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Raw Cocoa Butter
Posted by Kate (Brisbane, Australia) on 09/03/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Hi I recently started putting cocoa butter on my skin and lips, and it seems to plump up the skin like anti aging products do. The lip are a great benefit. I use cocnut oil too, it it sinks into the skin fast and may be more suitable for normal to oily skin. My skin is dry and so the richness of the cocoa butter is suitable for my older skin.

Ps I have used a lot of face products over the years, including some expensive ones. The natural ones do not always perform as well in terms of anti aging, lifting benefits, so I'm pretty pleased with cocoa butter.

pps I just made a delicious fudge sauced with cocoa butter, cocoa nibs, coconut cream and a little honey. Decadent, but quite healthy!

I was looking for others' experience. I wonder if it affects the lips so well? Also, I wonder if mixing it eith any other oils will get an even better result? I can't believe it is so inexpensive and works s well. Bravo nature! Kate, Brisbane

Raw Cocoa Butter
Posted by Lisa (Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa) on 04/21/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Hi Carlos,

I just had to respond to this! Okay, after reading your testimony about raw cacao butter, I went to the health food store and bought some raw organic cacao butter which was very reasonably priced I might add. I too, use many natural oils on my face because my skin is very sensitive and can easily react to any chemicals or additives in face products. I use grapeseed oil, coconut oil, sea buckthorn oil, etc. and a wonderful olive oil cleanser which I get from a Japanese co. Anyway, we are very aware of the benefits of raw cacao but I, for whatever reason, never used the butter on my face.

You are right! It's fantastic. I have a dark complexion and am in my early 50's so I need to treat my skin with care. The second day I used it, the women I teach all commented on my face glowing! It is gentle, smells fabulous and my skin drinks it up but it doesn't stay oily at all. I just put a piece in my palms to warm it and then apply it to my face.

One of the women had a bad experience with a face product that burned her skin over the weekend which she was distressed about- rightly so. I happened to have the butter in my goodies bag and brought it out to her. She applied it and it began to calm down the burn.

Thank you Carlos! Love it! Lisa

EC: Hi Lisa, what's the name of the raw cocoa butter you bought? Did you find it at Whole Foods? Thanks!


Raw Cocoa Butter
Posted by Carlos (Barcelona, Spain) on 04/16/2010
5 out of 5 stars


PLEASE if you read this run and try to find 100% pure unrefined cocoa butter. IM writing from experience.I have tried many of the remedies and beauty advices in this website like ACV and hdrogen peroxide on my face.Ive tried most oils you can like jojoba,sesame olive oil.ive used aloe vera,soy milk,..Ive used snail cream and other chemical regular cheap and expensive brands that I cant list here.

The truth is I die for cosmetics specially natural and Im always in the look for the next new thing. While browsing I found out an article talking about recent studies stating cocoa had 5 times more antioxidant than green tea pomegranade etc. I remember cocoa had always been in my grandma bathroom as a body mostourizer,but it was the procesed product with everything on it alcohol fragance etc.

So I went to the afro store and bougt the most famous brand whose name starts with"P". It claims to have cocoa and E vitamin.I started to use it on my face,I saw improvement but I flt the chemicals on it althou I could feel cocoa was definately good.It was clearing my face and very mosturizing. So i went on looking for the pure 100% cocoa butter with absolutely nothing but cocoa butter.I found a store that sells just basic stuff no brand,you ask for the weight you want and they give you a white bottle with raw cocoa butter.It was solid and smell sostrong and sweet. More than any chocolate Ive ever had.

Well I washed my face with warm water. I did put a bit of it in th microwave and it became oil.I did put it in my face and.....o man.

Im 28,Im a man but I wore make up before cause I worked in modeling.I gotta tell you after few hours I looked just exactly as if I had make up on.REALLY

My skin tone is even and light,I can only see my eyebrows my eyes and my mouth.The rest of my face is even.Ive never felt this mostourized,and Ive tried every oil you can imagine. It absorbs quickly. I smile and watever and theres no tighness.Theres absolutely n problem with eye contact I did put it all over. Needless to say it also leaves your lips in perfect condition.

I gotta say Ive tried many mny things,lookig for ayounger teenage appreance,and I ahvent seen anything work this fast,this good.

Also dont worry if you are prone to acne, I just dont feel any bump or irritation.My skin is the most sensitive you can find that I dont use any alcohol based products.Its gentle,smells like heaven,and I think you wont need daily make up with this. Nive glow and shine.You can always wipe it a bit onceabsorbed if you dont like the shiny look.I do.I just cant imagine what this can do to your skin ona daily regimen.And the smell oh so good.
lease reply and lt me know how it works for you.

ATTENTION: Dont buy just any product stating cocoa butter.It will have other oils aditives aromas and alcohol that may irritate your skin or agravate acne. Find the raw cocoa butter,it will take you some time but its worth it. You dont need any extra oil vitamin added cocoa alone will rejuvenate your face trust me