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Nancy's Youth Formula
Posted by Nancy (Brunswick, GA) on 12/20/2007

Here is my "Fountain Of Youth" Formula:

Mix a 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera
Add a soft gel capsule Hyaluronic Acid
Add 1 CoQ-10 soft gel capsule
Add 2 Vitamin A soft gel capsule
Add 1 Vitamin E capsule (recently added)
Spend 1 hour at least applying this.

Apply in a circular motion pulling skin lightly away from deep wrinkles, so you can get this deep into the problem areas.

WARNING: Your skin will turn red almost immediately, and if you have problem acne you should test a small area first.

Make sure you apply this evenly to your face and neck (unless testing for reaction.)
When this starts to work you want all of the benefits so be sure that you get close to and under the ear, also close to the hairline.

Don't just slap this on your face and expect it to work, You have to spend a bit of time applying this.

Can be Applied to lips and the back of neck.
Make sure you close your pores with a cold cloth lightly applied, don't rub. For best results apply warm cloth to face before applying to open pores.

Added Tip: Always apply a cold cloth to your face and neck after showering etc to close pores and lock in moisture.

I have noticed a "SIGNIFICANT" reduction of fine lines and deep wrinkles. I
have laugh lines and since using this I have noticed that when I smile now the line does not extend to half of my face, Smile is only around my mouth.
My skin has changed considerably to have such a dramatic occurrence.
( Vitamin E was recently added, so these changes did not include Vitamin E )

For more information about why I chose these vitamins, please visit my website: