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Posted by Carol (Bridgetown, Barbados) on 01/22/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I agree with Carol every thing she say is true. Yes Saliva does heal cuts I learn that from my mum, I remember putting holes in my ears and she told me to put my saliva on it when I wake up in the morning before I wash out my mouth, and I did and it did heal fast and when ever I have a cut I always use my saliva. Now I am going to try it on my wrinkles. And I will keep you posted and tell you the results.. Urine it is also true, if I tell you that you can also drink it to heal your body from sickness you will say yuk, but it is true, he who experience it know it.

Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 11/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Dear EarthClinic, I feel so proud to be the first sharing this wonderful remedy.

The story on how I discovered this remedy started last month. While at the chinese store I saw a product called bird's nest. I came home researched and its a wrinkle remedy used in Asia. Its suposed to reduce wrinkles and give porcelain skin. The science behind this I read it was birds make nest with their saliva that is collagen rich. Ok so I tried it and it worked. I was going to post that remedy here one of these days.

But yesterday I came across a message board where its said its an old grandmother tip to apply your own saliva in the mornings before eating anything. It said a 70 year old woman could look 50. I did research, very little info could be found in english but this seems to be a spanish/latin beauty tip. There were some testimonials in spanish websites. There is also a study conducted independently about Saliva in history, testimonials etc. Few things that I read that lead me to try it were:

1. Lesions in your mouth heal faster than any other part of your body

2.Dogs apply saliva soon as they are hit by a car

3. Cats keep their hair lustrous just by applying saliva

4. Jesus healed a blind man with saliva

I have tried urine therapy so I thought... what do I have to lose? I'm a natural remedy freak and I love the conecpt of "your own medicine" the human body is the perfect machine.

Ok so I cleaned my face, I rinsed my mouth with water til I felt it was cleaned. If you don't rinse your mouth before it will smell bad when it dries. BUT don't use toothpaste or any other cleaner or food. Use this only mornings since the rest of the day saliva becomes acidic due to digestion etc.

RESULTS: Inmediate relax, skin lightening. Dramatic wrinkle diminish. Soft smooth skin. NO oilness, no stinking, not heavy feel. Not dry skin. Just plain and beautiful porcelain skin.

I also felt a mood uplifting, not sure if it was the results that lead to it or the saliva itself. But I could feel a relaxing positive mood like a pineal gland boost (if you are into meditaiton you know what I mean)

I don't think I'm going to use it much cause I already have light skin. It's wonderful for around the eye area, lightens up your eyes.

Be prepare to have a politically correct excuse for your look cause results are dramatic and surely people will stare at you.

This kind of information have been put to secret by the cosmetic industry. I'm sure they don't allow any book to be published with these kind of info. All this traditional remedies would make the cosmetic industry dissapear for good.

If you are using lemon or any other aggressive lightening method, give this a try.

Good thing is it's not as embarrassing as urine therapy and results are remarkable. I can't say better, just different but tis more convenient and if you are looking for light skin this is your best bet.