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Infared, 125 Watt Clear Lightbulb

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Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 09/05/2007

To respond to the woman with the terrible boils. I suffer from horrific cystic acne. I discovered that if I eliminate all forms of hidden MSG [do an internet search to find all that it is in] that my skin is perfectly clear. I am so sensitive that I cannot even touch anything with citric acid or natural flavor which is a form of hidden MSG and is in most shampoos, liquid hand soap, prepared foods, pop etc. I convinced my husband to eliminate all hidden MSG and his headaches, ezcema and skin rash went away. Now when he has any exposure the itchy, weepy skin rash comes back and today it is back with a vengence.He had mustard on Sunday and it flared. By Monday evening it was drying up and he licked the spoon of the ice cream he served our children and during the night it erupted so bad he could hardly sleep.

A good rememdy for all these skin things is a 125 watt clear infrared bulb. Not only will this clear up the skin but is great for any aches and it healed my son of acute asthma. Asthma requires a one hour treatment 1-2 times daily or more. The more you use it the quicker it heals. The only draw back is having to stay stationary so long. My husband hasn't had time to sit under it the past two days so he is still in bad shape. He started on the vinegar and honey last night to see if a change in body pH will help.


Posted by Walter (San Diego, Ca., USA) on 04/09/2012

I stumbled on your web-site while seaching for information about itchy skin and possible iodine therapy. Thank all of your readers for sharing their use of iodine.

Several persons remarked that they did not observe any changes to some of their iodine uses. One major reason for this is that iodine, like all supplemental nutrients, does not work by itself. They all need helps or co-factors. Another unappreciated reason is bio-chemical differences among all of us. We need specific monitoring for a best fit.

I did a comprehensive research about iodine and posted my findings as an article on the web-site:

This health menu has other doccumented researched and nutritional information, including co-factors, magnesium, zeolite, body acid-alkalinity, etc..

My research, as shared by renoun researchers, found that good research about the affect of iodide on skin health is lacking. Testimonials may not be scientific but these are the best we have at this time. So one has to be careful in drawing conclusions. I have had itchy skin for a long time and have been looking the the real cause of itchy skin instead of listening to dermatologists that dry skin causes itchiness! I have re-started using Lugol's solution 2%. Lugol's is made up of two forms of iodine --- iodide and iodine. It is iodide that is stored in the skin and other issues; while iodine is used by the thyroid gland. More inbfo on all of this on the sited web-site.

Thank you, for all the info,

Walter Sorochan, Emeritus Professor San Diego State University


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Posted by Expat-in-togo (Lome, Maritime Province, Togo) on 09/07/2012

Hello! I posted this remedy on a different site specifically about intertrigo, but I find your site very useful so I wanted to share this info here as well. I successfully solved my 7 years problem with intertrigo using kefir. My serious problem zones were always my armpits and "legpits" as I call them: inner upper thighs, *impossible* to keep dry -- as an expat living in tropical West Africa I sweat a lot on a daily basis. I tried several things before this, and I would like to report back on what helped. Topical coconut oil with turmeric powder was temporarily effective but stained clothing like crazy. Gentian violet was also temporarily effective, and also stained clothing like crazy.

I then found out about probiotics about 3 months ago, got some kefir grains 2 months ago, and a month ago it occurred to me, why not try them topically? So I did! The kefir did the job inside of a week, more like three days. My armpits look normal again. My "legpits" are no longer red-rash-looking, no itching, nothing. All I did was take a tablespoon or less (per application site) of the kefir grains mixed with the yogurt-like kefiran, smeared it on and left it on overnight, washed it off in the morning. I think what it does is crowd out the bad bacteria/yeasts with a diverse population of body-friendly bacterias and yeasts. I like drinking kefir, but this use is awesome and saved me from trying antibiotics again. So I wanted to share my success, and I hope this helps someone else solve their problem too. I should specify I used milk kefir grains, but I am guessing water kefir grains might work also.

Replied by Rae
(Chicago, Il, United States)

My teenage son has itchy armpits and the skin around his armpits is now dark and thick. I live in the U.S. So can my son just apply some liquid dairy kefir onto his armpits over night to try your solution? I do not know what you mean by kefir "grains". Thanks for your assistance!

