find this in the skin section of your health food store, you may be able to find it in the digestive health dept.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Sangeeta (Kolkata, West Bengal / India) on 04/18/2012

Can we use forever living aloe vera juices to detoxify body and can we apply aloe vera jelly of dis company for dark patches on face?

Posted by Amenpi (Austin, Texas) on 04/15/2012 8 posts

To Dianna from Austin, I have read several of your posts, I live in Austin also, maybe we can collaborate. My email is a amenpi(at)

Oil Cleansing Method
Posted by Lady From London (London, Uk) on 04/11/2012

Active Phelityl Oil is one of Erno Laszlo's original products and was formulated by himself. It consists of ten different oils with different properties, I. E.
Chaulmoogra Oil = calming, anti-inflammatory
Safflower Oil = mattifying
Apricot Kernel Oil = Omega 3 fatty acids
Lecithin = anti-oxidant
Avocado Oil = Vitamin A
Grapeseed Oil = Vitamin E

If anyone else knows the other oils, do let us know. Thanks!

Oil Cleansing Method
Posted by Lady From London (London) on 04/11/2012
1 out of 5 stars

I tried the oil cleansing method using 50% olive oil and 50% castor oil. I started breaking out (where before I had not much of anything). It continues now even though I haven't put any oil on my face for the last 3 days. I woke up with yet another spot forming.

I wanted to try it because I used to use Ernest Laszlo's oil on my face ages ago. It left my face in such good condition - but it was expensive to keep doing that regime. I was originally pleased to find this method again, only that it really doesn't work - at least the oils that I'm using don't work. If anyone knows the oils that were in The Ernest Laszlo bottle, please let me know. Otherwise, beware!

Now, I just use ACV to target the spots, and it's taking time to deal with them. I didn't have so much before this oil cleansing - so I feel like I'm backpeddling big time!

Olive Oil Facial Massage, Castor Oil Mosturizer
Posted by Joyce (Lansdowne, Pa) on 03/26/2012

I too have been using the oil cleansing method for about three weeks now. I use grapeseed oil/castor oil or sweet almond oil/castor oil combination and then moisturize with sweet almond oil or castor oil afterwards. I did not have breakouts before and I did not pay much attention until last Friday I had to take a second look in the mirror. My face was glowing. My husband always told me that my skin looked wonderful but the oil cleansing method certainly made me take a second look at my face. I only massage the oil on my face for about 2 to 5 minutes maybe three times a week.

Olive Oil Facial Massage, Castor Oil Mosturizer
Posted by Suem (Worden, Il) on 03/24/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to share with all of you what I have been doing for my skin. I find that almost everything I use to cleanse my skin, does not help with blackheads or outbreaks. I've been fighting them my whole life. I watch what I eat and exercise, but as I'm getting into my golden years, I have to address sagging skin, age spots and wrinkles. But, to my delight, I came across an article on oil cleansing. The article said to use virgin olive oil, as it is close to the sebum in our skin. I give myself a massage for 10 minutes and then apply a warm/hot washcloth a couple of times to remove oil. I then apply cold pressed castor oil (warmed in my hands) to my face and massage lightly, then leave on overnight. Earth Clinic has so much information on "Castor Oil Cures" and so many contributors recommended using the castor oil as a moisturizer. I am so surprised by the results. My age spots are fading, no visible blackheads, my skin is healing and I have a brighter glow. I'm very happy with the results.

Tamanu Oil
Posted by Colleen (Ele, Kentucky, United States) on 03/23/2012

Hello. I've heard a little about the benefits of Tamanu oil, but I've never seen anything about it on earthclinic. Do you have any information or experience using this type of oil? I hear it is especially good for skincare.

Castor Oil
Posted by Troy (East Coast, United States) on 03/13/2012

Carole Maggio has a facial exercise program called "Facercise" that I use that made me look amazing. I'm in the entertainment industry, so you have to look your best at all times as people are cruel and merciless LOL! You can buy her book at her website for 10 bucks or so and most libraries have it.

Facial Exercises
Posted by Lampardtroy (Austin, Texas, United States) on 02/16/2012

Try some homemade remedies. They have awesome efforts to nourish skin. You can try like mixture of rose water and glycerin is effectual moisturizer. Use it daily. It will give better results.

