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Posted by nick (florida, usa) on 04/10/2023
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Spicy foods causing outbreaks of pustules around mouth area

Background: I am a man who had painful outbreaks of pustules around my upper and lower lips for about 10 years. I avoided touching anyone while I had an active outbreak. I was never formally diagnosed by a doctor. My outbreaks were triggered by spicy foods. The pustules occurred mostly above my upper lip and sometimes touching my upper lip. Usually there were about 4 pustules and some concurrent blistering for each outbreak. Sometimes the outbreaks would also occur below the lower lip and sometimes touching the lower lip. Never inside of my mouth. Very painful however with burning and itching and soreness and tenderness and painful to the touch etc. And they would usually last about a week. I worked hard to avoid spicy foods.

Course of my actions: It seemed to me that my outbreaks were more than just an allergic reaction to spicy foods but that there was some sort of pathogen causing my problem. I had no way of knowing for sure. It seemed like some sort of virus or pathogen was possible but I did not know absolutely. I knew that the human body contains many lymph nodes, which are glands that cleanse the blood, and that the lymphatic system is designed as a cleansing system for our bodies designed to remove toxins and pathogens. The white blood cells within the lymphatic system are very skilled at identifying and killing pathogens. I learned that, in humans, there are 2 lymph nodes located directly below the tongue. I am not a biologist nor any sort of medical expert. I am by no means an expert on the workings of the lymphatic system and I have no knowledge or training of how to conduct medical experiments or to do scientific research. I have no training whatsoever in the medical field.

Nonetheless, one day, during an outbreak, and as one of the pustules was drying and beginning to shed or fall off, I captured and saved the remnants of that pustule on the tip of my finger. Simultaneously, I was wondering if maybe my lymphatic system needed some sort of a boost. I am talking about the whitish cakey pustule remnant that came off on my finger when I gently guided it off of my upper lip area. I then ( within 15 seconds) took the tip of that same finger, with the pustule remnant still sticking to it, and carefully placed the tip of that finger directly under my tongue. I made sure that the remnant of the pustule was directly touching the membrane directly below my tongue. Not the bottom of the tongue, but the part of the mouth membrane directly below the tongue. I left my finger there for about 60 seconds and then removed my finger. I deduced that perhaps via osmosis of that membrane, the lymphatic capillaries, which are linked to the lymph nodes, would intake some of that pathogen and then the pathogen would be pumped to one or both of those lymph nodes below the tongue where it would be identified and destroyed by the white blood cells which hang out there. That is what white blood cells are intended to do. I was assuming that the pathogen would then also be remembered by the lymphatic memory cells for destruction of any future encounters with that same pathogen. I was anticipating that the white blood cells would then also identify and kill all of the pathogens associated with those pustules, wherever they might be within my body.

During the first month after the procedure, the pustules cleared. Future outbreaks were different as they were mild with no pustules. Future outbreaks were only flaking of the skin around my upper lip. Just smallish flakes of skin. No pustules. No pain. No burning sensation. I thought that maybe it was because my lymphatic system needed more time to fully identify and rid my body of the pathogen? Or maybe that there was more than one type of pathogen involved? So I gathered some of those skin flakes onto the tip of my finger. I then took the same steps as before (with the original pustule material as described above). Over the course of the next 6 months, mild skin flaking outbreaks continued ( no pustules) and thus I continued the procedure about 6 more times over the next 6 months. The outbreaks of flaking skin slowly cleared and completely stopped after 6 months.

Results: For me, I believe that the simple procedure worked! It has been 6 months and I have not had even one outbreak and I have courageously eaten many very spicy foods just to be sure that I was not imagining these results. No more outbreaks.

Observations: I imagined that the lymphatic system might need a boost. I do not know why my lymphatic system would not have (years earlier) independently identified the pathogen or pathogens involved. To be clear, I have never been told nor advised that my lymph nodes would kill these pathogens nor that the membrane below the tongue allows for osmosis or the entry of pathogens into the lymphatic system. I don't know if I cured anything? I do not know if the outbreaks will return someday? I have no scientific proof. I am not a scientist.