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Posted by Leah (Philly, Pa) on 07/10/2013

Hello, I'm reading a book by Harold Foster on alternative treatments for schizophrenia. There are different forms of the illness and therefore different nutritional approaches. The main concern is that, while there are definitely genetic aspects of the disease, these can be mitigated through early nutritional support and social support. A low sugar diet, low allergy diet such as paleo (no grains, no dairy) plus a high intake of antioxidants and B3 niacin, and B12, should show improvement if not remission. See more in the full book here:

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Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca) on 09/18/2021 73 posts

I will discuss Schizophrenia, schizoaffective.

Many on this site are familiar with Dr. Abrams Hoffer and his formulas. Please be advised that I will add a few names of Dr's that did work with Dr. Hoffer and were close friends.

Dr. Michael Lesser, resides in Berkeley hills, Ca., 510 845–0700, resides at 181 Vicente Road, Berkeley, Ca 94707, he and Dr. Hoffer were close. Dr. Lesser works out of his home today (9/18/2021). I brought my son there for 3+yrs, learned a lot, and even helped the Dr with alternatives medicines and supplements. He teaches Orthomolecular medicine (same as Dr. Hoffer). You may want to contact him. His book is “The Brain Chemistry diet. Dr. Michael Lesser.

Another Ph.D. is Andrew Saul, his book is Orthomolecular medicine for everyone, Dr. A. Hoffer also named in the book. All three Dr's recommended B3 Niacin, the flush type, not because it is cheaper but because it helps cholesterol levels. The other B3 Niacin is called Niacinamide, much more expensive and doesn't give a flush. If you get a flush, do not take a shower or bath once you take pills for at least 1 hour, or you can take one aspirin before taking pills. B3 must be taken with food, it reduces the chances of a flush. Start low amounts and double amounts every 2 days. Once you take a few 1,000mg of Niacin without a flush, you can increase a few more thousands with no flush occurring. B3 was primarily given for Auditory hallucinations (AKA: Voices) you will learn that most people who have Schizophrenia, will deny it. Do not get someone with Schizophrenia angry.

Do not eat sugar or foods that have sugar such as carbs, they turn to sugar once eaten. Pastries, white rice, all white or whole wheat products, pizza, pasta, etc., Do not drink 100% juices, none even orange juice, apple juice they are loaded with Sugar, Sugar is your enemy if you have schizophrenia.

Schizoaffective just means you have Schizophrenia and mood changes. It is a Disability. You are entitled to Social Security, if you have ever served in the military you are entitled to a non-service connected 100% disability with AA (Aid and attendance) that means you're entitled to higher monthly payments because you may have to pay for someone helping, assisting you in everyday life. I saw what Antipsychotics do, yes they help a sick person become clinically normal in 2-3 days, that is fine, however, that is when they should then be placed on Orthomolecular medicine (mega doses of supplements) and stop the drugs.

The drugs such as Antipsychotics (Risperdal) usually will give you Tardive Dyskinesia (uncontrollable movements of body parts, especially tongue darting out of the mouth and or jaw moving back and forth, slurred speech. If just being placed on Antipsychotics please take 15 or 20 mg of Manganese daily. It has been found to have a tiny fraction of patients contacting the Sick Tardive Dyskinesia, which will be used to get onto more medications. If you have Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) then take 20 mg manganese 3X daily. Google the correct amount. There is a study you can google regarding the name of the study which used thousands of patients and hundreds of Dr for 15 or so yrs to learn about taking Manganese and not contractingTD.

The study I think was called Dawkins or a similar name.I have all names but am tired but will try to finish before I go to sleep. I know you people will appreciate my help, I am a single parent and have helped my son who is 53 and was diagnosed in 2007 with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. There is a younger Dr named Amy Bader, 800 738-7303, very sharp and nice. I will insert this piece regarding conventional medicine, they treat symptoms only and have many side effects, find, search for alternative meds, supplements that treat root of problem minus any side effects.

Antipsychotics will shorten a person's life but 15-25 yrs if taking long term. They can cause hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc., I placed my son on Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) once I stop all medications because they interact with antipsychotics. They help anxiety, calmness, psychosis, and much more you can contact me for help, there is no fee. Serpina tablets are great for insomnia also, just don't take them with antipsychotics. Dosage if the patient is very ill, sick him/her 3 pills in AM and 3 pills in PM once they are doing better you can reduce to 2pills daily 3X daily. Amazon sells 100 pills for $7 (each pill is 4 mg) when giving medication daily I myself would give the same amount of B3 and Vit C. 2,000mg B3 3X daily (6,000mg) then Vit C would be 2,000mf Vit C 3Xdaiky. Do not use sustained or timed release Vit C. You can give the Manganese dosage which is 20mg 3Xdaiky if has Tardive Dyskinesia, if doesn't but is just starting to take then give 15 or 20mg 3X daily. Magnesium Glycinate 400mg or you can apply Dr. Carol Dean's lotion of Magnesian anywhere on the body. Zinc, Vit D (most of USA population are deficient in Vit D, so give Vit D 5,000iu for a month, then reduce to 2-3,000 IU daily. In the winter months, no sun you can give 5,000iu daily, during summer reduce back to 2-3,000iu daily. B-Complex 100mg daily is a must. Zinc, I will stop here because I am exhausted, need to sleep.

You can ask Deirdre for my email address if you have questions, let her know I said it was alright to give out. My son has Schizophrenia, OCD, then the secondary problems, dry mouth agoraphobia, Depression and etc., please google all medications because of side effects, if you have a Dr that just follows what she was taught in school that is not good. They will just give you more (increase) of the same medications.

Never stop cold turkey from medications, can cause problems, seizures, etc., once placed on medications google alternatives that do same thing minus major side effects, I may be able to help there. My son excelled for 8 yrs with No medications while having schizophrenia, then he contracted OCD and they gave him Antipsychotics so I stopped Serpina because they interact. He has TD now, I was able to give a formula that reversed it for years, but now I tried it again, but didn't work.

Currently trying 10mg melatonin. Anxiety pills are L-Theanine with Suntheanine 400mg 2Xdaily. I was giving AcetylL-Carnitine 500mg which worked great for Anxiety but he got the rare rash and I stop. Smoking cigarettes doesn't help nor does drinking alcohol with Schizophrenia medications.

Please don't take Gabapentine, very Dangerous, especially the side effects. If given Valiums (Benzodiazepines) “Do not take longer than 4 weeks, they are addictive, the Dr will say they make you dependent but that's a dangerous word game, my son is addictive after 5 yrs, we were never told, I learn the hard way. Tapering off Valiums is very Dangerous, painful, therefore Google all drugs (medications they call them, ugh! ) if you Google lawsuits you will learn that Big Pharma pays out billions annually, then they laugh all the way to the Bank with $7+ billion earned. They place profit over the health of people.

Joseph A.

Replied by Joseph A.
(Stockton, Ca)
73 posts

Part Two - Schizophrenia, a continuation from a few hours ago I posted, remnants and things of interest I forgot to mention.

In helping people and caregivers I have found these things helpful: Mulungu - fights Anxiety, can take with Antipsychotics 400-500mg 2-3Xdaily. Taurine fights Anxiety, may lower blood pressure a little. For insomnia, I used Benadryl 50-100mg, (which increases the risk of Alzheimer's long-term use.)take 1 pill, if you wake up in middle of night you can take 1 more pill to fall back asleep. These are used as sleeping aids that old time Drs prescribed in the 50's 60's. They are non-addictive, safe, however, they may cause memory loss if taken long term. Use sparingly for a few months. For any new medication, you should Google the side effects of medications. You can use Google as your search engine, however they keep records on you. You can use Yahoo, you can use DuckDuck Go it is used same as google but they don't keep track of everything you're searching for.

Teach breathing exercises to loved ones, teach them to inhale thru nostrils and exhale from mouth slowly. This will allow the person to calm down when excited. One never knows what the next day may bring, be prepared for everything. Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine are very good, here is a little info I received this morning. Kottakkai Arya Vaidysasala - Manasamitra Vatakam. It deals with Anxiety, Depression, treating Psychiatric issues, mental fatigue & depression. I will read later. You must learn to be relaxed, calm while helping the individual, remember if you aren't well organized and don't care for yourself then it will be difficult to help others. Tardive Dyskinesia affects all people differently, here is a formula that worked quite well, then years later it didn't help: using BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) take 1,000mg 3X daily (AM, noon, PM) BCAA for 1 week also take B6 100mg 3Xdaily for 1 week. Second week increase BCAA to 2,000mg 3Xdaily, also increase B6-100mg 3Xdaily. Take until you are helped significantly, once that occurs (significant reduction with TD) then continue exact dosage for 90 more days. It is important because it will avoid relapses with TD Tardive Dyskinesia. I learned thru trial, and error, I stop when he was doing great then his TD returned. I had to continue dosage until he felt much better and picked 90 days out of the air and then stop. He excelled for years until OCD entered his life. Today he suffers TD from about 6AM -8:15AM then it is considerably better. I am using 10mg of Melatonin, which also may protect against COVID-19. Manganese taken 20mg daily 3X daily is another formula that may help. The Magnesium lotion is called: Remag….daily hydration 8.0Z Apply 1tsp daily on body anywhere, penetrates well. Supplement tablets aren't always absorbed 100%. Brain foods: Avocados, Brocolli, Blue Berries (All berries are great) Eggs, Dark Chocolate (within reason) Walnuts, Salmon, Sardines, Tuna (albacore) Turmeric. Memory pills: Rhodiola Rosea, Acety-l-Carnitine Energy, alertness, improves memory, may help Anxiety *** I loved it but it eventually gave my son a rare rash, had to stop. EPA improves mood. DHA - 1gram improves thinking skills. That is 1Gram combined DHA & EPA. For sleep: Tart Dark cherries (dried fruit) or Tart Cherrie Juice at health food store. Always search for side effects, many times metabolic syndrome awaits person, which is: high blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, weight gain, Cholesterol increase (this is where B3 niacin flush type helps).

Never give Sleeping pills, addictive, causes night terrors, hallucinations, sleep walking, also known as amnesia drug. Antipsychotics effects: Acetylcholine in the body, the main neurotransmitter essential for memory, learning. Low levels of acetylcholine in the body lead to: blurred vision, hallucinations, mental confusion, dementia, memory loss, and other health issues.

The dangerous Benzodiazepines are known as: Valium, Ativan, Dalmane, Librium, Klonopin, Doral Versed, Restoril, Xanax.

Things that “may help” TMS Transcranial magnetic stimulation. VA will pay ($12,500) may help OCD also. Remember to check his Vit D levels, should be: 30-90. My sons was 22 which is low, most people are low and it can affect other issues. Dr. Peter Breggin 607 272-5328 wrote Medication Madness, an excellent book of medications that can harm you but is issued by many Doctors because they are not trained in Alternative medicines, Supplements and Nutrition. I hope I have helped all people in need of knowledge regarding the terrible illnesses that are out there and not being improved due to profit $$$ of Big PHARMA. Paxil, google, learn how they lied on trial studies then had to pay Billions in lawsuits, fines, yet they laughed all the way to the Bank with Billions in profits. Thank you, Joseph, and Earthclinic for helping to get knowledge out to the people.

