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Posted by gabi (toronto, canada) on 01/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: good skin after 50. I love to read your remedies. They are very useful. I have a few for skin (face). For all kinds of acnes or boils and blemishes the best and always working is "silver water". Apply only once over affected area and give it up to 3 days. The worst boil will die!. I use colloidal silver water in spray bottle. The best bottle is after hair spray (very fine spray/mist). Another tip is using fresh lemon juice to moisturize. It works also better than the best scrubbing cream, Removes skin discolorations! I also drink fresh lemon juice every day. My skin is even, smooth and has good elasticity. PH balance is perfect and I never have any colds or flu! During winter I use coconut oil and sometimes neem oil on problem areas. I started WATER CURE2 and it makes big difference! I am going to try black strap molasses and ACV. Does anybody know receipe for enema with black strap molasses? Is wonderful to help bad constipation. It helps when doctor has no other advice than "digital treatment"! It is: 3 tbs per one glass of lukewarm water. Is safe and very beneficial because of mineral contents. I am collecting home remedies with the idea to put all of them together in a book. It you have anything simple and easy to do or use, not expensive, please email me! Thank you