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Glycerin and Rose Water
Posted by Andrea C (Cardiff, Wales Uk) on 12/01/2010
5 out of 5 stars

HI to you all x My grand mother , who had the most lovely skin, swore by glycerin and rose water. Here in the UK , once upon a time we could bottles of the above, ready made from any pharmacist's. But all the pharmacists I tried (and at 51 years old, belive me, I tried so many well known ones in the UK) you can now only buy glycerin from them, and then go to a health shop for pure rose water. Then do a 50-50 mix of both products in one glass bottle, and give it a shake, then use pure cotton wool and gently rub it on your face from your neck in gentle strokes outwards towards your cheek bones, then up towards your cheek bones until you reach your hair line(on your fore head) then gently stroke it around the eye area. Always remember that the skin around your eyes, is a lot more fragile than the rest of your face, so as gently as you can, smooth it in wards towards your nose. Then do the same with the back of your neck, smooth it up towards your hair line from the base of your neck, and also for the rest of your body if needed, start at the ankles and rub it gently up wards. Do this 3 times daily. Morning noon and night. If you feel you need to use it more frequently then do so. It won't harm you.

Also, another one of my grand mothers folk recipes for you eyes was to bathe them in witch hazel(pure of course) in an eye bath on rising and just before you go to bed. Hope to find out you all look 20 yrs younger with in the next couple of month's of use(HA! HA! ) but seriously, my Friends and I all use my grans advice and for our ages we all look younger. AND DRINK PLENTY OF PURE WATER!! YOU MUST KEEP YOUR BODY WELL HYDRATED ALSO!! If you can only use tap water, then boil and keep it refrigerated if possible it keeps bacteria from thriving in the water and the same if you use bottled water, once opened refrigerate. SEE YOU ALL AT YOUR 3RD 21ST BIRTHDAY PARTIES! (HA HA! ) Love Andrea c