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Posted by Angie (Claremont, CA) on 03/25/2009
5 out of 5 stars

Tibicos: (Chinese mushroom, kefir) cured my constipation, blemishes on cheeks .

I haven't heard of anyone posting anything on Tibicos also known as (Chinese mushroom, kefir)

Little bit of info: The Chinese mushroom was sent to Mexico by Mother Teresa from Calcutta with the desire to help to cure persons, especially those with few resources or living in remote places where there are no doctors or medicines. It is good for arthritis, migraines, cancer, heart, digestive system, liver, muscles, nerves, eyes, skin, lungs, kidneys, and blood. In addition it keeps body temperature regulated, and drinking it helps alcoholics to quit.

Well anyway, I gave it a try after my mom urged me to drink it. I drank the brew and noticed that my constipation that I had been dealing for months went away. It totally cleans out my system. I also noticed that the blemishes that I have had on my cheeks for many years are starting to fade. I could barely notice them now. I just started drinking the brew about 3 weeks ago. My skin looks radiant. A friend just asked me the other day what I was doing to my skin because it was just glowing. I've always had dry flaky skin and to get a compliment like that was just awesome. Anyway, just wanted to share what it did for me. I think that people should know about it.

EC: More about tibicos and a typical recipe here: