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| Modified on May 25, 2023
Lymphatic System Treatment
Posted by nick (florida, usa) on 04/10/2023
5 out of 5 stars

Spicy foods causing outbreaks of pustules around mouth area

Background: I am a man who had painful outbreaks of pustules around my upper and lower lips for about 10 years. I avoided touching anyone while I had an active outbreak. I was never formally diagnosed by a doctor. My outbreaks were triggered by spicy foods. The pustules occurred mostly above my upper lip and sometimes touching my upper lip. Usually there were about 4 pustules and some concurrent blistering for each outbreak. Sometimes the outbreaks would also occur below the lower lip and sometimes touching the lower lip. Never inside of my mouth. Very painful however with burning and itching and soreness and tenderness and painful to the touch etc. And they would usually last about a week. I worked hard to avoid spicy foods.

Course of my actions: It seemed to me that my outbreaks were more than just an allergic reaction to spicy foods but that there was some sort of pathogen causing my problem. I had no way of knowing for sure. It seemed like some sort of virus or pathogen was possible but I did not know absolutely. I knew that the human body contains many lymph nodes, which are glands that cleanse the blood, and that the lymphatic system is designed as a cleansing system for our bodies designed to remove toxins and pathogens. The white blood cells within the lymphatic system are very skilled at identifying and killing pathogens. I learned that, in humans, there are 2 lymph nodes located directly below the tongue. I am not a biologist nor any sort of medical expert. I am by no means an expert on the workings of the lymphatic system and I have no knowledge or training of how to conduct medical experiments or to do scientific research. I have no training whatsoever in the medical field.

Nonetheless, one day, during an outbreak, and as one of the pustules was drying and beginning to shed or fall off, I captured and saved the remnants of that pustule on the tip of my finger. Simultaneously, I was wondering if maybe my lymphatic system needed some sort of a boost. I am talking about the whitish cakey pustule remnant that came off on my finger when I gently guided it off of my upper lip area. I then ( within 15 seconds) took the tip of that same finger, with the pustule remnant still sticking to it, and carefully placed the tip of that finger directly under my tongue. I made sure that the remnant of the pustule was directly touching the membrane directly below my tongue. Not the bottom of the tongue, but the part of the mouth membrane directly below the tongue. I left my finger there for about 60 seconds and then removed my finger. I deduced that perhaps via osmosis of that membrane, the lymphatic capillaries, which are linked to the lymph nodes, would intake some of that pathogen and then the pathogen would be pumped to one or both of those lymph nodes below the tongue where it would be identified and destroyed by the white blood cells which hang out there. That is what white blood cells are intended to do. I was assuming that the pathogen would then also be remembered by the lymphatic memory cells for destruction of any future encounters with that same pathogen. I was anticipating that the white blood cells would then also identify and kill all of the pathogens associated with those pustules, wherever they might be within my body.

During the first month after the procedure, the pustules cleared. Future outbreaks were different as they were mild with no pustules. Future outbreaks were only flaking of the skin around my upper lip. Just smallish flakes of skin. No pustules. No pain. No burning sensation. I thought that maybe it was because my lymphatic system needed more time to fully identify and rid my body of the pathogen? Or maybe that there was more than one type of pathogen involved? So I gathered some of those skin flakes onto the tip of my finger. I then took the same steps as before (with the original pustule material as described above). Over the course of the next 6 months, mild skin flaking outbreaks continued ( no pustules) and thus I continued the procedure about 6 more times over the next 6 months. The outbreaks of flaking skin slowly cleared and completely stopped after 6 months.

Results: For me, I believe that the simple procedure worked! It has been 6 months and I have not had even one outbreak and I have courageously eaten many very spicy foods just to be sure that I was not imagining these results. No more outbreaks.

Observations: I imagined that the lymphatic system might need a boost. I do not know why my lymphatic system would not have (years earlier) independently identified the pathogen or pathogens involved. To be clear, I have never been told nor advised that my lymph nodes would kill these pathogens nor that the membrane below the tongue allows for osmosis or the entry of pathogens into the lymphatic system. I don't know if I cured anything? I do not know if the outbreaks will return someday? I have no scientific proof. I am not a scientist.

White Dots on Skin
Posted by KT (Usa) on 07/17/2021

Could be too many carbohydrates in your diet. Do you drink whole milk?


White Dots on Skin
Posted by Katzie (Canada) on 07/16/2021

Have you checked the 'Tinea' section in this site? It has fantastic info!

