Schizophrenia Remedies

Niacin, Vit C and Red Pumpkin
Posted by Payal (Ca) on 10/30/2018
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Cure for Schizophrenia - Hello Everyone based on extensive research and after having read tons of books and having a close relative suffer from this, where Niacin and VIT C could not be administered and patient refuses to be any schizophrenia medication. I think we have a CURE in


Please read and understand this very very carefully. Red Pumpkin is the only known source of the highest levels of all kinds of anti-oxidants and polyphenols and free radical scavengers. At least 1 cup of Red Pumpkin daily - more severe cases may need more. Why do I mention Red Pumpkin.

Schizophrenia is a very very complex brain disorder. In most of the advanced countries like United States, doctors who treat patients for schizophrenia need to put them through a variety of tests - blood tests to check levels of various minerals, vitamins, copper, check for methylation, oxidative stress and polyuria and many many more. So when allopathic medicines are prescribed, patients are usually prescribed anti-psychotics and they are given at least 2-3 different medications to address various conditions. Soon the medicines do not work and need to be replaced by another set of newer medicines. If the patient tries to switch to orthomolecular treatment, even then he needs to be on 10-12 different vitamins eg Niacin, B vitamin family B12, B6, B9.B1.B2, Folic acid, Vit C, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium and the list goes on.

In many cases patients either forget to take this bunch of medicines or their families and caregivers are quick frankly fed up. It is very very difficult and tiring and burdensome for families to cope with scizophrenia, its effects, the patients moods, aggression, behavior and non-productive ness for an entire lifetime.

RED PUMPKIN - and all of you can google this on nutrtion and you and other websites. Red Pumpkin has the exact correct proportion of all the possible vitamins needed for schizophrenia or any other mental illness CURES. It has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants VIT A, C, E and polyphenols including beta crypto xanthin which after considerable research is available in plenty in RED PUMPKIN and not in any other vegetable except small amounts in cucumber and water melon.


I highly recommend Dr Abraham Hoffer's remedies on Niacin, VIT C

In addition please use daily doses of RED PUMPKIN - somehow the high anti-oxidants and polyphenols scavenge the BRAIN of free radicals, reduce the oxidative stress and get the dopamine and other neuro transmitter levels to normal.

You should see changes within 24-48 hours.

Please spread this message to everyone else you know and also please post your feedback.

Thanks and God Bless.