Multiple Supplements

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Posted by Candance (Nebraska) on 03/19/2015

I have a son that has Schizoaffective Disorder. Over the years we tried the orthomolecular medicine based from Abram Hoffner's research. I was taking my son to Pfeiffer Treatment Center in Napersville, Ill. and he was taking compounded supplements based on the tests they had taken. We really saw no improvement over a 2 year period. My son has been on a gluten, dairy, soy free diet for 10 years. No junk foods, coffee, caffeine and strictly organic, GMO free. He has been on either invega or abilify all this time and they have never really quieted the voices.

Just recently I started doing more research and I have found is some new research that looks fairly promising.

"Glutamate is the main excitatory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Dysfunction of the glutamatergic system plays an important role in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is associated with low levels of Beclin-1 in the hippocampus of the affected which causes diminished autophagy which in turn results in increased neuronal cell death.

It is observed that biotinidase, which maintains biotin levels, is very sensitive to oxidative stress."

So with the above in mind, I started to research what would effect the Glutamatergic system and also the beclin-1 and also help with oxidative stress.I discovered they have been running some trials using Sarcosine and N-Acetyl Cysteine.

"Sarcosine (N-methylglycine) is a naturally occurring GlyT1 inhibitor that has been used in early clinical trials in Taiwan. Initial studies with sarcosine showed efficacy similar to - and in some cases better than - that of direct glycine/D-serine site agonists when added to first-generation or non-clozapine second-generation antipsychotics. Sarcosine also has been found to be effective for acute treatment of schizophrenia."

One study administered N-acetylcysteine, a glutathione precursor, as a potential treatment for persistent negative symptomsEncouraging clinical results were observed in this double-blind study, along with improvement in negative symptoms, and overall functioning.

To address the low levels of Beclin-1 in the hippocampus of the affected which causes diminished autophagy which in turn results in increased neuronal cell death. I found that Trehalose reduces p62/Beclin-1 ratio and increases autophagy in the frontal cortex of ICR mice, possibly by increasing Beclin-1.

"biotinidase, which maintains biotin levels, is very sensitive to oxidative stress"

To deal with the Oxidative stress I have found that Cold Pressed Krill oil and astaxanthin appear to be the best course of action I can find.

So to sum it up...

This is our new course of action:

1,000MG twice a day of Sarcosine and N-Acetyl Cysteine via Profrontal a natural product designed to support
NMDA Receptor function

1250 MG Cold Pressed Krill Oil

4 MG Astaxanthin

Trehalose ( sub-lingually ) Not sure on the dosage of the treholose yet

We where going to try CBD Oil (cannabidiol) as they had a very promising clinical trial in Germany where the CBD Oil had the same effects if not better than the typical anti-psychotic medicine without all the side effects of anti-psychotics. BUT the cost would be a minimum of $1,500 a month and only be available in states that had legalized medical marijuana. Yes, you can buy CBD Hemp oil via the mail but the quality and source is very questionable.

I will update my post going forward if we see improvement.

Replied by Candance

We moved my son to Colorado and found high CBD cannabis for my son to try and it really helped him to function more normally. We first tried cannabis with high CBD with little or no THC and it worked somewhat but we ended up finding cannabis with about 16% CBD AND 9% THC works the best for him. This is in conjunction with the supplements I posted above.

Replied by Edwards
(North Carolina)

Please keep you information flowing to us that are also desperate. Thanks!

Replied by Candance

Well, as it turns out we found out after 12 years he DOES NOT have schizoaffective disorder but rather Mastocytosis that can have affective symptoms. Since we started treating that he has been level.

Replied by Naturallygood
(N Ireland)

You have done an outstanding amount of research, my son has the condition so I have done likewise. I had read about Niacin supplementation but unsure if it would affect negatively the antipsychotics he has been taking for years. Thank you for sharing your information, much appreciated.

Replied by Leena

Dear Candance,

Would you you please tell us more about the current treatment for your son. Some of us really need help. Thank you so much.

Replied by Nichole

Hi THANK YOU for sharing your regimen and story...can you please tell me the dosage for Trehalose and what strain you found with that ratio of THC to CBD?

Replied by Candance

The regiment I had posted in the original post was working then everything got worse.
We have since found out my son has Mast Cell Activation/Mastocytosis.

What is Mast Cell Activation....
This may not be the technical terminology, but this is what Jeff deals with.

Everyone has mast cells, it is what gets triggered when you get stung by a bee or are exposed to pollen or other allergens.
The mast cells get activated and release histamine in response. Hence the anti-histamine medication.
There are mast cells everywhere in the body even in the brain.

When someone has Mast Cell Activation (MCAS). The mast cells inappropriately are releasing histamine and can be triggered by about anything. Think about the bubble boy who had to live in a bubble because he was allergic to everything. But now take it a step further, because the mast cells in MCAS do not even need a trigger but add a trigger and things start going haywire. The hard part with this illness since there are mast cells everywhere in the body, the symptoms can be varied and effect different parts of the body, making it very hard to diagnosis.

You may have severe gut pain, swelling in the abdomen, chronic diarrhea, vomiting, skin flares, rashes, itching of skin, sores that take forever to heal, blood pressure issues, swelling of different parts of the body, tongue, throat, face, lips etc, depends where the mast cells are getting with the program. Then there can be seizures with nothing showing up on eegs. Numbness of body extremities making it difficult to walk, clumsy and unstable on feet and in son's case, dropping stuff all the time.