PS - While at work one day one of my co-workers was worrying about a white spot above her eye, that had been treated with various anti-fungal creams from her Dr and all has failed. I rubbed just a little bit of Castor Oil on it that afternoon. She came in the next day and it was gone. (worth a shot; as Edgar Cayce says, "Castor Oil always leaves the body in better condition than it found it".

Best of health!!

White Dots on Skin
Posted by Laura (Bolivia) on 07/15/2021

I have the exact same white dots and my baby has them too.. haven't figured out why yet.

Painful Skin
Posted by Tea (Auckland nz) on 11/07/2020

People with fibromyalgia talk about painful skin, and lipoedema.

White Dots on Skin
Posted by Janet (Los Angeles) on 07/04/2018

I'm so sorry to hear you suffer from this. Both my kids have this all over their body and I'm trying to figure out what it is. Reading what you wrote breaks my heart as I'm so worried they'll get made fun of - especially my daughter. Anyone find out what this is?

White Dots on Skin
Posted by Charity (Faithville, Us) on 07/02/2018


White Dots on Skin
Posted by Beata (Poland) on 07/02/2018

I also have them, never seen such a thing on other people's skin... Sometimes I am being laughed at that I look like a fetherless chicken... :/ I also have it since birth, I always connected it with my dad's hypopigmentation.... but I am not sure it has something to do.

Black Dermographism
Posted by Tworoos (Katy, Tx) on 05/11/2018

I know this is an old thread but in the jewelry business we associate sudden blacking skin to other environmental factors when gold is involved. (Usually a new lotion, including sun tan lotion, or cosmetics, to be specific.) Gold reacts to a number of ingredients in those. The most common reactions are to zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, ferric oxide and calamine; though there are others. Check your cosmetics labels, or just switch back to your old brands that seemed to work without issue. Also the OP mentioned she is taking zinc orally. I'd cut back on that a bit and see if it changes anything.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Mary (New York) on 11/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I had a bad allergic reaction to Januvia, red, deep blistering rash that was spreading but only on my right side. I stopped the med but the reaction has already started, ..itching, spreading, etc. I used over the counter "anti-itch" meds, sprays, anything I could read about to use. Finally my PA put me on a very low dose of Prednisone, Blood Sugars went up to 400, appetite increased immediately and the itching was still making me get up several times during the night to apply something to try to stop the itching.

On the third morning around 2:20 am, I had applied ice, and got back on the computer and did more research....thank you God, I learned about Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother which I had in my cupboard. I stepped into our tub and with hot soapy water I scrubbed the area to cleanse all the other lotions, etc off. I applied the ACV liberally on all the affected areas. BURN!! Yes, but that was due to the major scrubbing prior to application.

Long story short, by 7:30 am the blisters were gone...I could not believe it. It has been 5 days since and the rash has shrunk from about 12 inches in length to about 4 inches. I apply it still about 1-2 times a day and especially at bedtime when the height of the histamines surface. I read more and more about the ACV and the combinations of that and Baking Soda for different uses. Now I take the combo at least 2x a day and my blood sugars and lower, I seem to feel better and my appetite has decreased. I am telling everyone about the amazing results of so many issues we have that can be cured ..not just "masked" but healed with natural resources.

Posted by Johanna (Ca) on 05/11/2017

I didn't have any kefir, but I had some yogurt and added some probiotics. I just applied it about an hour ago and it's already feeling better. No pain, less itching, and less stinging. I'll have to update this and let y'all know if it worked.

Posted by Thecureman (Philippines) on 04/17/2017
5 out of 5 stars

The cure for all types of skin problems

I have seborrheic dermatitis since I was 12 y/o now I am 25 y/o I have tried eveyrthing you name it I have done it from steroids, changing diet and reading and trying the stuffs from what other people did either natural or not still failed but, I found out that the root cause of all skin problems is all connected in your gut so, I look for a supplement that could literally heal my gut and this supplement came out L-Glutamine supplement powder or pill form its works best now, I am taking capsule 500 mg which I think it helps alot I can eat foods that I do not eat anymore those foods that gives you crazy breakouts. I can manage it no itching sensation no feeling of scratching . I tell honestly before I do not have any food sensivity I can eat every food I want then when this skin problem develope my life become doomed . I dont want to continue my lonely story having this disease for 12 years. Just give it a try people and you will see the positives it will bring in your lonely life. I am on 5th day of taking it so far I am getting and feeling good each day .

White Dots on Skin
Posted by Olga (Norway) on 03/25/2017

No idea what they are, but I have them too

Posted by Chai (Terre Haute ) on 11/28/2016

Any luck on natural treatment for pilomatricoma???

