Schizophrenia Remedies

Medications, Help for Schizophrenia
Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca ) on 09/19/2021 75 posts
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Part Two - Schizophrenia, a continuation from a few hours ago I posted, remnants and things of interest I forgot to mention.

In helping people and caregivers I have found these things helpful: Mulungu - fights Anxiety, can take with Antipsychotics 400-500mg 2-3Xdaily. Taurine fights Anxiety, may lower blood pressure a little. For insomnia, I used Benadryl 50-100mg, (which increases the risk of Alzheimer's long-term use.)take 1 pill, if you wake up in middle of night you can take 1 more pill to fall back asleep. These are used as sleeping aids that old time Drs prescribed in the 50's 60's. They are non-addictive, safe, however, they may cause memory loss if taken long term. Use sparingly for a few months. For any new medication, you should Google the side effects of medications. You can use Google as your search engine, however they keep records on you. You can use Yahoo, you can use DuckDuck Go it is used same as google but they don't keep track of everything you're searching for.

Teach breathing exercises to loved ones, teach them to inhale thru nostrils and exhale from mouth slowly. This will allow the person to calm down when excited. One never knows what the next day may bring, be prepared for everything. Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine are very good, here is a little info I received this morning. Kottakkai Arya Vaidysasala - Manasamitra Vatakam. It deals with Anxiety, Depression, treating Psychiatric issues, mental fatigue & depression. I will read later. You must learn to be relaxed, calm while helping the individual, remember if you aren't well organized and don't care for yourself then it will be difficult to help others. Tardive Dyskinesia affects all people differently, here is a formula that worked quite well, then years later it didn't help: using BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids) take 1,000mg 3X daily (AM, noon, PM) BCAA for 1 week also take B6 100mg 3Xdaily for 1 week. Second week increase BCAA to 2,000mg 3Xdaily, also increase B6-100mg 3Xdaily. Take until you are helped significantly, once that occurs (significant reduction with TD) then continue exact dosage for 90 more days. It is important because it will avoid relapses with TD Tardive Dyskinesia. I learned thru trial, and error, I stop when he was doing great then his TD returned. I had to continue dosage until he felt much better and picked 90 days out of the air and then stop. He excelled for years until OCD entered his life. Today he suffers TD from about 6AM -8:15AM then it is considerably better. I am using 10mg of Melatonin, which also may protect against COVID-19. Manganese taken 20mg daily 3X daily is another formula that may help. The Magnesium lotion is called: Remag….daily hydration 8.0Z Apply 1tsp daily on body anywhere, penetrates well. Supplement tablets aren't always absorbed 100%. Brain foods: Avocados, Brocolli, Blue Berries (All berries are great) Eggs, Dark Chocolate (within reason) Walnuts, Salmon, Sardines, Tuna (albacore) Turmeric. Memory pills: Rhodiola Rosea, Acety-l-Carnitine Energy, alertness, improves memory, may help Anxiety *** I loved it but it eventually gave my son a rare rash, had to stop. EPA improves mood. DHA - 1gram improves thinking skills. That is 1Gram combined DHA & EPA. For sleep: Tart Dark cherries (dried fruit) or Tart Cherrie Juice at health food store. Always search for side effects, many times metabolic syndrome awaits person, which is: high blood pressure, Diabetes, Heart disease, weight gain, Cholesterol increase (this is where B3 niacin flush type helps).

Never give Sleeping pills, addictive, causes night terrors, hallucinations, sleep walking, also known as amnesia drug. Antipsychotics effects: Acetylcholine in the body, the main neurotransmitter essential for memory, learning. Low levels of acetylcholine in the body lead to: blurred vision, hallucinations, mental confusion, dementia, memory loss, and other health issues.

The dangerous Benzodiazepines are known as: Valium, Ativan, Dalmane, Librium, Klonopin, Doral Versed, Restoril, Xanax.

Things that “may help” TMS Transcranial magnetic stimulation. VA will pay ($12,500) may help OCD also. Remember to check his Vit D levels, should be: 30-90. My sons was 22 which is low, most people are low and it can affect other issues. Dr. Peter Breggin 607 272-5328 wrote Medication Madness, an excellent book of medications that can harm you but is issued by many Doctors because they are not trained in Alternative medicines, Supplements and Nutrition. I hope I have helped all people in need of knowledge regarding the terrible illnesses that are out there and not being improved due to profit $$$ of Big PHARMA. Paxil, google, learn how they lied on trial studies then had to pay Billions in lawsuits, fines, yet they laughed all the way to the Bank with Billions in profits. Thank you, Joseph, and Earthclinic for helping to get knowledge out to the people.

Medications, Help for Schizophrenia
Posted by Joseph A. (Stockton, Ca) on 09/18/2021 75 posts
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I will discuss Schizophrenia, schizoaffective.

Many on this site are familiar with Dr. Abrams Hoffer and his formulas. Please be advised that I will add a few names of Dr's that did work with Dr. Hoffer and were close friends.

Dr. Michael Lesser, resides in Berkeley hills, Ca., 510 845–0700, resides at 181 Vicente Road, Berkeley, Ca 94707, he and Dr. Hoffer were close. Dr. Lesser works out of his home today (9/18/2021). I brought my son there for 3+yrs, learned a lot, and even helped the Dr with alternatives medicines and supplements. He teaches Orthomolecular medicine (same as Dr. Hoffer). You may want to contact him. His book is “The Brain Chemistry diet. Dr. Michael Lesser.

