Sciatica Remedies

Dietary Changes, Supplements
Posted by Bluefriend (Bc) on 06/01/2017
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I am now pain free from severe sciatica, and I'd like to share the story. First to say that it began about 6 months ago, extreme pain, twice knocking me to the floor with excruciating jabs in lower back, right side. Felt like electric shocks were running down the front of my legs, and feet so heavy at other times I could barely pick my feet up. I did try the pillows, the exercises on floor, and a lot of ibuprofen.

But it occurred to me about 3 weeks ago that pain is caused by inflammation. So I looked up an inflammation diet..... eliminate all sugars and starches which feed
inflammation. And at the same time took 3,000 Vit. D3, 3,000 mg Vit. C and 3,000 Salmon oil with these numbers: 300mg EPA/DHA, each day. After 2 days the pain
had dropped from a 10 to an 8, then on 3rd day of this the pain was about a 6.

Steadily dropped until today, 3 weeks later..... I am totally pain free. I will continue to follow this regime for at least another month. I just want to share this info with anyone suffering the horrific pain of sciatica. This regime may work wonders for you, too.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile , Tn) on 05/14/2017

HI U MICHAEL,,,,,,,,, formula is one jigger of Bombay Saphire and two jiggers of Segrams Plain. Worries go away.

ATS ======ORH=======

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/14/2017

Dear ORH, Perhaps you could advise Olivia Newton John (from Australia) on her sciatica pain, as she has apparently recently joined the community of reluctant sufferers. You may be old enough to remember her from the iconic "Grease"? She is difficult to forget! No doubt she could benefit from your country wisdom!

Glad to hear you have conquered the malady.

Can you bottle whatever it is you are on and save the World?

No doubt you are enjoying spring?

Cheers, Michael

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Robert Henry (Ten Mile, Tn) on 05/12/2017
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HI YA'LL,,,,,,, slept, so I may have reported this before. My pharmacist friend at church told me that she took ginger candy for her sciatica pain and it went away in a few days. I sent this to my troops and learned that it had worked for those that had this problem. My back problem is diminishing as I worked 8 hours at the farm the other day and survived. Wish I knew the answer, but I shoot with a shot gun and just hope something works. So far something is working and I have no clue. I 'm not after answers, I'm after relief. I got a feeling that our new PEMF device is a major factor in solving my pain problem, but then again, I do so many things. Think my FIR sauna is also a factor.

What definitely has gone away is my sciatica pain. My lower back still gives out with work. Maybe 80+ years is a factor. Ticks are bad this year with the mild winter. My Tractor Driver has to inspect Honey, our Rat Terrier, after a day at the farm. Last trip, she picked 9 ticks off her. Lyme is the latest rage and is a result of our Gov. messin with Bio stuff. Are we stupid or what? Lord, hep us to get right.

ATS ========ORH=======

Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom Salt Foot Bath
Posted by Michael (New Zealand) on 05/02/2017

To Brett E.

Such a shame to be so badly afflicted at such a young age! You will need to take good care of yourself from now on, as Sciatica can be very debilitating. Many of us oldies only got into mischief and strife once we hit sixty and we moan a lot but at least we were running on all six cylinders when we were bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!

There are good exercises you can copy from chiropractors or osteopaths on u tube. Even as few as three or so, if done regularly, can be beneficial. Your posture should also be assessed professionally, including your driving position- straighten up your bum in your seat before you take off in your Mustang! Seriously! Swing out both legs before exiting the vehicle so the weight is evenly distributed. Use your arms more to lessen the load. Also much information from sufferers on this web site which you should peruse. There are natural pain relievers such as ginger and turmeric of course plus many more. I am impressed with your foot soaking/ACV/Epsom Salts discovery! Try out one of those gismos that vibrate at the same time whilst you are soaking. You could also bone up on Reflexology and massage the parts that relate to the Sciatic nerve.

You can do most of the above yourself.

Hope you have long-lasting improvement.

Cheers, Michael

Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom Salt Foot Bath
Posted by Brett E. (Fullerton, Ca) on 05/01/2017
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Newly Found Relief with Strange but Simple Method

Hello all,

I'm an 18-year-old senior in high school and I've been suffering with sciatica for 2 years. I've seen countless doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc. From acupuncture to cryotherapy, I've tried every physical method to treat my pain. Nothing has worked. They believe my pain started from a sports-related back injury. I have two bulging discs in my lumbar spine. The pin generally is focused in my upper right buttock, but spreads down my leg throughout the day.

About 3 days ago, I tried something new. I filled a bucket with hot water, and put 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and a handful of epsom salt in it. I soak my affected side's foot in the water until it cools, and get straight into bed after. No walking or getting up after it soaks.

