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Posted by Inana (Germany) on 04/25/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I have started using MSM internally for about three weeks now and after learning that it is made from DMSO, I also ordered DMSO and decided to use that topically. As it is liquidy oily it seemed to me to be an ideal ingredient for some skin treatment since I have very dry skin.

I have started the following regimen a week ago:

In the evening I put a few drops of 70 % DMSO on a little cotton ball and put on my face and neck (which I clear with 1:1 organic ACV beforehand). After the DMSO application I immediately follow with putting a few drops of Organic Seabuckthorn Oil (be careful with your pillow, it is a bit orange). I apply that with one very clean finger and massage it in a little. Then I sleep. The next morning all it totally absorbed and the skin feels soft and smooth. I clean it with wiping it again with 1:1 organic ACV and then leave it alone. Do that 2 nights and give one night a break and then continue.

I have not had such smooth and baby-like skin in decades. Also the drinking of MSM makes a great combination to nourish the skin with sulfur from the inside. I am going to use this regimen for my hands as well. As for the rest of the body's skin I will try other oils such as organic Argan Oil or Hemp seed oil as the Organic Seabuckthorn Oil comes in a small bottle and is more expensive.

Would love to learn about who else has had rejuvenation experiences with DMSO and MSM.