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Lauraleelee (Hudson, Wi) on 07/30/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 50-something woman who has reached menopause having stopped menstruating 2.5 years ago. My skin has become blotchy with what can best be described as large light brown freckles. They are very obvious on my calves, once lovely, and a few on my face coupled with the melasma, or darkening from nose to chin around my mouth. I also had crusty, painful hairs on my upper lip (I liken them to matchsticks) that would get ingrown, scabby, flaky, etc.

I started drinking ACV about 2 months ago. I keep a little shot glass on my bathroom vanity and try to get 3-4 Tablespoons a day. I fill it about half full, add water, drink a little, add more water until it's gone......better than sipping, I believe, as your tooth enamel is not being exposed to it for an extended amount of time.

I have noticed in this time that the hairs have become much softer and fewer. The darkening has decreased significantly and with regular exfoliating the brown spots on my face are lightening. I have been told that my face is brighter. I have not noticed a big change in my legs, but have seen enough to keep going with this daily regimen. I will update as I see more progress!

Burning Skin Remedies
Posted by Zander (Columbus, Oh) on 07/14/2016

Shingles is derived from a Latin word meaning 'belt' rather than say a roof shingle of some sort. This is important as the first sign of shingles is often on one side of the body only where a belt [to hold up the pants] might indeed rest [back of the waist, in other words.] The areas the individual described do not seem to fit with shingles, per se. Shingles is also accompanied by low grade or higher fever. I cured mine with Nascent Iodine and coconut oil. An Aussie on here recommended the coconut oil. I felt like I was on my last legs and came to this site to look for something to add to my arsenal in my fight to beat the shingles. I took 3T coconut oil and was better by half when I awoke. I continued to take and was 90% better in a week. I'm now completely cured. Low grade fever persisted for weeks so be patient.

Oregano Oil
Posted by Leigh (Tucson, Arizona) on 06/29/2016
5 out of 5 stars

I tend to get outbreaks on my back, arms, legs and neck. For me, the tiny bumps are more "painful" (like a needle prick) versus itchy.

I find that an application of a drop of oregano oil to the area is extremely effective in relieving the pain--almost instantly!

Posted by Kirsten (Vancouver) on 05/24/2016


My daughter also have been diagnose with a pilomatricoma. It is on her forehead. Surgery has also bee the recommend. Did either of you find an alternate way to treat this? I hope both you girls and doing well! Thanks so much for any advise you may have.

Chickweed Salve
Posted by Lisa (Texas) on 03/30/2016
4 out of 5 stars

Never tried Cod Liver Oil for skin rash. Will have to check that out. I have been using Chickweed Salve and while it has not rid my skin completely of the eczema/psoriasis, the skin most times remains smooth and soft, and the itch disappears on contact as soon as I rub it in. Never even got that with cortisone.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Tim (Tennessee) on 08/30/2015 21 posts

I use zinc oxide paste, aka diaper rash creme for babies, 17 pct plus zinc , left it on over nite, works great, note, take a picture of your face, and notice the difference after a week, it works.

Olive Oil
Posted by Mary (Toronto, Canada) on 04/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Yes to cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin used morning and evening, no extra chemicals, creams, lotions or potions on your skin.

Massage into skin for two minutes, wipe the excess with a tissue, I had my neck at times half covered with psoriasis - painful and itchy, and I have the butterfly rash on my face - nose, cheeks and forehead

I think I left a positive review in the past for coconut oil, I prefer though olive oil.

Blotchy, Red Face
Posted by Carol (California) on 04/07/2015

It sounds like rosacea, so I would look under that category. I was plagued with it for many years. I got ten laser-surgery treatments, which cleared up my cheeks fairly well, but my red nose was still a problem. A few years ago it was getting redder and flakier than ever, and I was getting a lot of pustules, which had not been a problem before.

After looking at the rosacea forum here (and another one), I started trying various things. One of the first was drinking raw cider vinegar 4 or 5 times a week. I think this is what basically cleared it up in a couple of months. Some other things I tried early on were too drying, so I eventually stopped them.

Aside from drinking the vinegar, what I still do now is: Wash my nose and chin with dandruff shampoo every 2 or 3 days; and drink chlorophyll drops (on the recommendation of someone at an herbal shop). My nose still gets pinkish so I always put concealer on it, but otherwise I'm essentially rosacea-free -- except I've still got an issue with pinkish eyes.