Vitamin E
Posted by Dee (Memphis, Tn) on 01/27/2012

Hi Mimi, I'm so curious as to what kind of Vitamin E oil you use. I went to the store today after reading your post but got confused over the many choices of vit e capsules. I ended up purchasing a gel cap with 400 iu vitamin e and the ingredients were dl-tocopheral acetate, gelatin, purified water usp and glycerin. Is this similar to what you use? I also saw gel caps and liquids with a base of soybean oil, wheatgerm oil, corn oil and even lemon oil. But I didn't really want the soybean oil on my skin.

What are the ingredients in the brand that you use and do you find much difference in the brands and the ingredients or do you just get what is available at the time?

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Catherine (Dublin, Ireland) on 01/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Greetings from Dublin, Ireland! Woo hoo, my very first EC posting.

About 3 weeks ago I developed a slight itch on each eyelid. It progressed slowly, and I ended up with dreadful-looking, red, sore, swollen, slightly flakey eyelids. My eyes drooped, and the skin wrinkled up so much I looked like I'd aged 20 years. I have no idea what caused it; I'm healthy and use all natural, homemade products (soap, shampoo, household cleaners, etc), so I was perplexed. But I also got a bit worried, which isn't like me, and I resolved to go to the doctor in the morning. I haven't seen a doctor in 15 years or so, apart from normal, pregnancy-related check-ups, so it was a big deal for me. But I hadn't given up -- I racked my brains to see if I could come up with a solution, and decided to try food-grade hydrogen peroxide, diluted to 3 per cent. Pretty much as soon as I dabbed a bit onto each eyelid, they felt better. Within an hour or so, the flaming look to them had subsided quite a lot. I kept putting more on, and they just looked better and better. When I woke up, my little boy said, 'mammy, your eyes aren't yucky any more'. Two days later, my eyelids are cured. It must have been some sort of a virus that I knocked on the head. I was thrilled! I have the H2O2 in my fridge for gardening, but it is great for all kinds of things.

Posted by Carol (Bridgetown, Barbados) on 01/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with Carol every thing she say is true. Yes Saliva does heal cuts I learn that from my mum, I remember putting holes in my ears and she told me to put my saliva on it when I wake up in the morning before I wash out my mouth, and I did and it did heal fast and when ever I have a cut I always use my saliva. Now I am going to try it on my wrinkles. And I will keep you posted and tell you the results.. Urine it is also true, if I tell you that you can also drink it to heal your body from sickness you will say yuk, but it is true, he who experience it know it.

Oil Cleansing Method
Posted by Insectc (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) on 01/18/2012

Be really careful with the oil cleansing method. It depends on what kind of skin you have. I have bad skin, always prone to breakouts and lots of oiliness. My skin just does not naturally slough off the dead skin cells and oil accumulation the way it's supposed to. I was really excited try the oil cleansing method. I used a mix of castor oil and grapeseed oil. For two weeks my skin glowed. Then disaster!

I had the worst case of cystic acne I've ever had in my entire life (take it from somene who's had to deal with zits her entire life, and still I have never had anything like this). It happened on my chin, along with lots of tiny little bumps elsewhere on my face. It took 4 months before the acne finally calmed down, and another 6 months for it to clear completely. It's now been over a year and I'm still wary about breakouts on my chin.

I use a simple oatmeal soap to wash with, I tone with alcohol-free witch hazel and I moisturize with a light cocoa butter moisturizer. I use a small amount of moisturizer, just enough to hydrate my face. My face is quite clear now. I try to drink lots of water. The oil cleansing method was just not for me. It's for people who don't need to wash their faces that often because their skin naturally sloughs off the dead cells quickly and for those whose faces don't produce excessive amounts of oil to begin with. All I felt after a couple of weeks was buildup on my skin. By this I mean I would be rinsing my face with water and when I rubbed it gently, it felt rough and grimy. I persisted with OCM, thinking that eventually it would help. It did not, it made things worse. Believe me, I used warm washcloths and steamed and wiped gently until all trace of oil was gone after each cleansing, and then showered after. So no, I did not leave traces of oil on my face. And I only did it three times a week, in the evenings so it wasn't excessive. The oil cleansing method is not for everyone. I definitely need to wash my face every day to take away a day's worth of makeup, dirt and pollution. Gentle cleansing is the key, not harsh soaps and alcohol loaded toners but not OCM either, at least not for someone with my skin type.

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Kellie (Syracuse, Ny, Us) on 01/15/2012

I hope to use this method to finally get rid of the blackheads on my nose and chin! I started today and got to about 15 minutes of massaging the coconut oil before I was bored and had to stop. No little black hairs came out of my face but I'm going to keep doing this every day in hopes that they will!