I feel like this method is working. The pain has not been spreading to my leg and I am managing my pain in a much better way. I would recomend you try this method because I pretty much lost hope of being able to walk without a limp, but today I played pick up basketball with my friends for the first time since my injury. Comment with any questions or advice!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Moonchild (Texas ) on 04/07/2017
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Instant relief with ginger:

I have a friend who was in severe pain for at least a week & a half. The sciatic nerve in his left leg was so bad when he finally managed to get out of bed in the morning one leg was an inch or two shorter than the other. Needless to say he was in terrible mood & not all that nice to those around him. He was in excruciating pain & had been to the chiropractor, & was taking anything he could get his hands on for after doing some research I bought some crystallized ginger & took it to him. This was around 6pm or so. He ate one piece & had a hard time swallowing it, going on & on about how bad it taste. A little later we were eating dinner & he said "you know I think my back was getting better anyway" I said "oh so the ginger did help?" "Instantly! " Was his response. So he continued eating it piece by piece every few hrs or so. By that night he was acting like his old self-THANK GOD!

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Steve (Topeka, Kansas) on 02/05/2017
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After a several days' bout with painful sciatica, including visits to both an MD and a chiropractor without much relief, I tried the Earth Clinic suggestion of eating crystalized ginger. Frankly, I didn't think it would work for me, but I bought a bag of the candied ginger at a local health food store.

I was pleasantly surprised and grateful. Within an hour or two, there was a major, noticeable improvement. It's the next day now, and I still have some minor pain, but it's much, much less than yesterday. I can walk almost normally this morning.

I'll look for some non-sugary ginger, though, as I'm pre-diabetic and any excess sugar should be avoided. However, I'm really appreciative of the Earth Clinic suggestions for sciatica, as well as for the entire site. Very interesting and helpful!

Posted by Elaine (Great Lakes, Usa) on 01/28/2017
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Turmeric works fabulously as an anti-inflammatory. Be sure to get the kind of capsule that includes piperine (black pepper) to facilitate effective absorption. I have turned other friends on to it as well. They thought I was an "eye of newt" kind of gal...but now THEY are singing the praises of turmeric, too!

Posted by Joe (Poway, Ca) on 01/04/2017
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I have extreme pain in the right hip ( sciatica, I guess) going on 3 weeks. Can't walk or sleep and the only thing that has helped is coffee. Prescription pain pills and muscle relaxers were no help. Pain was so bad last night, I had to drink a cup of coffee to get some sleep.

Posted by Debbie (St. Augustine, Fl) on 12/12/2016
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I use capsules, I buy the fresh ground from a local herb store here. I started taking 2 a day, for my sciatica, works great. Turmeric is good for many things, love it!

Apple Cider Vinegar
Posted by Eve (Florida) on 12/05/2016
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ACV is a great topical for sciatica and foot and leg cramps. Works almost instantly. Didn't see this suggestion on your app info. Try it it works. Just pour some in the palm of your hand and apply.

Tennis Ball Technique
Posted by Silver (Toronto) on 07/30/2016
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Tennis ball technique for sciatica is amazing. You have to put ball under your butt, opposite side of the pain. I suffered prolonged period and after only a few minutes experienced fantastic sensation.

Posted by Harry (Israel) on 12/26/2015
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Incidentally, I cured my bilateral sciatica with l-lysine 1000 mg. complettely in 3 days .I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR EVERY INFLAMMATORY SCIATICA PAINS!!!

Posted by Klarizza (Canada) on 11/03/2015

Hi Laura!

I have been experiencing left leg sciatica for the past month and my doctor said it's a slipped disc. She never made me have and MRI though, but a different doctor took my blood test and said I had iron deficiency. I'm really hoping it's just iron deficiency. I'm starting to take iron pills and hoping it gets better. What was your experience like?

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Nickie (London, Uk) on 10/06/2015

Peel some ginger root, slice and place in a pan with some purified water. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes. You can add some honey and keep in the fridge as required. Only add honey when liquid is tepid or the good enzymes are killed.

Candied Ginger Slices
Posted by Rick (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) on 09/25/2015
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Candied ginger worked for my sciatica as well! Been looking for a treatment for years, finally found one that works!

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Judy (Florida) on 09/18/2015

I have used a Tens unit. They always put the Tens unit on one in physical therphy. I bought one and use it but get caught up in the wires. I just ordered a wireless Tens unit with rechargeable batteries. I saw a thing on them on GMA the other day. They say the Tens unit sends a signal to the brain. They warn not to use it for more than 2 hrs. at a time. Mine has timer for up to 0 min. I can do a lot more without pain when I wear it. I had small incision surgery and am in pain management. There is no surgery to help me and surgery could make me worse. Try the Tens unit. Get a good one that will last. I think you will really like it.

Posted by Livefree (Usa) on 09/17/2015

Thanks Robert! I will check him out. You have a very valid point (that many things stem from emotional states), but none the less I see people having complete cures in many different ways from the same issues/conditions/diseases. That being said, what works for one person, does not necessarily work at all for another. ;) But I am always searching natural cures, so will definitely look into the Dr. you suggested. Thanks:)

Posted by Robert Henry (St George Island, Fla.) on 09/14/2015

HI U LIVEFREE, , , , , , , , , guess I'm a broken record and sorry to dominate the scene, but again, Ozone will solve your problem. Like I keep telling folks, spend time on Dr Shallenbergers video teaching site and you will learn wonders.

I have been down this trail all my adult life with Sciatica and most times it was due to emotional stress. I once had a 5' 2" boss who was the poster boy for the song " Short People". Click and listen to the words.

When I got into a meeting with him, my muscles would tighten and pull my spine out of line. The problem went away when he fired me after our O.K. Corral episode.

I had always wanted to experience a firing and and being bitten by a snake. I have been down both trails, and am now caught up. I don't need more.

Don't think there is a chemical solution to Sciatica. Think it is a spine misalignment due to emotional or physical stress. But what do I know at my young age?


Posted by Livefree (Usa ) on 09/14/2015

I just started taking lysine 4 days ago in hopes to help mild Rosacea I developed on my face in March 15' (I take 1,000 mg lysine on empty stomach with 1,000 mg vita c 3x/day). So far, I have not noticed any difference in face BUT I DID notice very bad sciatica I have been experiencing for last 4 months has had 4 "good days" ....not sure yet if it is a coincidence or possibly the lysine? It's a little too soon to tell bc I do get a string of days or even a week or so from time to time where it will "let up" I'll think it's healing and then it ends up back in full debilitating force. I googled to see if others are using lysine for sciatica and that is how I found this post ;)

Posted by Wendy (Columbus, Oh) on 09/03/2015

Get the B-12 sublingual tablets at Whole Foods. 2000 mcg (micrograms). They're cherry-flavored. I was taking just 1 tablet per day, but my nutritionist suggested taking 3 per day because I have some sciatica pain. I take all 3 pills at once, letting them melt under my tongue. Also better to take in the morning, because they may give you a slight burst in energy and you wouldn't want that before bedtime.

Posted by Laura (Brussels) on 09/03/2015
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Sciatica was iron deficiency in my case.

I started using liquid iron for low ferritin and within a few days my sciatic pain in the left leg, which I had had for months, disappeared completely.

Posted by Shelley (Delaware) on 08/20/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I have been so blessed since I tripped over this website in Sept 2013. My elderly mother was in excrutiating pain from Sciatica..shots didn't help. Prescript meds made her a zombie. Finally Dr. recommended water therapy at a facility. The exercise in the water made all the difference in the world. Insurance initially covered it. Now she just pays 5.00 a visit. Its been a miracle. Cheers.

Posted by Cyndi (Oregon) on 08/19/2015

How much did you take of this? My mom is having terrible pain and exercise is hard for her. Thank you

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 07/08/2015

To Daniel (Los Angeles)

This can be remedied with topical Magnesium Chloride oil, alkalizing with one half tsp. baking soda about three times a day away from food and two tsp. turmeric in warm milk or nut milk twice a day. I use goat milk.

Try the separately or together in a day to find out what works best or keep taking them all.

Good luck, Namaste, Om

Posted by Daniel (Los Angeles) on 07/08/2015

Did you use instant coffee at home? If so, how much coffee of each? 1/2 tablespoon? 1 teaspoon? Did you drink black, with sugar, with cream? Please advise. I don't drink much coffee. I've had sciatica the last 4 days and the stretches are not working any more.

Chair Exercise
Posted by Es (La) on 07/01/2015

Hi! I'm sorry if this is a silly question but what do you mean cross your knees? Cross your legs? Like when kids sit on the floor? Or like cross your legs like women sit?

Posted by John (Oregon) on 06/26/2015
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Sciatica cure : WATER

After two days of severe pain and bent over walking, I drank several glasses of water every hour stopped the pain and hasn't returned. When threat of hip and leg pain, increase water intake. Works great.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Lou (Tyler, Tx) on 06/16/2015

Arnica Montana is great for pain. Also, most pharmacies have Arnica gel for pain. It comes in a tube.

Blackstrap Molasses
Posted by Linda (Co) on 06/03/2015

My sciatica is caused by a vertebra which has shifted out of position over time; so I doubt any food or supplement would help.