Replied by Lisa
(Thousand Oaks, Ca, Usa)

Hi Rae, You could definitely try the kefir topically and see if it helps. I just thought I'd clarify for you about kefir grains. Kefir grains or granules are the natural mother starter to make kefir. You can add them to milk for milk kefir or coconut water, seed or nut milk or ginger water to make water kefir. The grains themselves are living organisms that reproduce more grains. I find it all very fascinating. This is an excerpt from Dom's Kefir site explaining kefir grains and kefiran:

"A batch of kefir grains consist of many individual white to bone-coloured mostly self-enclosed bodies made up of a soft, gelatinous biological masssomewhat resembling cooked cauliflower rosettes. The complexity of the kefir grain is a mixture of protein, amino acids, lipids [fats] and soluble-polysaccharides. Kefiran a unique polysaccharide with many health-promoting virtues, is the major polysaccharide of kefir grains and is also found in kefir. The bacteria and yeasts not only create the bio-matrix structure, or the grains, the organisms are also harboured by the very structure that they create; abiding on the surface, and encapsulated within the grain itself."

Replied by Johanna

I didn't have any kefir, but I had some yogurt and added some probiotics. I just applied it about an hour ago and it's already feeling better. No pain, less itching, and less stinging. I'll have to update this and let y'all know if it worked.

Kombucha Tea

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Posted by David (California, US) on 11/16/2014

My solution to all those on this website seeking natural cure is try their very own "Kombucha tea". To make it you will need a scoby which can be bought through a friend or one of the internet sites. It is dirty cheap around 5 to 8 dollars. Make your own Kombucha tea (instructions are on youtube videos) and mix a few drops each day with water or any drink. You will be rid of your skin problems for good. There is also Yoga Praynayam (youtube video) and Prayer. This is all natural remedies that does not involve a lot of money or any drugs.


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Posted by Thecureman (Philippines) on 04/17/2017

The cure for all types of skin problems

I have seborrheic dermatitis since I was 12 y/o now I am 25 y/o I have tried eveyrthing you name it I have done it from steroids, changing diet and reading and trying the stuffs from what other people did either natural or not still failed but, I found out that the root cause of all skin problems is all connected in your gut so, I look for a supplement that could literally heal my gut and this supplement came out L-Glutamine supplement powder or pill form its works best now, I am taking capsule 500 mg which I think it helps alot I can eat foods that I do not eat anymore those foods that gives you crazy breakouts. I can manage it no itching sensation no feeling of scratching . I tell honestly before I do not have any food sensivity I can eat every food I want then when this skin problem develope my life become doomed . I dont want to continue my lonely story having this disease for 12 years. Just give it a try people and you will see the positives it will bring in your lonely life. I am on 5th day of taking it so far I am getting and feeling good each day .

Lymphatic System Treatment

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Posted by nick (florida, usa) on 04/10/2023

Spicy foods causing outbreaks of pustules around mouth area

Background: I am a man who had painful outbreaks of pustules around my upper and lower lips for about 10 years. I avoided touching anyone while I had an active outbreak. I was never formally diagnosed by a doctor. My outbreaks were triggered by spicy foods. The pustules occurred mostly above my upper lip and sometimes touching my upper lip. Usually there were about 4 pustules and some concurrent blistering for each outbreak. Sometimes the outbreaks would also occur below the lower lip and sometimes touching the lower lip. Never inside of my mouth. Very painful however with burning and itching and soreness and tenderness and painful to the touch etc. And they would usually last about a week. I worked hard to avoid spicy foods.

Course of my actions: It seemed to me that my outbreaks were more than just an allergic reaction to spicy foods but that there was some sort of pathogen causing my problem. I had no way of knowing for sure. It seemed like some sort of virus or pathogen was possible but I did not know absolutely. I knew that the human body contains many lymph nodes, which are glands that cleanse the blood, and that the lymphatic system is designed as a cleansing system for our bodies designed to remove toxins and pathogens. The white blood cells within the lymphatic system are very skilled at identifying and killing pathogens. I learned that, in humans, there are 2 lymph nodes located directly below the tongue. I am not a biologist nor any sort of medical expert. I am by no means an expert on the workings of the lymphatic system and I have no knowledge or training of how to conduct medical experiments or to do scientific research. I have no training whatsoever in the medical field.

Nonetheless, one day, during an outbreak, and as one of the pustules was drying and beginning to shed or fall off, I captured and saved the remnants of that pustule on the tip of my finger. Simultaneously, I was wondering if maybe my lymphatic system needed some sort of a boost. I am talking about the whitish cakey pustule remnant that came off on my finger when I gently guided it off of my upper lip area. I then ( within 15 seconds) took the tip of that same finger, with the pustule remnant still sticking to it, and carefully placed the tip of that finger directly under my tongue. I made sure that the remnant of the pustule was directly touching the membrane directly below my tongue. Not the bottom of the tongue, but the part of the mouth membrane directly below the tongue. I left my finger there for about 60 seconds and then removed my finger. I deduced that perhaps via osmosis of that membrane, the lymphatic capillaries, which are linked to the lymph nodes, would intake some of that pathogen and then the pathogen would be pumped to one or both of those lymph nodes below the tongue where it would be identified and destroyed by the white blood cells which hang out there. That is what white blood cells are intended to do. I was assuming that the pathogen would then also be remembered by the lymphatic memory cells for destruction of any future encounters with that same pathogen. I was anticipating that the white blood cells would then also identify and kill all of the pathogens associated with those pustules, wherever they might be within my body.