Painful Skin
Posted by Karen (Lowville, Ny) on 03/28/2015

I have been having pain issues with my skin. What can I do to alleviate the pain?

Posted by Anton (Painesville, OH) on 12/30/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I used to have psoriasis on both elbows. The doctors told me that there is no cure for it, but I found some indications that the saffron tea might work. It did work, and now, instead of having my skin like sandpaper on the elbows, now it is rather like a baby skin.

Plus, for many skin problems the element zinc is very helpful. More precisely I am taking the pills containing zinc (50 milligrams) plus Vitamin C for two weeks daily every 3 months. Any pharmacy has it!

Kombucha Tea
Posted by David (California, US) on 11/16/2014
5 out of 5 stars

My solution to all those on this website seeking natural cure is try their very own "Kombucha tea". To make it you will need a scoby which can be bought through a friend or one of the internet sites. It is dirty cheap around 5 to 8 dollars. Make your own Kombucha tea (instructions are on youtube videos) and mix a few drops each day with water or any drink. You will be rid of your skin problems for good. There is also Yoga Praynayam (youtube video) and Prayer. This is all natural remedies that does not involve a lot of money or any drugs.

Camu Camu and ACV
Posted by Genesea (Albuquerque, NM) on 08/09/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I am a 34 year old female and recently noticed several enlarged skin cells on my cheek and nose. They were skin colored, raised from the rest of the area, not tender or raw -- just raised and enlarged.

Instead of going to the doctor, I did research on Earth Clinic and saw recommendations for apple cider vinegar.

My results were so quick that I wanted to report what happened:

Day 1: Soaked my spots with ACV (with the Mother, organic, raw) throughout the day. I often held a q-tip with ACV to my face for 30-60 minutes or so at least once during the day. Did not tape any ACV to my face overnight.

Day 2: Repeated day 1 and at night I slept with a thick wet paste of Camu Camu powder on each spot (I recommend Whole Botanicals brand). Camu Camu powder is an awesome internal remedy for warts or as an immunity boost. It has the highest concentration of vitamin C.

Day 3: Woke up and saw small black spots the size of a pin head on both areas. Called my sister to ask about the spots, and she said that she developed those spots when applying ACV to her warts before the warts died completely. Repeated day 2.

Day 4: Woke up and the spot on my nose was nearly gone. There were more black spots but the enlarged cells were nearly flush with the rest of my face. The spot on my cheek is taking a bit longer to die off, but it is developing more black spots and the size is shrinking.

Overall verdict: Because I have had great success with taking Camu Camu internally for warts, I have a feeling that the swift healing is a result of the Camu Camu. I've noticed that more black spots have appeared when sleeping with the Camu Camu overnight. But applying the Camu Camu with ACV is a hefty one-two punch.

White Dots on Skin
Posted by Aaron (Sydney, Australia) on 07/09/2014

I got tiny white dots all across my body. My skintone change from fair to little darker with a clear border separating two regions.

Http:// I have this since birth. I have not seen anyone with such issue. What is this disease and is there any way it can be cured?

Skin Sensitivity Remedies
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee) on 05/14/2014

Dear Henry,

I know that sometimes my skin is slow to heal and easier to damage. Borage oil has helped me very much with this. You can try 3 1,000mg capsules of Borage Oil a day.

Comfrey helps skin cells to regenerate more quickly. If you were able to find some comfrey, you could take it internally (though the FDA does not recommend this.) If you can't get comfrey, you might try 1 teaspoon (or 4 capsules) or turmeric twice a day. We have found it excellent for skin problems.

You can also mix 1 part castor oil and 1 part extra virgin coconut oil together to make an oil to use after a shower (or each night.) on the skin. Make sure you have some good fat in your diet, too. The coconut oil would be a good fat.

Plenty of pure water is good for keeping your skin healthy. You can add a teaspoon or two of raw apple cider vinegar to it if you like.

Please let us know how it goes for you!

~Mama to Many~

Skin Sensitivity Remedies
Posted by Henry Sim (Seria, Brunei) on 05/13/2014

Is it just me or does any of you also get this? My skin is sensitive to rub and abrasion. I don't have this strange phenomenon as a young man.

But now, when clothes rub my skin soon there will be peels itch and ant-bite pain. For example, when going to toilet, I always pull down my trousers to the ankles. The rubbings now peels my ankle skin and feels prickly pain.

My skin also dries easily after a warm shower. How I miss the young days when I could warm shower a lot. Now I often skip shower a few days, makes me hot like a cooker.