Posted by Kellie (Syracuse, Ny, Us) on 01/15/2012

I was just wondering if it is safe to put ghee in your eyes? This is the first I have heard of it and am hesitant to use it. My eyes could use a little whitening so I'm interested to hear some feedback. Are there any alternatives to use in the eye to correct this problem?

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Beatrice (Vancouver, Bc/canada) on 01/06/2012

Coco, to eliminate the dryness after use of borax and soda, use apple cider vinegar as a toner to counteract the alkalinity of those washing agents. (the smell of ACV will evaporate quickly). I do this only at night time to clean all the makeup, in the morning, just wash your face with water, so you do not disturb the PH of your skin unnecessarily. Helps with acne and blackheads. My ideal moisturizer is a combo of rose water, fresh lemon juice and vegetable glycerine. No need for oils or creams.

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Coco (Too Small Town, Ca) on 01/06/2012

I discovered this site a couple of months pago and it is changing my life, thank you Earth Clinic! I too have large pores and have spent lots of money in the cosmetic aisle with no positive results. But some negative... See I'm 39 and my face has oily skin, dry skin, large pores, whiteheads, pimples, moles, facial dark hair, occasional herpes, sun spots and white spots, acne scars, redness, a few wrinkles.... Name it, I have it. When I bought a product for a problem it made another problem worse.

Now thanks to EC, I have thrown everything out! I started washing my face with water and borax, scrub with baking soda, moisturize with coconut or castor oil. Huge improvements in the pimple, whitehead, redness area, sunspots are fading. My skin still feels a little dry and my pores still look huge, so I 'm going to use the coconut oil the way you do instead of a moisturizer. I'm so excited! What am I going to do with the $100 a month I am saving on cosmetic products? Thank you!

Over the Counter
Posted by Diane (Berkeley, Ca) on 12/23/2011

Pepto Bismol has salicylates (or salicylic acid) in it, which are also commonly used in many commercial facial peel products. It's also related to aspirin.

Over the Counter
Posted by Mary (Columbus, Ohio) on 12/21/2011

I read that using pepto bismol on your face gives you a glow and gets rid of dead skin cell. I used it and my face had a nice glow all day it is great. However I was wondering if using it for a long period of time will get rid of wrinkles?

Sea Salt
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 12/18/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hi everybody. One month ago I started my quest to rebuild my facial skin. After years and years cleaning only the surface of my skin I had developed enlarged pores. Since I have freckles I usually didn't noticed them and nobody did. But one day I started to wonder if it was just a natural thing and wondered if there was somethign I could do. Of course I knew of those famous brands pore minimizers but I wanted a natural and cheap alternative so I never tried those products.

I begin researching and there was a lot on information on how to unclog pores and black heads, but not that much on how to shrink pores. Most websites said it wasn't possible, just make them appear less noticeable. I started to use the Oil cleansing method. I thought I had a clean face and just large pores. But when I started rubbing coconut oil I had to rub it for hours. And still a lot of stuff was coming out. Then I started using sesame oil (cold pressed) and castor oil.

The best way for this I found was as folows:

First wet my face with warm hot water.

Dry with towel.

Apply castor oil massaging for a minute.

Once again wet with hot water so the oil gets in the pores.

Now dry with a towel, apply castor oil right after and rub with your fingers in circular motion alternating clock direction and reverse.

You will see all the nasty stuff coming out your nose. The stuff you can't actually see but its causing the enlarged clean pores you get to see.

You probably will have to do this for a few days/week, morning and night. Spending between 30min and 45min each time. You won't believe all the dirt coming out of your pores.

When you are done with cleaning your skin inside out you will find yourself with a clean face but large pores. Now it's the time for shrinking the pores. If you try to shrink the pores before doing the oil cleaning method you will only make it worse.

So the best things I've found for shrinking your clean large pores are avocado and the best one Sea Salt water.

Honestly I still can't believe how good this works. I just mix a glass of warm water and 2 tbsp of sea salt. I apply it to the skin, massage a little bit, wait 5min for it to dry and wash it away with warm water. It will give you redness at first, but some time later you will see your pores disappearing. I'm amazed that with only 1 aplication its working this good. So my advice for large pores is- Oil cleansing method using coconut, sesame or castor oil for a few days. Sea salt water for minimizing the clean pores. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Becca1 (King George, Virginia Usa) on 12/13/2011

Add lemon and lime juice to the aloe Vera and scrub your face with oatmeal, it will fade the spots, slowly but permanantly, also watch out for open places on your skin it might burn a little but it will heal it... Use rose water for toner :)

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 11/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear EarthClinic, I feel so proud to be the first sharing this wonderful remedy.