It can cause hypothyroidism, blood sugar issues, susceptible to infections, sometimes one right after another. It can effect the lungs and cause asthma. It can also cause the joints to become disjointed easy which usually ends up with a diagnosis of ehlers daniels syndrome. Two of the worst symptons in my book is the anaphylaxis shock that some people experience on a far to often basis and the mental symptoms which can be anything from, ocd, hallucinations, delusional thinking, fight or flight, mild confusion and agigtation. Which in turn makes it almost impossible to get anyone to take you serious about your wild varied health issues, it is chalked up to your mental state...its all in your head. In turn causing more stress because after years of no one and most importantly the doctors, believing you, you develop PTSD from going to doctors and not being taken serious when you are actually are really suffering horribly everyday. Losing friends and family members because they give up on you or think you are just out of your mind.

Then to make matters even worse, people with MCAS react to most fillers and dyes used in medications. Many people need to have medications prepared by a compounding pharmacy to avoid the fillers and dyes. But until you identify what you are dealing with the medications prescribed actually can and usually make you worse. A horrible vicious cycle. It may sound crazy but some people with MCAS, wish for anaphylaxis type shock just so the doctors will take them serious. It is pretty hard to ignore there is a problem with someone that is going into anaphylaxis shock several times a week.

What is wild, I have not even hit on all the symptons of this illness. But the good news is there are clincal tests they can run to identify the illness. The hard part is the medical field is so compartmentalized, it is hard to get the doctors all on the same page and looking at the patient's complete medical history and issues to see that no person is so unfortunate to have 7 or more separate medical problems and there might be something else behind this causing all this.

My son had/ has the following medical diagnosises in his records
Schizoeffective Disorder
Tramatic Brain Injury ( I might add with no trama to the brain ever taking place)
Possible temporal lobe epilepsy
Anaphylaxis shock to demerol
Paresthesias of the extremities
Chronic athletes foot not responding to treament 15 plus years
Myofascial pain syndrome
Inflammatory neuropathy
Adrenal insufficiency
Double vision (forget what the eye doctor called it)

I forgot to add some of the triggers for this illness, which really make this illness hard to live with and usually is what separates you from friends and family. Mainly because while all the below maybe a trigger, it all depends on what you have been exposed to that day. It is like a bucket. Maybe you are exposed to an odor, then add a bit of stress, then a food. Each time your bucket gets fuller. Its when the bucket overflows is when you start seeing reactions. So you may get away with eating an item or being exposed to some odor today, but tomorrow it might be the item that overflows your bucket. Hence you are faking it, or just over dramatic about your sensitivities. You ate it yesterday, or I came over yesterday and what ever was ie, perfume, hair products or dryer sheets did not bother you. So you obviously are just making this up.
Cleaning products
Voc's in carpet, building materials etc etc
Stress ( sometimes as simple as a coversation or answering a question)
Vibrations (riding in a car)
Physical exertion
Water yes tap water causes skin reactions and even drinking tap water
Dyes and fillers in medications
About anything and everything can trigger the mast cells to degranulate

Not everyone has the same symptoms with this illness and not everyone has the same triggers.

If you suspect this might be what you are dealing with or your family member is. Find a allergist that is familiar with Mast Cell Activation
and have them test for high tryptase, prostaglandins, leukotrienes and 24 hour histamine levels.

With my son we have found he was reacting to the fillers in medications. Mainly dyes, lactose and casien.
He is now doing fairly good taking LIQUID haldol as it is also a mast cell stabilizer and liquid ativan as it is also a mast cell stabilizer. And he is drinking stinging nettle and holy basil tea. Dye free benadryl has become our rescue med.

I hope this helps someone.

Carol Petersen

DPP-IV can help with mast cell problems. Here is a monograph from a lab that tests for this:

A product that has the highest level of DPP IV in the industry is Glutaxym by US Enzymes.

Contact them if you are interested.

Gail M.

I have studied nutrition for over 50 yrs. I have studied my Bible longer. I believe in healing. This needs Godly intervention. Jesus heals. I have prayed over many.

Replied by Pippa

When I read your post about mast cell activation, my heart missed a beat because it sounds exactly what my daughter may have. For years I have been reading, researching, wondering, hoping I can find what is the cause of her mental health problems. I have had a suspicion it's to do with histamine in some way - when she has an overload of something it triggers this intolerable behaviour, a misconception of reality, paranoia etc. I have noticed that she loves seafood and avocados, and they say that one can be addicted to the very things that harm you.

Unfortunately, her way of coping has been to turn to alcohol- which also affects histamine levels. It is a viscous circle. I am desperate to help her, but don't know where to turn to. I think I may ask her to try the Benadryl.

I will never give up searching for the answer. I just want her to be able to live a normal life . Underneath all this she is a loving, intelligent, attractive girl, but is so lonely trying to fight this alone. There is no help for mental health victims in uk.

Joseph A.
(Stockton, Ca)
73 posts


I just joined, am following Candace, I read your message regarding taking Benadryl, I wanted to inform you that Benadryl has been used for years (40's thru 60's) as a sleeping pill, take 50mg go to sleep, wake up middle of the night, take another to fall back asleep. Not habit forming, however long-term use can cause memory loss.

The same as Valiums (Benzodiazepines) they work great for weeks, however Benzos are Addictive, extremely hard to quit (can't cold turkey these, will end up in hospital) they are only for short-term 4,5 weeks, however, Drs do prescribe for years, then the tapering off comes into play being painful, dangerous, even Death can occur. Years after withdrawing from system you can have relapses. I am not familiar with your story, however, I have posted about Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) great for psychosis, calms the mind, Anxiety, insomnia, however, interacts with Antipsychotics, cold flu medicines like Benadryl. 1934 was used for hypertension, so it may lower it a little if you elect to use. Thank you. Joseph

(Jacksonville, NC)

It all starts in the gut, Dr. Pedre has a good book and supplements, along with diet for 28 days, works amazing on many many ailments including mental illness.