Another Ph.D. is Andrew Saul, his book is Orthomolecular medicine for everyone, Dr. A. Hoffer also named in the book. All three Dr's recommended B3 Niacin, the flush type, not because it is cheaper but because it helps cholesterol levels. The other B3 Niacin is called Niacinamide, much more expensive and doesn't give a flush. If you get a flush, do not take a shower or bath once you take pills for at least 1 hour, or you can take one aspirin before taking pills. B3 must be taken with food, it reduces the chances of a flush. Start low amounts and double amounts every 2 days. Once you take a few 1,000mg of Niacin without a flush, you can increase a few more thousands with no flush occurring. B3 was primarily given for Auditory hallucinations (AKA: Voices) you will learn that most people who have Schizophrenia, will deny it. Do not get someone with Schizophrenia angry.

Do not eat sugar or foods that have sugar such as carbs, they turn to sugar once eaten. Pastries, white rice, all white or whole wheat products, pizza, pasta, etc., Do not drink 100% juices, none even orange juice, apple juice they are loaded with Sugar, Sugar is your enemy if you have schizophrenia.

Schizoaffective just means you have Schizophrenia and mood changes. It is a Disability. You are entitled to Social Security, if you have ever served in the military you are entitled to a non-service connected 100% disability with AA (Aid and attendance) that means you're entitled to higher monthly payments because you may have to pay for someone helping, assisting you in everyday life. I saw what Antipsychotics do, yes they help a sick person become clinically normal in 2-3 days, that is fine, however, that is when they should then be placed on Orthomolecular medicine (mega doses of supplements) and stop the drugs.

The drugs such as Antipsychotics (Risperdal) usually will give you Tardive Dyskinesia (uncontrollable movements of body parts, especially tongue darting out of the mouth and or jaw moving back and forth, slurred speech. If just being placed on Antipsychotics please take 15 or 20 mg of Manganese daily. It has been found to have a tiny fraction of patients contacting the Sick Tardive Dyskinesia, which will be used to get onto more medications. If you have Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) then take 20 mg manganese 3X daily. Google the correct amount. There is a study you can google regarding the name of the study which used thousands of patients and hundreds of Dr for 15 or so yrs to learn about taking Manganese and not contractingTD.

The study I think was called Dawkins or a similar name.I have all names but am tired but will try to finish before I go to sleep. I know you people will appreciate my help, I am a single parent and have helped my son who is 53 and was diagnosed in 2007 with chronic paranoid schizophrenia. There is a younger Dr named Amy Bader, 800 738-7303, very sharp and nice. I will insert this piece regarding conventional medicine, they treat symptoms only and have many side effects, find, search for alternative meds, supplements that treat root of problem minus any side effects.

Antipsychotics will shorten a person's life but 15-25 yrs if taking long term. They can cause hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc., I placed my son on Serpina (Indian Snakeroot) once I stop all medications because they interact with antipsychotics. They help anxiety, calmness, psychosis, and much more you can contact me for help, there is no fee. Serpina tablets are great for insomnia also, just don't take them with antipsychotics. Dosage if the patient is very ill, sick him/her 3 pills in AM and 3 pills in PM once they are doing better you can reduce to 2pills daily 3X daily. Amazon sells 100 pills for $7 (each pill is 4 mg) when giving medication daily I myself would give the same amount of B3 and Vit C. 2,000mg B3 3X daily (6,000mg) then Vit C would be 2,000mf Vit C 3Xdaiky. Do not use sustained or timed release Vit C. You can give the Manganese dosage which is 20mg 3Xdaiky if has Tardive Dyskinesia, if doesn't but is just starting to take then give 15 or 20mg 3X daily. Magnesium Glycinate 400mg or you can apply Dr. Carol Dean's lotion of Magnesian anywhere on the body. Zinc, Vit D (most of USA population are deficient in Vit D, so give Vit D 5,000iu for a month, then reduce to 2-3,000 IU daily. In the winter months, no sun you can give 5,000iu daily, during summer reduce back to 2-3,000iu daily. B-Complex 100mg daily is a must. Zinc, I will stop here because I am exhausted, need to sleep.

You can ask Deirdre for my email address if you have questions, let her know I said it was alright to give out. My son has Schizophrenia, OCD, then the secondary problems, dry mouth agoraphobia, Depression and etc., please google all medications because of side effects, if you have a Dr that just follows what she was taught in school that is not good. They will just give you more (increase) of the same medications.

Never stop cold turkey from medications, can cause problems, seizures, etc., once placed on medications google alternatives that do same thing minus major side effects, I may be able to help there. My son excelled for 8 yrs with No medications while having schizophrenia, then he contracted OCD and they gave him Antipsychotics so I stopped Serpina because they interact. He has TD now, I was able to give a formula that reversed it for years, but now I tried it again, but didn't work.

Currently trying 10mg melatonin. Anxiety pills are L-Theanine with Suntheanine 400mg 2Xdaily. I was giving AcetylL-Carnitine 500mg which worked great for Anxiety but he got the rare rash and I stop. Smoking cigarettes doesn't help nor does drinking alcohol with Schizophrenia medications.

Please don't take Gabapentine, very Dangerous, especially the side effects. If given Valiums (Benzodiazepines) “Do not take longer than 4 weeks, they are addictive, the Dr will say they make you dependent but that's a dangerous word game, my son is addictive after 5 yrs, we were never told, I learn the hard way. Tapering off Valiums is very Dangerous, painful, therefore Google all drugs (medications they call them, ugh! ) if you Google lawsuits you will learn that Big Pharma pays out billions annually, then they laugh all the way to the Bank with $7+ billion earned. They place profit over the health of people.

Joseph A.