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Posted by Rebecca (Las Vegas, Nv) on 08/03/2009
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Beware of product ingredients: Even though my Dermotogist recommended Cetaphil, I am not comfortable with the ingredients. Cetaphil has PARABENS (a preservative that is linked with allergic reations, skin rashes and has shown up in breast cancer tumors), PEG (enhances the absortion of other ingredients in cetaphil and is know to cause ezcema, hives and can interfere with your reproductive health), SLS (cheap detergent in soaps/shampoos and causes eye irritation, dry scalp, and strips skins natural oils), PETROLATUM (inexpensive moisturizer that leaves a film on your skin preventing it from breathing, sweating, and releasing toxins in your skin).If you look up POD, you will find that most websites do not recommend using any SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Also, if you look up CETAPHIL FAQ on their website you will find some information about parabens without informing you of its causes. FYI, Galderma is also linked with acne prescription drugs which is linked to our dermotologist who get kick backs from this company. Be aware of how these companies work together for money. I have tried the ACV and recommend using it. I am going to my local health food store to get more information on a natural cure. My derm did give me antibiotics and doxy...which Im not wanting to take. Best wishes.

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