Posted by Allan (South Africa) on 03/08/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Am I the only one to have experienced 100% cure by L-Lysine for severe Sciatica? Having been in agony for ten days with severe sciatica which made it painful to lie, sit, stand or walk and made sleeping very difficult, but just a series of cat naps between being woken by the pain, in desperation I resorted to L-Lysine on a Saturday afternoon empty stomach. Took 1500 mg followed later that evening, two hours after supper with another 1500 mg. Nothing else out of the ordinary was done or taken. The results were dramatic. On Sunday morning the sciatica was about 80% better. I continued taking 4 same doses per day, always on an empty stomach.

On Monday morning sciatica was 90% better, on Tuesday a.m. 95% better and Wednesday about 99% better. On Thursday a.m. 100% better. Gone. Continued taking gradually reducing doses until the last dose on the Saturday morning, then stopped. That was two years ago. The sciatica did not return.

Note: There is a certain carcinoma which feeds on Lysine and also an excess can produce gall stones and other unwanted side effects.

Has anyone else tried it for Sciatica?

Multiple Remedies
Posted by Anne (Canada) on 07/22/2014

Part one: I've been suffering terrible sciatic pain for several weeks. A few days ago I started taking ACV+baking soda 2-3 times per day in 3 cups of water because I have previously noticed that this reduces my pain remarkably within a couple of days. This is my 3rd day on ACV+baking soda and my pain is definitely reducing; I'm able to sleep for a couple of hours at night which I'm grateful for. I notice that after 2 days of this, my urine becomes very cloudy with sediment and know this is a bromide detox. The pain reduces along with expelling the cloudy urine so I think that bromide overload could also be a cause of body and joint pains. The bromide detoxes from the body because of the chloride in the baking soda. Then my iodine supplements are able to get to the cells and organs that need it.

Part two: During the night last night I used my homemade tennis ball device (long sock with 3 tennis balls- grouped in a triangle shape with wide part of the triangle at the top) placed under my sacrum while lying in bed. I used my body weight to just lay on the tennis balls to elevate the sacrum and let the glutes relax. It took about 45 minutes with muscles in the area jumping and twitching a lot but all of a sudden at about 45 minutes, I felt all the glutes and surrounding muscles release. I then did some gentle pelvic tilts and rocked very slightly side to side with legs bent at the knee to keep pressure off lower back. I did this combined treatment for about 1 hour 15 minutes. I actually was so relaxed I fell back asleep still lying on the tennis balls.

Part three: Yesterday I decided to also purchase the Backjoy device from the local pharmacy because it relieves the pressure off the sacrum when sitting and I thought it would help at the office during the day. My back, legs and hips feel so comfortable and loose today and I'm sitting on the Backjoy device for about 1/2 out of every hour. my sacrum is not pressured at all today. I have no sciatic pain in either side of lower back, buttocks or down either leg to the ankle.

I will be repeating the first two part treatment above tonight before I go to bed to see if I can stay pain free.

I will be using the BackJoy device at work and while sitting at home as well.

Posted by Bronagh (Limerick ) on 07/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Wow - I just did your second exercise there for 20 seconds each and all the tightness disappeared. Thanks so much!

Posted by Southernboy Pride (Tn) on 01/15/2014

How long does it take for you to eat ginger to cure this??

Sea Salt
Posted by Kh (Las Vegas, Nv) on 12/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Sea Salt worked for me for sciatica in my left leg. I tried it after reading the Lepore book.

I had been on a low-salt diet because there's a lot of high blood pressure in my family. When I read that I might have a sodium deficiency, I was very doubtful, but I licked my finger, stuck it in a dish of sea salt, and licked the salt off my finger. The pain went away in a few minutes.

At first the pain returned a lot, but I was able to control it every time with salt. Then I started drinking carrot/celery juice and eating a lot more salads, and that seems to have mostly prevented recurrences.

Posted by Candy 0 (Riverdale, Ny) on 11/05/2013
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Eat raw ginger or crystalized ginger candy to permanent cure your sciatica pain. I was in constant pain for a year and a half, I could not run or walk on my treadmill, I could not sit for long periods of time and I am in my thirties. I was out walking along the Henry Hudson Parkway one afternoon and after 5 hours on constant walking the pain was unbearable in my leg. I sat down and consulted Earthclinic on my Iphone. I read 14 reviews giving praises to candies ginger, I limped along to the near supermarket and brought a bag of gingered candy. This was mid July it is now November I have been cured of the ailment since the day after consuming ginger candy. I have since started a daily regime of eating a couple slices of raw ginger, which I believe the best remedy, without the sugar from the candied version.

Epsom Salts
Posted by Curt (Jacksonville) on 08/28/2013

My sciatic nerves are so bad, I can't hardly sleep. No matter how I lay, there is no pain relief. I will try this remedy to night and see what happens. How often should I do this a week?

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