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Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 12/18/2011

Hi everybody. One month ago I started my quest to rebuild my facial skin. After years and years cleaning only the surface of my skin I had developed enlarged pores. Since I have freckles I usually didn't noticed them and nobody did. But one day I started to wonder if it was just a natural thing and wondered if there was somethign I could do. Of course I knew of those famous brands pore minimizers but I wanted a natural and cheap alternative so I never tried those products.

I begin researching and there was a lot on information on how to unclog pores and black heads, but not that much on how to shrink pores. Most websites said it wasn't possible, just make them appear less noticeable. I started to use the Oil cleansing method. I thought I had a clean face and just large pores. But when I started rubbing coconut oil I had to rub it for hours. And still a lot of stuff was coming out. Then I started using sesame oil (cold pressed) and castor oil.

The best way for this I found was as folows:

First wet my face with warm hot water.

Dry with towel.

Apply castor oil massaging for a minute.

Once again wet with hot water so the oil gets in the pores.

Now dry with a towel, apply castor oil right after and rub with your fingers in circular motion alternating clock direction and reverse.

You will see all the nasty stuff coming out your nose. The stuff you can't actually see but its causing the enlarged clean pores you get to see.

You probably will have to do this for a few days/week, morning and night. Spending between 30min and 45min each time. You won't believe all the dirt coming out of your pores.

When you are done with cleaning your skin inside out you will find yourself with a clean face but large pores. Now it's the time for shrinking the pores. If you try to shrink the pores before doing the oil cleaning method you will only make it worse.

So the best things I've found for shrinking your clean large pores are avocado and the best one Sea Salt water.

Honestly I still can't believe how good this works. I just mix a glass of warm water and 2 tbsp of sea salt. I apply it to the skin, massage a little bit, wait 5min for it to dry and wash it away with warm water. It will give you redness at first, but some time later you will see your pores disappearing. I'm amazed that with only 1 aplication its working this good. So my advice for large pores is- Oil cleansing method using coconut, sesame or castor oil for a few days. Sea salt water for minimizing the clean pores. Give it a try and let me know how it goes.