How to toughen my skin to like buffalo skin but still looking nice and soft?

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Josey (Oklahoma) on 03/22/2014
1 out of 5 stars

This remedy of using apple cider vinegar worked for me the first time, but the cracking and oozing behind my ears came back. I tried cortisone cream, and it helped, and I hate using it. Then finally I tried Vaseline, and it cured it.

Peeling Skin Remedies
Posted by Jason (Kuala Belait, Brunei) on 03/17/2014

Can someone explain this:

1. My skin peels when I take warm water to shower.
2. My skin peels when I use soap.
3. My skin dry and peel when expose to sunlight.

Its painful itchy, like a sore wound.
I only bath twice a week or 2 weeks.
I come out only at 5pm.
Chinese medicine says yin deficient.

Anyone has gone through the same thing and found a cure?
Please share with me, I want a cure a.s.a.p.

TQ n God Bless.

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/06/2014

Dear Man from Sojouring: Gelatin capsules are 11 to 13 mg. of MSG. When the binders and fillers are manufactured for tablets, this can create a manufactured form of glutamic acid, which is MSG. Any "extraction" should put up red flags. I learned it is the flowing or anti-caking agent in common table salt. Please be aware each time you reheat leftovers you create more MSG. That's why leftovers taste so good!

General Feedback
Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 03/04/2014

Responding to Prioris from Fl:on your request for sites on skin issues. I saw no one responded to your request as I was surfing at the Earth Clinic house. So here is a site that has some good pictures for you: One of these sites ought to have a picture of what you need to identify for yourself.

And this next site looks like a real winner for identifying skin disorders:

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 03/04/2014

I just finished posting to the "Oil Pulling-DMSO" section but I wanted to report back to this one now that I found it again.

My fingers have healed up perfectly.

For several days I while I was sitting at computer I sprayed by finger tips with hydrogen peroxide and the bubbled up really much on under the fingernails and it stung. It was painful to spray H2O2. Then, I took pure DMSO and put it on them. And then I sprayed Capsicum extracted in alcohol on them. It was not the most pleasant treatment because I had to watch very carefully what I touched while I was treating my finger tips.

I did that for a few days.

There may have been some kind of an infection there and it seems it started after I ate some pasta that was given to me by an acquaintance.

I am thinking that my blood sugar bounced for a day or two and as a result my immune system got weak and the skin ( being the main organ in the body) showed signs of weakness. That is a thought, it is not a proven fact because I am not a scientist and I have no evidence other than what I can gather from study.
All these little tidbits of information from places like Russell Blaylock (youtube) and Dr. Mercola and right here at the Earth Clinic start falling into place.

All I have done is "Oil Pull" with DMSO and also Coconut oil.

I have taken fish oil and several grams of Vitamin C and Magnesium and Vitamin B complex. I have also been drinking a glass of distilled water with about a half a tablespoon of cayenne stirred into it. It seems to activate the entire system.

That is what I had available to me, so that is what I did.

To Mama: The chemicals I used in occupation were Acetone, Metha lEthal Ketones, Metal isobutal ketone, etc. Methylene Chloride.... these were paint stripper chemicals and I used no gloves in my younger days. And this is several years ago that I quit. I will likely have to be very careful to eat right and do the right thing from now on.

To Kt: Yeah, I do think there is a connection between MSG and food chemicals. I did eat several servings of a canned noodle thing and then I was sick for 2 days and then this problem began. My energy level bounced around and my feeling of well being bounced around.

I am beginning to believe that there is a direct connection between the food chemicals like MSG and the affect on blood sugar stability ( And Dr. Russell Blaylock also in his videos on You Tube points out the direct relation ship between diet and health).

Blood sugar stability may have more impact on good health than is published or commonly known. I already know that I can't eat pasta without feeling bad. When I ate at my acquaintance's food that was offered to me I knew that it would have a negative affect on me. And she knew I am diabetic and still offered it to me. (some people will never learn and the Bible says there are "Silly women laden with sins ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth".

I also think that there may be something to do with gluten also in this because I noticed some months ago that when I ate cheap spaghetti that I felt really bad physically and mentally. So I gave away the rest of my spaghetti.

To timh and Mike62 from Denver: I appreciate your input also.

Onward. The entire system from the head to the toe are connected in ways that I do not understand and I am not going to pretend that I do. Why do my finger tips feel so strong right now where as just a short time ago they were weak and in pain? What exactly did I do? I don't know, but I have been posting what I do and I have not hid my beliefs nor have I hid my faith in God.