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
73 posts

This comment is directed to Candace,

I too have a son (53) with schizoaffective (2007) I wish I could send you some of my paperwork regarding similar things that your working on, but we're not allowed, therefore I will type to you what I have and have been doing. My son was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia in 2007, 6 weeks in VA hospital, then returned home for 6 weeks and I saw what Antipsychotics were doing to him.

He gained 50lbs, slept 18 hrs daily. I was a retired SF, Ca cop, had no formal training in Schizophrenia, went to the library and read all I could & took notes. I immediately stopped ALL medications that were prescribed, Especially the poison of Antipsychotics. I had him taking about 90 pills total daily, many were tiny Chinese pills, etc., as my son improved I got more involved with Orthomolecular Medicine.

This is what I gave: B3 Niacin 4,000-6,000mg; Vit C same dosage; B-Complex 100mg, Vit D3,5000iu; zinc 25mg, L-Theanine 800mg (400 AM- 400 PM) and then his Antipsychotic drugs.

Eventually I contacted a Dr Michael Lessor (84yrs old now) hee was great friends with Dr Abrams Hoffer, both Jewish and worked together, he added a few more supplements & I learned a lot from him after 2.5yrs (retired living in Berkeley hills, Calif.)

I stopped seeing Dr Lessor (a long drive) and started using Serpina, which is my greatest find, a former blood pressure medication from India in 1934. Dosage: 2 4mg pills 3X Daily (6 pills) then I changed to: 3 pills morn, 3 pills at nite (always 6 pills daily), after time I changed back to 2 pills 3Xdaiky, he excelled for about 8 yrs, no one knew he had schizophrenia.

Then he contracted OCD, that was another nightmare, after keeping him home and giving many formulas that just didn't work for him I had to bring him to VA hospital and they immediately gave him Prozac, Risperdal. I had to stop Serpina because they interact. I reduced his 6mg Risperdal to 1.5 mg, and he contracted Tardive Dyskinesia, (Severe) he stayed in the house, Agoraphobia set him.

His Dr was/still is an idiot, so I gave him a formula of BCAA (branch chain amino acids) plus B6 300mg divided dosage. In 5 weeks he was significantly better. I stopped my formula and TD returned, I put him back on the same formula, once he got better again I continued for 3 months then stop, this allowed him not to relapse.

Today he is okay but my goal is to remove Antipsychotics and put him back on Serpina. He is now addicted to Valiums (Diazepines) thru no fault of his and having Severe Anxiety Attacks. (Candace I will leave you more info at the end, ) he can't be tapered off until Anxiety stops and I have nothing to fight his Severe Anxiety (can't give him Valiums) and tapering off is painful & Dangerous, relapses can occur years later, etc.,

I recommend you give your son 15mg Manganese 3X's daily (45mg) while he is taking Antipsychotics, this may prevent him from contracting Tardive Dyskinesia. If he contracts TD start with BCAA 1,000mg 3Xdaily for Week 1 and give him B6 100mg 1pill 3X daily. Week 2 increase BCAA to 2,000mg 3X's daily and give B-Complex 100mg in morning. Continue that, I think on an empty stomach with BCAA, just Google that question. I have the info somewhere here but want to send this to you right away.

Ultrasound improves brain performance (non-invasive)

TMS Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is very expensive and it appears to really help, however it did not help my son.

Please Google any new supplements or alternative treatments until you google for interactions.

NAC N-acetylcysteine is a supplement form of cysteine, good for Brain Health. NAc helps replenish Glutathione, your body's most powerful Antioxidant. It's antioxidant properties also combat other ailments caused by oxidative stress, such as Heart disease & some Psychiatric conditions.

Ketamine is available, fights Anxiety in a few hours versus 2-4 months before medications fully kick in.

NAC may also alleviate symptoms of multiple psychiatric disorders & reduce addictive behaviors.
marijuana may help fight Anxiety, and the voices but is very addictive after long- term use.

voices, ear plugs can muffle voices, headphones.

Do not consume Sugar or Sugary products.

Voices, my son communicates with (3 voices) does not believe he has Schizoaffective as well as many others.

If you talk to your son and he doesn't answer it is because he may be communicating with the voices and not disrespecting you.

Please don't argue or fight with him.

Mulungu pills help fight anxiety and brings calmness

Jujube Asian fruit is supposed to help, I am curious, just can't afford all options.

Schizophrenia may in part be caused by immune system dysfunction a new study reports. Treatment with Methotrexate a drug commonly prescribed for autoimmune disorders in produced “Positive effects” against some prominent Schizophrenia symptoms.

I will end here, but still have more to share.

Earth Clinic Staff, is there no way of ever communicating with another member directly if both parties agree? Thank you, love your site. Joseph


Has your son been tested for autoimmune diseases?

For the anxiety, you might want to try red kratom. For more on kratom, go here:

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
73 posts

Cont., Candace, more info to post for you reg: Schizophrenia. I will list things, you will have to Google unless we are able to send by email.

Sarcosine improves symptoms of schizophrenia, increases memory & develops the capacity to learn. My notes state 1-2G, however, I wrote only 1G for 3-5 weeks, then slowly add 1/4G.

Betaine crosses BBB, in treatment with mice it reduces behavioral symptoms of schizophrenia. No human trials yet, however eventually I will try.