During the first month after the procedure, the pustules cleared. Future outbreaks were different as they were mild with no pustules. Future outbreaks were only flaking of the skin around my upper lip. Just smallish flakes of skin. No pustules. No pain. No burning sensation. I thought that maybe it was because my lymphatic system needed more time to fully identify and rid my body of the pathogen? Or maybe that there was more than one type of pathogen involved? So I gathered some of those skin flakes onto the tip of my finger. I then took the same steps as before (with the original pustule material as described above). Over the course of the next 6 months, mild skin flaking outbreaks continued ( no pustules) and thus I continued the procedure about 6 more times over the next 6 months. The outbreaks of flaking skin slowly cleared and completely stopped after 6 months.

Results: For me, I believe that the simple procedure worked! It has been 6 months and I have not had even one outbreak and I have courageously eaten many very spicy foods just to be sure that I was not imagining these results. No more outbreaks.

Observations: I imagined that the lymphatic system might need a boost. I do not know why my lymphatic system would not have (years earlier) independently identified the pathogen or pathogens involved. To be clear, I have never been told nor advised that my lymph nodes would kill these pathogens nor that the membrane below the tongue allows for osmosis or the entry of pathogens into the lymphatic system. I don't know if I cured anything? I do not know if the outbreaks will return someday? I have no scientific proof. I am not a scientist.

Replied by Rene

Rick, I think that you are really brave, I congratulate you. I also think that you are really onto something. I tried something of the kind with urology but stopped when I started with skin problems. I believe now that the skin problems were caused by the treatment clearing toxins from my body so will try again. I was just putting a small amount of urine under my tongue for my system to make the decision about what was wrong in my body. This is just the same as you did. Very brave. Keep going.

Metal Shavings Injuries Remedies

Posted by Emacsp (Thmasville Ga) on 12/23/2013

I recently started a new job in a manufacturing plant that makes brass plumbing and heating parts. Many of the parts that I handle have fine metal shavings on them which tend to stick in your fingers and thumbs. Some of them end up getting buried just below the surface of the skin.

The shavings are very small and very hard to see. Once buried into the skin they cause soreness and pain when any area of the fingers, hands, and thumbs that have them come in contact with just about anything. At this point my fingers and thumbs are so sore that it's hard to use them.

Does anyone have any suggestions on anything that can be used to draw the shavings back up above the surface of the skin where they can be removed? Any and all ideas appreciated.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Emacsp: Some good steam room sweat treatment may work. For local only, try soaking your hands in warm water w/ added baking soda for a few minutes then dry hands and place a strong music speaker magnet over the affected area to draw out the metals.

Replied by Cheri
(Lincoln Park Nichigan)

Have you tried magnets?

Replied by Mmsg
(Somewhere, Europe)

Emacsp, you can try these 2 ideas:

1. soaking for 10 minutes in vinegar.

2. apply a "drawing salve" with icthammol in it.

And: pls wear protective gloves at work!!!

Replied by Om
(Hope Bc Canada)

Hi, the remedy for splinters in general is homeopathic and can be ordered from a health food store. The name is rather difficult but you can write it down: MYRISTICA SEBIFERA. I would ask for 30C strength.

This is a useful item for everybody's use. Regards, Om

Replied by Theresa
(Mpls., Mn)

Hey Emacsp!

I ditto the suggestion of homeopathic Myristica Sebifera - useful for expelling foreign bodies.

Another thought: Elmer's glue applied as a masque to your hands, let dry and peel off. It may be helpful to let the mask remain overnight on the affected areas and then peel off in the morning.

Replied by David
(Los Angeles California)

I wonder if PRID a drawing salve for splinters would work for metal? There are other brands of drawing salve. Ask the pharmacy for others that work for splinters. You rub the salve on the skin and this draws the splinter out. I've never tried it on metal but it works well with wood.

Replied by Emacsp
(Thomasville Nc)

I appreciate everyone's suggestions. So far I have tried soaking my hands in vinegar. It gave some relief from the pain, but didn't draw out any of the metal.

I purchased and applied PRID drawing salve. It did seem to draw out some of the shavings on the first day I applied it (Christmas day), but I have not been able to leave it on my fingers for any extended time since then due to my work schedule. I am going to try it this weekend when I should be able to leave it on for 10 or more hours.