The story on how I discovered this remedy started last month. While at the chinese store I saw a product called bird's nest. I came home researched and its a wrinkle remedy used in Asia. Its suposed to reduce wrinkles and give porcelain skin. The science behind this I read it was birds make nest with their saliva that is collagen rich. Ok so I tried it and it worked. I was going to post that remedy here one of these days.

But yesterday I came across a message board where its said its an old grandmother tip to apply your own saliva in the mornings before eating anything. It said a 70 year old woman could look 50. I did research, very little info could be found in english but this seems to be a spanish/latin beauty tip. There were some testimonials in spanish websites. There is also a study conducted independently about Saliva in history, testimonials etc. Few things that I read that lead me to try it were:

1. Lesions in your mouth heal faster than any other part of your body

2.Dogs apply saliva soon as they are hit by a car

3. Cats keep their hair lustrous just by applying saliva

4. Jesus healed a blind man with saliva

I have tried urine therapy so I thought... what do I have to lose? I'm a natural remedy freak and I love the conecpt of "your own medicine" the human body is the perfect machine.

Ok so I cleaned my face, I rinsed my mouth with water til I felt it was cleaned. If you don't rinse your mouth before it will smell bad when it dries. BUT don't use toothpaste or any other cleaner or food. Use this only mornings since the rest of the day saliva becomes acidic due to digestion etc.

RESULTS: Inmediate relax, skin lightening. Dramatic wrinkle diminish. Soft smooth skin. NO oilness, no stinking, not heavy feel. Not dry skin. Just plain and beautiful porcelain skin.

I also felt a mood uplifting, not sure if it was the results that lead to it or the saliva itself. But I could feel a relaxing positive mood like a pineal gland boost (if you are into meditaiton you know what I mean)

I don't think I'm going to use it much cause I already have light skin. It's wonderful for around the eye area, lightens up your eyes.

Be prepare to have a politically correct excuse for your look cause results are dramatic and surely people will stare at you.

This kind of information have been put to secret by the cosmetic industry. I'm sure they don't allow any book to be published with these kind of info. All this traditional remedies would make the cosmetic industry dissapear for good.

If you are using lemon or any other aggressive lightening method, give this a try.

Good thing is it's not as embarrassing as urine therapy and results are remarkable. I can't say better, just different but tis more convenient and if you are looking for light skin this is your best bet.

Enlarged Pores
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 11/28/2011


After many years assuming I just had large pores naturally, I decided to surf the web looking for a natural solution.

I found a lot of people looking for a way to close the large pores. Other websites advised to first open the pores by exfoliation, hot water scrub, etc. and later seal them with cold water, lemon or any other trick.

What I have found thru trial and error is both were right and wrong in some way. If you try to close your pores, using cold water, lemon, eggs whites etc what you are doing is contributing to make them larger.

So I started experimenting. I did the traditional boiled water and towel experiment. Afterwards, I scrubbed with Baking soda, which is a wonderful cleanser I discovered here in Earthclinic. It helped the pores seemed clean but still very noticeable. My skin felt irritated. My skin was peeling but still the pores were large like craters.

I read somewhere in the web to massage really strong coconut oil. SO I started to massage it with both hands really hard. Little black hairs started to come out as I kept massaging. Things that no scrub or mask had dealt before.

I had seen in youtube a doctor explaining how the pore gets large cause it's closed and the sebum gets trapped in the skin making the pore large.

The coconut oil massaging irritated my skin but I decided to give it a few days since I was seeing the stuff coming out. It felt weird cause I wasn't feeling any pain or scrubbing but all those little black hairs were coming out.

I did this procedure 3 times a day, massaging around 10 minutes applying more oil when it got dry. But instead of applying cold water at the end I decided to rinse with hot water and leave my pores open. Pat dry with a towel and that's it. The first morning after massaging at night I woke up with the oiliest nose I've had in my life. I touched it and it felt as if I put a teaspoon of olive oil in my face. I went to the bathroom, cleaned with hot water and baking soda and once again used the coconut oil. To my surprise more black hairs were coming out. The night before I stopped massaging when no more stuff was coming out. So I started to realize all the mess that was going on beneath my skin. And I realized most people clean only the visible part of the skin using scrubs, etc.

So I kept washing with baking soda, massaging coconut oil and ending with hot water. Sunday I forgot to do it all together. Monday I went to the bathroom and washed my face with hot water, it was enough to get rid of some dead cells that leave space to a completely new and soft skin in my nose area. I never thought that I could get rid of those large pores and this fast. I got rid of all the large pores in my cheeks and nostrils I only have some in the tip of the nose but definitely smaller.

At noon, cleansed my skin with hot water just rubbing my fingers and at night I have massaged my skin with coconut oil . Again those litttle black hairs or whatever thay are came out. I spent my 10 minutes. I feel amazed to glide my fingers around my nose area and don't feel any pore.

I forgot to mention that I also took about 2 tbspons of coconut oil daily for 2 days. But I think the massaging is what made the difference.

So people don't focus on your outside skin, baking soda can do a good work removing sebum in the outside and cleaning the enlarged pores but if you really want to get rid of the large pores you need the stuff inside the folicle to come out. And I haven't found anything more effective and safer than coconut oil massaging.

I think some people just apply coconut oil as a moisturizer hoping for it to close the pores. Like I said your focus should not be to close the pores. Your focus should be keep them open for as many hours as you can. Always use hot water. When you do that all the stuff will come out in a matter of days and then the pore will naturally wrink. That's the way to go. The other way you will only make them look smaller temporarily but you are closing the pore which makes all that sebum stay inside the follicle and enlarge the pore further.

Irish Peat
Posted by Unknown (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) on 11/21/2011

I have eczema on my both hands from 3 years. Can you please tell me where I can get this IRISH PEAT in united arab emirates? And how can I use it? Thanks and regards.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Posted by Carla (Cape Town, Western Cape) on 10/23/2011

hi! Read a few articles on using hydrogen peroxide on my face.. I bought a bottle today and the bottle states 6%.. Is it ok for me to use this on my face? Also, how often do use it? Thank you, Carla

Sandalwood Powder, Soap, Rosewater
Posted by Bear Cary (Halifax, Nova Scotia) on 09/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I stopped messing around with pricey face washes. I use now: dove beauty bar and sandalwood powder, and tone with rosewater. Best skin in years!

Brown Sugar, Egg White, H2O2 Lift
Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 08/03/2011

What strength hydrogen peroxyde do you use?

Brown Sugar, Egg White, H2O2 Lift
Posted by Tami (Mocksville, Nc, Usa) on 07/31/2011

How often do you apply the egg white remedy? And how often do you use the HP? Will the HP fade brown spots (not related to freckles)on your face? Thanks a bunch to all to contribute to this site.

Brown Sugar, Egg White, H2O2 Lift
Posted by Deborah (New Orleans, Louisiana) on 07/31/2011
5 out of 5 stars

OMG! I absolutely LOVE this formula! I'm close to 60- so my skin is definitely in need of repair.... This made it feel like a newborn's behind! I will be doing this on a regular basis and recommend it for anyone who wants fresher skin, tighter skin, and color! Thanks so much for this tip!

Posted by Francisca (Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France) on 07/02/2011

I don't have such a big problem as you do but I notice that when I shave my legs in bath my skin feels a lot less dry afterwards and not shaved away like when I shave them dry. If you only take showers it might work as well, do it while your legs are under the water. Or else, maybe shaving cream will help!

Posted by Becki (Plano, Tx) on 07/02/2011

I have a relatively healthy complexion, but for whatever reason the skin on my legs is very sensitive. Whenever I shave, I always get razor-bumps and it almost looks like my razor is cutting into where some of the follicles are because I'll get tiny dot-like scabs along where the hair is suposed to grow. Is there any way to make shaving easier and to make my skin stop reacting so badly?

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Carly (Seattle, Wa) on 06/29/2011

Hi Cutecat - I believe the aloe vera would be fine on oily skin, but am not sure on the vitamin E - it may cause a breakout. Maybe do a test area first.

Carly, not a doctor. ;)

Aloe Vera, Vitamin E
Posted by Cutecat (Nj) on 06/29/2011

Hi can this mixture be applied on oily skin?? Any comments?

Oil Cleansing Method
Posted by Ecfan99 (Everywhere, Usa) on 06/23/2011
1 out of 5 stars

Same results as Misha - glowing skin for a few days, and then the worst cystic acne of my life... It took months to clear up. Was using Organic EVOO mixed with a little Organic Castor Oil.

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