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Brown Sugar, Rolled Oats, ACV and Baking Powder Scrub
Posted by Ashley (Canal Fulton, OH) on 07/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

oh my god. that was the most amazing thing i've ever put on my face. i didn't have rolled oats, but i just used regular kind and it's just as good i think. i have about 4 zits on my chin. they're kind of big too. they look HORRIBLE. :| my skin is rrrrrrreally dry around those areas and my nose, so whenever i put my makeup on, it shows the dry skin so well and it looks terrible. i used your scrub, and i swear it already took so much dead/dry skin off my face. i have a date tomorrow, and i really don't want my face looking HORRIBLE. so hopefully this'll make my skin a bit better. thanks a ton=]

Brown Sugar, Rolled Oats, ACV and Baking Powder Scrub
Posted by Painfree (Oregon) on 11/10/2006
5 out of 5 stars

I made a recipe for the face and body skin. I suppose I could be called a chemist, for I bake and cook. As I concocted up this remedy, I wrote it down as I went. I did not use any measuring spoons. Only one cereal bowl and the use of my clean hands.

Here is the recipe I named it: Natures Bowl of Beauty Gentle Scrub

(its the balm)

Fill the inside of your hands palm with brown sugar and place in bowl.

Sprinkle baking powder lightly over brown sugar in bowl.

Use half a palm full of rolled oats (not the quick type) and place over brown sugar, baking powder.

Add 2 caps of ACV ( It will foam slightly) Then drizzle lightly with extra light olive oil ( I suppose coconut oil would do, I did not have any)

Add 1/2 teaspoon of honey ( I used royal jelly from health food store)

Stir all these ingredients to make a nice paste. That is it, you have just made a nice healthy scrub. Since it is slightly abrasive, do not get it in the eyes.

To use: Lightly dampen skin with warm water, then place the gentle scrub on your face. Using your fingertips only, (no wash cloths) gently massage into facial skin. Do that until you feel a nice tingle and no more. Rinse with warm water, and end with cooler water and let air dry.

It feels so good, and it tastes great if you get it in your mouth, I did a little because if used it to gently scrub my lips. ( but not around my eyes, the skin is too delicate there.

I like this recipe I made because, yes, it tastes great, it is safe, it is not a soap, and they are the ingredients I and others are learning all about on this site for great health. ( well not sure about the oatmeal part, but I chose it instead of salt because of the natural oils in it) ( I also chose the baking powder because it felt softer, and less abrasive.)

My skin feels so soft. I did the nose wrinkle test after my skin air oxidized, and it was not tight at all.

I used it on my arms, elbows, legs and knees for the dry patches, since the weather has cooled down, and my skin needs more moisture.

I did not use moisturizer after. I tested makeup over it ladies, and it went on smooth. Men, this is a sweet concoction, you will love it too. It may be too abrasive for young peoples skin. Common sense will let you know. This is great to do, (if you are not in the bath or shower) while sipping on your acv tea. If you feel that your skin is still too dry in places, just touch the inside of the oil cap with your clean finger, and that is just enough to use. I am going to keep reading and learning. I have never felt this great since I can remember way back even in my childhood when I was nauseated and missed much school.

Ok, now I would like feedback on this recipe that I made, please because I do not want to lead any one wrong with this recipe. Thank you for reading, and thank you always for the builders of this site and all who are helping families grow together in great health and in love. Once we learn how to get out of pain, we must also remember to eat right and learn which things are safe even for brushing teeth, cleansing skin, washing clothes, dishes and cleaning our homes, and planting gardens and finding out which things are best for natural pesticides. I did at one time use pickle juice around the roses to keep them coral, and not get pink. I also used egg shells ( soaked in water) and tuna liquids for plants. Diluted of course, the tuna one outside. This site is a blessing from God, for we are all gathered together here, learning and getting out of pain together, and so lets keep our voices out here so that we can claim back our world and Gods children, free of pain and diseases and conditions. Read, Read, Read and get smart. And, let your mind, soul and body be your guide, amen. I love you all.