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by KT (Usa) on 03/01/2014

I am mentioning this because I had the problem of sore and spitting fingers for a long time. I learned it WAS from hidden sources of MSG. At the first sign of any tenderness, I look back at what I had eaten. MSG is a nerve stimulant and can stimulate some nerve cells to death. Our entire food supply has been tainted including the grains and grasses fed to pasture, grass-fed critters that we eat and get eggs or milk from. With "organics" it is in the soil. I had a worse reaction after I converted for a short time. There is no one-size-fits-all remedy. You have to pay attention to everything you eat. Everyone has a different tolerance level.

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by Mike62 (Denver) on 03/01/2014

Man: Ingredients need to be organic. Mash 1 small ripe banana, add 2 tbsp. sour cream, 1 tbsp. raw honey, 1 tsp. colostrum, and 1 tbsp. whole oat flour. Mix and apply. Leave on for 30 minutes. Wash off and apply jojoba and cold pressed rose hip seed oil. To heal from the inside drink several green smoothies from organic baby leaves.

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 03/01/2014 2073 posts

Vit-A or (Cod Liver Oil) and/or Vit-E (Mixed Natural) taken orally and/or applied topically will toughen the skin very well.

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by Mama To Many (Tennessee, Usa) on 02/28/2014

Dear Man from Sojourning,

I am wondering if you are using anything on your hands that is irritating them? From this post, you mention the skin getting thinner and more another recent post of yours, you mention some cuts on your hands that are not healing...I have a few thoughts/questions...

Do you use anything on your hands that might have a steroid in it? (I believe topical steroids can cause the skin to thin.)

Do you use anti-bacterial soap on your hands or hand sanitizer?

Do you work with any type of chemicals or anything that could be irritating your hands?

My husband used to have something similar happen to him each winter. He would get splits in the skin on his fingers. Oddly, that was back when he had a desk job. Now he works with his hands all the time, often outdoors and this doesn't happen to him any more. It makes me think it could be related to his diet. I would have expected the desk job to be easier on his hands and that if he were going to have problems, he would have them now. But I am just starting to think about this and am just in the speculation stage.

You mention using coconut oil and cocoa butter oil, I am assuming you mean on your hands? I would consider using coconut oil in your diet, if you are not already. I have found Borage Oil, taken internally to help with skin problems that are not healing. Turmeric, also, 4 capsules a couple of times a day helps my skin to heal much more quickly.

By the way, I am appreciating your thoughts and experiments on DMSO. Thanks for sharing!

~Mama to Many~

Thin and Sensitive Skin
Posted by Man (Sojouring America) on 02/28/2014

I have noticed the skin on my fingers getting thin and sensitive on the palms and pads of my hands and fingers and was wondering what I could do to strengthen the skin on the pads of my fingers and palms. I already use coconut oil and Shea butter. Is there a known solution either from research or hearsay from people who have had this problem and found a solution? I look forward to hearing something.

Slits in Skin Remedies
Posted by Mmsg (Somewhere, Europe) on 12/30/2013

Loma, have you tried Coconut Oil (the stuff that actually smells like coconut! )?

Slits in Skin Remedies
Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 12/30/2013

Hello Loma,

Lesions to the face might be fungal infection. If one has had many pets growing up; cats and dogs then possibly these leisons are the fungus "ring worm" which is not a worm at all but fungal.

The typical ringworm fungus lesions are Microsporum Canis, Microsporum gyseum, or Trocphytron mentogryphytes.

An ultraviolet light test can be given, the Woods Test, but apparently this only identifies about 50 percent of the Microsporum Canis ... the rest not detected by the test.

I would buy an over the counter cream containing terbinafine which is effective against topical fungus. One brand name containing this is "Lamisil" and the brand "Tinactin" contains a different active ingredient, tolnaftate.

I went to a dermatologist for years who never properly treated simple fungal lesions. These fungi can spread all over the face, ears, arms, shoulders over the years. They appear in different forms of lesions, but underneath if the skin is scratched the oval appearance of the fungus appears.

Over the counter creams worked for me to rid myself of subcutaneous infection.

Slits in Skin Remedies
Posted by Timh (Ky, Usa) on 12/30/2013 2073 posts

Lorna: This seems to be directly related to antioxidant deficiency. If you have liver or thyroid problems your body may not properly metabolize beta carotene to vit-A which is the #1 protector of skin. If you haven't this problem supplement beta carotene or a full spectrum caritinoid complex to "toughen up" the skin. Full spectrim vit-E also protects the skin.

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