Psilocybin, a single dose offered Rapid improvement in the levels of Anxiety, Depression. Psilocybin, a compound found in psychedelic mushrooms can affect mood & perception to “Regulate” arousal & panic responses. A single dose of one drug can ease anxiety& depression for five (5) years. Hard to read my own handwriting, however, I think you will get what I mean.

Ketamine, FDA approved for PTSD, Depression, Anxiety. 1 infusion lasts 3.5 months.

Skullcap for insomnia. L-Glutamine you have.

Yamuna Jujube, may keep Dr. away when you eat 3 daily. Calms brain, Anxiety. Jujube sounds very interesting, derived from the old jujube candies.

Schizophrenia treatment BXCL 501- reduces agitation in schizophrenia & Bipolar disorder. Dose 120 mg. A sublingual medication. Joseph

Replied by Joseph
(Stockton, CA)
73 posts

Hi Candace, I am new and can relate to your posting. My thought is have you ever considered signing up for Go Fund me Acct? I tried once years ago but after several months not one reply, but that was then.

Remember before taking a new product you must thoroughly Google if any interaction(s) with anything he's taking now. Thank you, Joseph

Replied by John Claydon

You can try both GABA a heaped teaspoon in water or juice twice daily also L-theanine these both work to calm the nervous sytem and are anti glutamate/anti stimulation of neurons.

High dose vitamin B3 has proved v useful in Schizophrenia or if that does not work, NADH can work. There are plenty of good CBD oils available. My company has just started marketing a v potent one I can send you free as we do not supply out of UK.

Replied by Gail M.
(Pottstown, Pa.)

Studies done in 50's in a Rodale book (prevention magazine) used high niacin (not niacinamide) in divided doses to reduce flushing with high vitamin C (at least 5 grams(read Linus Pauling). Wean him off anti+ depressants slowly. Most schizophrenics smoke. Nicotine seems to help them. Best wishes.

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Schizophrenia voices, using Orthomolecular medications for my son I have experimented with large doses of B3 Niacin (with the flush) 9,000mg divided dosages, coupled with 9,000mg of Vit C, coupled with other supplements and have never known of a reduction in his voices, therefore now I only give 2,000mg B3 in AM & PM.

Replied by Michael
(Martinez, CA)

Thank you for your experience, Joseph.

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Jennifer (San Diego, CA) on 10/18/2014

From a 2009 article:

Decades of research has found a relation between mental health disorders and zinc. In the 1970s Dr. Carl Pfeiffer reported that taking zinc and vitamin B6 supplements were 95% successful in managing over 400 cases of schizophrenia, according to Raymond J. Pataracchia B.Sc., N.D. People with one type of schizophrenia have a condition called pyroluria. This means they have an abnormal amount of chemicals called pyrroles in their body. About half of schizophrenics have this health problem. Pfeiffer's work has since led to thousands of people with pyroluria being successfully treated with zinc and vitamin B6 at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and the Earth House, near Princeton in USA.

Multiple Supplements
Posted by Cure4schizophrenia (Tallahasee, Fl) on 10/15/2010

Hi, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18. The disease was very disabling for me, and ruined a few years of my life. The whole time I was on meds I was ALWAYS tired. I always felt terrible, and I was never "truely" well. For example, although I was on medicine, which was the "approved approach" for treatment by modern medicine, I still frequently had delusions. Although I was diagnosed at age 18, when I had my first episode. When they told me what I had, I didn't believe it and I stopped taking my medicine. I went almost a year without another episode, but finally a little less than a year later, I had another episode. This time I stayed on the meds, and again I never felt right. I always felt terrible. So later I got a job at a GNC. And at first I didn't take any of their supplements. I told my manager one day that I was always tired, and he recomended one of GNC's multivitamins because it was high in B-Complex vitamins. So I started taking it, and I started feeling a little better. I eventually read a book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing, " which had a section in it for schizophrenia. So I read that section and made a few changes, I started taking a few more supplements. I added ginkgo biloba, fish oil (omega 3's), vitamin C, and more B-Complex. Again, it made me feel a little better, but still nothing spectacular, deffinitely nothing in the realm of "being cured. "

So later, in another attempt to get well, I went back to my book "prescription for nutritional healing, " hoping to find something that I had missed that I could start doing to make me better. Lo and behold, I see in the section for schizophrenia this - "Psychiatrists found a link between schizophrenia and pellegra, a Vitamin B3 (Niacin) defficiency disease. Using large gram amounts of niacinamide to treat patients, they get good results. "

So I though hmmmm, niacin and schizophrenia? So I google searched the words "niacin schizophrenia" in my google tool bar, and several pages came up claiming niacin cures schizophrenia. But another name seemed to be mentioned several times, a Dr. Abram Hoffer. So I searched "Abram Hoffer schizophrenia naicin. " He had a book called "Healing Schizophrenia: Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments. "

I bought the book, and in it he claimed to have a high success rate treating schizophrenics with gram doses of niacin. His book was very well written, and gave me hope even before I started on his treatment. Mind you by now I was taking a million supplements trying to cure myself. But after reading this book I added niacin and FINALLY started getting well. So well in fact that after 3 years of not doing anything, I started going to school (college) and am doing VERY well, my grades are excellent.