I have not tried the baking soda or magnets yet.

Replied by Timh
(Ky, Usa)
2063 posts

Thanx for the follow up as it helps to reduce speculation from actual healing.

Olive Oil

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Posted by Mary (Toronto, Canada) on 04/08/2015

Yes to cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil for eczema, psoriasis, dry skin used morning and evening, no extra chemicals, creams, lotions or potions on your skin.

Massage into skin for two minutes, wipe the excess with a tissue, I had my neck at times half covered with psoriasis - painful and itchy, and I have the butterfly rash on my face - nose, cheeks and forehead

I think I left a positive review in the past for coconut oil, I prefer though olive oil.

Oregano Oil

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Posted by Leigh (Tucson, Arizona) on 06/29/2016

I tend to get outbreaks on my back, arms, legs and neck. For me, the tiny bumps are more "painful" (like a needle prick) versus itchy.

I find that an application of a drop of oregano oil to the area is extremely effective in relieving the pain--almost instantly!

Pachyonychia Congenita

Posted by Janie D (Mattoon, Illinois, Usa) on 09/21/2012

I was wondering if there might be any of you readers here that have ever heard of a very rare disease called Pachyonychia Congenita, pronounced - "Pack-e-o-knee-kia". It is a rare disease that affects the skin and the nails. I am now awaiting a DNA test to confirm what I have pretty much known I had all my life. I just didn't know it had a name until my youngest daughter found it on the internet a few years back. I had also passed PC on to her! If you know of someone who has this, I would love to hear about it. There are only about 1,000 cases in the entire world with this rare skin disease. It is important that we try to get as many people registered with the PC Project so that a cure may be found. Please go to or you can google PC Project to find out what it is. I have followed so many ideas and solutions on this website from you guys, and they have really helped in making living with this disease so much more tolerable.

Thank you Earth Clinic for all your wonderful ideas and to all the wonderful people who offer their suggestions. This site is truly a Godsend.

Painful Skin

Posted by Karen (Lowville, Ny) on 03/28/2015

I have been having pain issues with my skin. What can I do to alleviate the pain?

Replied by Tea
(Auckland nz)

People with fibromyalgia talk about painful skin, and lipoedema.

Peeling Skin Remedies

Posted by Jason (Kuala Belait, Brunei) on 03/17/2014

Can someone explain this:

1. My skin peels when I take warm water to shower.
2. My skin peels when I use soap.
3. My skin dry and peel when expose to sunlight.

Its painful itchy, like a sore wound.
I only bath twice a week or 2 weeks.
I come out only at 5pm.
Chinese medicine says yin deficient.

Anyone has gone through the same thing and found a cure?
Please share with me, I want a cure a.s.a.p.

TQ n God Bless.

Photosensitivity Remedies

Posted by Jen (Australia) on 12/16/2013


I am hoping some one can help ....My husband has become photosensitive after taking a specific type of antibiotic he is in his 60s.

If he is in the sun for 5 min he becomes bright red and itchy until the redness disappears. He looks like he has been in the sun for hours.

This creates difficulty for doing anything out side and he used to love the beach....As we live in Australia we have a lot of sun ...

Would anyone be able to tell me if the borax can help him or know of any thing that may be available without causing other side effects.

It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Replied by Nanowriter
(Hotspot, Texas)

Check out a book called "Drug Muggers". It details common drugs and the vitamins that they deplete. Your husband may be missing a vitamin that is causing the sensitivity. He might also try taking probiotics/yogurt since antibiotics kill good digestive bacteria as well.


Posted by Tara (San Diego, Ca) on 09/11/2012

Please help! My daughter has pilomatrixoma on her cheek. Doctor recommended surgery to remove it. There is not much information online as to how to handle this in a more natural way. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Tara

Replied by Annie
(Berkeley, Ca)

Hi Tara, I would love to know what you found out. My 8 yr old daughter has just been diagnosed with pilomatrixoma on her eyebrow. Again, the Dr has suggested surgery, but I would like to try a natural remedy before we go down that route. Many thanks

Replied by Kirsten


My daughter also have been diagnose with a pilomatricoma. It is on her forehead. Surgery has also bee the recommend. Did either of you find an alternate way to treat this? I hope both you girls and doing well! Thanks so much for any advise you may have.

Replied by Chai
(Terre Haute)

Any luck on natural treatment for pilomatricoma???

Rosemary Lotion

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Posted by Kathy (Cleveland, Ohio Usa) on 02/29/2012

My male friend had white-ish bumps on his forehead and scalp and began rubbing a natural botanical body lotion that has rosemary in it. The bumps went away.

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