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Castor Oil and Olive Oil Cleanser
Posted by Sharon (Canton, Ohio) on 01/06/2013

Morning and night I have been using an amazing homemade oil skin cleanser for the past few weeks. I saw results after only 3 days with clearer, tighter and dewy skin!!

Ingredients are olive oil and castor oil 1:1 (example 1 cup olive oil to 1 cup castor oil). You can add a drop or two of lavendar or tea tree oil to this if you want. Make sure to store in a dark bottle and away from sunlight. Shake vigorously before applying, then rub a quarter size amount into face in small, light, circular movements for one minute. Take a clean washcloth, dunk into warm water and place on face for a minute to allow impurities to come to the surface. Then use same washcloth to remove the oil.

It's amazzzzzing!