Here's a full list of what I'm taking and why. A GNC multivitamin, to supply a good balance of vitamins & minerals, which is necessary for proper brain function. Also it's very high in B-Complex, and it's timed release, meaning I get a steady release of b vitamins. B-Complex 50, also timed release, for a steady release of b vitamins. Niacin. 1,000 mg (1 gram) 5x per day, for a total of 5 grams per day. Fish oil for the omega 3's, which is very good for brain health. I take 2,100 mg daily in divided doses. Ginkgo Biloba, enhances blood flow to the brain. Ester-C. A supurior form of vitamin C. 1,000 mg with breakfast and dinner. Vitamin E, 400 IU for the antioxidants. Alpha Lipoic Acid, because it regenerates Vitamins C & E after they've nuetralized free radicals. Magnesium, a good brain vitamin. Biotin, since I take so much of the other B vitamins I take a lot of biotin too. Manganese, enhances the action of the B vitamins. Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), best form of B12, most absorbable form. 1000 mg twice daily

Folic acid. Vitamin B6 300 mg, a lot of schizophrenics have a condition where zinc and b6 bind and are excreted in the urine, making them deficient. I think it's called pylloria. Zinc, because of pylloria. Flax Seed Oil, VERY potent in Omega's 3, 6, and 9. Great for brain health. So after 3 years of being on meds, and meds alone. I stayed on the same dose of meds. Then after 3 months of being on those supplements listed, I got so much better that I started school, am excelling in school. And had the meds I was on for 3 years reduced from... 1000 mg to 500 mg, and the other one from 60 mg to 40 mg. I highly recomend anyone who has schizophrenia checks out these 2 books, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" and "Healing Schizophrenia: Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments. "

Replied by Batya

Thank you. My son is 32 years old with schizophrenia since he is 16. He is now at a point where the side effects of the medications are worse than the disease. The solution of one doctor is to put him on Leponex which is a really bad medication that requires weekly blood tests for 18 weeks.

I surely want to try natural stuff before I embark on such a dangerous mission.

Replied by Michael

Try to stay on your meds. They are scientifically and statistically proven to improve your quality of life when you have schizophrenia (or any mental illness).

Check supplements with your doctor. They will say all good don't worry about supplements, but some have some good scientific research behind them, and you should always check that sort of insert-into-my-body thing out with your doctor.


Niacin and Vitamin C

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Posted by Pradeep (India ) on 11/17/2018

Schizophrenia - pls help - where are we going wrong with Niacin and VIT C

A cousin of mine based in India has been on schizophrenia medication Benzyzine last 25 years and made a miraculous recovery. Now last 18 months she has reduced her medication on her own and is on 1/4 so the symptoms have returned in a passive manner - she does no work and is not productive. I read all of Dr Hoffer's books and we tried introducing small particles around 10-20 gms in her food and drink (she catches any higher quantity). Niacin B3 did not help - he complains of rise in BP; Niacinamide did not help - she was unable to sleep - We are now trying Inositol Hexaniacinate.

With VIT C she complains of high BP

Where are we going wrong? I am seeing a LOT of Copper related issues in schizophrenia.

The above subject has grey hair and hence it looks like he has both copper toxicity and copper biounavailabilty and imbalance

Niacin B3 is NOT working and I know it will work but we are not doing something right

Could someone please help? thanks in advance

Replied by KT

I have a Nutrition Almanac that declares all B vitamins should be taken together. A large dose of any one is reported to be therapeutically valueless or may cause a deficiency of the others. You might try a B Complex formula and magnesium.

The NA also reports individuals who consume excessive carbohydrates (refined starches and sugar) are likely to develop a vitamin B deficiency. Avoid whole grain bread and/or any wheat products and the last meal of the day should be at 5 PM, not eating anything after 6. A little warm milk before bed with a 250 mg. tab of magnesium may help sleep.


Replied by Waltz


Try taking 200 mg of B6 along with B complex. Niacin or inositol hexaniacinate dose can be as high as 8-12 grams a day in some cases. What dose is the patient taking currently? Also take magnesium supplements at around 800 mg a day.


Replied by Tay
(Boulder, CO)

Hi, I too use the Niacin and have for decades. You need to use the Niacin that CAUSES the flush and not the flush free brands or it will not work for mental issues. We learned this the hard way with a family member's illness.

Also, it does not work unless you take the Vit. C with it at the same time.

Niacin, Vit C and Red Pumpkin

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Posted by Payal (Ca) on 10/30/2018

Cure for Schizophrenia - Hello Everyone based on extensive research and after having read tons of books and having a close relative suffer from this, where Niacin and VIT C could not be administered and patient refuses to be any schizophrenia medication. I think we have a CURE in


Please read and understand this very very carefully. Red Pumpkin is the only known source of the highest levels of all kinds of anti-oxidants and polyphenols and free radical scavengers. At least 1 cup of Red Pumpkin daily - more severe cases may need more. Why do I mention Red Pumpkin.

Schizophrenia is a very very complex brain disorder. In most of the advanced countries like United States, doctors who treat patients for schizophrenia need to put them through a variety of tests - blood tests to check levels of various minerals, vitamins, copper, check for methylation, oxidative stress and polyuria and many many more. So when allopathic medicines are prescribed, patients are usually prescribed anti-psychotics and they are given at least 2-3 different medications to address various conditions. Soon the medicines do not work and need to be replaced by another set of newer medicines. If the patient tries to switch to orthomolecular treatment, even then he needs to be on 10-12 different vitamins eg Niacin, B vitamin family B12, B6, B9.B1.B2, Folic acid, Vit C, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium and the list goes on.

In many cases patients either forget to take this bunch of medicines or their families and caregivers are quick frankly fed up. It is very very difficult and tiring and burdensome for families to cope with scizophrenia, its effects, the patients moods, aggression, behavior and non-productive ness for an entire lifetime.

RED PUMPKIN - and all of you can google this on nutrtion and you and other websites. Red Pumpkin has the exact correct proportion of all the possible vitamins needed for schizophrenia or any other mental illness CURES. It has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants VIT A, C, E and polyphenols including beta crypto xanthin which after considerable research is available in plenty in RED PUMPKIN and not in any other vegetable except small amounts in cucumber and water melon.


