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Posted by Lawanda (Tampa, FL) on 03/01/2008
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Younger Looking Skin - I use these products - Are They Safe to Use On My Face?

I wash my face with Lye Soap. Why? I saw a picture of my grandmother and her sisters as teenagers and none of them had acne, I asked her what they used she said "We were poor, all we had was lye soap mama made." Then I cut a lemon in half squeeze the juice in a wash rag and pat my entire face with it. I Let it soak in for maybe 1-2 mins. Then if I'm staying home cover my face in extra virgin olive oil, If I going out I pat light dabs of the oil on (so I just look dewy) My main concern is the Lye soap. I think in this regamin I cover cleaning, toneing and moister. I wanted to recomend it to a frind but I'm not sure if it is good advice?