I highly recommend Dr Abraham Hoffer's remedies on Niacin, VIT C

In addition please use daily doses of RED PUMPKIN - somehow the high anti-oxidants and polyphenols scavenge the BRAIN of free radicals, reduce the oxidative stress and get the dopamine and other neuro transmitter levels to normal.

You should see changes within 24-48 hours.

Please spread this message to everyone else you know and also please post your feedback.

Thanks and God Bless.

Replied by Teena
(Melbourne, Australia)
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Hello Payal, I am pleased but not surprised that you have had success with red pumpkin, this site link has had success with home made tincture of fava bean/Broad bean, against Parkinson's, although she limits dosage to minimum improvement and fermented papaya/pawpaw

The fermentation method would benefit from an airlock to avoid significant wastage, however, that is a small detail, she has taken control of her health, using fava and papaya, and has seen results.

Replied by Elaine
(Santa Clarita, Ca)

Where can you buy Red Pumpkin? I searched the internet & found no information.



Red Pumpkin or Pumpkin that is yellowish or red inside - belongs to curcubate family. It is available in all stores. The Halloween Pumpkin is orange in color from outside. I meant or referred to Pumpkin - any Pumpkin variety that is yellowish or orangish from the inside because that is a good indication that it is high in polyphenols or beta carotene. I apologize that I used the word RED - no I meant the regular pumpkin we use which is orange or yellowish hue once its is cut open.

Replied by Payal

Hello Everyone,

Just needed to clarify - when I mentioned RED PUMPKIN - I meant the regular Pumpkin that is used in USA or anywhere else, but when it is cut open the pulp or vegetable inside is yellow or orange or deep orange in color. This indicates that it is high in Polyphenols and Beta Carotene.

My research seems to indicate that the very high levels of beta carotene, polyphenols and beta crypto xanthins somehow kind of give a soap wash to the brain and get the neurotransmitters working again.

Another factor I noticed is that Red Pumpkin is high in Copper - Copper toxicity, copper bio Unavailability, any copper issues are linked to Schizophrenia. Somehow the Red Pumpkin seems to magically resolve it and make the patient normal. Its' as though NATURE has provided a tablet in RED PUMPKIN with all the right nutrients in order to treat brain issues.

Please administer and provide feedback - spread the word as well. Thanks.

Replied by Trish

Where do we find red pumpkin? What amount should we give? Thanks


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Posted by Cordell (Minto, New Brunswick, Canada)

I would like to share a remedy I successfully used to cure schizophrenic thoughts. I was always shy as a kid, and little bit "paranoid" I guess you could say. But when I turned 24 I gradually began to have more paranoia, coupled with anxiety, and sometimes felt I was hearing voices. No, not the audible kind that people usually hear, but more or less I felt there were more thoughts in my head than my own; too many to deal with at once. Some very hateful thoughts had emerged and I sometimes became obsessive over certain angry thoughts, feeling like I couldn't relax and eventually would have a panic attack and feel out of control, possibly cry from too much stimulation etc. I soon found myself trying to figure my thoughts out, but they often made no sense, and I would play psycho-analytical games with other people thinking I realy knew what they were thinking about me. I was always suspicious, and eventhough I didn't want to feel this way that's what happened. Anyway, I know there are others out there that share a similiar story: how they once felt normal than started having some sort of mental illness, be it brain fog (which I also had from the obsessive paranoia), or adhd or whatever it may be. Niacinamide could be the answer to your problems.

On the advice of Ted, a famous contributor to this site, I began taking 2000mg - 3000mg of Niacinamide (niacin can be used, but the flushing may become too annoying at such doses for some people). I noticed within a couple days my excessive paranoid thoughts dimnished almost completely, but I continue to take 500mg tablets everytime I feel them coming back. I also continue to take at least one B 50 tablet a day to prevent deficiencies. It works~

! I realize not every form of schizophrenic thoughts may be cured this way, but its worth a try for anyone seeking help like I did. High doses of niacinamide have cured my excessive anxiety, paranoia, schizophrenic thoughts, and even helped to solve stomach ailments I have had for years along with keeping myself more alkaline. The alkaline remedy I used with most success in over-acidity was 1/4 sodium bicarbonate, and 1/4 potassium citrate (a 99mg tablet) in a glass of water 3x a day. This also helps to keep me much more stable. When I added sodium carbonate to this mixture sometimes it also helped with over-anxious thought patterns, and to calm the brain down. I hope this helps someone like it did for me. Peace and love. Cordell

Niacinamide and Lysine

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Posted by Mary (Buenos Aires, Argentina) on 01/16/2014

I cured my son from schizophrenia with Niacinamide B3 and Lysine under Ted's advice. Took 4 months but he was reacting really well from the beginning. It worked and I was able to take him of all meds. I now have a perfectly normal, well balance wonderful kid. His psychiatrist thought I was nuts but it worked!!!! And he is not medicated!!! I had all my prayers answered. Thank you Earth clinic!!!

Now I am healing myself form colon cancer. Declined Chemo. healing naturally!!!

Orthomolecular Treatment

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Posted by Barthez Francis (Toulouse - France ) on 06/27/2023

hello - I am in France - I have translated " ortomolecular treatment for schizophrenia, to care for my son : the link in french :

my web page : orthomollecular psychiatry and videos :

Traitement orthomoleculaire de la schizophrénie par le psychiatre Abram Hoffer publié à cette adresse : https:/t1325-traitement-orthomoleculaire-de-la-schizophrenie-abram-hoffer-texte-integral

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